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Ian Rapoport, NFL Network, on Ben Roethlisberger's should injury

Nov 13, 2012|

RapSheet joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest news in the NFL including the Roethlisberger injury, Cutler and Smith's concussions, and the Patriots.

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-- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster. And three G it's AT&T rethink possibly follow on Twitter as a rap sheet he joins us is the Rappaport NFL network nfl.com. I'll what's the latest on big -- shoulder mr. Rappaport. Well well actually you know we get hurt Mike Thomas corporate -- talk about how they brain -- C joint. Which they'll learn what the others are looking up on the Internet I would actually would Brett Favre had a couple of years back -- kind of ruin is. Intricate game streak is basically. A sprained shoulder which used to say that we don't actually know what it is still waiting. MR I results I was told earlier today complicated. Which is you know we had an -- probably not great news. And I'm I'm told the Steelers are. Taking a very very seriously racing or something serious. If it's not in Ocala I mean the deadly serious side early but -- got where it stopped and they'll let. And then what would you say they're bracing Ian know what's. Is there -- worst case scenario when you looked it up on WebMD. Is there were is there a worst case like is the scenario Ben Roethlisberger doesn't return. This year part of the the possibilities here. Well it's really it's impossible to speculate that it even they don't know what it actually is. But you know what what's bad about it is it is throwing shoulder and it's something where you. The omelet with China allies to Ben Roethlisberger injury is that he probably end up with anybody in all there. Although you know -- on the TV everybody bombing over what. But all the real you know -- he really is. -- -- up guys buy -- when you can't throw you -- -- You know it -- he -- go to but there are the other I didn't know what -- you know he's. He can't do that so that's really the laureate that it can be something mechanically the -- and allow the robot you know speculated a little earlier that. But knowing the patriots get ready here for Andrew Luck end many look at this secondary would be game one for -- to leave and I saw him early in a year down there against Dallas. What are your thoughts on the impact -- eleven -- second there. You know he's a really count -- player outlook their. There ought to think about it Kuwait he's speaking a complicated. To break out the -- I -- round talent who ya think right now. You'd probably hear most auto quote talented guy in the secondary market and actually need to and you really wasn't playing that well this year. Before his injury but. There somewhere around here it's interesting that you dealt from the box. A few more days cleaning out and you know getting rid of all the obvious -- -- in its insurance. Was that he was one of the problems and a western world. Well -- was told by several people in the bucks organization that he wasn't a problem this year. You know it would see like eating -- you're music guy who really bought and to what Greg shot Ellen. You know you're wanting shipped out like Bryant right Intel -- -- There is about I ordered him was basically weren't gonna reopen at the end of the year and it was a value it -- that valued thing self. God I know I would not expect to. Even knows a lot Spansion I would not expect him to be probably knock them -- expect him got a lot of talent -- quickly can pick up until it's really question. Do you believe that if -- performs well here Ian and let's say you know. He had a couple of interceptions patriots advance to a conference championship or Super Bowl and there's. Did that part of the part of story ends up being to -- came in played well and help this defense get better. Is there a big market for him like Timmy I think as a quarterback has got eighteen picks and he was drafted if he does command here -- does perform well. He's going to be a desired free agent in the off season. But there's also the other stuff until. You know remember not a lot of teams really wanna take on the guys while you're technical. Not a lot of -- of the infrastructure and happy. Order flexibility in the -- to take all the guys immediate problem. You know if it. If you look at scenes that or say take chances on guys -- -- trapped or injured do it. The other good for character reasons which candidate -- -- -- are cheaper injured reasons. But the infrastructure so strong. And coaches that -- stability that they could take that chance. Not a team like Jeremy I don't think you're gonna get fired -- cellular belated nowadays. Are bigger market of equal weight. But if -- when they update. It becomes then you know England or was well. What -- he really the other thing that makes a secondary go I don't see why the patriots couldn't read on them. -- actually would be structured environment that. -- ask you could be seen as patriots in last couple years and there awful against the past 2010 awful last year and this year. Much of the same and we keep talk -- -- we thought that there's more talent on this year's team. How much responsibility put on these players individually and how much responsibility to put on the scheme in the way they just this team plays defense. Yeah that you be like scheme liar then and actually you know. Why did you sit back in the know where they don't blitz I don't believe and how much that because the lack of confidence in the secondary which is this what they believe. ER. -- say that. You know -- up to really attack the whole scheme but I know that he'll -- -- Belichick it only coached. You know 2009. A lot in -- 213 PC people. You know nickel and -- and on the field. But a lot of it is yeah he really -- -- the other team to keep making plays. Net art and you restart on Sunday the other goes basic had to lay up out of your -- -- And then they made a mistake and it was game over you know like it's hard to not every quarterback is Tom Brady and it's hard to. A complete every Patrick up go to the other guy and I think it starts frustrating to watch the Patriots defense but. You know there. The waiter constituted now acting they argun just try to push team into. Making every play in -- kind of get much yards and out. Ian Rapoport joining us one quick other patriots follow up if you heard it. About that Aaron Hernandez and and the ankle -- magic just Wear brown talked about this and he was telling us that give his opinion is he might not be healthy. It -- playoff time if that an -- thing about the ankle after practicing three straight days here in in not playing in that game on Sunday. The only thing I heard about are standard bank or that he could shoot really really hard early and -- a little flat out think they're really not played well it would've liked but he built a quiet and then you're one. What degree aggravated Google art honor -- yeah I think he kind of underestimated. What the reaction of the ankle at the fires you -- to -- ear care at all. I don't know -- will be held in private. You know what would be ideal of the -- adding one reason might help out about -- tight ends. Is. -- they actually -- -- like the other last year or so frustrated with Patrick stronger injury in. Why wouldn't come back at like nine games -- something -- taken a couple weeks. All the whole goal whether you know to have him ready. Prop 812100. Bully you really ought to play out. You know that's something bad their bad Matthew Slater an element in the secondary but jungle out into the playoffs and I won't be surprised have been really really take a tablet and on the one. Darling a city of covered the pitcher's night down there in Dallas to get a pretty good look at this cowboys team. Is it frustrating to watch team maybe with so much talent to got to go through the season but they're going through and given their schedule. I think -- give back into this race here in the NFC east what's the talk down Dallas but that it. Well I think we're I'd be back or my daughters are. Which bloody Americans -- it actually part. I think now I get back in the -- great I mean we're seeing giant go backwards which amnesty at every November but. Yeah I remember that you look for the year and art in -- right here in air -- It's possible clinic I would have -- -- brown this week at home. They should be five and five and then the terrible they've played. I think it build a -- and talk about how much talent they have I think there -- a lot of name guys a lot of guys. Beyond you know article no worker ESPN or whatever Romo and Witten not Austin Dez Bryant. Our overall talent I would say -- you can -- a team like the patriot is their middle class. It is. There's just not not good enough I don't think you're elude a guy like. Sean Lee and you need to go sorry got up the street to the starter like Ernie -- Whereas in -- that the picture was a guy and they just couldn't another guy because. They have a really really sure all group of middle class players for depth and not really make you different when you -- amnesty. I two teams that are now squarely on the patriots radar here other colts and Broncos a more surprised that Manning has stepped in right away and looked at times. To be old Peyton Manning year Ian are more surprising Andrew Luck has stepped in. And did as good as he's been here and you want. That's remorse about that a lot authority would be good -- -- the bit out of nineteen initial down. I I I didn't think cute little looked at what up liking -- But he you know I don't think the culture. You know real. -- should be then. Pretty soundly I think this week -- the proper -- I was thinking I would really so close to being right on the you know get that thought Peyton Manning would take probably have to you can get back into orbit and the Broncos would. Do you wildcard team you know really challenging because about it on the outcome the current eight game to to pay about one -- And now he's -- -- -- it struck a -- because now. We look at the AF CME is -- Denver to a third. -- big defense to a downward dharma Ville obviously an MRI is nothing structurally not payers or anything so -- -- He's not -- go for that long is scheduled I can see this team actually finished second with a body haven't go through Denver. Alia I'd. I would say George say to that -- -- to watch the best team right now in the routine to watching it ain't. Well -- Pittsburgh. The outlook I would not think that are now I wouldn't be able crime I don't -- About good baker I think detection by -- -- but it could market -- the -- right now who I would not -- a. -- but just because of the quarterbacks and we talked much about it when it comes down or it isn't it just. They got Manning we -- Brady that's the reason. Yeah well I agree that everyone else is good not Italian. I think it seems they're constituted are good not to be in the curable -- those -- but you know. I think match -- -- done a very good job of that area Austrian news senator. You know the guy who will be conquered and but you guys -- -- not know what it's like there's little bits I'm going to be at more than half left you have to put in the quarterback as -- say no way to. I like match up a lot back they'll take Brady -- Manning and -- -- -- come out yet always come out. At the end of the rap sheet rundown nfl.com -- great quote from Antonio Cromartie. If he's asked about Sanchez and Tebow and and the from the outside it looks like Tebow should take over Santa's been sabbatical Marty's. Quote was like it marks are say marks our quarterback everyone else can kiss my ass. The rest of that team is there are rumbling there in New York. Other daughter into this relative. We're Murray is being -- articulate. I. I think in New York you know it got because I've never seen a lecture the outside affect inside so much. Well you know everyone carmaker can people just fine partners. According -- -- practice. The -- not anchored meaning. You can bet practice player even in Denver you look -- bombing started so -- that the probably catch it all these players who should take over. And they see a guy who is you know bat in practice I think -- -- projectors. From what I hear it it really starting. The ground too old -- supporters who are starting to affect them. And he didn't try to get in in the game more and more and more which incurred for a couple weeks I think they really need this kind. I -- another that'll really help with a different you know. Thanksgiving night patriots jets Tebow and Turkey not the perfect are not ideal scenario it. In Rappaport followed Twitter rap sheet he's got a -- column every week nfl.com. And he's everywhere. On the NFL network Ian thanks for the time they'll talk decent. Ira Wright stuff around the NFL the and Rappaport in the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT. With speed that the ten times faster and three GAT and T rethink possibly secretly hope that we hear about today. Iraq's why -- come out they were this I know I've stuck behind Sanchez and always been my guy but you know what. We got one last chance to make a run at this thing in the AFC with a wildcard spots available and where to start Tebow is if they'll start on this week. Get short week patriots it means he's not gonna play ready can't start. Short week coming up their game Sunday at turnaround by the patriots on Thanksgiving Thursday. So I think it's unlikely he'll start then but if they'd start him this week maybe just maybe. That's -- Tebow time it's Tebow that you settings Thanksgiving night -- realizes that he just said he's just they see him every day in just not pick up. They can kiss my -- mark is our quarterback was commodities -- and Tebow in between Camara take care is when he kids he would -- it give you quote on Tebow. 61777979837. Your phone number will come back interesting response from buffalo again. Our Brandon Spikes on like -- act cool and we'll get to your phone calls as well ninety seconds month.

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