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A PED debate: Baseball players (Merloni) VS. Football players (Troy Brown)

Nov 12, 2012|

Lou Merloni is upset about the double standard in sports where MLB players are heavily criticized for PED abuse but football players seem to get more of a pass. Troy Brown and Mut give their opinions as well.

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Troy Brown back in the building every single patriots Monday model united three point seven WEEI. Very quietly. Oceans they quietly but Friday afternoon once we get off the -- -- The news broke that a patriot instead of four games for illegal substance. At patriots running back Brandon -- freeagent undrafted. Missile stark for his team he'll miss four games. Committee patriot fans football fans get upset at the patriots are -- emboldened for. Be suspended four games last 72 hours so you really think football fans care. -- mean isn't evident. You know I mean this is tough -- and on Friday night over Comcast when. You know think about what this team right in the last last year. You bring in -- paying for four games now the NFL doesn't c'mon tell you what these players took so they'll just hide behind lateral you know -- people don't view that it's. It's powerful it's steroids GH whatever is so it's always general -- would we don't know that's just what they say. And he is exactly into a but imagine now it's a football team right it was a big deal -- this -- -- is paying for four games last year who -- come on here and stop the run. We love him he's a Pollack he's -- -- we want our defense. UH -- got a guy coming off suspension down to keep the lead server and a four game suspension again for -- all. We think there's we think everything lateral who cares bring them back -- can -- -- this defense brand all the suspended four games volleys hard anyways in -- we took Mbeki's rested. And just go out there and run the football nobody. Cares. When it comes the NFL's let's take those players. Let's move with the Red -- Let's say last year you know we'll say a young player an impact player let's say -- Mel Brooks gets banged misses fifteen games. Let's say Felix you brought its bank to miss fifty games and it's up straight from Melky Cabrera. Would have been different response. On game there is -- no taller order Gaza's 25% of that there's always gonna miss all 45% of the -- -- four games in 25% -- forty games and baseball arrested but there's no different is it shows a complete difference in -- way people think about steroids in every sport. Yeah except for baseball and cycling great sucking you kill them out there right Lance Armstrong but I mean basketball but it happens or football -- happens it's. It's nobody awakening get back in the -- leaving here -- performing enhancing drugs in -- -- -- -- Jack had a very Rashard Lewis has not even as the boys in basketball but as far as football -- people just come back and if you have a shot -- -- a -- against Obama you're gone but if if you can accomplish -- who cares what you. Did you you are you brought up that the biggest point evolved -- is here with me -- and you're you're exactly right because in baseball. Numbers matter more so than in football and she's talking about. Who had the most -- astounds who had you know however when it -- once the -- mean it whatever but numbers don't really matter as much. -- people would follow baseball. When you talk about. Who was all the time home run leader that's what started I couldn't tell you head. Who was the nun who was the lead to a -- ten years ago before some are a testament a final deal with a leading rusher is recital Eric in nineteen exported so let us know that -- that. And -- that's why it doesn't matter to sports fans as much based -- football fans as much as it does the baseball fans because. When you sit there and you look at it that -- that that's the that's a big deal the baseball fans who commute long Balkan. Who's on time only to customers on the that I and they base bombing but then you have all of a sudden now he's gases pass in the -- Right you know all of back to -- easy to one season and in football I think now we've had what 34 guys that have access to -- number. -- the last decade and place Phillies a little later isn't what you Jamal Lewis challenge him when well -- -- -- for a -- that there -- fourth 2000 out of us as the man's death it's investing news was yes I agree with you -- -- Right because I think baseball the home run record. Pissed everybody off right still Roger Maris is still want these guys in bonds and it was a joke what those guys are doing but and how much does records. Well like a showcase Felix to bronco busted me Melky Cabrera gets disease of win the National League batting titles of they are they annoying are much bigger name player than brand emboldened if that was who who is Melky Cabrera. Mean you talk about the Indian nation that sports fans had Melky Cabrera is a huge factor on the giants this year Brandon Bolden is still. The third or fourth running back and the patriots have not played if it was or Rob Gronkowski. Who got bank for four games. Went down for hours today on ground and what he got to have a low impact player and Red Sox got busted for steroids you think you'd be winking come back he can help our team. There we just want him back what you think the perception would be something different towards. It's just the way it is so what's the equivalent of brand embolden you wanna say it will more Brooks or or Felix you brought Brandon Spikes. Spiked up -- before games last year. Does anybody even care we still talk about the list that David was on. You know they -- really and it does anybody care that spiced up busted that -- and a bus that would bring in a guy that got busted and -- that they've response from a fan of football fan well. It's the NFL but is it really we got -- forward. If that even happens is accepted the big toughest game and everybody's gonna get bigger faster stronger -- -- that's the case your hypocrite because you get on Bud Selig and the owners in the late ninety's for knowing it's going on. And not doing anything a body go to the players union for knowing it was going on it was accepted in nobody was doing anything about it. So that's your responsibility NFL the reasons why people just say who cares. Just as long spikes stops the run or as long as -- was back -- runs or league saves a secondary. It -- it's just for some reason is the biggest double standard in sports when it comes to steroids guys that cheat. It only matters in baseball. That's it well I think it also IMF this cycle into cycling trips down because it was the greatest of all time. I don't in the major sports yet you baseball baseball as it but I mean is this more of a game of numbers and you look at. Mean Roger Clemens came back and made. Gazillion dollars and you know awful what he was able to do with -- in any pissed at -- level for a long long time. You know what was the affair and Nolan Ryan you know and his legacy that he was going to come back into this. You know I know but obviously Clemens was caught for Leno also normalized amendment. -- exactly what you're saying and I agree with you because. Baseball's is unknown people remember about the numbers put up in baseball. Especially when it comes to strike outs and and a home runs and that stuff owes them big deals. And in the baseball world. -- -- big names right it's right in front wing and MVP -- and things in Boston it's it's looking -- early in the league getting busted it's you know Clemens and bonds you know McGwire all. Everybody's speculating it was the only negative but what it is Merriman the biggest name football player that's been suspend him. I don't I don't I mean he's he's -- down here and since then yeah really mean obviously this has been some unexpected event. Nobody really talks about him and on the and is not even I'm factory it will not affect coming up bothers me right now on his life. And all of that list that was -- and I -- is that going to be our company has come out about Barry Bonds if you bring that name up. You know not so we talk about football players Rodney Harrison how about that for second that Rodney -- take a beating around here total -- admitting he came out and tell HD eight focus it's like all what you mean this is the guys trying to go to feel the need to -- and also it's accepted. I also think Rodney came out and he and he stood up to owned it -- any owned it right away. You know before even anybody I knew anything about he stood up to and that helped. -- here's the problem I have with -- your league your your football league is that the for whatever reason the league and the union came to an agreement that when a guy suspended. We're not gonna say would be suspended for Melky Cabrera suspended fifty games you exactly what he did you knew that he set up a website just approve. That this substance he took was not a legal that was on some sort -- was on a medical web site. Brandon -- can come out today and we'll what is the state -- his agent I Sumi has won. And say I took -- all I was having problems focusing I should've taken it. Meanwhile as Greg but our points out at a brawl if you ever if you get a medically prescribed to you in the NFL. It's not illegal so we don't -- wherever the hell he wants because the league is not going to say yeah that's not true he took HE Ager he took steroids. And so it's not I think -- some cases. It's not a strict penalties yes he gets suspended but what did he take it that was the stigma of he took steroids or he took HD -- he took. We have some sort of pig -- horse hormone right to try to pump himself up and you -- that wow that's lot different -- lateral that's the league. Let these guys off the hook to extend well I'll say what I think. What were guilty of taking outlets say let them off the hook I think is that the of this keeping themselves out of all the term all of that into. Explain to people exactly but because this is a detail the players is that. Whatever it is it is on the list at -- all whatever you you name it. It's on the list out of nowhere you got from. But is on the list of performance and and if there's great accountability and it comes upping your system. Then you're guilty yeah they put that they put everything on the players to be responsible for what goes into his body and right and. As opposed to going out and throwing a player and the buses and he was known that you said at -- -- On a -- heart moles and baboon this and that you know then. And as opposed the -- into all that. If you don't plan wanna go out there and tell people what you Maria -- is exactly you know does take us you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- you got you got a few that would do -- got a -- -- -- who -- Right they don't have to Honda coming in and what else imported into experimenting. Airmen on the two. -- got ready development properties that all about you know but I am but still dominate on the tournament. You don't have the gardez say exactly what she did I mean you look at asylum to Libya. That even when you talk about the street knows they're not gonna -- calling anybody out on the last of the this puts in the program you know when those -- -- it was and it. You know going to the program look and whatever but. There are some things that. You can take over the kind of you don't know any better. That will come up positive and and and he makes for easy excuse if you obviously did something that was. Way way way out of there out of the normal people normally -- but you can't. You can't take some say without telling your trainer doing I was still in bed last night man. As unsolicited. You can't do you know because of it -- -- positive. Then they don't even care because you never told your life into the document. In -- -- gives it it gives a player defense in -- well does he come out and just. Say what it is and if it was sort of fed Oprah really was better all it and then fine we'll have your opinion on it but. You know Brian Cushing minister Brian Cushing do you think steroid -- PD -- usually a good linebacker -- right. He was the -- as a -- right now up three guys have been -- to repeat these last count a year. And if that was -- Boston Red Sox during a team in baseball currently three guys on the team busted to be completely different. I think this goal of fiscal continue to be this big of a problem we got through just don't want team. Then. You're gonna look at it is so overall situation. A Warner is they put -- -- is announced as though. Andy you had that make it all completely legal that that that role is at this. You guys a subtle from a potential problems or whatever then. You can take it anymore. And and they got -- make a decision with that one or another because if this performance enhancing drugs. And you hello. Handful -- -- a take it. Then everybody else who founded outlook McCain focused on these men are all to only get the same eighty it's nice guy has yet and if he detonated. You know and -- a matter it would do to compete with these. And then there's the you know ever has gone beyond lateral. And jacked up and everything else that's the case if there's that big of a deal that that big of a deal. Then is going to be lightning -- will be some. On -- -- data don't feel. They -- today about a minute ago. Crying cursing right those idols get up and it was your right after he was named to defensive rookie of the year. Diego busted for steroids or PDs Errol I guess you set probably -- lateral well. Do you still the same feeling about Brian Cushing does anybody even remember that the team but even put him in steroids together what do you remember Ron Ron -- A -- Ron who use the MVP was defensive rookie of the year yeah it's it's a fair point there is a double standard. And and if there's a lot of reasons for it and the stats in the tradition of baseball -- -- reason the reason is it is a bigger black and wild and windy as it's accepted by the fan base in the NFL. It is so much more evident in baseball. As oppose a football when users see you can just the density. And -- and you sit and you physically look at guys in baseball. And you know people don't have been as Vegas on mile and beg -- and of. Yeah. It's just saying mark McCord that was -- Oakland -- Now -- and you see that and you see just that the numbers just continue to click what was the one guy that was. -- We go to -- in 12 Wikipedia feed ingredient is he couldn't hit a lick those big bucket -- And they came back the next season was like one of the best it is generally -- -- letter says look I made nothing it was -- -- it was I mean you know Kamal -- Lot of guys and that and especially in that part of the the decade quick break come back we'll talk Detroit. About the Indianapolis Colts next -- when you're.

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