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No matter what the NFL says or does, player concussions and injuries continue to get worse

Nov 13, 2012|

We discuss the conflict of interest the NFL has with player safety, and now with more marquee players being lost, it's time to stop the BS... if you play in the NFL, expect to get concussed, expect to get injured seriously at one point (or more) in your career.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- says it all shows the fan's mind. Or or she is really mid morning radio host and no understanding of player personnel. And think. I'll take all challengers and god fantasy football has made every one think he's a player personnel expert Ryan mallet really. -- football does show of something to do with the that you rate player differently with fantasy football than they actually do. They -- -- -- don't blame fantasy football on this. Well isn't fantasy football if anything cartridges football would tell you. The Ryan mallet is not a get -- on occasion just image I've come. Peace if he's available. There's there's no way there's no way you would look at Ryan mallet and -- and number at this. Not even a fantasy football but what what is the legal to do right now probably commission your favorite -- commission all your favorite your second favorite commissioner. Roger Goodell is in -- I believe on Thursday this was a piece raking over at -- What's the topic player safety are not be issue market. Her players' safety good point that we knew it would -- so for all that they do. To protect the quarterback and they've done made dramatic changes in the rules over the last 510 years. What happens this past weekend once again -- quarterbacks. Can -- leaving games and who knows of -- gonna see them again Michael Vick they're talking about he could be out for the entire season. Last night you lose. Roethlisberger. He could be out for the entire season with a shoulder injury and -- again into the specific allegations. I was not typical. Roethlisberger. Histrionics in the way that he left. The field but not to go to the locker room so that they can run off to the hospital -- does. I don't know what Letterman and capital and a lot but he didn't know he didn't want -- understand why didn't quarterback of that team and one. It and one that his team to see him -- a certain -- and their faces -- -- the guys who who would do this Augustus and all sports. Don't want you to see him in the training room don't want you to see them in in a vulnerable position that they've got to go off on her own with the trainers. And get things done -- got a -- others. They're here. That I had dispersed on -- he. It will get into -- justices this was classic stuff we we're at war. That was his great last acute or directors of things that you're talking about. -- developing in town for players say yes writing and talking about it I believe that's what and this is. Maybe nobody will say is hopefully. Brings -- up at Harvard. -- -- -- -- -- -- Talking about players -- the in the NFL. Is. -- Yeah you really -- you're talking -- are. Much you're willing to change the game. The practice is about player safety only one is not gonna -- what you is not gonna change you play professional football. With the way the game is now with this past as everybody on the field without -- linebackers and safeties forget about it linemen. Our -- there's Lyman. Laster was a collegial. And have a particular draft I think he ran a sub 540. Big left tackle. Everybody's fast everybody's strong. Some people are taking performance enhancing drugs so you'll get caught a lot of them don't. So what this game. At the speed and this strength in the equipment of course. You know what you're probably gonna get a concussion. Has brought up here. Planet National Football League you're probably going get a concussion so this is how you really -- players' safety. Don't play -- Either got to play football or not if you play football. She pro football chances are very high that you will be contrast to stop the BS. This -- players' safety we really care. You have to save that which you know for a fact the way this game is that the way the game is going. There will be head trauma there will be injuries in you are blessed that doesn't happen you've -- Real gem I'm with you honestly I don't know what you can possibly do do you wanna make quarterback -- touch football player and had no contact with the quarterback. We still gonna have all the players that are going to get injured right. What happened with -- other guys out there and feels he got to lose some other guys maybe you'll lose a Foster. You know Peterson or other specific you know -- quality type of players. It's going to happen. I don't see how you illuminate it. And I know that Brandon Spikes will be fine he was already penalized he will be fine. For that hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick he's lost the summit who knows maybe it was a -- problem I don't know. What else do you do in that situation I packed the Super Bowl against the giants the first woman played against the giants. I wish right now that somebody like Brandon Spikes had taken down Eli Manning instead of holding on to a -- for a few seconds so we can continue to make us. Somebody could take him that don't acting would have been over. That's your job you're job is to end the plight not allow the portable -- to complete the pass and if you can't. Not to get a pass out of it's it's so what else do you do. I -- if you. And let's make it touch football let's separately will have with yet you know the -- -- wanna play and in the in the in the physical football league. They play in the real footballer and a we have a touch football league we we can do that. They're doing that the youth level and that's put -- a lot of parents are fearful. That their kids are gonna get hurt and they're signing him up for the flight football terrific rushed for my accent right that's fine but you're right. If there if it were if you've created a game that is not only physical but at times it is violent. Why should we be shocked when they Wheeling somebody off -- most retirement sore right. Russia would be shocked that that what would you expect if the guys are faster. They're bigger. They're stronger. There's less fat on your body so dear for your hitting. -- Morse would object. Expect. You write you write that you wanted to -- I mean that's it I don't I don't know what what people expect out of it and and beyond beyond the players' safety and maybe this goes hand in hand because this this has been a topic that's been discussed and I guess they're pretending like -- really matters -- But they just kept him out its liability under threat to protect themselves ability but -- objective of their money if they talk and collective of their assets they've talked and talked about player safety. Any other aspect on the field that affected. Is just people who have. In the the people who worked. We're preserving the game against the guardians of the game. -- in the NFL front offices. Who have over thought everything. Over thought what catches. Over thought what a fumble is last night for example. I understand the rule. -- Byron. Understand the rule says okay if you're if your arm is going forward. Then I guess we'll call it an incomplete pass. Conditions got the Byron Leftwich last night. -- Fumbled his no hit aren't trying to throw the ball at all slipped out of hand it was a fumble where it can do what they called it an incomplete pass. Another bubble last night it was go down by contact. -- Just kind of stop over thinking this thing it does give back to playing football but if that can happen if I know I know it's wishful thinking. That's where -- -- -- majority of sick of hearing I'm sick of going to the stuff I'm sick of hearing it right now that they hit by Brandon spot what do you expect. Easy -- I don't know. Maybe here. Maybe a football field he's a point but don't you want to be -- walking into this a little bit later like is that something you and I were talking about the other day. But Kevin Garnett lecturing Jeff Green. Basically saying I need to be enable -- there on the court. You don't like sick and dogs are or how we start after picture of course is -- really really nice guy to ice but we don't want to be inducted -- play exports. Nice guy off the court off the field that's far. When you're when you're on when you in the field. -- British spikes that's his skills. What you're seeing him do right now is exactly what they pay him for not great coverage. -- before the -- Margaret Colin professional sports. Professional -- Are talking about say the Youth League history. That's right you know how to what are we -- kid but that he had some message somebody professional. Sports. At different would we deal to -- and don't give us the line. That well if Brandon Spikes does that it might it's going to watch -- he's good copy and do the -- your job as a parent. The job of measuring about coaches to be able to tell them. That's not that's not how we do not on our love go to Joseph -- in Boston here at a big Shiloh -- Pay don't Joseph what's up. I'm Karl was that violate our promote the game I expect it in the boat -- -- the touchstone back because of our unsportsmanlike. Article the touchdown back because of holding on Albert but. They thought the date that that touchdown. When they thought they had a touchdown they celebrated so the touchdown came back but the fifteen yard penalty state. Their church or use says that they coconuts come back because parameters are -- are a lot of music that but I didn't I didn't know I didn't see that. All was a light vehicle joke. Yeah that and many did -- -- we have the line of attack -- I mean you continue to pick dramatic bowl. It was a fumble to if that's what this is not a patriots this is not a it happens to the patriot air force could anybody else's bad is just an observation last night I thought Byron Leftwich. Fumbles last night. And they called it an incomplete pass of the -- -- the out of his hand because of the rain by the way he's rusty he hadn't played. And a long time. In a ball about a dozen thanks for resurrecting the tuck rule for all the student now and we're talking about it Forester is brought up front and company just echo -- words its laws. Hi Tom paid my little boy Lowe's plans so -- it's a great game but what is -- NFL done to make the game safer we're doing a lot. Carl what town we're developing new rules to better protect our players and over the next decade with the NFL players' union they're dedicating more than 100 million dollars for medical research while as well as supporting the development of better and safer equipment and -- a lot better about him playing look to meet the little guy. -- -- -- Great spot with Ray Lewis. Just great spot. Listen I don't how you deal with the players' safety -- wanna put a small ball route forty what do you do. A minute you've got -- helmets and we're seeing the helmets are all different Brady tried that new helmet. For a couple weeks apparently didn't like it went back to the -- And I know guys get hurt and it it's that it's a league now of attrition and we can sit at the beginning of the season or even in the middle of the season. And analyze all these different teams. But if the good genes start losing their quarterbacks. This war. They get very little chance when the apple and they've they've got a lot of me if you think about it it does have it's just going about. -- boy even in the last twenty years. I've taken a great deal of contact out of the game they're certain areas and with the quarterback we've we've all talked about it it's not gonna change they're not gonna. Go back to a time where you know quarterbacks could be hip like anybody else is not gonna happen. Four in the number one reason is what you just said. Everybody likes quarterbacks to quarterback's league people enjoy watching not the points being scored so we're gonna protect quarterbacks. So they've taken out. They 20% of the contact -- in the in the game the last twenty years. There's only so much you can do in professional football there's only so much. Unless you just wanna say this sport is so dangerous that we can't have pro football and America anymore and that sack. That happens too much right involved and to write a mean look at the situation. In that game with a hit with spikes. On Fitzpatrick. If that same play happens and spikes does that to CJ Spiller. -- no penalty. There's no fun we just move on this the next -- that's what it's it's so totally different to protect the quarterback but guess what. More quarterbacks are gonna get hurt than any other position Michael. Because they're the guys that are out there for every single play here in boulder in every single putt at it right the only way you can stop it. It is featured it ought to get it again. And -- we've we've mentioned I think most people agree of course you know bigger faster stronger more technology more resources devoted to each team more money with each team because of a fantastic. TV contract best TV contract. Got in north American sports and I'm not sure heart works with -- beloved soccer. But I know in north American sports to get the best TV deals to TV don't go -- NFL. -- that said. They game the game is safer now. Than it was. When they weren't as big and it's fast and as strong. Because teams or players these people to get away with a lot of crazy stuff I mean you think about. Deacon Jones with the head -- That was part of his move which is where you thought your -- can't do it now if knock you out he's done here and they go around you about Mel blocked. Well no black used to do to receivers. All the things that happened to sixties and seventies guys going over the middle. Would be maimed. And straight arms all close lines. All of that stuff you can't do in the NFL anymore and you could. 50s60s. Even as late as December as anybody sixty game is violent. You're right Michael go back and look at 1970s. NFL only combatants on the that the game is violent today I here's market Arlington next appear in -- -- But at the violent sport and America's most popular and you know it really eat you can change it dramatically but -- -- -- -- it's not stop people from getting concessions to get hurt. And there was a sports. Our sport doctors play football you have the only way. You reduce concussions and -- small on the big one server career. To go back a hundred years ago play with no helmet smaller past. It's it's the only way we would ever be able to reduce by like 90%. President you're saying RSR nightmare. No homeless -- interest. He talked about hockey that you need you to direct correlation you look at hockey wouldn't -- without helmet. Now everyone has bigger faster stronger so that that into the concussion rate at like 81 since it mandatory that occupiers were on the. Yeah because you're braver once you have a helmet on right. -- -- and I don't know America wants to go back to like rugby with you know parents. It you know crap but putted it. -- interest in formula to rugby there can be a violent sport you don't of the equipment -- Don't because you don't -- in your equity tackle. Logic rappel you -- you tackle you've wrapped it -- you to completely different way of bringing them up bring somebody down. But I look at the spikes a look at this Mike's play and I've seen it numerous times now and I don't lose anything he could do. Differently on the -- -- at the disputed again and a couple of the immediate peacock in that split second -- What's he going to do like they might execute my face masks on the opera I mean I don't I. Notable fear that you always -- I have is that if you try to change up the way. You tackle to prevent the -- did contact. That you went missing -- If you end up missing guys are bigger trouble when you get to the sideline. Coach discriminated -- screw discriminate you you'll let them down I go back to the super ball go back and look at the plight. Were Eli Manning is in the grasp. He's on the -- the officials are not going to and it continues to follow through one applied. And they've been able to black gum at that point take them down. Games over. And not really. They recommend that point the penalty. You've got everything. To -- I think every time you see your quarterbacks that. You can't really finished if you finished right now in you tell me of this is that you think this is wrong. Right now your defensive linemen linebacker. And you finished the tackle on a quarterback you finish like to finish on a running back and you going to be going to be flak for. If you really go through you put your hand to its -- And you bring them down to the ground. I'd be a penalty you know -- just -- is just that a good. That's it that's more solid tackle you that's why -- have a real problem or some place you can clearly see. We're guys leading in with a helmet to defenseless player and you say to yourself he could've avoided and he didn't have to do that okay Kennedy the other day. I was at Jackson went out of bounds and he got a wall got upset about that Patrick what it might event Fitzpatrick so he gets a law. It what I did it -- it what does the way he's due to Anna about an hour to -- four or five yards -- about to -- that's an obvious penalty. Those things that you could say -- the player you can't do. Now look at the spikes -- And tell me how spikes was going to do it any differently than. His job was not only get to the quarterback but to prevent the quarterback from even making throttle. You've got to do that if you come down lower. Usually throw the ball what do you what do what do -- thing yesterday re going through what -- tell you guys and that we town that you can hit them it's going to be below. Below the shoulders and above and resolute that it triple -- Charlotte -- anyone -- don't think you can tell them that all you want. There's still fine line and we've seen how many times have you seen apply. And you see yourself -- center -- right. First of all we got him in the chest and because of the continuation of the of the -- but the body it comes up and hit -- and -- Couldn't stop himself in -- breaks. It's so difficult to do it -- really and that's why you hit it. You're not gonna stop the violence of against you you've got a violent day. That's what it is you can you can you can make better equipment which state which they have you can try to cut -- certain things. A big change they made over the last fifteen -- twenty years Micheal field the old feel used to be carpet -- -- -- professional carpet over cement terrible Kingdome. -- Kingdome was bad you Philadelphia. -- our state economy we walked down there and say to ourselves walking on -- it was Cincinnati. And really I think they're awful fields I here's a Stephen Nantucket which of Steve. You got even know what an illegal and it looked like yeah 01. Did you ever play football. -- -- Late night actually idea yeah robot never played pro football -- -- -- scoop we're good about Tuesday pro football. It really glad the football. -- would you play for me. Does it matter what would you ask the question -- -- you -- you played pro football we're due to perform. Matter at all. We want to -- there and ask for your credentials. A little bit. And I -- it -- Hey paced age it's not obvious garden state what your opinion of what guys -- your opinion OK I don't care much -- I don't care if you've never played football I don't care to play for twenty years what your opinion. My opinion but that was a dirty hit by spikes and end up launch. But I'll let it get up. A running back expects to get it according to -- why. Well it might understand America on the football you know what the golf ball and whacked in the head with a weapon. Didn't he didn't he didn't hit it -- are you talking about them hit on Jackson and I hit on Fitzpatrick. I got a violent game I would. I don't know we're trying to -- passivity -- I think you are confused are you talking about the Jackson hit or the Fitzpatrick. Waited -- to get them. Bottom up. -- -- -- -- just first in the body slides right up as you're making the tackle would don't. I don't know I call I just looked at it again before started the show I just watched that again the thing is how do you stop. The progression of your body. -- how do you do that Steve I agree with you Steve it's -- -- dead and you're leading -- you're making direct contact and annual long aging. For the ahead. That to me is a clear cut penalty. Quite you've got to play the game of the pros I could tell you -- fast enough players. About this both -- media and even more so -- a year and they don't know the difference. And they changed the rule -- cornerbacks have been hit not. What their shoulder and they're all legal -- and -- wicked violent but barely able. You chat in the helmet of a -- He didn't use the helmet he was okay. You can't let it helmet to helmet you'd think that's what the play one. I think he I think -- You know what. I'm not I'm asking you do you think he led a helmet to helmet in that tackle. Pretty much back and look at I just want -- back back back and look at you go back and look at. Yet it. -- would bet and I thought our. Well you might -- look at the second time is a much or use our correctly. But I can -- -- with doctor Nielsen but I'll tell you what happened. Another another thing about the hit. That you know got everybody's attention both teams got the officials' attention everybody it what year bills that are Pakistan -- to right. And so I mean that's the added drama. He would have he would die and even if he had. Patted him down to the ground like -- IQ IQ putting him this week -- tucking -- -- This helmet pops off -- -- -- -- maybe he's still can't -- enjoy it a bigger problem with Brandon Spikes and I would think that the Buffalo Bills would that reflects two important when he -- definitely took Jackson. After Dick Fred Jackson is flexing -- to the crowd all whatever. This looked like a bomb making a great defensive -- I'm sorry we go back thirty years and and remembered celebrations that work. Were made for guys that made this act when you don't play -- -- and you and you know we might be seriously hurt the second you're still not celebrating about right not the time itself.

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