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Bill Belichick: None of us are satisfied with the way this team has performed

Nov 12, 2012|

We speak with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday and get his take on the team's win over Buffalo, but the continuing issues of a very porous Patriots defense.

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I don't care and they show -- patriots Monday and is always we all live down here Gillette Stadium and on Monday. Time for us to talk with a coach Bill Belichick it's all brought you might -- realize the no nonsense life insurance company and our friend. -- rates for men and women call 888 get history a life. Or visit ESP -- dot com for your free quote. Know what's happened and -- Goodman -- Michael -- gives them great. You've taken a look at obviously the video you get yourself with me this today. Is another one of those were good things she's done while most things -- off to work on. Well let go against NFL comes down to a one possession one foot in the last seconds less minute and so innocent and again unfortunately we're able to. Jamaican police come out on top when it's competitively -- the -- -- we'll take it and I'm trying to improve on our panel and our best candidate was it's going to be three -- division. Commission improvement and you know you talk every week about what we want need to do is get better every single week so that. We have good wreck didn't where we're there when we need to be in the playoffs -- seeing improvement when this team especially again. With the secondary -- yardage given up yesterday. Well there are no people sister. So that was. So I want to thank. But you know it's you know a lot of the artists came on. As a result of her luck go get off field on third down once and let them more opportunities warriors like he usually does. Sending up in buffalo now than we convert on third down on them keep the drives going. More -- pile up more points well some. Period third down its owner related. As you mentioned yards you look at the two games with buffalo this year they have. Gaudy statistics but the bottom line is they have two losses you got what you wanted to both games. Eric do you are you. Do you think there's something that they're they're doing for your daughter we rescues what is it about what they're doing that causes problems for him. Well they're they're tough to in the matchup against -- good. Very good skill players titans receivers backs there's that's tough -- think you know get through four on the field one time it's us it's our matchup. When you look at yesterday last census question 351 downs for them. You won the game. Did care about that numbers that number keeps you up and knives and drive me crazy is arguably arguably 351 downs or do you say plan. So the price of doing business we won again. We'll be trying to improve every week and so. What are we can do to improve we'll try and improve. Certainly we would like to improve on that points yards. Sent their offense and doing the Stockton is on offense and -- -- in the kicking game. The Stockton is on defense and let's say execution police. -- execution was so we get a better job. It's -- looked like there were more missed tackles. -- normal game was I do special for the film to move her a tremendous amount of yards after the catch after the first it. Yes you know it says that yesterday wasn't. A great tackling good day for us. But that's the same time I think you do have to give credit to. To their their owners can earn their skill players when -- Fayetteville resident tough tackle but that's still. That the most -- either we've got to do better job of no hitting coach a better gonna saws and more we gonna do better edge over the on the field there's no question we got to. We gotta tackle but that's what defense is gonna skip the guy with the ball on the ground and and we're gonna face other other tough guys tackled two plus there are those those guys never for pretty doing and we have from Bloomington missiles -- personally. One tackle cost your team fifteen yards yesterday and Ryan Fitzpatrick after the game said. Brandon Spikes is an emotional player but at times he's a punk. What did you think of that penalty upon roughing the passer. I'm Brandon Spikes that in game yesterday. Well there are I think about it that's what. It's what the referee thinks about wooden vehicles only some boots on the. Which you teach him to do it in another way and if you look back at it I'm sure you've seen it again would you say despite say you can't. From what would you say to -- because if you look at the replay slow it down. At that at worst it's debatable it's questionable I didn't think it was obvious. At all or a parent so clearly he. Hit him in the Helmand or it was a cheap -- would you say there's spikes do something different. Well let's loosening banks -- think and who you tell players. What what we will we tell the players is that we can't the quarterback emotional Wimbledon he's. Simple as so. They've got they can -- the quarterback that they can't they can't come both shoulders -- and we'll ninjas. And they -- will crown a helmet so. And I'm you know so it's almost illegal. How do you who may ask your players to maintain. The the aggressive attitude that you want to sit there and still be able to have. Stop those -- have propelled extremely warm gruesome obviously but. Who can is a fine line between. And ensures -- final -- their courses search online and in. You've played you know -- suits and their bang bang play it's it's not like you get you know 45 minutes to figure out OK here's on gonna do you -- -- because there hadn't been. Fifty trying to. We try to coach shouldn't and the players that think of them -- good job of trying to move trying to play within the rules and that's what the rules are we can't. Thanks and Caylee was proud of -- helmet came -- below the shoulders can blow needs so. We try to hit on the not in those areas or without technique and we coach that we drove both football's a fast and some context for them. Sometimes you a split second to do it and and you don't intend to do it sometimes it ends up happening so. We'll continue to coach is no way in and I know our players will continue to try to do the right thank you can play within the rules book. And inevitably -- and sure there will be penalties again. Steve there were no penalties in more than you can actually touch your quarterback what do you think it's a miracle on the quarterback you're up. Only ask you about your final series which allowed buffalo to get the ball back and obviously the the interception. Closed out the game which got the ball looked like it was about. It really was -- what you are now -- way or something like that you've got first thing goal. Yet there was a hurry up offense in that first play were you thinking that you were gonna catch them. Off guard thinking that you were gonna try to waste -- the clock right now and take as much time as possible and kill the two minute warning. -- it's -- a similar play earlier found we just didn't. Obviously due to pitch out on the play we think any arts and and we're trying to we are trying to run our offense and then do what we've been doing that was successful and and that it didn't work then we. And in the bottom line was a situation and work out the way -- want to that's Fisher house just cheers because not only did you only get the three and gives them an opportunity to come back from one score actually be an opportunity to win. But that's situation didn't use -- much time on the clock either so. I don't know footnote there obviously -- I mean we're Clinton personally were playing to win the plan to score so we're trying to kneel on the ball and then golf club we're trying to score and -- -- good offense we've we've been successful we're successful in the right areas -- -- every time we're down there down and and we we ran the plays that we felt like were best player isn't and we're trying to get on ends don't feel like making it two score game -- Must say what -- sealed let's certainly would've. Learned a lot tougher for buffalo then obviously wants organ but we we were unable to do it we've heard. We're trying to be aggressive we're trying to win some. It's. Not stronger than them it's wrong. -- good offense. What is your receivers doing a good job of her just say it many times there -- job receivers to. Get open and catch the ball put house I saw some blocks. Yesterday from your receivers one of my really go from Deion Branch they -- a first down or touchdown. What do you say to hear if that's the job of the receivers to get opening cash for what do you say to receivers when it comes to blocking -- you have. It occupy your guys and knock your guys having some guys are doing better than others was your approach when you can you tell those guys. When you -- those guys about blocking. Snow well depends on the total block that that there are involved and they're trying to. Before trying to run outside of on them than they have cracked the defender and blocker from the outside and we're trying to run and suddenly. Which photo we call Stockton thunder blocker from the inside out bass guitarist and from a mere -- And make him you know pick one side or the other in the on the run and I can can take the other son to -- he's not on. So. Home and instantly you know most important thing is to be able to -- I don't had just barely get the guys that you want -- fought because this is secondary. Rotates differently in different coverages quarters coverage is to be 3-D man coverages almost you know as a lot of different looks back there. Which guys the most dangerous guy which does this that does the receivers have which it is. Handled in the blocking scheme between them. The -- down the offensive line and everything too tight end -- fullback for -- extra guys in there. So knowing who's who when he played there theater sets and there is no extra guys there's just the five offensive line in the -- in those -- six Walker's done. The panel where that seventh guy comes from safety here in the nickel back or whoever it is and -- -- -- coordinated with the receivers on. On who to block him and when he got it going there and get them early kind of blocked and no real. There are some -- lot of moving partisan and adjustments and judgments that those guys have to make so let's. It's a big part of their assignments in the running games later it's sort without getting the right guys and then actually -- Murkowski had a a couple of the points yesterday to -- some pretty productive runs the clock game suppressor and receiver. That you coasting in Europe career best receiver and blocking. You've shown us pretty good. It sounds pretty good these big you know. 6263. -- here's -- -- -- was a long long arms and and enjoy doing it too. He -- -- and you know the founders are in the receivers all the time after the catch a smaller you know come and an -- at the moment. Cummins and I kind of thing so excellent chance for serial no payback comes back here and then hit them pound them -- -- -- -- so. But you know we've we've found billion on in the it's it's not about. Always knocking the guy down at sometimes just tying them up then then west does a good job I mean really peace. He's he's a good blocker because he's quick he's aggressive and and he can usually get in front of the guy with the speed is quick to -- get between a runner -- And the guy they supposed to block and then. You know it gives a runner to have an opportunity to cut off that block -- seven around block -- -- can use. Was a screen or his body. To help in insurers that run them. I'm wet west does a good job me your overall peace he -- a real good job a lot of -- -- He gives us some size but he's very competitive and he can he can -- those guys up. Potentially if you don't have him in this week I take it correct. He's here okay. Couple of the players who played few in the past and talked about you defensive scheme and being fairly complicated if that is the case and that they're true it. -- DIC earlier talked about kind of language barrier that you're asked to do a lot of the same things you're asked to do another team but it's a different language you have pickup -- The language aspect of it. How can you incorporate him too quickly or do you have to simplify. She is role. To find a way to use them obviously you brought immense because you think he can help you defense of secondary. How do you use him the quickest. Well I think when you -- a player and none during the season it's time that you we do a couple of things I mean first of all you try to. Get a base of terminology form it's not the same training camp re kind of put in everything you're going to be doing all year. But. I think at this at this point you're -- more selective with the -- that you try to build and then you once you have a base there and then you get to the game plan and you worked specifically on. The game plan for the colts and there maybe some things. Well certainly there be there are things in our defense that won't be part of the game plan against the colts. -- also rather than waste a lot of time coach and those and then get an understanding of those that we. Focus more on the things that are going to be applicable this week. The next week is next week and something to carry over in the recent new things and the hope over a period of time that you're able to catch the flare up with in terms of overall terminology. But most importantly specifics for that particular game you know maybe -- two or three different ways to play a certain thing but this is how are gonna play this week so that's the one that you. You concentrate on and I think that's. You know it's a little lesion to do on offense because you know the plays -- -- call. You know even -- the plays are gonna call when I'm gonna call I think also defensively you don't. Know exactly we know the defense is we're gonna call but we don't exactly where they're gonna lineup and how they're gonna. Positioned their players and and they could certainly accomplish something new that we haven't seen before. And that we have to adjust to so there's -- some moving parts on defense that. Are our challenge and to get a new clarity but that's again he's an experienced player he's played a lot of football so. We'll see our -- and also goes in the short run will. We'll work on our General Communication and you know foundation and as we get more into the game plan won't work. -- some CO goes. Almost human to -- -- resilient we've -- you know on any ideas and practice of forcing political -- -- It's time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their complete lineup of 2013 models. On the web at NB usaid dot com's is very convoluted you have to. Edit this down here patent Rhode Island basically says -- their share for Cisco rams game yesterday. It ended in a tie. And he was looking at your career record and saw that you've never had a tie in your career. But if you had how would you feel about it -- it like a waste of time playing preparing for a team an entire week and then. Walking away. With no wind and no losses just back to square. And actually I think goes involvement -- in the 1980. Three. With the giants against the rams 2424. So much 33121 night here. But it went -- -- hello there it's. There had good career against. Free -- telcos in Korea now but. Well prominent citizen loses and you play for -- five minutes and then you're on a winner than. Do you don't know Warner. You're not America better better motives long not a good heavens and I'm -- Yeah another three that was a strange game LO LL strange game three someone else Parcells is the first year yes those assertions turned so it's. OK -- Indian and that and then tells me that game was against the cardinals. Roy green must've done something great OJ Anderson one of those guys but. If you look at and say it's almost like we lost thirteen games. And it's a tie it didn't -- does it feel like. Don't comment though they depends on the they depend -- came -- we would about the about the Harvard -- game with the authority the coming off that the press there Harvard wins one Giuliani -- point 91 dollar was. Harvard wins Tony Tony it was Tina -- sixteen points was. A minute and a half the only game in -- and many -- you feel like UN. Think if you're ahead by sixteen points and admin and have the -- -- -- -- -- kind of lost you lost so he depends on -- game. Plus some student who threw twelve while she's number I'm sure that one ties who yeah. -- would go very emotional content more shallow bush. I got one guy which can go do you think there should be in the -- and pro football and they can you just. In in the regular season is it just counterproductive to say all right. -- I think you try to take a look. And you know at some point and helped him. But that's all football night at some point maybe -- you know you just got to take a look at and senators to time these two teams are in but. -- -- -- I'm always like playing the you know that that type of game where you do you have another period in regulation and I like the concept of play until the end of that period was fifteen minutes ten minutes eight minutes what whatever you wanna make it. But where you have the end of the game strategy and time now Olsen. You know what -- and basketball. -- play the end of the game the way you play the end of the game we don't play the first team to score first team to get eight points or. Ten point and that's going to be played at period out there and I think there's some -- piece of. Before -- let you go really ask you about Andrew Luck and Michael and I were talking about this earlier in the old days. People were always complimentary if you against young coaching against young quarterbacks because. They try to set them up an awful lot showing -- one thing in the first quarter giving himself totally different in the third quarter messed him up. As the game changed that we looking at the players are look at this kid. And he doesn't make an awful lot of mistakes he can run to control the ball throw the ball under pressure nothing seems. To rattle him as this a unique. Young player we're looking and Andrew Luck. It's always been impressive alone certainly is is an outstanding athlete he can run he's got. Really good speed to get out of trouble and then by time in the pocket. He Bellotti heard swollen converted third downs and then scrambled for 101520. Point one yard gains -- everything so. Nice big strong kid you sort of tackle loans got a good arm and think he sees the field while still a good vision good poisoned food and makes good decisions so. Certainly been impressed watching an unknown. And I'm sure he'll. And -- I mean we're halfway through the season now in almost any rookies a rookie at this point we've played nine games for pre season games so. You know we're we're pretty far down the road now also made this their first year that there's these guys a start of play you know. Over our college season so I think I think they're getting to the point where rookies really are rookies anymore there. Then they have enough experience -- of the polish village go out there and then played a competitive world everybody else has seen a lot of already. And I know he's so good guys that. There's only nine games would you mind you many believe. Linda and that this is his career he's -- -- a vote to move to. The -- to grasp what they quickly. Both -- -- you know -- little closer look at them over the week here and we've. You know watched and seen all the games and really break it down by enemy heat. I don't think there's a lot of difference between them physically and that a guy like Cam Newton as far as just being able to run and and you know be strong and fast and had a good arm and an all that maybe he seems to. Free coverage as well he's got a great receiver obviously in Reggie Wayne and I think there's many better than him. And when there's going to have them say they really seemed to assure Amanda and they -- Reggie you know used to always lineup or they're on the right side and now he's. All over the place in motion in the slot and he is -- are defined so -- That really move around both. -- in London and good done a great -- turn their program they really haven't in this. Fifteen last year and if it's endless struggle to be competitive in a lot of games and they. And turned in a good football team and had a lot of players and they're they're a lot different looking team on defense and you know they're they're they're very they're gonna offer Johnson and noticed a good football teams so. He goes again got a lot of credit to the organization and it's not just log -- good there's there's gonna. Lot of people contributed to and they've they've turned around we'll turn a program -- short amount of time. The coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. And EMD Miller for. Industrial -- SP -- in the no nonsense life insurance company and our renewal rates from minimum -- call 888 get -- feel like. Or visit SB -- dot com for your free quote. Graduation -- when yesterday good luck and some new kitchen -- and actually felt all right thanks Clint we'll take -- I -- -- city -- -- Belichick right here and make sure.

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