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What would the Patriots record be with Ryan Mallett at QB?

Nov 13, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate what the Patriots record would be without starting QB Tom Brady.

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Michael against NFL comes down to a one possession one foot -- seconds less minute and two innocent and again unfortunately we're able to. Jamaican police come out on top it's competitively until the win but we'll we'll take it and I try to improve on -- northern -- -- and it was it's going to be three known vision. Bill -- Jack talking about as patriots beating buffalo 3731. Indianapolis. And the colts come to town -- -- late afternoon prime time. Up primetime but the the coveted second game national game. Between Andrew -- -- and Tom Brady's during the patriots 617779. 793 sevens a phone number we start with the football the position of quarterback in the National Football League Matt -- Of that Chatham report join -- at 11 o'clock talk about this Patriots defense but. In talking about the back -- quarterback scenario that three of the four teams playing in primetime games three or three teams that have Super Bowl aspirations. Are facing at least in the short term we know about the long term for all three in terms of the bears. Forty niners and Steelers but short term and other quarterbacks banged up. Which led to the question what that happened here in New England I would -- off the year we actually talked about this went back and checked. Before the season started. We talked about how this team was going to be so good patriots going to be so good today I actually uttered the words. They could still make Iran and a Super Bowl when Ryan mallet is the quarterback those words came out of my I'm not sure what's the that was and at that point. Actually said that. And I think that but the defense would be better that I saw the defense in the pre season that I saw the defense and the Tennessee game how aggressive they word in containing Jake Locker and it forced into mistakes. And I tell you what you saw this year so far. I could not have been more wrong yeah I can I could see them competing in this division. But the idea that they would have made a playoff series playoff Ron -- mallet operated the quarterback if it was in that scenario. -- I was way off pace in over rated defense entirely too. They had no chance a year -- really no chance. It has everything to do -- how this team is built. Okay and we will hear at all Tom Brady Drew Bledsoe when he first came on us now liar and it's just not that that's up and it just happens -- You know and that team was built differently. Did this team is built around one guy. Next Tom Brady. It doesn't work if you don't have them you know the team didn't have all their money and all their weapons and rely so heavily on their offense. Like this team does. Yeah and and you go back to Matt Cassel. You look at that team while in 2008. When the defense. And we're talking about a defense is what eighth in the league in points per game. In eighth in the league in ninth I think to total yards. This defense right now would not be able to withstand a game without Tom Brady or season or length of time where playoff stretch. It there's no way in hell. Do I look at this team a six at three team and not put in the Q and several Ryan mallet while it's just not built that way. In -- it's it will who was in 07 away when -- -- You'll Randy Moss had Wes Welker it was built for Tom -- put a bunch of points or come off -- A record season everything but their defense was better. You know there are getting older but there are still better than what you see right now they can't cuter and you do those Tom Brady and all that game if you're Pittsburgh. That the sick at the Boeing the patriots and a game last night and you lose Brady. Can you go to ground impound and just gonna run the football but of course they're gonna stacked the line has gotten out there are so you know you're running you'll be as effective we've seen this year. That's on the other side of the ball each other Pittsburgh defense step up. And make plays and get stronger as the game went on their leader was gone you that this defense capable of stepping up and and shutting down a team in the second half. Even if it is the Kansas City Chiefs I don't. Well they've had a hard time throughout the year shutting anybody down but I -- to -- seven it is. That's a pretty strong reach terms of the record that I don't think so be it to me you're not accounting for. You know the coaching staff and Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick defensively the president was a coach his team so well defensively. On the put that aside for a second we've seen offensively when they've had to say castles and outline wool -- bill. Now back castles at quarterback still competent legal 115 that schedule that -- that was an easy schedule juror is is added. -- divisional schedule this year that much tougher. Like would you look at this division and get more but the simplest things I was wrong about this division being a step up this year the teams being better in the division. She buffalo new York and Miami. Yielding the patriots could be competitive within this division this year the try to win this division they've beat the jets. Well again you're good you're getting in 20 just taking Brady out putting now and -- same place I think it would look a lot different I think. You still -- skill position players yet protect Mal Moore -- not just -- in the shotgun within and around because Brady is like a robot. Any picks guys rope to communicate to receivers that look a little bit different. I mean could they be that this jets team. At home with the right now as quarterback -- the overtime game in they went in -- gain specifically you -- packages and take Brady out malady and you're right -- I would assume executive VP different. What are the political area Sunday that it when their game. At a 37 point two grand -- center at home gets off -- -- -- -- -- -- less of 2000 Doug Flynn is back there that win a game they would one with mallet. Put -- thirties they were up 37 point two right now you -- Greg happened to you want to display the pinnacle of that's it figures like that rising you don't see a scenario like this situation first for date -- eternal over. The bills fumbled the ball the one yard line. They have first intended brighten the patriots ran three plays for what nineteen seconds and out to a place for nine seconds. Melt the quarterback and -- free pass right they're gonna run some clock that you wanna pick and choose to say now in for Brady 899 overall quarterback replaced by whatever. Ryan -- rating that's not that easy. It Thursday to voice at that point the infrastructure is here to better protect against that I'm not that Super Bowl contender but they'd be two and seven against this schedule. Well it was the three games they lost Tom Brady. The who's that old time game against the jets but it that's for different. I just think it's that it's easy way to do about try to project out now was the quarterback could be different approach -- I did lose the first in buffalo had run a lot more short passes right they would not try to throw as many deep balls to brand would force beat him. It would use the short pass an extension the running game and run a lot more to you bill to keep this is off to yield to throw the what what would. -- you know go Brandon -- you eat too tight and you go Wes Welker you built a team around Tom Brady and throwing a football. -- you saw Aaron Hernandez went out in the third play of the game in an offensive game plan which you built around now Aaron Hernandez and the rest of the game -- looked lost. To make an adjustment. Now imagine putting -- together built around one guy in losing that one guy that's ethic they -- ticket the first one of buffalo get down 217. You ran the ball for 247 yards wide they run the ball for 247 yards. Is it -- outside linebackers never even laid these defensive backs it six or seven -- field all game long. They opened -- -- -- challenges -- in the run the football in the majors did exactly that. If you don't have Tom Brady wide -- of seven defensive backs up that you don't you stack the line. You don't see this team whatever they are fourth fifth in the league in rushing right now without Tom Brady is Stephen -- not having the -- heaven without Brady. Team's game plan differently say dominant Joan Ryan mallet to beat you and we'll get a stop the run he had down two point 17 to buffalo on the road. You call for that this team can come back from a deficit like that. I wouldn't think again you Arctic in the very easy way out which is take certain scenarios were Brady is there. Plugging and Ryan now trying to look me in the giants -- run everything the same. It would be different they would they control clock more it would use the receivers you talked about what they used which like Josh and the -- so they've made. I think -- five and four. In nine games so far this year and they -- it was won their -- to close what look at it toward where I -- integrated on the upside 5545. And four. It was one more game. I object I try to open the schedule Ryan mallet for Peyton Manning he wins that game. If you go individually through these games yeah you you have a very hard time taking Brady out ballot in. And saying that they went five games when I'm saying is they got to do things differently offensively. I trust that Belichick and mcdaniels would have done at different things offensively to help protect Ryan mallet. The question mark is that. John Ryan mallet Byron Leftwich we the other wild -- I don't need anything we haven't seen any we have no idea what to expect from Ryan right now the wild parties that. I am projecting about to be by the way. Way better than we've seen on CNF five and four and right -- stepped in and he's been -- quarterback he has been. I don't know frank Reich when Jim Kelly went out and immediate that he's still -- it seems to want to see purple Kelly going down. In the 92 playoffs like Reich led them to win on the road the AFC title game. Saw this I am being the most optimistic -- can possibly be the guy can division five and four not -- chance in hell. This patriots team -- six and three with Tom Brady. In five and fourth round right now mostly there's no way you can even believe that most people agree with you ought to both -- until later that does -- -- -- possibly believe that nobody could even fathom. The fact you take out Tom Brady and only -- one more game FaceBook dot com slash WE DI is the question the team is six and three. Where would they be if Ryan now added to -- and other quarterbacks are doing. Just -- ball below disagrees says undefeated now time that it would be with advocates and I don't know would ballot is is is Brady the problem here. -- -- That real names their three and six and that a six and three. -- self -- two and seven the same defense is playing the only Q wins against buffalo. And the titans Michael titans and then in ramps -- Welsh actress and and on nine. Says through -- I'm -- river says the same as it was with castle. It's not -- that makes him good it's this is written and of all those answers I I'm most agree with Brandon that look that they would find a way. The be effective offensively -- -- they would be they would not you agree with it's not Tom Brady and good none of these did not that I most closely agree Brennan's point. That they would find a way to let's let's statistic but won't want to. And ask you one more time what does the record that when the patriots telling Ryan mallet a product rather of number 11546. And three team. Four and 55 and four to go back and forth they're going down -- fourth. Easily see for its its its Atlanta asked the question off the year we debated decisive 4554. Somewhere and act conversely do you think it's like you think it's easy to not be got to take games already played again right and Al boy that would on this game XYZ. Like nothing different what happened from game one on. It was now that debris yet I know I don't so it would be different dolphins would -- is good. -- understand the office would not be as good they would not okay this defense doesn't affect the defense but I. All does put more pressure on the next go to play well -- -- capable policy -- departed -- Because they have now illustrated its first round pick for Utley defensive player you load up that defense that departed about. Are reasonable people joined the show here on 93 point seven WEE good morning -- According guys like you do want to -- you. Are okay are very interesting conversation. I boom was until they're about talking and talking about. About the Patriots offense but let's talk about this and and I heard guys talk about the difference. Between 2008. Patriots defense in this defense and I'm gonna tell you that the 2008 defense was able. And I don't know how they got total revenue plots what do you I know you're gonna give these statistics. Well eighth in the league in points out -- that's. The iPad can't leave a bad bad bad defense. Was still getting old and die and could not really stopped anyone -- -- want to this piece that I mean numbers are different you're right about that. The defense is more talented. -- missed tackles in the last game. Very disappointed by how they've played dead on. I would tell you this about the defense that you don't -- -- I brought it up and it's called -- -- -- -- -- yesterday. That the match up with a built whether or not wasn't very bad defense. Is that the matchup because of the spread offense right well listen I know Republican making excuses. I will tell you that. That particular state that I think -- if you put out there and -- -- -- four. I think that I I take it one game difference because I think that there are -- up -- defense differently. That is going to be more aggressive I think he was more aggressive in 2008. I think it I think it's completely different that's just my opinion on it. Yeah and mean and to be it's 455 and four somewhere in there and it put a lot of faith in the coaching staff. And a lot of faith and I -- now not you suck it like a -- year action be a competent quarterback. But he still got Hernandez when he's out there still Welker doesn't -- up there earlier -- you really -- hold different congress fiction is his belt out there. I still have gronkowski. These running backs I think are still. Affected -- what operating released not you know an all world running back but when he I can't believe the first call we got all of. A agrees with you that their five and four without Tom Brady. It's actually blows my mind that defense and always like I said -- there are -- to get older but still that Seymour. I mean you still had Rodney you know I mean he got banged up and hurt. -- he's just -- had some better players here. And I don't understand -- Bruschi I understand on the way -- you young linebacker would Mayo willful crystal in the house. This that was a -- they were eighth in the league in points they could sit there going up and down the field but I. We eighth in the eighth in the league in points. Compared to what you got now. There's not a chance in how they -- five and -- Embry I think two point seven. Because buffalo every team approached it differently both teams going and it's okay -- this -- -- ballots make -- makes some mistakes were put some pressure on. You know he's gonna is gonna make mistakes go pro picture and its strips acting in the red zone. In the not to -- a run a ball effectively as they did because the game plan to be different they'll stop the run buffalo won't have eight guys and defensive backfield against duke. -- -- you really -- 240 -- so what accounts of the Belichick Brady argument it's no argument for you the Brady makes Belichick as a -- Israel and saddest is what if you're that young kid Ryan -- schedule. I'm I just I have a hard time looking at the schedule and say it with a body eleven if I would castle for God's -- in the division still stinks. This divisions that I was wrong about that but we -- at seventy it's all it's all Brady -- -- about the division yet. The three games they played so far this three you know what's there record. Without Tom Brady. In the division right now this year this team. Of the three at all. -- beep off left first -- Yeah about project 45 or five and for the -- still undefeated against that vision. And it like policy when an overtime game and Ryan mallet has the -- two of those games with us and what was an absolute would ship and you made that team quit maybe don't make quick but I I still look at those -- right now and it may all now lets down the field late in that game on Sunday. And put a long five minute drive together at least get some and three points on the board. Make a 3731. The right MLB able to do that. And that's in that scenario may your plea put them on spot we haven't seemed to know that I consider Korea is still example that's. The proper defense we have not seen Ryan -- If a 632 in the Tom Brady at quarterback this is the only it was one more game like paying. Disagree UN roster now and all of -- caller but I disagree Ross agrees and I think you'll find a lot of people agree with me down to a seven at too low -- -- 617. 7797937. Your phone number 617. 77979378. Texas and new text number 37937. And we posed the question of FaceBook. The good responses their FaceBook dot com slash W week DI if you were stock. With a backup mallet over Brady but this team's record to nine games to back your phone calls next.

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