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The major offseason baseball trades are beginning

Nov 13, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about the Marlins-Blue Jays trade thatw as made earlier in the evening, whether the Red Sox will make any moves and they also talk concussions in the NFL.

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The -- The. Michael and the way he does Jonathan. Cannot jump -- writer now. -- says I don't like that now. Never -- my brother's name -- -- -- -- -- jail when JOH endured you'd like on big John you have JH oh win like Johnny also funny though a lot of people think that that anyone named John their name is Jonathan. There are people that an argument with someone I could all of the GO eight channels of stupid people there that think yeah. While -- -- so wage and I don't like. You know some people if you go to the doctor's office right now you're the only one in our states and -- calm relaxed and a warms up the whole thing autopsy now get it makes things easier for everybody. Yeah I had a good friend -- land. I don't like daddy land -- and RU SS Lincoln wrote a letter rough and use on my best house grown up. -- he -- this is something that isn't that friendly about -- it is he went on in our our coats the on a solid right Lindy Ruff in oh well I don't know I don't -- And savers and a white one -- -- flyers and get his chance then I have been led. I'm good tells them a -- and a house and a. Our arrogance or just texted me AM on our text line. 379837. What he considers to be the greatest trivia question. About back to back MVPs. There were in nine times. According to this texture I think and -- understand this concept here nine times that back to back MVPs in the history of the game. All the different positions except DH. Can you name any of them they won back to back MVPs. My show. I don't know I don't know harmonious -- -- well amount. That's how good he went back to back MVPs I don't know -- throw out some names out there are throwing good play is that China Yogi Berra. He went back to back MVPs he was the catcher and pitcher and he won three I didn't box one a couple Barry Bonds for sure -- tainted. Dale Murphy. -- one Gonzales ever went back to back. I don't want a multiple times I don't know as he was the biggest fraud I had another -- yeah yeah and history of of -- never found guilty about it now. Look at so Lenny about the young patriots now I just feel how do you feel how to how to get and up their right now 63 reading. Yeah well what Nolan. You know -- a great teams. You know I mean what did they do tutoring Spain Ireland right. And to Ramstein the 49 is coming. You know it's just it's one of those it's great I mean the parity it's beyond parody it is but there really parity like last night for example when the chiefs covered almost one night you know -- -- -- to harmonize I don't know artists are gonna almost anyone aren't against -- last night a team is favored by thirteen. Points and -- Because the quarterback goes down. If Cutler's out of the out of the bears me it is vastly different situation for any of these teams are missing their QB's. Well -- it. They're not parity question well if the -- because -- can cast quarterbacks yeah I guess so after thirteen point nine Bedard -- favor issue. -- backup quarterbacks. -- -- -- -- job this year that's for sure. -- You know I mean this a Tennessee they've victory the other day and this Jackson goes only really terrible -- let's have a Miami Miami Steve translated pretty good defense in how much our offense right. They get smoked two of 333730. Sunday. So they just is presently it's gracefully so he getting back to question about the pages. There's no reason not to feel good about them if they're defense. Just increases incrementally over the next you know from now till the end I mean they're going to be Super Bowl favorites you watch. Then then again they do have Houston and then San Cisco banging wreck at home I can I can -- Those two games and say okay worst case scenario for this year's patriot team. Eleven of five. Well including that it might makes -- I would travel probably say that's fairly sensible analysts you know you see maybe a loss potentially -- Miami or something like really good. I don't know I think they crushed Miami. I think they reflect these divisional games you know and the close Tuesday was in the -- -- tournament closer in the divisional games we look at -- and that's -- -- but I think they're all going to be wins the jets. The jets really suck it's so unbelievable how much -- -- well I mean they have to at the end of beaten Houston it's -- Cisco and all be thinking about these games against buffalo on the jets. I think about the meaning meaning you know these close games agrees. You know look at Philadelphia obviously would -- I mean Andy Reid's first day in Vietnam after every game is to forty decides to strike. Michael Vick still mice that are now obviously threw it right east saint Celebrex Rex Ryan let's get to cut through this right now Sanchez is still my status. And I believe those coaches they gonna -- at the end you know -- to death with him in -- he's Ambien play us probably what we know that we know we just pretty. It's amazing how much taken for granted have Brady we do in this market analysis -- so used to think even even with -- Eli Manning where he's the golden boy hero was Super Bowl winner. In New York look at his last three performances awful remained. Last Sunday with slight well this guy he's so it's and it only gets so many of these 99 games into the season. You can probably usually get a pretty good field guys about who's the Super Bowl favorite who right now is this who ruled -- -- and there's no clear cut Super Bowl ads. And there hasn't been all year I mean obviously through six games and -- look like the best and you never quite believed in Houston Ali knows because the quarterback situation. But they're pretty damn good. But I mean date those -- would have to be. It would have to be in the discussion on Super -- we gonna talk right now -- so many. Embarrassing. Franchises that there where you say it really start to look good did just that they're they're pretenders you know I mean what some of Minnesota look good for awhile. -- that Detroit Lions went looking really out last year and you know for all the sudden they suck net and let's just brutal this it got not a disciplinary patriots and Broncos now. Coming out of the AFC. My yeah it's very very unlikely to -- pats Broncos in a rodeo like in the NFC. I mean I I think he's still gonna put Houston in the mix and Nancy did not know San Cisco. Easily the niners yes they have the best team I mean that's towns and have to prove differently I think I mean who else out there. You know regular -- refuted you know separate Cisco. I just don't see Chicago we've -- their deep now I don't need. I I still put Green Bay. As part of this I -- some defense of issues but I'd be -- they could be in the mix as well I don't see the giants this year. What he says there were always shouted through. I think I. -- opposite -- the giants well how often they can do this every year so -- and miss I'm a little teapot from Tom Coughlin when he gets pissed off he does them not about that and I'm gonna miss that I think lately can't count them out to a dead and buried so let's -- now then. Six once every citizen and I 7937 joined Charles is on the planet they're June. Although Mike I guess they Hawaii. Until today that and you got all the time apparently called and offered. I don't know what the talk we've got to bring up so many great subject. They want to. What I think the baseball thing that -- that it. Minute global pact that we can keep on I think I'm not sure Roger Maris and we definitely think people did I believe. They want like back to back -- BP's. Yeah I was away from me find out the easy witness well yeah I haven't I mean I'm trying to trying to use the brain first rush is an old school way of thinking this stuff. And -- we got a catcher Yogi -- we know we don't Murphy dale Murphy didn't. -- -- Yeah I. Mike you're pretty sure that Roger Maris did -- the year before he hit sixty home run I think and then they obviously the year after Levy did I think Mickey Mantle did it. Yeah I am I'm sure Mary started to you know -- yeah you're right about that I think that America is that it wants. Go back to back to he went to Monroe. Did yeah it humor if it yet. I -- -- -- the answer. I got the answer right here I don't keep people suspense I don't drive him nuts at the pitcher Howell new house. Oh we all have baton yet it was 494445. Yeah the boy Yogi Berra was right. Now. -- first base you know his two of them at first base. Jimmie Foxx. And frank Thomas. And harder -- people -- him that much thought for a second -- Joseph Morgan third base again Mike Schmidt showed him against him shortstop Ernie Banks. -- left field bonds Satterfield. Mental and Murphy. Right field Maris you're right on the money my friend oratorical Leo -- is Smart you're Smart don't in my average so you're not Smart. Although -- know -- you're a genius of at least culturally. I real quick. Like I agree with John I think is we gave up after that deal it seemed like that I mean potentially that there. Pretty good you know lot of salary there but I -- for the time being yes. -- tournament and John -- cent -- finally that I -- the state I think the blue jays are gonna have more wins here in the last days you know these guys get crap you're at a -- Think -- all in the penalty background as just gonna get Napoli that's my prediction. I'll probably well and -- 6675. Home runs and if he plays or. All I can you don't rule it. Real quick on the football -- you -- -- I'm looking injuries it's amazing because with all the rules they have now protecting quarterbacks. Which it seemed like. I mean. Exactly like -- candidate that play you get him to play the playoff feel good. Buried by a giants you -- out yet you don't you'll feel it is often name will be yet I seem to be going down more than. However that's right right but when you when you get a -- -- straight right and it's you know a semi clean tackle and you put the you pancake -- the quad impact and just like you know with. Spikes and a Fitzpatrick on Sunday I mean Dallas the you could see his head hit back there is -- We came off but yeah almost -- -- hits you know pretty commonplace I know but the thing is that I don't -- don't we. Call in all the years I've watched football and the injuries being so prevalent so comments -- -- Austin and and two -- guys. It just seems like no matter what the -- the injured list you know why you don't see it and because those guys -- concussions back -- but it has ourselves well in another testing and. Well his his announcement having been brought about -- bankers and did you guys discuss in this robot and you comic Tracy. But television is a big deal if you if you make one of those -- anti hero -- Iraq. And not only that piled up for you know after that play that on the short 56 times guys get off from that right to be on now. What's and I I just think it's the concussion testing I mean all you have to do always looked. I I don't know how many times HBO real sports done stories on this seems likely twenty times is wanna -- but but. Well a bug guys former NFL players that ended up keep playing and plan I mean coming discussions Aikman Steve young and ask you this so why can't -- -- what are what are race car drivers where for helmets. Right I Weezer is that there's something and I've said this and I don't talk and signed settlement but here this stuff. But can't they put some technology in their helmets where. If you if you get hit they have that they have air bags and leave in time of the air bag thing for awhile I'd like this story check out Tom Brady's helmet these days from one you know like five years only he's wearing a different type of helmet now. Isn't that something -- worthy yet if -- should pay and make sure that did the best science and investment and. Rather -- -- -- -- minorities and want to fresh as ever in Indiana realistic here in about concussions right I mean this is that saying that you know impacts people Lotta people -- -- talk real India which is ridiculous but it got to a point where -- football fans are saying hey you know this is going to be the demise on the NFL I -- this football again to -- -- somewhat so I had always struggled to. I had three at least three documented concussions in my life and become normal Liam and her I don't have any brain I got a caution her. I don't ever need to any resolve my brain worthy causes meats and appealed to. Yes America we know you don't reduce our -- yeah I forgot what is assembly whatever that right joke. -- use your perfect -- yes. If you perfect yeah. Sarcastic and -- And proposed take it out the create a road impression on me and question. OK yeah -- you wanna stay with that MVP question no question about that right here all right let's let's try this one idea here. Poland did go to the back tyrants because it's a red -- because since the Red Sox team store and wanna ask only Red Sox questions right. Mike why don't you ask him who say the Red Sox player is in -- to say no wrong yet over IR sorry. Item and ask you really easy question okay and it if you don't get that you should be shamed yourself for the rest your -- -- when months probably our court okay how many triples. Did Manny Ramirez have wearing a Red Sox uniforms tough question it's a tough question right OK give me the answer our big hit it's less than twenty. You we talked about this one right back. One night yet but -- -- -- and if they thought about it maybe that had no idea generally careful because one night I was talking about his career trip and it's he has a Red Sox player. Yeah on this gonna gosh we just gonna say this number be probably gonna be wrong but I'm gonna do today. All one. I happened want to know he had seven. Probably set and yet seven and Red Sox uniform -- thanks regarded 1920 over on his career don't -- play those teams does look triples -- -- -- Cleveland for a while and it's industrial mr. Only seven. It 284. Home runs a recession reformers like that I get I get no problem with I do not I have I have -- I'm your a lot of -- your vote for him at all faint. Yes you do yes -- I yeah and known steroid guys -- Portland and you put an -- yes. Yeah wow I can't believe I just. I wrote a column for new visual Gary Sheffield in all things. I don't think you said the whole thing play at 500 moment here I mean you know it's just gonna go with -- one number his good play of Powell borderline. But. -- on how open yes sir you're right in doing the big you don't think of him as alzheimer's -- feel. I get a call about two -- hall of fame and why am voting after our. To -- in that Clemens. Okay yes that much Telus Telus or is that kind of blown out and -- Stewart comes out now basically. You know. If the body -- work -- upon before they get to that Sarah agent but also. I'd like a qualifier and I think the hall of fame in. Can several lists a lot easier by just have been a -- Or an explanation. Notified them yeah right lady and you know this is not groundbreaking. How but I think. It's it's fail if they did that. -- casting aspersions on a guy who really was that held the ball player. And as you know I don't buy that you know I sit at these guys are gonna in the hall of fame retirement bonds and Clemens don't they have to at least do a little bit of a mayor Coppola. As in Pete Rose of people demanding Pete Rose admit the truth and then they'll consider him -- -- most of -- always restrictions on him we can't Golden League ball park you tanker job in baseball and he's basically persona non Grata in the entire MLB. Shouldn't Barry Bonds and or Roger Clemens for what they did to disgrace the league. -- all I know that neither of them have admitted it lets -- that's the thing but why should a hall of fame the highest possible on you get Major League Baseball. Honor these guys. Without them having to at least make concessions that well some of what I did was artificially. Stoked. I -- I mean there's no question about it and I think Clemens who is. Less reprehensible and bonds would would get some sympathy when he came back to Fenway. You know right after the mistrial. He got a plotted -- the people. You know are willing to three of the most but there's some good disc gonna hate Clemens forever -- maybe they would they'd love Clements you know and it's clean days. But bonds just took everything and made everything so -- lot. That it's going to be -- this -- jury yet he's really gonna have to come up a couple of mini -- with a split but you're right Mike if they did that. Close to be a lot easier for the hall of fame you know in the hall of fame vote this Tuesday. All right you know I'm still not sold on the guy but he was and how will play around. Let it be known in the wing that they're going into Cooperstown that they indeed. You know. When against the grain. Yet meet with Roger I got a second acts. And cross to bear with him and that is that it's not just the steroid thing. It's -- not to departure from the Red Sox a two run as a pitcher for the exactly twice and -- their asses. And you know was all up and down it just their asses meaning he was terrific for them. He just their rat and he's doing steroids of course but he -- and he's taken gigantic paychecks for partial seasons remember toward the end -- he come back in June and -- -- make 14100 baseball version of the. Jackson and a great. So what do you mean he kissed the Yankees -- because the Yankees -- the he kissed their -- played a -- in the Red Sox for Toronto which is which is part of the arms -- -- fight with the money and all that stuff would Dan Duquette and all that. But ended up the Yankees not once but twice. What's so I don't show you -- why you don't you know landing any of -- Henman and he -- this I mean it was. You know seats but so -- I don't think that's a big day you don't know I don't so you don't hate the Yankees. But not -- it's not because of that they had Clemens twice I'll I would go and I don't know what imaging you don't want him on the Yankees ever. Well if he's a Britney must be very happy because he's no longer just eliminate my yankees for a baseball I think we should. On mistakes you don't break up my message John Carlos Stanton who's the only Moreland start probably analysis tweets out all right and has stopped plain and simple. After they made it. Big book cover this Marlins have done that before I got to have 97 well I've done that multiple times now it's slippery stupid march Marlins opened the season with a payroll of hundred million roughly a little over that and after this deal. When you include no aren't non arbitration. Obligations we sixteen million. What the salary delta while it's go to Dennis in Hyde Park Dennis. It might be able he says don't I always good. Oh point eight. Helped script that while one and trivia question what about -- Yeah -- Went and bought the -- right. You don't know the patriots not the. In a -- to the camera here I'll. Optimum -- on the bombshell I I'd spend a little bit into and I enjoy it but. All the Palestinians. Give us some won't and can't -- team. And then the -- that's more than any other team that I'm doing game. -- even sweet what it was on the watch when you see that until the end it was. I didn't know that you might be -- all I would -- you probably could patriots you know what I feel like a man. Film -- game and they launch a lot quietly and I didn't wanna complain about the well my job I'm nonchalantly about that he -- up. Okay what you are looking at as entertainment -- people who didn't exactly like that -- and -- snowball at the end twice probably want real happy about but still loved the patriots you make it sound like -- George to go to it last play of the game. And women -- lows it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all of that we know that and now whether it's nice. I recognize that didn't go down to the last play of the game every time -- -- like that room it's called -- white knuckle thing yeah. And a black -- we can get the app wise irate they're probably enjoy credit Iraq. Okay how that went out -- and Seattle and and the bills did the course and the Seattle game was a lot of fun to watch at the end to right I mean how many of those. That wouldn't it. Yeah haven't tested this year Seattle cup apple wakes up and you know. It's in the state of Washington. On it now and I'm talking about a Seattle. New England game happened yet -- about what happened now I believe they lost it at the end yes. While the patriots in the immediate and we have to talk about you -- -- yeah. I know went on to say yes and you know they haven't met gambit lasted at the end I -- excitement -- just play one many games for an hour. Yeah. Yeah -- didn't. Look at are complaining about -- -- -- right everybody's sort of the town that is not we don't want the team to move to Saint Louis you know what I write. But that's not -- But everybody's you don't of people line here they're gonna complain about whatever there is to complain about a complain about stuff you say let's be happy to have we all right. In that case that we can't discuss them I mean they get a lot of credit. You discuss that you have described them -- -- got a patent -- speed up the -- defense stinks. Well I don't really. What was your grade would you agree that. The importance that element of them. Getting back to the soup bowl is their defense and it it has to be a little better don't you think I think they can still play aids -- -- -- the end of the cliff games Lanny. In an -- anybody yeah right. Much hidden in the right now. We want to you then have a strong rock and -- strong defense win any. We just we just talked about that there and also the team so this is perfect stays -- -- page has to be imperfect. -- dinner and perhaps I didn't -- the team that. Bet you have a prominent he. And I Dennis I gotta we gotta do trivia question -- we got to cut you off and -- you -- say I'm gonna name my name three players OK and and justice for their Red Sox career is only okay. Would you you're gonna tell me which of these three players had the most career home runs as a member of the Red Sox okay right. Tony chemically -- Nomar Garciaparra. George. Got. Our. I gotta say question to you -- Wrong. -- judge spot. I'll get two guesses and you don't get to swear an air elsewhere and edited -- People. Do these people not well even I he would might have my problems can control my swear reports out this this guy with. Pretty prompt yeah it also has a polite twelve coffees and Jason -- Red -- some shooters chase of Jack Daniels is an idiot. It and get that right the answer is Nomar 170. Tony see 162. With a it's yeah and little was a third. George 150. -- George got speaking fat slow as he was. 38 triples the terrorists are by the compared -- many -- -- -- -- 67 go back a look at what didn't on the news spat back no it was apparent that he could run and never could run could say hello always -- like that -- he -- Yeah with the bones in -- -- that they're like lions lead actress later years sick -- a -- -- -- That -- that swayed more than I did that's way he didn't have more troubles -- not the -- Marquis Daniels necklace himself. Are permitted to sell that he paid all our money and -- enough to -- like 200 grand yeah whatever I would -- necklace of it's a picture of my face. And I don't like yeah what's wrong.

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