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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the Patriots offensive performance in their 37-31 victory over Buffalo

Nov 12, 2012|

Deion Branch joins Mut, Lou, and Troy Brown to break down the Patriots 37-31 victory over the Bills on Sunday. He gets into the Patriots passing game and what contributed to their success on first down. Also, Branch comments on the cohesion and understanding between Brady and his receiving core.

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In the building on this patriots Monday and not the building but joining us on the eighteenth the -- our good friend. Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch she's brought to you by -- arrest restoration specialists and Dioner a lot of patriot fans are saying a win is a win but. I didn't feel good yesterday you said something some more after the game locker room saying that they feel like -- teams better than that. It didn't feel good to win that way what did you mean about that 3737. Went. We -- -- -- -- If it was a politically it would know that. All right whereas. And this event we we we take -- -- -- track. And I'm looking forward to next week. I think what is what the smoke commitment about winning games that's what we did look pretty but -- well. If you're involved in this -- far more than you have early in the eight targets or second team behind Wes and four catches for thirty yards and was there. There's something you saw did you know that coming into the game be more UV bigger part bigger role. About democracy because you know Genesis code of the players who will be game plan. Right now more evolved as there -- But as far as we know and exactly what was what you don't know again over all contributed. You know produce when it was just columnist -- I mean beyond that they were and they were looked they would get you involved in this game. Early and often even late in the game and honestly I saw some things that you normally don't do catches some of those little. Those that -- -- that he was known as he rested Julian do into the zone. And and how much is this a plastic that you really. What districts have been I don't know they were trying to -- -- in the first after the season order advocates are really down the stretch. -- -- I hope so you know that you know what they -- today we had a great gateway on the leaders. Agree we practice in an -- You go about -- about what and it moving guys around is is a plus -- office. You know. And it takes on the role of whereas some of this stuff off the ground -- moving gas program try to put as citizens -- this great place and because good break I was going. They're constantly. And and yesterday. I saw Tom. I think he was really give an element of business -- that is that a few words to whisked through. I forgot exactly which it was on but and you guys didn't pick up the first element when that went down and he was in the news business what what happened on that if you remember. Which -- it was. I don't know isn't normal I don't even know -- -- with. 200 feet long with a list view our privacy and when he's so -- annually at a bank. -- Oberto actually had to borrow it and -- You know bit the thing about you know. Is this as perfection and then I looked like it was numbers. It was. You know he has expectations. That he has -- always receive. It's apparently meant in this thing is we had to try to basically everything possible for go to -- in there can be president of it's it makes plays. 400 -- what -- I mean that if -- way. You know -- actually get out of -- trying to. You know we will witness it too much of Julian happened that when -- mean. It was and the kind of a done deal that the got that unless and they're from Tahoe. -- children because if it because you don't have to -- of this impunity because. You're -- it got so there's great player when you agree perfectly well. It. If you're good personnel career record and you know who knows cause I'm feeling was with. You know where it -- and Google branded so we just had it about to be prepared if we win that game that we can look at that and target towards doing. And that's what we've seen that from Tom before you know on this islands in its -- and I'm I'm just wondering if the survey questionnaire have you seen it where we're wide receiver gets on Tom -- than the other way around. Yeah we you don't regret. Just let's give it back to a that's all it doesn't it almost an hour ago. We we go you know I consider guys let me get -- it differently and so. As color filter. As. As well it's great news. You know -- that mistake made him so he's sort of the coattails or foreigners. You know I don't because -- is -- whoever -- -- would evolve as we have because well. You know like myself. And obviously I know the local but I got just as well you know. Did -- -- there was a couple catches early in the game I know west dropped one that could have been a stunning -- one in the same drive. Just one and how what was -- a big factor on both of those balls. Matters. -- and I'm not allowed -- and received -- not say commitment if you can keep it real. I mean we knew it or what a pregame -- -- because we have played it wanted to visit. You know but we practice -- -- wouldn't -- well now obviously we can't let up. In order before we get you know Israeli ethnic Kosovo. There -- kids. You know. Whatever Korea our noses just to do is to Gaza's -- and Vegas and this couple routine care -- dead in his acting was very difficult Dubow. Well you had you had what people on Twitter were calling it Troy Brown type place I believe yesterday -- because the ball bounced a looked like buffalo is going to be -- pick you did -- what Troy didn't San Diego you reached in it was that was that an homage to. And Troy Brown -- the ball on San Diego. It's eight hey look here's bears say it would be if we present period. You know at least we got reports. There is inevitable. Delay. It was at my next Rick on that are involved might read only. And it is so weird -- -- trying to hit it if -- like a kind of opera ball -- instead of you know my natural. What -- realizes and as it turned around. And I think we both which is located. He's headed in yeah I read in certain events and get ago. And you -- talked about the element play as a follow up -- is why as a wide receiver -- whose responsibility is it went. -- the pressure's gonna come of the gonna send a quarterback they're gonna send a safety. Does Tom call out the change in -- is that irresponsible as wide receiver to an al-Qaeda gonna bring pressure from this side I need to adjust my route. -- get to the place for that defender was sort of be opened for Tom. Where exactly what best some you know -- Exploded in those days in office. And now we have to be on the same page with -- -- yes it is. All the -- move you know and it was a weird game. I would have tightness. What is their promises he has options they played -- -- that to make -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you put it touched down in there at the end there that feel that game was just about over. This is that is that bother using your first -- put up 37 almost walk up on what might do and I'm pissed off. We put -- 37 holdings. I know it will it's so weird after years. Go we're in the locker room but I think there's -- fear most -- -- You know -- goes so you almost wasn't prepared and we as. Airport organ match. Who will be -- prices all week. -- also put up a lot like. It's have a particular. You know that we -- -- we -- in the couple plays. Maybe it's -- two here and there. But we are considered it in. Wednesday's episode at an event that -- -- When we -- you know. But now I've -- it was his victory we've got to move forward you know accurate political. Have you heard of arrives it's Patrick after the game talked about Brandon Spikes who called little bit of a punk based on these games. You've played this year what goes through your mind when an opposing player calls out what are your guys like that makes a comment about when your players -- Oh into you know it probably -- You know me clues. I mean. There's not but -- -- -- -- -- comment flag burning gas well. -- -- -- Notebook in the -- some if this would be like if this -- in these phone you don't care. You know they've lost. Appreciative government is because of one game. That we can look at portable -- -- pages. Would want to hear. Arguments. The question is really -- it if you haven't gotten this memo yet I'm sure you'll get it at some point the the TV -- as nominate you for an Emmy. Based on what you did in the main event with Fannie -- the result UNESCO -- if you didn't get the award would you accept the award as best. Sports comedy actor in 2012. Yeah -- doubt whether it would okay. We are used to display the audio we think did a great job and I think you're way better than -- we -- easy sold a lot better than he did. OK I appreciate. -- got a little more work to do this Libya. It hasn't seen in my mud pit as so called me. So we're gonna have this thing is so I think nick activity he's. It is yeah. I do us go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WEE Ollie posted video CU and all our our listeners and they miss the yesterday. You're trying to sell you locker room to play. To -- lead did did the DJ although you only know three rap song they said you'll know three rap songs with the negative campaigns all on ran. Against UN they're all. Early addition rap and may god if not -- -- -- -- -- report it because it was a good look deep into the locker room. Every list so on producer probably would've won that award easily. At least it is so there but we didn't. We give -- a different looking. True well you could see if FaceBook dot com slash WEE IU stole the thing Kenny -- was okay salt solace or K Deion Branch you're the star that -- -- that. -- repair it DI check it out FaceBook dot com slash WEEI and good luck gives Indy. We are prepared -- Deion Branch joining us you're on a patriots Monday our conversation with -- Is brought to you by a RS restoration specials we'll get a break come back talked to Mike and Eddie and poppy and all your phone calls toward privacy your Sports Radio WEEI.

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