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Brandon Bass Postgame Press Conference

Nov 13, 2012|

Brandon Bass spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Bulls in Chicago tonight 101-95.

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I think that the ball the ball -- you know. I guess -- championship ended in just kind of came out of place. Beside him. -- yeah. We were trying to lose that thing around my games and watching us have. Just think about is going to have to tame and waited. And have for my office. -- tons. The other features such as scores really stood -- -- you talked about making. She. As a sort of have to. Defense and -- -- his team. No front I saw me he came to Boston you know you you were gonna do defensively you were about tomorrow for us guys wanna do my part. And due to the -- my blue. Is it easier for you can find your world night in its first. Any easier. But either way I'm playing my game would do them is just plays and we're approaching and -- So. You guys obviously great finishing law consistent. Terry's talking about the importance of not letting what happened in state. You know registering -- from the beginning we. Number we had to myself you know it's coming together. As -- against him in. We know had to be tight. You know it'd be great defensively. I think -- an office we found some in. We just role of women trying to build on that.

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