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Tom Brady: We are trying to get better every week

Nov 12, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joins Dennis & Callahan to discuss the team’s win over the Buffalo Bills. He also explains what happened during the miscommunication with wide receiver Julian Edelman. Tom also details what makes Danny Woodhead a versatile and dangerous weapon in the Patriots offense.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady has brought to you by north east electrical distributors and gallery BMW palm's always joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Tom. -- Does this team have to get better. Book publisher ultimate goal because we know around here and I know certainly in your mind. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl does this team have to get better to accomplish that. Well that's who were trying to get better every week and I don't think wherever. Satisfied where we're nor should we be so. You know it's been what -- who played nine games. You know we're we're sitting here one and two awhile ago and again you know we really need to get better we -- -- -- six so. You know -- there's there's no question. You know -- we did play a good thing -- say we did some things that weren't so good and you know -- got to go back to work this week in and get right back on it because it doesn't get -- easier. How does it bother you win media members or fans or anybody else criticizes a victory and we all know how hard victories are to come by in the National Football League because of style points -- because of something dated like the defense was too porous you guys didn't have the killer in the state. Does that other teammates and you and coaches when they hear that kind of stuff after a victory. Will we then we always so pretty good job -- block it out you know the outside stuff the stuff that they're really doesn't matter that it. You know really helped to accomplish what we're trying to accomplish what I would I think what we take critically is when we go and we look at the film which soccer coaches and it was good game plan and we talked so we need to do over those are the types of things that. You know we take pretty pretty pretty and you know we we take the criticism by our coach we take. Constructive criticism to get better. And you know -- hopefully. In a month from now we're in a better place somewhere today. You. The last pass Tom you'd probably be at least one of the day -- we were just trying to figure out what happened on that did you see. How did you know would head was ineligible and try to pull -- back court to just get done this to slip by the hand. It just slipped out of my hand just didn't. Didn't get it -- right way. So it wouldn't -- mattered right if he had caught it and the completion. Use the had stepped out of bounds yeah I that's the group one of the two big questions everyone wants just as the other one is. We talked in the June talking what we what we wouldn't Julian Edelman discussing like plans for Thanksgiving who's coaching and have dinner at. No you know we we we. You know -- we have a group we're locker mates and and we -- great relationship been that we talked about certain things in. You know -- just one of those miscommunication -- you know I was doing one thing I thought he was doing the other end. You know it ended up you know costs and as a first downs and in the and a critical game and it critical point thinking you know we gotta be on the same page so. I was just some frustration. Well and over and you know those guys. -- our work really hard and trying to get over and trying to do the right thing it's just. You know that's part of Ford's. -- frustration on the day it was a little bit about. Was that miscommunication. The reason the sack took place. No I'm had nothing to do with with with so they're blocking assignments it was just more -- running in tandem. You know our -- held on the ball a little bit longer than I should and that's situation that you don't. He can't really take effect in that situation so no question that would -- the ball quicker so we -- maybe a realistic shot in the field goal. I do all the receivers have responsibilities. On if they see pressure common or -- -- just the slot. I think they all have a sense of urgency to their rough that they you know Quebec market over the time. If you bring five rusher or sometimes six rushes to keep them back in -- -- got a one on one matchup so. It felt like it -- stone -- with a line of scrimmage -- the -- all the time in the world football's gonna come out relatively quickly but it at the same time. If you catch a quick pass -- run. There's really no one -- attack so. You know the war zone and you play the less pressure you'll have on the quarterback but I. If you complete a boy you have guys here tackle and vice Versa if you bring more. And you know you get the ball out quickly but sometimes it doesn't you catching you and you have a lot of yards after cap itself. They recognized that pressure themselves or is it you -- out some. Some called the line. They probably won't recognize the pressure too much -- they're pretty focused on what they're doing I think. Thomas argued chewing them -- as it meant he must've done something really egregious here and I guess she she probably did but that's absorb some ghosts and on the get on the bench by himself. Like a little kid in the corner at the school yard in -- Well I mean that's. You know Julian nobody works harder than you and -- he you know he's very critical on himself and he's very tough on himself and American. -- love playing with them because he cares so much so. I think there's. That's those are guys you wanna fight with the guys that it means a lot to and you use. You really -- you know you fight for each other -- and a you know without their feeling great no doubt if you're -- percent. You know he's got to go out there and got to play as hard as you can and then. And you know we. And we did that for you know sixty minutes just -- which was that. Dan Phelps said don't ever for the quarterback was -- was that can a case where you got fooled by something that not everybody saw. Well I mean there's certain. I think the important part is first posted on the same page whether you know -- -- -- a certain things around -- a certain -- and there's too many of those they came out yesterday you know in the passing game between. You know the quarterback and receiver and that's my fault for us not being on the same page show. You know I got to work harder to make sure that we all know -- who were doing because if Obama bit unsure than. It's not good for anybody because you know I get a bit tentative -- the ball because you're not quite you know assure. You know where we're going right so I mean it's really it's the most important for me to make sure that I communicate to them exactly what we're looking forward and then. If you have a lot of confidence to a. Do -- -- in your mind what was more disappointing to three and out after the fumble at the one which took about ten seconds off the play clock up like -- the time the overall time. Or the look the first and goal at the two were you weren't able scored had to settle for the field goal of the end. And we both -- -- -- -- and -- we have putting opportunities there we just didn't. You know we just didn't do a good job as we need to so. Those were part of the areas that we can improve on I think if they know we're trying to work to world -- try to make good plays that interpret the first play of the game the last -- gamer. You know anywhere in between -- you know there's a certain level of execution that's expected by our coaches and I have the players that we need to play up to that level you know on a consistent basis for an -- You know they mentioned that that was -- 83 and out of the year that's at nine games -- announced. By far the best in the league and I was wondering when I heard that like what stat matters to you Tom and I am not gonna say. And a QB rating or whatever but what's that I guess would be -- teams that that means that the that you or be most the problem. Aren't. That's worked that's that's that's yep that would be so the second list. I think probably turnover differential. I think that's the one that that pro record relates to. -- successful. Over the course an entire season and we were -- plus three in the turn over yesterday. No could've been plus to if you get an important exception the end -- you could possibly lose their their depression and so very familiar plus two. You could still lose the game. And I think the stats are like you know ridiculously in one direction and it's like. Three plus three or plus four I think you win like 4% of the time. So. That's probably -- that you know we've got a pretty good job taking care of the football. You know as an offense over the course of the season we need to continue to do that -- You know there's a big reason why we want five or -- six. The Thomas -- -- I don't. I don't create good farewell Denny wouldn't read what. Is what makes this guy so special it seems about 85 or 90% of the time that he touches the ball. Something great happens or something very good happens it's it is amazing fit that he has this to. -- happy designees. You know he's been that way since the day he got here and our members first game against we played buffalo home and live in the third week of the year. And he had a similar type run plays for a touchdown and you know we kind of joked about silenced Billy and I am. You know -- because they've got the legend is born you know. As we can we saw in that week and practiced what he was capable of doing and we can -- -- white of the jets released this guy. Now they have played receiver during a running back to college and you know he just coming into. Such a great job. He is he is alternate team player and teammate and dependable consistent. You know you always had little global place that you get from -- and he's. You know he didn't get a huge game -- syphilis and that we really needed it because you know as an offense etc. one really didn't have their best advantage. And that he really -- the -- for a. Did you think. That you gonna. -- that you -- -- walk off with a win at the end there with with Fitzpatrick and position did the win this game by one what will we thank him or discs. It's. After so many winds over so many years. Do you think that you'll your defense will find a way to pull out. I don't think we're gonna find a way to pull it out and I. I thought that since you know the day I got here in the -- I practiced against those guys in practice. Daily. You know they've they've they've come up with a lot of big plays at the end so. They did against the jets this year you know they did this game is -- other times. This -- they did you know twice subjecting -- in the fourth quarter and overtime so. I have a lot of confidence that we're going to be able to shut shut the other team donated and that's a very -- -- we played you know -- -- I know their record -- But let's say there's not one game we've played against them where. You know that offense hasn't been you know very -- they got some great skill player CJ -- mean. He's seven -- warned investors are running back could possibly have so. Yeah we knew we got score a lot of points a -- because -- war. And you know we -- opportunities. On this certainly qualifies as minutia you were throwing fastballs for most of that that ball game and then there was a kind of a soft lob. Rainbow to -- was -- about your most efficient pass of the day. Over the middle. Yeah that was that was good I mean they were played some zone coverage under the you know had to get over the first guy and down quicken up before the other exact clothes. And I was I was a well executed play that I think by everybody -- got to be exact spot that you know. We needed to be and you know we made a good throwing captions and a good very good run afterwards so that was I was very important. How many tight ends in the National Football League make the catch in the -- of the prompted yesterday. Very few have wondered too. Or -- incredible catch and nearly got past affair with a medal play goes dragging them down the -- bit -- great -- He always does that mean he's got great hands and he's he's been fighting the ball off to. Have you looked at Indianapolis yet always think of all we we talk about is that the quarterback all of you Wear this they got a new quarterback a kid. -- Andrew Luck. Oh what do you see on their defense what what does that look like. Well let's say it's a different scheme and we played against them. -- chuck put on a kind of brought it into defense -- system and it's more of the Baltimore based systems so. There. You know they're they're gonna be very challenging state -- stick the thing that they do well as they always have as rush the passer. So you don't have a lot of times sit back and figure things out so which Freeney and Mathis and you know they got some guys inside Beck and rush. -- they traded for bond they do this early in the years they've still got a Pro Bowl safety and it's one but they have so they're very talented or six and three of them were more concerned about that doesn't play well. Top -- -- the off day. So that's the baby arrives you -- and runs perfectly your schedule at at at that about -- I don't big -- babies created quite yet not yet. -- -- -- We take yet you you'd be well to do when your home as opposed on the road it'll be in Miami or someplace far there were more to watch. The bears wondering -- Charles Tillman is phone was gonna ringers you know someone was gonna tap on the show all of a sudden like you gotta go now. And -- -- don't have time I don't know I don't know that's. I don't I don't play -- in the case though. You will not leave if the baby if she. You won't you'll stay with two teammates. It's not gonna happen that way if somebody -- worried about it. But Tom next time -- and -- question about a wardrobe to meet the just -- among -- -- -- -- -- Malia I mean he's like a little that is an nobody car I'd love my alarm and furlong no. -- Tom good luck -- the conversational talk to next Monday. Tom Brady on the AT&T hotline AT&T with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Our conversation with on has brought you by north east electrical distributors and gallery BMW.

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