WEEI>On Demand>>Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers fall with Roethlisberger shoulder injury

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers fall with Roethlisberger shoulder injury

Nov 13, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings.

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We got a new number one of the WEEI NFL power rankings. Put together every week by our producer. -- are bottle took to Twitter yesterday see this Joey the fish WEEI. Needs some help you sit now -- -- and this thing out ask the people for help. And a good response people help you with this thing one. Yeah a few people I think everyone agreed that the Texans number one now. Well what the consensus pick the Texans to last week beat the bears that he -- number one off falcons who lost. Late to the saints fall from on number one to number two 49ers -- three Packers stay for Baier Steve five -- -- six. After your flip flop 121. Through six days the same. Ravens went from eight to seven Broncos went from nine to eight Steelers. Fell from 7109. After a win Roethlisberger is injury and the elite Eli Manning in the New York Giants stay at number ten. A problem -- that top ten this week would know. Very problems that -- in looking at -- done. Now not one bit of a perfect and Broncos at six and three. I think we all feel that they couldn't climb a couple spots for this -- up. Any big jumps the saints the biggest jump seventeen -- fourteen and a big jump in the Buccaneers big joke. Tampa Bay's interest there aren't the enemy at the saints team. Winning that game against it Lanny you wonders. It was to get jolted back right now as you mentioned that -- -- tobacco and can't wait till July expressed its bicycle exit as a leader I guess but. But the exhibits to ivory coming in and run the football that he I had several as a running the football now this New Orleans Saints team. And he can make a run here late been instinct teammate -- get -- breezy we're both the team. You get the colts at thirteen above them and cowboys at twelfth. Neutral site say -- those two teams. And that's I do -- first cowboys. At saint. Personally call the Markham were playing. The matter he's mr. mark mark -- -- in this football pretty high. Good running back up some of the guys that throughout their now tanner company field Jones has been asked three trip. That's sinking -- but funny yards on the ground sliding Atlanta. Struggled to get the big couldn't I would like Michael -- Sox exact good can't run against this major screw machetes desert from the one yard line to make make one cut after he gets the ball in his hands he can't do anything like Gonzales has -- -- they know they can't run the football inside the red -- they got throw it to Tony Gonzales. Where did you lean on that in terms neutral site joint appropriately -- That's a tough one. That adultery team in this scene in the middle this group before I -- trouble with cowboys colts -- box. Like that for packet teams. Like neutral site who's the best team. When I pick the box the way they played. And would Freeman has done those Ford and neutral site and I think the box and every match a Bucs saints Bucs -- -- cowboys. Need a box you got to wait on their fifteen. I bumped them up a little bit they surprised me this year and Vincent Jackson -- pretty good -- And as always we check the bottom lead to see if Romeo Crennel still there and areas. The chiefs of 32 they stay at 32. And the jaguars at 31 who are trending toward it. You could see at the end of the year Jacksonville easily be in the worst team in the NFL courtesy of the czar Bob power rankings WEEI dot com. Go to the it -- it is what it is patriots blog in comic you can react and we'll get your take on Texans won fountains to 49ers Packers bears you -- three through five. Double baseball notes here.

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