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Celtics appear to be improving game by game, will it continue?

Nov 13, 2012|

The new look Celts seem to finally be finding their stride, offensively anyway. We look at whether that will translate to the defensive side of the ball as well, and what the limit is for this squad.

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It's this couple digital world now it's hard in the second half of the Milwaukee yeah. Martina start to find their way you know we it was thought coming in with this group that we can. -- gore. But it just takes time and tonight I thought but Mars orbit rhythm office. They're pretty good last night may -- I thought they showed some signs Saturday night in Milwaukee. Meeting a team that obviously very active very quick. And out we saw that again last night at its first quarter they scored 33 points out of the gate. Against a very good defensive team even without Derrick Rose and is a very good. Defense of team though it's hard to believe that they Roberts and his -- team and actually placed her defense out there but. He was out there on the floor. There was some nice things tonight game last night and once again. Doc did not give in the temptation. Of throwing Kevin Garnett back in the game he he's gonna keep this thing going. And he's working people in slowly now I noticed one thing that's happening. The Celtic fans and you you seem to actually see a lot of a lot of blogs they're pissed off because the Celtics are nine. Going big against these teams they're not good enough right now. To be able to put a big team out these -- Darko Milicic for what 34 minutes the other night it was an embarrassment mechanic. -- entity can help you down the road right that they don't have their offense they don't have their defense in here and everybody else. Get standing here you can't. Throw him out -- that it still doesn't know what he's still saying they were chasing -- well yes I have talked to Jason Collins who will -- state aren't using. Out -- a little bit more they're trying to wean him into the lineup right now because not only easier but he's a big can run the floor. And right now that's their main purpose Michael they wanna run the ball and then not a great rebounding team well John Iran without. Out rebounding team. Well let's let's say first thought Jason Collins is on the team to the he has great SAT scores Kurt he's on screens on team for his brain. Could be a nice. A nice guy good to have an Ivy League as a as a nice guy org or near -- be a nice guy at the end of the bench. Who is supportive and is probably going to be a coach one day in the league but. We give you a little defense here every now and then and a bit in the last -- -- go crazy here and everything is. You talk about going big. Many of those teams generally. The Celtics have size that they're not a big team here's figures today. The lakers are a big team they've got. Dwight Howard then got Paul Gasol. You've got two legitimate seven foot starters guys who. You expect to get at least 35 minutes from on a nightly basis of the damage it that makes you a a big gain them but -- going to be running the floor that are going to be in half court but I'm still -- -- you've got to seven footers out there. Who start for you. You can't say the Celtics are big because they got to seven footers on the bench Paul on a good night. Are gonna combined to give you about twenty minute that you don't want you so -- -- -- -- -- the culprit. See I think last that he could've gone a little bit bigger in that game because that's the word do you like. They had a Chicago at some length out there on the court with Noah. Boozer and Luol -- rule I don't care what pork I call a -- -- guys -- he's got law bars dorms have ever seen -- get the huge wingspan. But they elected to go small because right now small is their best lineup. What I like is that Jason -- funny figuring out what they do an office Courtney Lee still looks lost or having trouble with the shot maybe no confidence in the shot. Brandon Bass to me is the most consistent player dislocated finger last night that tape two fingers together. At least five of six from before perfect at the free throw line and played some defense last night as well. I like what -- -- And I'm not saying that there anywhere close to being where they wanna be and I thought all along industry gonna take 5678 weeks -- -- corporate soul many people in doing. But Rondo started to get a better feel for some of the other guys so now they're spot and guys up in the right location the other thing I like about it is. I'm Paul Pierce is altering his game. Maybe he's come to the conclusion that he's half step -- or whatever but instead of trying to. Constantly do the iso and go one on one -- TV can be one of the younger younger the dudes in the league. He's now trying to go off the screen. He's using the floor now and people on the floor get him a better shot given the ball up to get the ball back and take it to the hole. And you can state. It's he's he's playing -- smaller game. Yeah well that's -- way -- looking at it here's another command. All saying he has some problems you like as it is given a problem he is good the last couple years if you just look look at the matchups. Celtics bulls especially in Chicago and you look at -- gang is gunning against the Celtics and went. Pierce has done against the bulls not a great matchup and that the team I don't wanna see it in the post season whoever matches up with them in the post season. Is going to be and four. A hell fight you fresh is getting a lot of I expect his arms that's what I'm saying if he's back. Forget it I don't care parent seven seed succeed. Their match up with you in the first round you probably don't lose your theories because Derrick Rose makes such a difference for them and a pretty good without him. But they are borderline great team with that's 12 when he Rondo. Take that shot now -- your kicker -- productive expect the good points while you feel confident amazing -- you don't -- angle known well. You know you're not you're right. It looks like it's something he really worked on in the offseason. I think. From the elbow and this is this is something to think about he was the best. Was their best players their best. Shooter army percentage wise. From the right elbow last year. -- he was doing it last year we didn't really notice. And now he's got so much more confidence and he's taken is not just the right elbow anymore. He's drive into the basket he's taken at 1617. Footer with confidence and knocking it down most of them I can't wait -- does. From the free throw line that confidence will carry over there I. Not the the ball movement last night and even for. Part of the game in the in Milwaukee on Saturday night was much better than was seen. I mean let's put it this is not gonna happen overnight your corporate too many different players and he's asking where's fab Melo I wouldn't expect fab Melo. To give you much during the course of the season he -- spend a lot of time. In the in the for the future down the road sellinger is going to give you something you can see at last they give a Big Three. In game yesterday is also he's extent because he's a good 1517. Foot shooter they did it extended out a deep into the perimeter. That suddenly he's got to force of big guys to come out there and open up some space. But I thought your ball movement offensively defensively they're still not there is no did they are good at it that they're they're getting better I think they're working at it there. I would say this the effort for defense is there. I'm not sure the understanding of what they're doing defensively is their offensively. You're seeing both the effort and you're seeing and understanding what they're supposed to do. You know what we've talked about this last week when and it's it's happening -- caller. Said why don't they put it. Barbosa. In the starting line. The lower saying around -- if you gonna put somebody starting lineup it would be Barbosa who beat Jason Terry Arnold Jason Terry. Is is comfortable coming off the bench -- willing to come off the bench well look what's happened. Now you got hairy in the starting line up I wonder if that's something. That they described is going to be game by game thing or shock is comfortable enough right now to say. Jason Terry. Is a starting point guard. Was because of deporting aliens. He has no confidence -- -- reportedly struggled so as long as he has he's lacking confidence in inning shot. Then I'd like Jason Terry I mean ultimately gonna -- Avery Bradley. As your starting two -- And you gonna Jason Terry coming back off the bat but have a lot of options and it's a matter of everybody figuring it out but it brings me to Jeff Green. Why not Saturday night to step forward -- last Friday he turns his ankle. When he. As is what a top of of KG in the they can get their feet caught up and he he turns the ankle that so. Maybe that that prevented him from from doing an awful lot last night's game but I thought KG can read and yeah. That was something -- readjusted it reinforces what you and I talked about last week. -- had to be available out there you can't be a nice guy. You know figure you want just Dexter brought this up her off the court really nice guy on the court it is great. It's crazy. Especially with the with. -- Jeff Green. Mean everybody talks about it -- you can see -- time direct talks about all the things he can do. He's got good size can take you down low he can show. You know really versatile player. What do bring out that talent. You know sometimes just got to. And I got to hit -- as well. As Paul Pierce said when they traded Joseph Johnson. Answer right guys treat -- Johnson you know line. And -- of dog and he doesn't -- that now. Maybe he does now more than needed then. But it just got so we'll -- they got so frustrated with him and think it is probably too early you know in his rookie year it's OK forget it. With Joseph Johnson who with. Jeff Green. Maybe the dog Emmy -- dog and and that's what KG was talking. That will help bring out some of the skills that that that pop up every now and then but are consists. I -- -- -- a phone call silent people would chime in and small is not the -- expects the best line at the emergence of book is Japanese helping Celtics with for some reason. The overriding opinion out there is this team needs to go. Real break them up like -- robot what does that what does that mean you know -- -- -- -- I think -- -- -- they wanna -- -- -- -- -- -- People wanna see that certainly wanna -- Wilcox I think it most talented lineup. Is that small lineup and that's small lineup even against big line -- can do an awful lot of damage because of the mismatches have a parent -- I'm not saying ultimately. You don't wanna work some of the -- into this thing because you have to -- on the road. Mainly because of what Mike said that you -- teams that you just can't match up publisher brings some big people in there but overall they're small lineup to meet. Is better six point 777. 790 --

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