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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Nov 13, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Bulls in Chicago tonight 101-95.

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Three quarters it's really shot the lights out and and alcohol or. -- good another good run in the fourth quarter. Good neighborhoods you know we got around to finish alone can't. The other thing is to back him up a few times where you thought 1214 points and had a chance to. Posted then that's when we did you know assist those who have better resilient team were coaxed. NFL players that are more capable but off. -- was -- a woman get when Smith let's go we're sure that we need. Yeah its own emerges this guys have to come into homes and we need to do. In order to have a lot more -- the world. And planned talk about our problems and how we can do better when the trust and slow. Who -- this is exactly what happened you know maybe in those -- you start some some movies or playing more consistent playing better especially at home got to do a little plan homeless. I'm glad we come together on the -- I think it carried over from fourth quarter Milwaukee you know it's always cable world and move the ball. And it carried over tonight's game and -- -- to feel confident. -- next commander has just this week Paul to say about this team. When Chicago does make that we're -- three. To hold while it in their home buyer. Jet -- commission. Engine that would do we just so incredible -- and ran our stuff -- stuff on offense went. I did get good job and execute when -- -- I think that was the key you know that -- were Rondo penetrated without -- all the time all Palestinians. He did a couple time so I can only do we need to do to get the win and and -- please please give a lot more opportunities in America we don't have. Ray Allen are here is based on -- usually Lagos also -- -- him -- Rondo just take it upon himself to be more aggressive on offense and I shot -- -- corner of the -- and we need you know he's he's part of a big Katrina also and he's taken the lead in this any sort. A wise leader is welcome.

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