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Jason Terry Postgame Press Conference

Nov 13, 2012|

Jason Terry spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Bulls in Chicago tonight 101-95.

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-- -- best -- -- and now we drivers' situations where innocent type program in my we've all been in this situation it is time we know we have to do close games out. And when he's stopped listening in an office -- make or miss can -- out -- we want. And -- we were able to do that this was one person to think a lot of people saw you with these guys on the world. Kite -- delivers some big shots -- could -- my pedigree coming elsewhere on the home floor and I. I've I don't know if I close my court size is two different uniform and on the same old guy and that Rondo found the guys got me open. And I love me for a Cortes is my time of the game and -- had to be out two other players feel the same way so gives us multiple options and it seems. A lot of good things went down and move forward with a second half and Milwaukee game you can. It will take tuna loves. -- all about growth and development and now we we we we preach it constantly. It's been a rough start for us but we know I think that today. This is gonna make us stronger team and little adversity you find out you know a lot about your character. And you know whichever agency some out of us. No -- together paying attention to detail. Big pain and I was transition defense I thought we did a great job in -- area. And office -- the ball really move we shoot the ball very well tonight.

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