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Tuesday, November 13th Whiner Line

Nov 13, 2012|

That's General Petreus! NOT Mikeal Pietrus!

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Abuse excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox didn't. -- -- discretion music box. -- -- And now those who weren't here -- You know substance I got to say something right now I'm sorry that's bush league like Kevin Garnett -- The bombings in Gary until Saturday's -- police don't know what position it's hard won championships again there and now you know the way these guys socialize when they went to work out you -- the way everybody's as you know it's a business you have to do it yourself. -- -- women don't act like that's a random let me tell you one that's push limits WEEI. Whiner line he would go to the mat for anybody on his -- -- -- on his team. You're not on his team. -- -- makes a I mean our other guys that he's congenial to this is why are we arguing about this is dial 6177793535. But I see -- again I mean he didn't even acknowledge his presence. Hitting it may well very good job go get him think Danny Manning knowledge that he was there. I think Kate she's acting like your child's whiner line Bill Russell so you can't forget what I mean that was a hundred hours ago Tommy now but the attitude just saying that soon. You have -- -- -- this is not just social club and now. That bush come the way these guys the way these guys -- glad you've got a haircut. -- didn't whine. Don't that are much -- things went last night. Celtics game. Bloody battle for -- because I had a little worried that he never be able to move on observational log says he's over. I did it mentioning about these kind of excited vehemently that -- and Celtics play in January 27. They believe that he should that's bush and my scary different you know why Tommy was so right about that this is not social now you know. It's competitive and BA best. If they call you -- -- -- all you want that's because agent. They -- that's because there's the opponent. And they have great respect for what you do want there and stop bush and you're scared pointless. You you want. That's ridiculous I know porches. Sure why -- -- -- powered by -- to answer. Reggie WEEI alive it's available on your -- over and over bush. -- android you Blackberry device. Tried to you by AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE was leads up to. Believe it or not ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible -- -- -- Who how would that -- warned that lord black that want it badly enough boy had god. And toward the -- girl. Didn't draw you to profile back. And that meant little as the velocity girl wants it today guys was it to -- -- again today that all along and somebody else to -- and hope. Just yesterday we don't honestly I don't I don't and a chamber. Hit the I don't know law. Well -- People and it does pretty -- the but I didn't very while -- -- to remove all I really appreciate that. Why are all you're good maybe you're not. And that it. He doesn't he doesn't regret it's it's all each every body wants -- -- -- make sure John knows that John Q area and the question after the third question he supposed to keep to jump in there. -- I don't know commitment -- -- powers that comment about the Irish have been Antonia of that code. Then he had no control of the good of a player cannot go. I don't think you have Bob -- stuff. And -- itself. Pretty bad when I am like god am I doing to -- this morning we have four different answer your. Report I -- -- You don't have to be right back two or three people with certain things in mind going to give us five minutes of textures and we'll take them when he -- Sidney Rice -- should be right certainly rises to the right. I don't know once again it's a great -- guy who really Jason Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him any way the. Both malveaux. Is -- they don't read about him because I thought. I don't -- as in other people who may. And then -- How can get worked up about that because he knows what he's talking about that's his that's his wheel house right. -- criticize him for some of the other stuff starts talking about soccer. Libya. Little over now. I guess this guy's name was right. A lot of rice -- rice and -- price their ticket I'm bald dude troll is all -- all live uncle Ben Rice. -- admin direct secret part of that they. Can you were asking -- Mean creating -- work that we set out today. I think all across the tip in these critics here at least it was -- And the -- you know -- and I'm there must New Jersey. And yet -- -- guys on opposite them. -- But -- them. Did start out hot spell got sick not acted the Red Sox thought he says would be better suited more want to analyze the good Alan Bible maybe -- -- Robin. And -- -- I was just -- some people say that's that was theorizes cousin prices does Rosie related Jim -- days ago. Meaning. Any area. Anything do we know for a fact if we find out. Inquiring minds want to know apparently people Condoleezza Rice Randy price estimates an expert -- -- son. -- -- Jim rice's 'cause it's your prices 'cause notes assigned -- -- and that's really should find that out. Could be vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've caught the ball on the topic of out of your power and -- -- -- bat and thought. And that pitch and I like to bring got to elect turn David -- -- Basically what that pulled Brady didn't hurt saying correct and I can understand about quarterback who got hurt -- -- their color. Alex that I want afford I really don't want to get the most they're always -- they're always been injured. Bob Brady Eli Manning can't guys get rid of the ball they're not stupid they don't get hit. I've probably got I would attack they're playing right now it's working for a while because he's getting the pool guys don't get hurt because they're not. And it will -- ball. And mentoring and a good point to yes I did a very good yeah -- X I want more I want more wise of him by the way I don't think this -- Jim rice's. Cousins are like this -- what discoveries like this so called white dude that's -- you don't think you don't think he could have vocal white cousin. You don't think now they narrowed -- memory -- might -- -- -- and our kids are right but your black cousins now. Gerri are right the ship that was Jerry writes the doors. -- -- I don't know more some people so you're going to -- penguin and to make that I'm only. And -- message to. Captivity Tom -- on all Thibodeau Thibodeau he could call eight GB deal Thibodeau. They -- what they don't -- do it could be really really get going everywhere I -- I thought man. Channel seven tribal -- But by the way it could go along with your division 38 basketball skill level is back -- you don't -- -- -- way -- start the way. Haters gonna hate -- assault upon luck when I'll apologize loves -- -- sought to apologize to the saucepan right now because the fact that. You know as Angelo from -- does each doctor I apologize -- 69 figure and so -- -- I don't know does not have hit seven -- seven -- he's not -- federal dollars I don't know we talked about it before he was 6769. Or seven people these are growing worries about loaded leather pumps -- seven feet -- stop it. -- what's going on in the NBA would be and there aren't what do the other and spend our. Certainly that period that the patriotic. Abandoned. Some of them the best combination that body is the martial arts -- from Napoleon Dynamite. Well no other out and grandmother are now -- -- -- -- other big -- walk away. -- -- -- -- So it's. And don't let it rip Hamilton did look a little freaky because he's got them you know the club face mask and then he's got. The they had been and so it was that it was a strange grip but it was -- veterans day. Yeah I don't like but yet not important quote the last century that bad but Michael I would step you know. And he does practice yes but what about what but I can't let the -- right what that is what I've always thought that the compact. And -- message. To a bus today. Charge I don't know how many hold us -- whole whole whole whole host of well within our guys on the list. It's. How. -- -- -- -- -- Security report. The first part of the bat well there's an app had. He's one. Of these ads that I got asked hood as. It. I don't have any problem it was. And it relies on. This way you want that voice and. It's it's tolerance as he read a -- Something he did with the adjuster I was at that thing. What thing -- I went thank. Does he have to have two teleprompters. Well I've had a terrible. Back. I think that they get -- -- operating. What explain. Bad. No I don't ever ever ever had the director of the -- what they respect that epic and it would open debate with that but by the out of that thousand. I don't like I don't world. And more bizarre by the day they were finding out about all of these other affairs. You wonder why so many wanted to go over Afghanistan. -- -- every embedded in Afghanistan even one how my -- product armed he's been you know bring -- general. Imus Imus left he's busy. About that. I don't Patriot -- Sometimes that you -- agent -- back. And the message that our number -- and on to -- the market -- -- -- That meters aren't -- sure David is. Right. Sure it was that but it's actually -- -- -- And. -- back -- -- they've ever been huge -- -- -- program of the -- general -- of -- traded. I want to burden on everybody else that doesn't want -- -- five game road. You don't want to buy -- -- above normal and it would talk about my oh god not about who can -- -- I don't go. And a medical all of -- royal puts right him a -- You think so much is that they -- -- -- the reason -- influenced -- wow what a -- Petraeus for us. Yeah Petraeus -- binder or women. You wouldn't believe it is a mess right now. And that message. Mixing our political metaphors -- a little bit. General betray how to get if you -- Are -- loving and quite not that that's. But as David where it -- warrant -- What particularly unfortunate look at walk I -- it was very good question how secure and accurate correct I. Curfew and about how -- was killed so pentagon Nuremberg got. And that happened. Nominee for -- don't think that -- -- division. So far enough money we wanted to do and visited -- to -- original lives in North Africa. Yeah did you want to -- hit -- by AT&T AT&T unfortunate actually. It's a dead -- spent the night you'll get pressure on line. Count us down guys out -- that if you. Does change AT&T rethink possible.

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