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D&C: Can a team survive starting a back-up quarterback?

Nov 13, 2012|

After Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got knocked out on Monday Night Football, John and Gerry look at the backup quarterback situations across the NFL. They judge whether playoff contenders could handle a major injury to their starting quarterback.

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Dropped. A bit toward some commercials or something I'm watching ESPN and its lies where in the final seconds. Of Houston I'm sorry. Marathon tap off classic. It's a close game and I really can't pay attention to this open right now me -- -- it's just as the Houston Baptist Houston Baptist vs Hawaii right there on the screen. Like five seconds left ago it was tense -- stuff. The -- what is a calling well it used to be the shot monopoly I'll -- the pre season or pre season at the beginning of the season. Basketball classic now call the tip off there oh over stony -- -- right there next up next. It's. Only -- Up. Stony Brook Alibaba Stony Brook could be -- and -- Yeah. -- -- One and main game again not to play by play we can go back to bed. -- -- since and there we -- -- the order wickets like half the year. Ago it was like he could. Always do stuff you know. Yeah I didn't yet another state and unmistakably -- alive today. I can't wait I have no transition I'm going to be distracted album yeah turn your back -- -- -- it's. -- no easy transition for this other than to say I had an epiphany last night on who figured out. The success formula. For the national football yet I gonna which in this Bill Belichick hasn't figured this out Vince Lombardi didn't figure -- out. Now Walsh Noll and Landry didn't figured out that you know has figured it out and give him about just lay in and out there for. If not Jay Cutler Jason Campbell if not Alex Smith. -- -- -- -- if not Ben Roethlisberger Bryon Leftwich now so far the Houston's in the Denver's and the giants and the Atlanta Falcons and Packers and the patriots still have. Posh job and Manning and Manning and Ryan and Rodgers and Brady. But isn't the key to getting the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl. The health and wellbeing and quarterback it's that simple yes that's that is key number one of the guys down your team goes down yeah. Yes yes and especially if your start as Tom Brady -- back up. Is Ryan mallet correct I mean if -- go from Alex Smith at the Colin -- clinic it's had its may be less of a drop off. And -- the defense like San Francisco has. But is there any doubt the patriots if they lose Brady or not. 500 team. And I didn't close the room in 04 and twelve and I don't wanna hear people calls -- I'm Matt Cassel one. Rocket. Liar it was and it was the easiest schedule in the NFL they won eleven games and they didn't make the playoffs and they didn't win the division I think. Every time we do this -- recommit to our quarterbacks people that while Ben Roethlisberger can extend plays. I don't want my quarterback -- -- -- Michael Vick can run -- or RG three and reluctant run I don't want Iran if you run you just increased the chance together at the patriots. And the Broncos. Have the best kind of quarterback a guy who. You know knows that knows what he's doing back there and just takes fewer hits -- these guys who move around usually -- Roger. Quarterback to extend plays Q what's your quarterback to extend its life expectancy. And it's not fair to say I have no idea the severity of Ben Roethlisberger shoulder injury AC injuries rain dislocation whatever the case it may be we find out. Well what if it's Ben Roethlisberger and guess and it hurts yes for and believe the game correct I'm guessing it really been an accident ovaries and ultimately he likes to play on -- but if he's out for extended periods of time and I believe that in Baltimore to -- times probably quickly the next month yes and they lose those games. Hasn't the chances of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be viable in the post season take a major yet. It doesn't make much difference that Michael Vick going out of the Eagles go nowhere with Michael Vick sucks anyway right and Vick sucks anyway right but this is a major blow this is all people are talking about in Pittsburgh this morning -- he went out in the game last night Monday Night Football out Leftwich came in they won the game but fortunately there -- crap beat Kansas City Chiefs. This is eight now fatally flawed football team and ultimately taken one step further. That's sort of the fatal flaw in this league it is only -- figured out. Pretty much everything you know -- try and in the head the helmet to helmet head and concussions and all that sort of stuff. But but up all the things they figured out they've got Wi-Fi in the in the stadium now so fantasy geeks. To be on their devices and -- watch in their fantasy teams while their watch in the team in front of them live. Absolutely everything they know for a fact all the stadiums to solve the hell out of the popcorn. And -- held out of at the pizza and everything so you go do what buy more beer. The NFL -- everything figured out they have not figure out. The ability to keep their primetime players in particular their quarterbacks healthy -- about what -- -- -- the death of the league but it certainly makes it uncomfortable it not would vote to. Take away some of the violence which we solo which is made in the NFL what it is today it is a remarkable thing -- They had 3:4 o'clock games and one night game Sunday. For games three quarterbacks went out with concussions three quarterbacks -- passions and probably won't be back next week. In the old days that money in the series held two of the three played on us now with Miller and and Jay Cutler. They won't be I don't think they'll be back because they as the game's changed you know they have to get the okay from their own team doctor and then the neurologist he allegedly allegedly neutral neurologist. Coaches have nothing to do with the players have very little to do with the I I think. We you know we we look at the patriots look at the schedule look at the defensive backfield while ago they can deal. Lieberman make. We don't wonder if our quarterback. You know remembers what day it is -- knowingly and I don't remember Britain's in his thirteen year current and you remember him going through this issue I'm sure he has -- was probably pre. These these musical into -- -- bought. It feels to me. Like. Roethlisberger goes through so like this twice a year because how he plays yet and -- and and -- Scotland by the way he takes a beating right. It seems to me like. A lot of Ron Amadon went to lose all the time. He managed to avoid he doesn't avoid all hits but. The next person and we will be noticeably this week the next person says oh yeah he gets skittish in the pocket and that's right which he does to us. What do you think Bill Belichick -- Josh McDaniels Bob Kraft to thicken when he ducks who sent it. -- cost -- two seconds before god look at that. And they like it if he goes down he throws the ball into the ground which he does yes. They applauded that is a good thing you want that commie haters you know get this thing with the chili's menu that -- -- young does in the globe that we look at each team's chance of getting to the post season. And they should be an asterisk next to Pittsburgh because their quarterback is. Out right out at least for the mall -- should be an asterisk next who -- -- caucus next in the San Francisco next to Chicago. Houston I want a little half an asterisk because. Everybody hold their breath which thinking he's going down because gunned down many times before and he's not and he takes hits to Luis. Not as elusive in the park it was Brady or Manning. And brake just the opposite Brady -- -- to -- be electable be there that the ball and avoid that kinda because they've done it for so long yes they know right they're doing relatives aren't here. They are it would. Cheap fix it by the way that got to the concussion and looked at I mean he's a he's taken worse. It's one of the -- can be repetitive cumulative. Yes. Now victories in all right just gotten -- -- point like this and he's out -- and and and any read and we can play and some. Andy Reid sounds like Iraqis win for the priest to come and with last -- Michael's home he's grasping that at that Michael needs rest says and he needs if it's some salt like that the Vick. And and if you haven't seen it it doesn't look that groups now doesn't look that violence like Dale Earnhardt all day just back to sit still around and an in state and and apparently. That's all the expert pick to get it cost now. But it sounds like he's done not the Eagles in the race anyway but Vick is done too many hits to the head. Come a time. And and maybe it's this year because it's starting to -- accumulate now with a Cutler Smith of -- now Roethlisberger. Well let's say either one or both the Manning's go down for extended period of time. Put the giants and the Broncos in jeopardy of missing the playoffs about what happens to Atlanta -- Matty ice. I was down for an extended period of time they're all done Green Bay Rodgers and Tom Brady with renewing the patriot is a possible Jerry. That that this could so build up and you could lose so many start maybe not this year maybe next year maybe the year after that and again I know they're trying. I know they're trying to legislate hits to the head out of the game you just can't do it. But the NFL have to look at this and say we have to change the way we play this game which of course we'll bring all the people -- It's Gary it's not right what skirts pants or are they know the risks yes yes they signed up for you signed up -- I would -- to those people would you enjoy sitting at Gillette Stadium and watching Ryan mallet player at the final half of the season. Capsule -- would you would you enjoy it you know over exactly it would be over so and so will ever get could ever get so bad that the NFL to say. We've got to change the rules regarding. People's ability to and costs and lay out the quarterback. Without well I think. They know they'll say you know we're making progress new new technology new helmets may be. I always asked that question of if you had soft elements and it would probably go a long way to not solving the problem it would it would you'd have a lot less. Violent hits to the head gets soft -- had that big mark Kelso yes -- -- look cool solution and quick resume from the Flintstones but you know what. It's it doesn't sound right sound effects are an important part well. You know they'll have a gave it a little sound effects then then that is obviously easily outlet only it it's in it's a lot easier path to take in saying. You you you you can't tackle the quarterback you can you know you can you can try to block -- you can try to. What average get you can't tackle the quarterback that would be you know predictably already. Can't hit him in the head and I mean and only Brandon Spikes has gotten the memo yet but here but you can't hit him in the head you know what the probably reach a point that you say. Everybody knows the risks with column we get neurologist on the field and you know we get all these protocols in place let's just play and now it's a violent game you know these guys know what they're signing up war. And knows your backup who should back up at this when you watch like. Left which commend you watched. I don't know you name them and Colin -- a command right. Do you think the patriots prepared. As we know Belichick's prepared for everything you think they're prepared. War ready to go around for any length of time. To the extent they can be prepared within the confines of getting ready every single week for the next opponent they're not gonna give Ryan mallet. Fifty or 60% of the snaps because Brady already knows the offense they're getting Brady and the office ready for Indianapolis so Ryan -- as a result. Sufferers in terms of snaps in practice so I guess there as prepared as they can be within the confines of -- what they're doing well enough. You could have Brian Hoyer he will be more prepared and they decided. You know what the public decided Brady goes down we'd lose anyway right right but some teams obviously a better backups more experienced back ups. Than others. The patriots -- who had just taken -- chance at their starter won't go down because he does you know. You on the channel doesn't fly in the face of what the NFL is all about for them to say what you just said hey you know the risks pitcher backups ready will play with you know left which if not Roethlisberger -- if not Brady. Fly in the face of what the NFL this what is the NFL it's an entertainment industry. The steeler fans entertained by Bryon Leftwich being their quarterback Byron -- by Byron about what it would with the patriot fans be entertained by mallet. Not Brady no ballot. -- entertained by the game being on the adage that any play anybody can go down that is entertaining the you know there. That's what makes it's it's worse after the gladiator effective that you don't get in. A baseball and you don't really get basketball league and hockey and football the gladiator effect as the -- That you know -- quarterback could get drilled could get in Benton have been and the game changes instantly -- the danger danger -- via rush Ryan -- about this. -- It's it's it's I felt. -- or the good question for -- -- second best quart main center is your best. We feel bad B Rex that's pretty bad improves your second best and don't actually think it's Tebow and Greg McIlroy we don't remember much from him. He has tigers and Alabama I assume in the pre season you don't seem in the regular cigarette. He's got to be better at the mechanics can't believe it's. There were as November 12 thirteenth in the -- on. -- you know what you know. The rest is all of -- Jack humbly Belichick's and then on with the order so you can question he did they -- this division -- update here. All right first half Stony Brook eleven Ryder tendon the tip off marathon out in the white -- listen. It. 2008 -- yeah. On fast. -- ninety seconds out -- argument what Stony Brook and rider while we have gather your thoughts and dial the phone 6177797937. Bob Kravitz from Indianapolis Star will join us. In the 9 o'clock -- your phone calls next with -- in Cali.

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