WEEI>On Demand>>A win is a win, but can the Patriots play like this and make it in the post-season?

A win is a win, but can the Patriots play like this and make it in the post-season?

Nov 12, 2012|

Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown break down the Patriots 37-31 victory over the Bills in a close game on Sunday. While the offense made considerable strides both on the ground and in the air, the Patriots defense allowed 481 total yds. The guys re-evaluate the beleaguered secondary and they worry that the Patriots defense won’t be able to outdo a more talented offense then what the Bills produced.

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We put this on the list of winds that don't feel like wins IQ do you model -- not a three point seven WEEI. Patriots Monday live -- Gillette Stadium. I'll be here until 2 o'clock when the big show takes over will pick through all your phone calls and all your thoughts on. -- -- they -- and -- says the patriots won the game yesterday but. I don't know it didn't feel like a -- until one in the record book that's it. That's still -- it say -- commonwealth and that's theme while. Doesn't feel like a bad -- that's all that matters that -- year down here to let that that's all that matters to all bought W. But we watched the game the problem is this patriot fans. Yes as -- -- steeler fans as ravens fans is that some of these teams that Green Bay fans and it's a resulting from the country -- just look at how good you beat the bills WW you look at can this team win a Super Bowl. Mean that's that's that's what we do you know Communist Asia -- getting better it's spoiled are they getting better can this team when it's available so when you look at and you say well. Still Buffalo Bills commit fourteen penalties ten in the first half they turned the ball over three times the patriots. You would think would win the game but there when he looked in civil the first and the Patriots offense been held -- three and fifty yards. They gave up 480 yards of total offense. So I think what maybe it did it when the game just it was login W is really all that matters but as the patriots and you look at this team NC. Are they getting better defensively it's they're weak link. That's what they need to change to -- -- -- balls now they give good feeling at yesterday's gains may -- I know you don't have a good field not the boys back in the building Troy Brown is here on a patriots Monday you said two weeks ago after the Saint Louis game meet you rob Bradford. Sat there and you said this team for the first time all year took a little bit of a step forward defensively against the rams how big of a step backwards. What you saw yesterday against the bills. -- a huge step backwards. They took a step back was yesterday. I thought and and and remember that Coke opposition to epic also by the fact that. Let's see you when they probably some better competition yet. What happens to you know and was just that are really petition yesterday saying. Stevie Johnson's better than what the rams had to put up in the running backs that in Jackson's will almost exodus bill I mean there probably. To a -- as banks to bring down with speed and power and they have all this stuff. And that's at at the running back position for the Buffalo Bills that may not see another group of guys like that. The rest of the year but it's still that being said. I have got that gore coming through with Vernon Davis many miles. Crabtree as -- can make some plays when I have wanted to housing them and through aerial balls to come through so. He can't tackle who better than what you showed yesterday and I know every game is not going to be perfect. But you can do better than yesterday gonna have some trouble with big league teams. In the AF CNN throughout the rest of the senate about the rest -- gonna fail. And that's the big -- at the face right now that can maybe. A better team our vision they haven't done that they haven't beat a team out of the NS US yet still a San Cisco company. The got -- and I. The put the Ramsey had to be well and they did their candidate demands it be federal account you know. Honestly although they tied Sampras is to yesterday's what the hell's going on that's dyslexia fill something about -- and in a day. They altitude to Seattle Seahawks and who had to -- a pretty good defense. They lost to Arizona got a pretty good defense. And you found a team has probably balanced like the Texans you have a heart -- that's that's an arena where there aren't because. I think years pastor -- but last week we said well if you -- scored the -- -- And -- go the other way around because if a defense can slow down the patriot offense. And get the whole team's mentality -- I think it all comes around this office and office click and everything just sort of feels better about this team but the team can slow them down. The patriots I think even -- below average offensive team can put points up now when you look at it genius if if they're weakest weakest spot is quarterback. That's a team the kind of scares me because they won't make the quarterback looked better. Phineas or better than he should so re looking say while the Buffalo Bills you know the can run the football at those two explosive running backs but Fitzpatrick. Eventually is gonna give it up well. So this every single week -- to make every single quarterback looked better then they should and they did that yesterday. I made a mistake of saying if -- Patrick would be the one quarterback would have success. Against the patriots -- -- he turns the ball over so there's also has Communists are also with a three something. I mean there's nobody needs only has a decent game against the -- though. And I just looked at his -- even though he had a decent game the buffalo guesstimate as he always has four turnovers. I started the game up that way yesterday. And into the game that -- yesterday do for the Buffalo Bills. He came mentally he actually at one point game at -- -- him -- and he was. 121 was well the Brady is a quarterback rating in the the team was they would -- would OK I mean you looked at I looked at the game and man and I thought it was a 2014. Fan. I was should be consistently get back into it and that those 24 points all came from. A couple of Paris and -- calls that put him on the warning. And internal internal workings intro and strip sack and his troops and epic one decent and -- -- at the with the a few local media thing but. Over the net they didn't really do a whole lot at two draft that we're like that the -- -- that it put together. In the first -- and came back to the Foreman. To in the game and get a field goal which is an improvement. You know there was some things occur where was the -- that there was there was and they the could have been better and heads that I didn't I didn't care for the the fig double reversed the play action fake and out of first I felt that interception. At that point and put it away John but. That it wasn't thinking and it could have been number there was of that one drive and a way to the nineteen seconds when it. Back up on the one and in trying to pound and a one time but you know west not to pass this team that was a costly play -- There's things like that than to clean -- opening deliberate and games aren't going to be perfect and don't get me wrong I'm not nitpicking and every little thing but. So we do not believe as a -- from from our standpoint and. And yet the pointed out there though those are probably -- this this was all for buffalo bills' defense -- is getting awful. -- that's the reason why I didn't think it was going to be. That would come with a slap at -- that was going to be global because it did not think that this defense. Again the study looked just the defensive side of the ball wondering if this can be tough team for the page but tough game this patriots team defensively. I thought they were gonna be able to do whatever they want but when you look at it. You syndicate 24 points and -- first test. You know ten penalties and -- at a 119 yards in Kenya and eagle to have doubt about point 417. Yeah. 124 points in its 24 to seventeen and they already -- you turn over inside -- -- Exactly and and they kept going up by two scores and both look at coming right back which is that which was an improvement of buffalo because the last time in buffalo. That team quit. They they quit on themselves in that game and the pages for a 31 ports on them in the fourth quarter. The last time they played. And yet the give buffalo with a bit of credit for hanging in the latest damage and Anke been themselves in the ball game -- safe it was to be amenable to having one put it. They had a chance to win this game and a legitimate chance to win this game yesterday. But again you have to look back at everything edited on fourteen penalties and -- and if the cars. Two costly turnovers Rickles eternal was one going to protest now one backed up. And other going to a four game winning touchdown that I don't know who is on the ball to. Went those are the kind of things that bad teams do. To lose football games and give the patriots and credit too because. You feel good about this win because it down. You know you didn't play your best and you know you play pretty dead. And you come out with the wind you have to wipe -- for it and finish. We dodged a bullet there we got to win -- -- got to -- a whole lot better than we played today let's talk. But that last play for second you said you don't know who Fitzpatrick who's going to do that a great overhead shot of that. For patriot defenders basic crossed the goal line that you had one receiver TJ grants I think I know who's going to TJ Graham. TJ Graham -- after the game was his fault toy you've been in that spot is that the receivers fault well that -- that's Patrick's fault you know football. It depends on how they read those plays. And it that was supposed to be some type of middle route read then you'd take. The middle of the field towards a global that this indeed receive it and maybe you know you you went underneath the defendant -- -- -- move. But -- didn't undercutting a wide receivers while. Because. The quarterbacks expecting you to come underneath that defendant make that play. But the pacers played the winners pose a plated -- -- Overland across the don't have anyone to your as the opinions don't. And anything by hand and let -- be a great throw. And a way to slow -- slow retarded on office put it on the back plan. But yet put the -- -- -- -- a guy has a chance of making that play. -- it a lot of people from grim after the games into the -- pass I should make that play I take the blame for that went. That might be that that might be why I don't get on the field this month. And as I could self scouting out a little -- honestly. I'm defensively you know I've said that before than you know wanna see this defense walk off the field of victory and and technically yes. Yes they did they wanna give them according for being particularly great play on the ball I can't do that and I think that you -- He was -- -- -- Obama because they want to head two more chances then repeated it I give credit for knocking the ball out of Freddy Jackson -- Good economic sort of idea of cutting him credit for making. It's practical -- of the middle Wilfork sacked him and and recovered the football that was -- a play. Brandon Spikes knock it Freddy Jackson out now while it was not an easy got knocked out I think for the second time this year no need to recover that fumble but there were some plays made that. You know people sit there try to defend his defense -- it will they made a play they won the game according interception. It -- -- played a ball Peter Sellers that they're caught. Just this this was that this was a band. Buffalo Bills to. I mean I -- -- -- buffalo Billiton up and up out of -- -- -- public the jets -- really positive perspective do you think less of the bills in the jets because we all know your opinion of the New York Jets. Is this would -- Not as bad as the jets. While the jets that while back to sit here and think about it. Tells you all you need to know that jets have been through -- television right now because exit face. As a while when it's used -- -- -- -- -- -- I was resolved by about what I thought about what I wanna -- I don't I know how does that work on an -- -- is a part of the conversation today because it just sucked again yesterday stick with a mortgage your thoughts on that. And RC guys lined up at 6177797937. -- get the feeling. A lot of your phone calls are -- go see the comments you want to defend -- -- -- want to know ask the question how much of how much every step backwards as a patriots fan. Do you feel like this defense took yesterday 6177797937. And in ninety seconds we'll try to answer the question can Aqib Talib saved this Patriots defense that's next.

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