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Rajon Rondo extends his assist streak courtside with Grande and Max

Nov 12, 2012|

Rajon Rondo joined Grande & Max courtside after he extends his assists streak & helps the Celtics beat the Bulls in Chicago.

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I just thank you 10195. Celtics beat the bulls in Chicago earlier tonight and -- talk about all of the math and there was plenty of it courtesy of guys around who joins us on the table here courtside in Chicago. We -- Boston on Friday night that you know the feeling in the building and fans are watching -- -- what Lincecum and when things -- a start to play. That I'm getting away from home to be the best thing and all of a sudden. You put together these two back to back. Yeah for some reason. As of right now we're we're we're playing better on -- -- And global diversity being down in the Milwaukee. We have little we turned the ball over and tonight you know evidently and that is that scum like him but we found a way -- to -- and found a way to get the win. When you think about this team right now though he could make -- this late in the game they get back in it it's like you've written other. -- -- this is Bill Walton it is but that optical network to a three. That is -- -- strutted into the paint you know a ton of you know I think twice in the pool cortisol wanna take -- -- following. No no by going -- flow will be down to the rim like get him every time and -- -- -- -- you know KG is you know he's -- go to guy on the fourth you know we have a couple you know Brandon play well fullest and I called it as well so. And also updated so the good team effort might not want. The good -- when you were aggressive offensively obviously with the matchup Whitney he's just starting -- that it will talent itself from the beginning you. Big you know coaches tell me don't don't play around when they you know especially you know they -- facility to 100 games on this one -- aggressive. And my fourth necessitate these guys gave me a couple of easy layup that gave indigent and I and that's that. And assessment from the things like this team is that -- look at what now. Look at what to do with it when you're on the board discount learned defensively. -- Pick and welcome in better. You know still a challenge every -- but but the most important thing that would go on defense that was entered wrote it down. Is just he -- and go out with the future of the so. This team after it and you know -- make -- -- -- and our would be able to make extra FC before you know especially with the law. -- school -- that he could be discount looked like what are we doing here you know at an early on or the week or two ago. All right -- You know wasn't southern Basilan you know we don't we don't -- those in the points. We don't have as you know you know where where teams stop defense that. -- -- so. You know we take product that Brian and that's not the way to go -- yet again no serious -- -- on the court and limited guest bed Saturday night you know guys it. Don't play well since they games he's gonna come August of them access for some reason -- we got to put in the right now we'll we'll make this the only two games but we'll take. The care about history. What they know that the guests on the news. How do you want out of thank Allah and they'll get it tonight I was trying to get the win you know it we're making a run. You know I think it's out of once they get you know dog drove a couple plays in the KG. And you know he's the -- as a thank you tell me give -- -- -- -- and -- this isn't appropriate for me regardless no longer win in the games. Street it is what is it just seems like one of the things you need to sort of like offensive line for quarterback would -- now it's become. Team tried it. Yeah I think he did mr. -- was it's on the you know I was frustrated you know never go out of all the women. Got to try to keep my team is that I think if that's that was that it. Enough evidence that's my teammates about not in the fifth and make everyone happy and distributable. Of this and most importantly it's not worth moderates W two there repressive right.

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