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Monday, November 12th Whiner Line

Nov 12, 2012|


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My music music music fresh and breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. This is discretionary bottles still. Lynn Morris -- and now. -- -- Cause you know it's our duty and now I do. Now I'm back -- -- the WEEI. Who -- -- near lies then yeah. We know aluminum. Itself. Is -- dial 6177793535. It's. Not why you're lying do. Really man. What did we start businesses and -- and now -- always has -- -- defense this case don't know. -- don't you need EI eight why airline and. I just would judge for the while I'm Mikey. Big big big big big big check and make sure you really -- -- they had tell the -- -- cost me -- yesterday. It would tell you about gambling my friends. It was paved nobody elected electric talk trash into Gaza because he's he's here you're there. And he can't do anything to you can't hurt still Mikey get hurt you're hurt me now now at a time almost knocked my -- that Steve. Would I hit in the sold oligarchy to totally usually hit leave what you meant it. No my teeth I don't write by hand I'm like him if I'd better do it. Who would be talking about we go a little bit. -- I thought I soundtrack. As you know week to punch you so hard. Notice you just sort of just talks about how he lost money and in -- back right and many tweets are he's the only one I know that we sell out. Late in the game when the game has been determined. In Vegas. Split its leading bad loser yeah I can tell. -- -- was powered by aids and see WEEI -- available in your iPhone or android and Blackberry device brought to you by eighteen to eight. AT&T four GL TE was speeds up and do not seven not eight not nine -- and -- Faster than three GAT and T rethink possible either -- Let's go get up. They've they've had a lot of good point that it brought in the real world football and that's still doesn't make this Europe Benedict Arnold. I was that guy. Probably did. That. Selected him who's written too -- the star celebrated not only ten day. -- does not result in war that's all right Cincinnati. Complain that Hillcrest human activity Nate ago clusters over. -- a ha ha ha -- It's the worst and now. I cannot say hey look at that that aren't David duke but I think about it next -- can -- mandate -- -- -- Is it again David duke and back up and divide it look like crap from anybody bird life. It lost -- Have acted upon it but break it's remarkable. Political career ending that. -- they got out. And that message. There's been a lot of talk about him completely down there to. My my my what are we gonna do with you -- what these guys and a lot of terrible football. But it said he'd bring about Robinson saved by the bell. Zach Martin -- stopped. But that more popular that you -- the remote and watch it by the appellate department. Entrapment that market your -- They -- pocket for a moment that -- ago. And that message. Closet for. -- discourage him in the. Today are -- great go. Don't want all these great weakness that's patriots then let's all like good at best to bring -- office. But I don't know. -- a material you have an opponent you're gonna -- -- and -- As a -- -- I'll do -- -- obviously your -- manager hey -- you very much you know you're not really -- correspondent well. Michael -- to question. Kurdish popular school if I get back an hour. And none -- dollars or would you rather -- -- -- Cornell -- Whereupon -- asked -- when asked that come on now. Yes I would like that night and shouted out thank you. This CBS affiliate Providence, Rhode Island we -- that people like that that they attributed entirely Hispanic. Both of us who don't understand Spanish won't just -- -- -- huge block. Applicant has a great time alarmist and if I tell -- it was important to this. -- a couple of Providence area employees here and turn and patio apparently that did happen this idiot probably hit the SEP. -- to sort out ban -- sounds. Read through. A gringo. Harry and Tom -- but you're right my ID. My -- Go hand goes to drag -- I had birdie. Tennis that you -- -- -- in -- you know because I'm glad I didn't pick out my -- them and talk about. -- I'd much rather answer questionable that the majority of course the most probable that these folks are operated under that body and. That's what he called them today pretty called the Tom he Karen. His little body is easily. Like -- -- he added the the retriever on the head and -- my little buddy who don't like me do bickering like I don't know I -- don't the current system but he column this morning and DNC. His leave my little sly little black and a little I had you know like and the problem was he was in the studio time doing -- black alternate. Yeah all -- actual tape. Watched me go a little money through who worked hard all the engineers just people what they called that before and it's gonna start is gonna add -- little additional. Have to compete now. Did you actually see the video he's done DNC when when Burton said that -- legs are shake and but for unscripted talk behind the year. Bitter bitter to stop. -- at all. I don't know whether it's a good. Poetic that the attack was devastated city and it's only good job. And that message. It seemed better I get some more chemicals they robbed last talked to about a positive that a baby better. Enlightened yes general -- that called blood and hope he -- -- separate. And now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll watch it and it was yeah it's open territory for everybody you can tell usenet Mikey -- you -- if you checked out this mistress. Jackie and asked if I have -- -- a little suspicious when she is never written a book before we knew she's gonna -- as quoted insiders are -- passionate picture of her she looks. Like him. She looks exactly like god I don't see that I don't see her again and again Brett how -- a biographer of General Petraeus decides to. Certain anywhere else and it did to employ them out don't you know after doing research with -- what you know that the government. Kind of tracked by the way it was a whole first book call -- what is the hope of patent covering open affair reviewed the CI AEA director of -- I Benghazi for God's -- come out. College I really need your help counteract that today do you print up a program that figure out here it. Mark on our support network and our country get it back up and says I really helped quite GAAP net programmer. I had a major. That I've -- caller both aren't going to be a hell and we. What -- aren't below about what board did absolutely. Drive. And that's good idea about people that don't work. We'll have it will have it all figured out by Thursday for an. That patriot way with a -- I'm calling it -- and then. -- -- under the old. Duffel bag yeah. It's a double condom with a bit with the. It can't sleep while an -- my dad yeah. I hope -- a bit of an end to the cover of fourth receiver on every play. -- that. People expect an awful lot of close to -- your -- sorry and deeply. And they. Is what we've been. They do well -- -- goal it was bad. All for the fifth goal of the game that would become very thought the work that we did have gone up over this break going to look bad. All that they probably game at that big from those dark. You did that -- I -- that -- you want these so called domestic. Oh well I don't know if it was all of the people replays that a piece of bad that we got and then. Somebody please tell me go to hell will perk. Is that what position the people -- And that message. Appropriately now -- found that a few issues -- -- -- -- itself -- Beaufort wolf for. -- amenities. Mr. -- an avid sportsman about the. Could you give -- the expert analysis but when buffalo has the ball on the third and fourth they would love to get four yards for a first down or when the pats on the red zone. They would love to score a touchdown puppets in the end zone. The cracked open and I called one -- mr. bout could hear expert analysis always keep. And mr. -- -- haven't put them up Baghdad today. And the message you don't buffalo announces we're we're calling -- -- Mayo. -- there all day all credit to listen look both look like I was on satellite there was no way far away all bets are there way far. I can't go bears -- you're why don't last part but AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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