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The Celtics seem to be working the kinks out

Nov 13, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder talk about the Celtics-Bulls and how the Celtics are performing better on offense and discuss season expectations.

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Well yeah hockey today. Oh boy -- from yen. -- -- On the show started. It and go on. What's supposed to go under those breaks. I don't pay attention anyway -- -- -- traffic lights I want all of police officers in the commonwealth masters in Ohio based traffic signals. Every chance again. -- times can be. I don't writer of fine paid in their howry got the big opera tonight for big action packed hours -- it takes a brief phone -- can make your head spin. On a plethora of different subjects. I guess you. Among others writer should be more happy with the Celtics performance of late and -- prior yes this -- good sweep of that. That midwest trip Milwaukee and Chicago. And last night they were good -- office. -- will be in the fourth quarter but overall. Affected by the that was the best win of the -- yes it was so far and you know over the 500. Plateau which is key key situations not. It is it's very better to be you over five and all are all always in sports summit and it life. You know I resign amid a little comment about Stewart's -- -- the wire -- and get a text message from someone who practiced democracy is about Stewart's got apparently beat Stewart's got. Whoever this -- this is this the right he -- early evening venom. Sure Mikey how dare you talk about Stewart's guys -- big fat ugly slob. You ugly mule. You fat -- out of -- fat ugly degenerate you that's issues well. Relate to save in the guys text number here tonight I know I know next time right. He ran himself only in around I know while -- about yeah you guys pretty psyched today are planning call his mommy. Charity met his mom and I can't tell -- what happened with Chris is in the car's going to be our first caller remember before we get to them -- -- lay out a few. I have some interest in prices to give -- night. Now these these are from the Red Sox team store. Which is open year round you know where it is right across the ball park. Souvenir store you know orders -- -- and yet it's Eckstein store and I know where each of amid a federal park -- gift cards and this was worth fifty dollars. In Red Sox paraphernalia. And for those of you listening if you think you're pretty good at Red Sox trivia. We're gonna throw these out tonight not from our from a to use the audience given to you if -- -- and and by the way -- knock it gives you the question and discus these days it is one thing. If you don't trivia contest now off and you give somebody 32 Internet age not gonna take their stars on Google is saying it happened before you even finish the question it'll throw the question out -- -- haven't call in Russian in the band on the spot when they call and I will ask the question of them. Innocently and see if they can answer that one question quickly right away. Before they've had a chance to cheat there way to victory Smart move the I'm no dummy. I am but was born yesterday. Your -- -- in my years slim beautiful young men -- have a seat in a patrol for that you know via Heathrow for the compliments you know him. You -- -- funniest and I in on that arm and I am admitting here on the program -- from the get -- and -- -- on the properties guy in the radio. -- asked for sure. -- party much. Right. He's had some news this week doing like a pageant in double figure -- I don't know but I later I'm just saying that. That this guy here I wonder what he looks like. Tourists are striking presence is he's like Fabio out there within a -- the hair product in their end of the big muscles and all the girls sang an off -- might have Fabio is knows big you know. So this -- and by the way Stewart's got. I'm sick of the whole act he does affect the one that's a good thing. Does the whole cooler than the other side and -- -- -- an event that that's been how many years do we have to hear that every time he's on the air. Or boob job or is Hillary's gonna go -- at -- we'll catch phrases and stuff like that I personally I think to catch phrases are overrated. And is that everybody on ESPN has to have one. -- not a member of that club. -- -- -- dopey -- you know his catch areas where his own. You know back in the day or is -- -- I don't know where is -- -- Obama better than I would not not a big Stewart's got opinion all I do like is for sports center anchor Zoellick the tandem late night. Stand for -- Neil Everett. You don't -- they're good they're solid in an aunt and an end do you even know their names of the sort as I watch it every night like -- I don't get you memorize their names or do you did you notice their names -- that when I guess the after watching it every -- to me. It's like OK it's. Oh who's the next cookie cutter guys' commitment doctors but it got all these tandem and at least try to be clever with the conferees I don't know I know levers got to start -- dry -- -- And that's the guys in the -- -- I know I just think that -- -- -- solid for the for the 2 AM sports center for the West Coast people Ortiz goes for me since I get only. It's so many text note coming about this about the -- You might you're just a fraud waiting for your prince is tennis. That's gross. Op OK so we're gonna play around a little bit that I -- of the program giveaways and stuff. Have some fun lay out all the different topics we can talk about well I irritated there's a troubling trend. India in the NFL -- these quarterbacks -- what we lose four quarterbacks in two days. Are these are marquee guys to. All vick's not having a marquee season but I marquee name well yes and look at that the second choice on the -- -- watching last night's game Roethlisberger comes out who comes in -- Byron Leftwich been around forever with sirens Rican Leftwich now if you're. Sick enough to say. Okay -- marshy little minus thirteen. Certainly when when Roethlisberger when argued in victim was gonna buy. Byron Leftwich back in his thundering -- days that is of Jacksonville gateway bank and Tom -- days is tough to watch it's tough to watch -- without -- without the regular quarterback in these games you know I don't know why you're upset because you have the Steelers yes I -- it yes I did I had someone. Text in to the the Celtics show last night that they'd. You believe this morally and I don't know I I'll I'll take his word -- -- Portman I was really going for the -- -- -- for the chiefs as the game was going on while I was unsure and T plus thirteen yes. He had a thousand dollars in Kansas City but it was a partly he had already hit on buffalo. And Cincinnati. Whether that would take apart allay wood buffalo Cincinnati and Kansas City this week he but yes added it's three times says he must've made. 34000 dollars no no he said he -- -- and -- was probably on what you fail to one of -- immigrant and so Celtics basketball tonight. Some Red Sox baseball talks. Some NFL and of course the patriots and I've been here at all. You know from everybody always -- the same kind of the same things over and over game of the patriots. Don't play up to what people's expectations of the mark and I got -- hard to believe but there are people out there actually higher expectations degrees tonight is an audit. It should win every single game and be undefeated. -- Throughout the course here when were you all you hear about now is you know of the defense and our defense -- we're gonna keep your and never going to be good enough to -- a -- -- -- -- you -- -- is kind of stuff I don't know but -- here's some monitoring some other angles that it is possible. At 6177797. 937. You posted Delaware -- a different angles on that -- of the defense particular secondary starts playing better well that's part of it out but I mean if they don't play better. Andy Andy's an -- offensively a better. You know in other words they're averaged what thirty some points a game right -- have to rely on their office well right at the -- is the date. We can you -- the giants win the Super Bowl last year after seven losses during the regular season got a -- at the right down that should be enough to tell people. -- the you know it's not always about. The week in week out how well you play in every surprised it was bad chips you look at buffalo all the way they spread things out on offense school different even though you look at that record are very cornerback that a better quarterback -- better team. It's it's about the you know people use the same formula their head over and over -- -- about which about wins baby and wins at the right time as we found out last year in particular while people look at the giants to lecture just as a more balanced overall team. I got Zach Crist in a car or get him I want to start distribute contest right away you're out of the box here -- -- -- there. Aside have you think you know let about the Red Sox do you you know I wouldn't attribute say try to do it the title right. Just off the top your head okay. The categories doubles. Career doubles Yastrzemski is the all time leader. 646. Ted Williams with 525. -- third all time for the Red Sox in doubles. Brought up. What. To too early in his career -- eighteenth. -- 245. He's got 220 some doubles fewer than the guy I am -- -- the answer is. Dwight Evans. Aaron I -- don't worry I would have got that Iran as well I would go with -- Wade Boggs. -- -- -- -- -- Wade Boggs fourth with 422 doubles don't forget Evans played more. Games games are assign a lot he played a 900 more games. And -- bucks and -- -- doing now -- other side from that what -- got on your plate tonight. All bought at. Yes at this very special place to be. Your wife ought not -- you'll automatically listening to salvage game last night. Because I never part of broadcaster. RT era and I'll call Cedric Maxwell. There but Pakistan -- Have you ever heard Ali broadcaster called out eight refereed army. I've ever broadcast -- a lot of refereed. -- -- you've been Jim listen it did Tommy heights and you're gonna hear pretty time I'll play by play guy. Which severed all the like the way it shall leave that at bat fault it was so all out that you. You're on the court -- you under -- Alois. Awaits our -- well personal -- voice booms to. So if Tommy yell something and actors -- read our Carol -- You can bet they're here because his voice is about is going on in the background some of these damn holiday here -- and by the way he's been doing that -- player and a coach you know so. It back all at all -- pirated here I was pretty pretty humorous I think it's in there it's in the system somewhere Specter completed on the show last night. And the other bought an apple will launch the patriot so particular on what to the fact that they -- finally figured out what they do an offense in the are you know not clicking. Well -- -- roll over 400 got a. Possible. -- say no. You know why. Why because it in order to acting to accommodate that number you have to have some semblance of a running game. Our guys are in a because otherwise they but they -- you know they don't do -- ice -- almost every play. Crazy -- -- -- he got experienced I don't know played us he's got that experience but he's pretty good he's the one in his games by small margins. And -- you know I welcome to give the guy credit he looks like the real -- -- no question about that but I don't think his team -- I mean to play and on inspiration right now. And that you take away that that tragedy that's -- and they're currently dealing with their coach pitches and tragedy yet hopefully fights through this whole thing. What he's a remission now to say. -- maybe they're you know that they can come down to earth will his post coach final game of the regular season. So you know to I think forty yards no I'm gonna say probably 337. Yards okay. Now he goes for over 300 yeah 337 Chris -- that number down as the numbers you wouldn't it's Boettcher was in right around there. These are run through three -- Reagan then I think it's your head at Tony's in a car Tony. I don't dead bird I don't I Google on. Don't go let's. -- put -- best -- on what you're talking about the patriot. You know I go to another -- part of a defense that sicker -- -- -- -- as much drier air about it. -- taken a thing about playing in the office. And the reason why. Because. It in his game and it ought auditor and able to those who are complete -- that they -- unable to. -- the change. It's all the flood waters -- resting on the offense didn't do what it is we know we that would be. It will secret there -- -- in the game they give up some points what I ought. The opposite he's you can work -- and were -- what -- all quarters. But it won't be on the hill and I wouldn't be offered -- mr. A 100%. And so now. Well we're talking a little yesterday about extending the drives little bit and not in a compete again converting him getting the points on the board not not settling -- react groups in troubling amount of field goals -- well he retired letter -- -- him in the fourth. I mean it didn't he not predictable I mean what we've figured what the -- or not. I will look at this team and it's predictable with the play call and I'm really getting tired of seeing the same old same ball appeared that they -- -- Like heavily used again. Run the ball any way to trade clock but I was I guess I get done what are you mean if we go into an academic. Right well you know Hernandez -- is kind of weird because they -- paying the money that he becomes relatively useless and bodies are gonna hurt you wonder if that's going to be a game trying to recover right game tool. So he's been kind of a non factor in in this whole thing so -- now Welker had a couple of drops. Are they begin again to be gritty as him close and David kick in the east threes and then sometimes not not even that. And it's been bothersome but you got if you consider one thing Tony when you talk about predictable and Trent and trends for the patriots. A trend for the patriots in the -- sector has been to win the large majority of the second half of the year. Eight no seven -- 16 and two at the worst is what they do in the last eight games and that's the rule. So what you gotta do what you gotta think. Try to think positively about this whole thing in and while they're there they're not flawless -- said there were flawless. But they're still you know six and three of the driver's seat -- division. And with the exception of two very difficult games in consecutive weeks most people think they're gonna run across the table. Right but some way to look at it look at receivables. Of credit for the bulk of their lost the -- current market periodic -- -- -- played in the end. What they wouldn't want to fight for it I don't think when he ordered a big deal. And that game. -- -- -- Well I'd do you call the big show earlier. Oh you didn't like this sounds like the same call I heard of our era and outages site and is Cuba -- -- -- spot -- is similar brought up the same thing with the same -- voice and and Glenn's answer. If I remember correctly point out about 45 different plays during the game that could. Now dictate how a game goes which is true.

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