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Vince Wilfork: It's a work in progress, we KNOW we're better than this

Nov 12, 2012|

Vince Wilfork joined the Big Show on a Patriots Monday and was happy with a win, but not happy with the way himself and his defensive teammates played the entire game, especially at the end. Vince believes they can and will improve this defense, and we discuss it with him.

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Vince Wilfork obviously involved in any is sponsored by Toyota of Nashua and by EMD. Melo -- that so we don't today. Obama try that again since this is on the phone that's how we don't today. -- -- -- Good to a break how what is a win but do you come out of that one India dia talk about it there are certain things you look at from that one and say. Got to do better. They're absolutely Communist each week. There was -- perfect. No one -- and we knew it orbits of transfers all of you know this isn't me and the -- -- we -- was pleased this. They're there you know they always have a good game plan for us. You know we're seeing them you know. Give us problems. Mean in which you seen you know lord just gave us problems they gave us from the book fair bit that we were shaky. Percent we we came when we're big plays and we need him. I mean everything. You know we gave local what you are on the ground -- but please. But you look at that trio. Without a doubt it was a position they -- have to make you know source not writing you got a little bit of draw more you know just happened. Make those plays -- and rebuke. But from different government for when they have a -- problem. But when it I don't care how you are you win. When there will be no complaint about a win and so. You vision you've seen -- lose. Three compared with gains. We've lost. So now you know we want to games afternoon. Crucial situation that is just now on the Buffalo -- both teams being in the position. And both teams given us problems because you know we know each other so much. Quote in the we win those Balkans so. It is a positive stuff there would have to -- apparently is it is some things that we wanted to -- -- -- war but. The biggest the big issue is in the big efficient ways we have also known how many you win -- -- we definitely want to win and so. There's a great -- you know from a great team went for the full -- if there. It's been and I hear you have not apologize for victory but you spent a lot of time thinking about. Some of the numbers because they are there are pretty agreement gave up 351. Downs. Is that is that bother you when you when you look at those numbers is that something that you after the game -- and that's just unacceptable we cannot deal with that. You know what. Yes or no on the how beautiful the precedent nor don't bug because I think we products -- around. I'll be and they were due to make a clean one dimensional -- opera. I'll be in the -- being able to -- teams in certain situations and you know we doubt whether we have apparently something that we fear Coffey a defense that we've -- company in the running. Is certain situations so we you don't get a team in those situations. It's frustrating weather center you have to play him out because. It in any point. But our play can change the whole game and we -- who crucial please. All know that's true but they're recording do turn -- back around a -- but they have record of two to dispute the game. In a different team that is the movie you know so you can do you know we can get caught up in the numbers and they took steps. Yes we do a lot of yardage. With the same time we made some crucial pleased at the right moment. Our home and we would play well give paltry score point special teams that do what they have that there would be -- we -- -- and we need to step up so. I'm in like when they'll upload four win but it -- something that we do need to get better -- doing little bit more bit of actual. Loses her level of frustration during the game when you see some things happening it and if there is. How do you. Project the message of the young guys just keep keep working and keep work. You know what. The course of the game my charm that that you know. Emotions take -- but sometimes do. Because. They'll be in the very true that there. Look in the kitchen for answers. Emotionally and physically be in the kitchen when he had you approaches situations so that's why they're important. -- home to keeps an even keel was even keel and and these and encourage I mean that's our weekly recur often. I don't care we were or was down apparently were culprits may play. What a terrible -- do they were confident we didn't we don't lately that you will be pleased stuff so. Yes there -- -- of the team that was very confident. You know down straight down want want want want to get critical. A community there are very confident in what they have face -- -- just need to blatantly one place. And we we winnable game and -- came with two huge plays for us. And you know and that's where have all the everything that is not going to be perfect. I don't think you don't you know legal -- you know if we just perfect war between the perfect game. Could you don't have to bush. It's something that you can do to be pretty close. To the way you want to play him in the way you wanna just -- home. Com and make your own cheered so. It is what it is but it in the day we made the plays. To win that ballgame and it was critical pleased that we have from the. Beyoncé is we've had discover solutions so often over the last few years. That this defense gives up an awful yards not as quite as many points. In seems stick come up with some big takeaways in key points of the game that that keeps you going. How long can we continued to play for me it just like that. The army -- we met without China's heavily right there are many. We will look to -- on and then put up fifty points you know you've gotten. We would love to be. You know give up on the total yards to one told north consistently. -- those stats were revoked but it just live happily so. The good thing and he we -- we know we're going and we came. This is steal some areas that we we we can get better. And that the craziest thing because he wouldn't attempt regular seasons and that we can still do better. And we haven't -- So. Local T get the right moment -- as long as we can get better we will -- better and and we go to people making plays. Because we have the talent we have the players. We we we we. We freeze situation football just being able to execute on the -- so. Well in and then didn't have to divisions as we do know massive it was an easy. -- we've made crucial plays a critical point in the game to -- involved. Of wondered if you saw this coming themselves on the field. You're on the field and now Brandon Spikes. Really went after Ryan FitzGerald tackled pretty good got an unsportsmanlike penalty on a roughing the passer. And after the game Fitzgerald's -- said at times. And it comes to Israel Fitzpatrick matches Joseph Fitzpatrick said it. At times Brandon Spikes. Plays like a -- now one of my favorite players out penalties saw that. Did you have any sense that Fitzpatrick was a little bothered by spikes -- game and what you think about his comments after. I mean America do it I wanna be famous by executive sue -- we're not gonna hit a lot of these -- every task. Will be -- and either so. That you want thing when the wind when new features beautifully there's one in the gutter of the first gagged -- it going or not -- to -- -- -- And we keep the play in this about I think he's probably one of the most hard hitting most senior linebacker. In the game I don't care you can put the mobile world who have you. What put them which I would take -- movies Leo because. I know when this when this. To go in and kind of give effort we need the ball -- also somebody. Not just because somebody is -- know take the ball away. You're the first person now turn to in which he gave to a -- yes I mean he's ever over here. -- -- Jackson in the -- and that ball was -- so. You don't like that I won't be a big fan is the desire to take it from them all day so there you have it yet that they would agree is so -- remove. So how does particularly young player how does he. Maintain that aggressiveness and eliminate the penalties. For me just got. You just have to watch as a group I was in the similar situation a couple of years ago. Where you have to Alter your -- -- off your game at all. You have altered to all three. There's enough food because they progressed so all and and don't shy away from what what what you do -- In this poll is very very tough to do respect from me you've given -- -- not talk about allowed back into it and be and if -- play. Just like running back they run the ball every -- Putting is being made in every plea of something. Was going to be told where this thing that we won't have to do that. All what his game because you know Bruce Bartlett is going to be going because here's the address reality work. I will be the first until. Because America I was there before who -- I -- my game. And you know work this frustrated because. It takes away from dad being an aggressive. Take away from the game itself Amin. Years and years and years of football that we played before us. It takes you to do it quite that helpful way because -- don't exist and that type of football. Don't exist anymore. So you don't have. Cold cold last you don't have. Receiver come across mitigate -- he would not golf you don't you don't have those type of plays in the more because of the way the game was called when there. And I think this is disrespectful to the guest who laid the foundation. Force when you talk about great players you think about guys here. Known for even. You can you can you what better way because of that this new era for also. But no way it looked along with -- they're -- footballer and that's what they want you won't have to Alter your game. To play with that until you get kind of you retired so. But to me I'm a football there are -- but you know -- highlights of those two people do not off. Because he was used to feel warm across -- -- -- -- would -- you have he was run across. And you have any -- -- That the defense of right in front of people and because you're noting protected with flags in the -- being protected by the beauty -- If this is definitely. These -- and now days. Sounds like you're gonna get taken out by a couple of kids in the background whose -- -- what it was more formula waiver. You don't want to you don't want to events like 800 you guys Steve. Talking about this in the post game show yesterday and in talking about is this going to be a problem for his reputation. In a game of football doesn't it. I don't think of quarterback. Of a divisional -- called a player apart if any thing. It gives him a reputation which -- that's gonna be fearful of them out there I think guys to play the game. At that level scripted there's a there's a line you can cross amateurish crossed that line. But. Did you develop a reputation out here where people fearing you and it becomes part of your game does not. A myriad. I mean. We're warn you look your burden despite and you pull up all of his clips. Every an -- clear and first and a compliment as how physical you please. How or eat here. Column so. Of course who know -- you know BP feeling -- where are they want to label it doesn't matter because. When people gore won the game. Facing you know what she decided when he. Plain and simply going -- And end in your opponents they know you can trust me. Everybody lined up across from him know it from the Lima and all over to the receipt with date though it could be today -- You don't they Fred Jackson is look at the next time. Hey do everything they know he's going he's gonna get your work. It is what it is not a fit he's going to be district who have filed a level. Which he calls live but he's not give final time right outside bet he's glad to finding themselves. Why did he say from a felony is -- but that's necessary -- Does your company and -- not god and they. -- you've heard you heard events guys that talk about his dad -- -- dad to diabetes. I was very close -- -- and this is personal. -- develop for will match every minimum ten dollar donation to -- this will Work Foundation and you'll be entered to win a pair of tickets -- VIP tailgate passes that's important -- to donate please go to Vince Wilfork 75 dot com that's Vince Wilfork 75. Dot com. Thank you thank you that's good stuff good stuff -- -- aren't appreciated and the report two more winners hopefully. -- -- -- -- 11 on Sunday we'll see you back your money can enjoy wanted to join us we like to -- -- -- -- -- offense -- our Arab resort to a trauma of how stocks -- tomorrow stoppage style of food. It'll drive you crazy see you go and I. This will for writing an eviction.

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