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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Nov 13, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Bulls in Chicago tonight 101-95.

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You're not responded to -- we did just start again you can see dominance is the only condition offensively. The -- I don't know -- all the ball movement and stuff and then we executed out of a timeout down the stretch and got the -- is the one little -- up and and you can't do that against Chicago because they're gonna keep planner keep playing hard. They're gonna keep going in the game out and they did that. But overall I just sort of good team when I thought every single guy did something from here it's 32. -- -- cost -- three point play. And Jason Terry comes off the bench when I'm making a run shuttles are provided our lawmakers. There was just a lot of great -- about him. Yeah yeah I think he's starting to really get comfortable. Well with the players on the floor problem -- you can call. And you can see that coming on as well. You know root root privileges. Maybe you didn't do return and later in the world. Pit calls right you know he's a wise man. I think I definitely think any adverse the only eroding time is good you know I don't know -- -- early season struggles to burst your net. Got its competitor group they wanna find their way in this start to do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In you know what they're little but to let them out there -- -- that was terrific I thought he was responsible. In a lot of ways we are bringing about. But I would have operated. Also that's the best we need every night -- on until -- You know it doesn't matter of shots going in -- -- when when you play with that intensity defensively. Good things are always gonna happen it's almost got in the last played as easy dunk off is -- force effort. And out of box -- will -- all five starters weren't you know yeah. Everybody's shooting for three quarters anyway you know we're on fire the ball movement you know we didn't force that delta force -- turned it over the don't think that's. When that carved up carved up and we haven't really put a lot of -- born and we'll see this couple digital world now it's hard in the second half of the Milwaukee yeah. -- Martina start to find their way you know we it was thought coming in with this group that we can. It's gore. But it just takes Batman tonight I thought by far -- our best rhythm office. You know you don't know in the morning and he hasn't. We do the same thing I mean it's no secret. Offensively we we come from the same place though that that the Dakotas to the defense and you know on the pat. You gentlemen would come from the same place so I don't think it's an advantage in the way. Providence Bruins now. This flotilla and we have to do that you know. That is just -- -- about the fourth quarter that would -- about seventy. And three -- it's hard to -- -- but it's one -- for him. He loves it because he can come and finish games strong. Well I I don't think just in the front plane is -- Your kitchen you know one of god wanted to it was a tough few. Russert once did long time because analysis complicated. For a long time he's a tough kid. Go to him pretty well.

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