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Bob Kravitz, Indianapolis Star, on Colts-Patriots and Andrew Luck

Nov 13, 2012|

Kravitz calls in to D&C to talk about the Colts and the progression of Andrew Luck during his rookie season. After a fast start, He believes Luck could eventually be on the same level as Peyton Manning.

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It is always a pleasure to visit with our friend -- wonderful columnist from the Indianapolis Star Bob Kravitz Bob joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. Good morning mr. K how are you. -- terrific gentlemen ordered her door and very well I got to ask you is the love affair with Andrew Luck in full bloom or is there still room to expand the love and adoration for the -- -- man. College probably still room they're probably still about three or four people in this town who would rather have paid. You're not one of the -- phone Booth -- -- on caps on yeah. You know one of those people -- about. No no IA I was little they went 09 last year I started beating -- drum. Her them to part ways to patent. And go get Andrew Luck and start all over again so I've been you know -- a little bit vindicated. Thank god this didn't -- -- sync up the -- he's absolutely carry them. What we'll get elected a second alleged want to revisit the patent thing for just a second as best as you can describe would you describe the transition of the people the -- in the heart the adoration they have for patent. And how it is transitioned over to this new get. Well it a couple of games you know. I can still really cannot install very clearly remember the after the first game when Payton Payton played well on -- struggled against Chicago and people would scream and yell loud and now you that your -- you got to level up on the net without a hall of fame quarterback go at searchers that trip. And that went on probably for about three or four games. But man Andrew really started you know lights started going on the games start the slowdown form. People start to see that guys Ben Roethlisberger three point -- this guy's terrific. And he's got Roethlisberger is ability to more than Russian accent plays he's got always you know athleticism and arm. And and and you know understands defense is I think epic about a month. But now I think virtually everybody's on board and they realize that the colts. Basically traded two or three years -- paper you know from patent. For twelve to fifteen years of excellent quarterback Andrew Luck. What are the flaws in the -- if if any Bob. I would say the flaws could be that sometimes he tries to make plays that aren't there you know -- be because he's able to expand played a little bit like Roethlisberger. Because you can extend plays because you hold onto the ball and so the very last second. Sometimes see each try to force things a little bit and I am sure that Bill Belichick I'll try to you know take advantage of that. But. You know that's about it you know I it's he's been he's been pretty flawless otherwise. And Reggie Wayne obviously when he signed to stay there I was surprised -- thought he was going to be -- a look at for. In an immediate results and go on May be going pregnant Denver going somewhere else with a veteran quarterback he stays there. It's working out OK he's leading the NFL in receiving. Is he just does he just develop instant chemistry would -- Well it completely as you know he talks about how they they haven't yet you know it's. -- hope he's around long enough so that. You know someday they do he said it's the situation you described it to me the other days it would patent they can just sort of winked at each other and into -- they're gonna do these they would block. The play L happen not get on the sideline and local come over to him and say hey we had such and such it should hit to their. And rigid feel like yup I was open on balance. We did have that was these you know it's it's common you know they didn't have any time to really work together in the off season because Andrew. Had a finish out his college. Career at Stanford there on the quarter system so he missed a bunch of TA. So that you know slow their progress together a little bit -- you can't tell. Because right now Reggie is guy -- is evidence anomaly here and I never really felt like Reggie. Had had hit the wall because I mean the quarterback he last year was so atrocious. That I don't think Jerry writes 2 o'clock passes that would with those those guys. Which leads me to this question Bob Kravitz how deep seeded and institutional do you suspect the suck for luck campaign was. Well I don't think there are losing on purpose they just think of the byproduct of just sucking. You know I mean they're they're just they're just got -- way you know I mean they. They continue to play Curtis Painter which made me wonder a little bit yeah where they were really trying to win. But I think they were -- at that point they had you know very hard headed. Front office and bill and Chris polian. And they want more than anything -- indicated they wanted to show people that the Curtis Painter was an NFL quarterback and by god they were gonna. Continue to view a feed that beast until up until the proved everybody can play well excel. You know I don't think a lot of purpose but I I think they have they set themselves up pretty well than that. Yeah they wrote the book on -- man yeah as as as wrong as they were about Curtis -- are being a viable NFL. Quarterback they were not vindicated but they were rewarded with with the suck for luck campaign the -- the next great quarterback in the NFL. Well yeah I think it's you know it's funny there radio show the other day and somebody that you boys you know we've never seen anything like this is sports has said. Well -- hell we have enough is San Antonio Spurs a couple of years ago you know at a very good tee with David Robinson Robinson gets hard and they're the bad season against the lottery -- them Timmy Duncan. So then this is very this has happened before but you know they Indianapolis is so incredibly fortunate you know we have fourteen years of patent one bad year boom now -- -- actually quarterback. I heard Adam Vinatieri recently talking about Andrew Luck and he said is welcome to Jesus moment when he realized acute with special was in the very first practice when he was a barking out check downs at the line of scrimmage and and bit -- said he said to himself. A kid this early this green this but behind the year should be ought to be barking out check downs is very first practice apparently he has a very high football IQ as well Bob. Got a photographic memory. And you know you you I don't know how much no -- the colts would go into in the game against New England. But one thing impresario has talked about all one. They're going no -- all song which is something you never did precarious it was a it was a Peyton Manning's coach his rookie year. And that's not something they ever did with Peyton Manning as far ahead of even -- in that sense. And approach the problem they have they were going off all the time but because it's such a young team and it's eight out of eleven guys and -- for the first year colts. Or or rookies. That the other guys are not as advances as Andrew is. In terms of figuring out how to how to handle all that check with -- he's -- -- and all the -- you need to -- and no offense -- -- -- far far ahead of the game. Well at six at -- is tied with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning our people I know -- night and on the colts aren't gonna win their division but. Our people and Indianapolis they can they got -- they're looking at a playoff team here are. -- yeah I mean it hard to imagine I think I think most sober minded people thought that he would win five or six games. You know -- Well and -- again that that was my prediction. You know I had some in the front office tell me you know his way off the record that you know they they said. It's gonna take about three years before we can really start competing pro playoff spot. That this has been a revelation and I just don't think you can underestimate. Indeed the impact the role that -- about those situations have honestly I mean there are playing with a higher that's the purpose. They're plans to extend the season for the -- it can come back at least be on the sidelines but maybe have a December 30. Game this indices and -- possibly a playoff game. So -- that they're playing way above their heads and it's a fragile it's a fragile thing I mean they want a lot of close games against a lot of bad teams. They've got a lot of breaks along the way but there's there's some special gonna order. We're talking with Bob Kravitz the as the global columnist for the -- or were shave your head -- No actually have. They're trying to play is trying to get me to do it. What's the name. A Pat McAfee says they'll put 101000 dollars and leukemia. Research foundation and by doing so. I'm having some high level discussions right now with my. Ten grand. You sort of have to do it don't you -- Yeah I'm on the quite that way but I. I don't know dribbled over Brokeback. That is my deep seated fear I have of me. A little bit today and I I'm not sure how I feel about losing my hair -- the Uncle Fester route. That's like god invented to pays -- see you be OK -- that -- -- guys who didn't shave their head did have you talked to -- people talk to -- and they explain why they didn't get on board. Hopefully -- like who -- you meet them with the Pelé did get that big big bushy hair you know I have not talked little that's probably. That's -- column I. Yes very -- you welcome. Hey -- from a distance it seems like the colts have been adopted as America's team with Donald luck certainly sort of like this New Orleans Saints were after Katrina from a distance it seems that way up close is -- feel that way -- It does it and it's been amazing to me. You know people here were so angry after after Peyton was like ago. Should be a lot of people did not renew their season tickets. The every week where we're wondered if they're gonna be blacked out locally or not which is not going to happen and it. That they've only had a couple thousand -- per game itself but hasn't been that bad but. This town has completely fallen head over heels in love with this team. Once again because I think people are Smart they realize this team does not have playoff talent. Even in the water down may have see this is not a playoff team. Just in terms of talent and they had a ton of injuries to Germany just bought drug powers. There's starting corner we don't know Vontae davis' gonna apply you know that's what collective trade may not work out so. This team has ingratiating itself back. Is that a good graces of of Indianapolis very very quickly because of because -- because of the way they played because everybody is. You know circled the wagons or chuck. Well there may be another chapter written to the Andrew Luck love story based on the porous defensive secondary -- doing -- patriots crappy quarterbacks like Sanchez and Fitzpatrick. About -- tore them up you may -- looking at 400 plus the Sunday. I that's -- thank I've got to write down you know I've got to get the paper my prediction I don't think they're going to be knowing what. But I think it's gonna be audience to be very high scoring game. I think it can go back and forth I think it's going to be a shoot out that's going to be the first chapter and number eighty locked because. Luck is really playing well right now he's he seemed to be the light has gone on -- Three or four games over and over 300 got one to 99. And I'll tell you guys you guys -- I honestly. Is gonna -- crowd I think he's got a chance to be as good as Peyton Manning and that are. Over the course of his career. Well he certainly having a better rookie year deal and better do you feel like he has to learn and get down and stop running and stop the and stupid I mean. Yeah armaments but now let's. -- stop trying to tackle people editor after interceptions I mean he did it. Yet Stamford against the USC guy he did the other day blow up a guy out of tackles and tackle. And you know that is his teammates love and his coaches -- and made it. You know like you you don't have to be ray Lewis and throw an interception you know you you can run the other way get you know get out of the way. But it he he's been Smart runner. You know he's only only around when he absolutely has to the problem is you hold onto the ball for quite some time and tries to make a play at the last second. And he is he is gonna get crushed at some point. Is he out in public is he -- do you expect them to do as many TV commercials as they did and. Left -- talk over the beginning of the season the call on the about how up. You know RG three is is as omnipresent as paid I RG three is on every commercial. Out there. And Andrew made a point of saying no to virtually everything he does know national commercials. He does very little locally he did just sign up with a local Children's Hospital. Did you stop with -- with them so he's very slowly and methodically. Getting into that he told me that. You want to spend his rookie year concentrating solely on football it and say that is the shot against RG three but because of his. Is his school situation. He didn't have really have the time to worry about about doing that and things like -- and that's -- RG three did that was. Before wrote CAAs and during note CAA's. And Andrew is still in school trying to finish up -- is architecture. Degrees so I think he'll be a lot more in common you know next. Here that's important you know in case things don't work on the NFL has got that degree to fall back on right I. Helmets that are architecture. Graduates have the lowest placement. They debut worsened just about anybody in. And who's who would -- with a with a degree. And but he's gonna do alright -- -- -- -- that architecture degree after all. You could make a case to Peyton Manning might be the leader in the clubhouse for the MVP based on his success does that surprise you that he is playing at this level Bob. Not really well. I got a sense talking in the summer just how party was work in the and he was not gonna come back if he was you know 70% now. You're not gonna come back if he thought that there is a chance of long term. Long term injury and you know a Peyton I mean Peyton has never been a guy with that. Rock on despite what he says we had you know -- Iraq army -- He's the guy who beat Hewitt in the brain as much as anything I always thought of him as. As the guy who is like a pitcher who -- the route 98 miles per hour and then lost about 45 miles. Per hour on the fastball could still be an effective pitcher and I know it kind of afraid that. Of quarterbacks in the end he. -- -- -- beat people wouldn't mind at this point I don't think he spent and it really really well. But -- doesn't surprise you know all these state managed without. I can't I can't help but think that the teams that -- in pursuit but ultimately did not land Peyton Manning via the Miami's in the Arizona Cardinals on I -- to a certain extent the jets. Must look at this and say maybe we should have tried a little bit harder in fact that it was Woody Johnson of the jets -- said now we're not really that -- -- let him go where every wants to go can you imagine what they must be thinking right now. Cost salute you know I mean -- get that -- when you bring in Peyton Manning you're guaranteed ten went. If you get it's it's it's a stone cold lock. You're gonna win at least ten games and you look at their schedule now you know I don't know who's going to be them down the stretch out that started the play well and they. They got through that initial call that pretty well you know they they had the first six games are brutal they were. They were the other went into the into the bye week at 500. And at that point you kind of knew because phase is gonna get better. You know as he gains strength back and is in his right arm right shoulder right triceps. Is just gonna get batters so I don't think anybody stopping them. With the big a great possibilities now is if the playoffs started tomorrow. Your first round matchup would be Indianapolis said Denver. While living with that -- man. -- -- -- the -- itself what did Bob well unfortunately it doesn't -- it because of it did I go play golf and drink some beer instead. Walter eleven to help elderly on the haircut thing Christmas season is approaching the Chia pet will be out in on in stores very quickly submit to shake your head and stick to published chip Betsy and had to be fine by like new Newsday. As long as my water my wife remembers slaughtered -- twice. That's right Bob at Bob Kravitz Indianapolis Star thanks for the time always -- pleasure catch and Garrett daycare owner Bob Kravitz with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T -- LP.

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