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Danny Woodhead, Patriots RB, on the Patriots 37-31 victory over the Bills

Nov 12, 2012|

Danny Woodhead joins Mut, Lou, and Troy Brown to talk about his impact performance on Sunday against the Bills, including 2 TD’s and 4 receptions for 46yds. He comments on the makeup of the Patriots and how their trust of each other contributes to their winning performances.

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Yeah happy designees. You know he's been that -- since the day he got here and I remember his first game against we played buffalo at home and even the third week of the year. And he had a similar type one place for a touchdown and you know we kind of joke but it silenced Billy and I and you know -- because they got the legend is born you know. Because we -- we followed that -- practiced what he was capable of doing and we kept saying Kyle white with the jets released this guy. -- they have played receiver and you know he's a running back to college and you know he's just coming in and done such a great job. He is he is the alternate team player and teammate and dependable consistent. You know you always know the global played -- getting from day. And he's. He's been he had a huge game yes syphilis and there we really needed it because you know I don't offense. I think everyone really didn't have their best advantage. And and that he can he really say that they fresh. Patriots Monday -- -- 93 point seven WEEI Troy Brown this year patriots money started with Tom Brady. About 6:30 this morning -- accolades that Danny would header joins us here in studio so -- -- the jets like you go what this tells the one on their day. You know the UN -- that's. That's and yes what what they needed to do with the time I guess and I feel very very fortunate that I am. And I'm here at least a wide receiver more I was expecting oh is I was moved to two wide receivers. They had me do a little. Little bit of both. And that's not -- really think about too -- and -- So it and it was that you know for the of the Tivo movement. I'm I'm now they can see well into the at least it was gonna happen -- they had more success Tebow would you tell us. I don't know if you are aware of this but on the Comcast the patriots pregame Troy Brown dialogue there and Troy before the game. That Danny would -- is critical for a hundred yards are set rushing incisions -- -- -- arson and a decision he called the middle for a hundred yards now -- was there and let that. What was in odds this was this one is COO Leo would -- citing Miami's. Build a quiet you know in the last couple weeks I know I was just perfect I mean there was no vote him. And it was a perfect setup for the him the -- -- things back to relieve this weekend. And I just thought he would have a big game today so during the week. Did you see it during the week in just beat up their infield practice more reps. You know I I don't really I don't really think about that too much they can't have how many -- inning give her. How many touches on me and I'm I just try to approach every day the same and you know if if -- get opportunities to make the best of them. Did two touchdowns -- -- -- with the rushing touchdown because it seemed like. We talk about your no huddle offense all the time -- catch his team's off guard in that particular situation. You guys -- -- quick during that drive you seem to catch him off guard and then you had. Both low and eight seal off a guy and you went -- -- about thirteen yards out is that the benefit of one year hurry up the offense a little bit having the bills. Off off keel and that's situation. It might be but I think. I think the benefit is heaven that offensive line and you know all of them being able to sell off their guys. -- ten other guys out there doing their job. And I just had to do my job knows Bryant in the end zone. It's it's great today to plan a team like this is everyone so. So selfless and when -- eleven guys on the same page. Not worried about who who's getting the ball or whatever it may be. I think that's a good thing it's not what their offensive -- to pre season is one of the concerns I think is H -- block a lot of people in annual worried about the depth in some injuries and then you have make it's going out in the third quarter with that ankle he's a walking boot after the game currently leads in the second quarter. Thomas McDonald they just step in the they have been. Outstanding this year for you guys. Everyone it's on this team is is definitely trusted but by everyone else. Whatever the coaches -- players. We wish we trust each other to to do their job and I think that's a great thing about. The makeup of this team as it is everyone's. Worried about what they're supposed to do and and then coming together once were on the field. -- but I was coming in China and our tails I feel good and I think that's questioned about it and asked you this then because. A message of reform and on year but you know you you win the game 63 that's the most important thing. There's some separation now a little bit in the AFC east division that we expect -- think the guys can and control. But patriot fans look at is is this team good enough to a suitable even though you win you still look at and see what defensively. There's some flaws if this weekend coming off the bye week. We you guys surprised come off that highway that may be came out Andy -- -- -- -- football but -- defense immediately -- Every week we try to approach the same and that's to to stay prepared be prepared for the game. For any situation. You know that's the skin you know happen and the most important thing is we won the game. We we scored more points than them you know no matter. What way you look at it with 37 made 31 and and that's the most important thing. I mean -- -- that that is a very important thing to do when those games even though he's supposed to win and you may -- -- and -- are close. But give us a little bit of the -- in the locker room after the game I mean really. Was it like. Kind of a happy but you know gas begat dole I've got to type mood in that in the locker room. I think I think -- as the -- we're looking as we wanna game there's a division game. And you know those are those are hard to come by. As you know Troy -- you've been in even in the in the process if it is in the we won the game won we won a division game in. You know when when you look at the win loss column goes on this on the W side and sell side so. We're we're very happy with that. -- is one of -- youngest teams I think -- these head and coming off by historically have been very good and each one even you know for a few years was the -- we getting different today monetary especially with a younger team to make sure these guys focused you guys are. And on point when you come back. You know I think everyone. Whether we via a younger you are not I think we understand. You know what's at hand. We understand it's a -- we obviously gave. And get some rest good be ready to go in. And B rays prepare and that's this we tried to do when and we are able come out with a victory in -- -- the number one goal is to win the game so. And I think that's definitely a positive -- On the second touchdown the one on the back field Thompson do well avoid a little bit of pressure Danny he rolled out he found you caught in stride he went in. Was that the latest sign -- when Tom starts a scramble around is there OK I gotta get open here I gotta get myself to a position where if he does scramble look. I'm available to catch the ball the backfield. I just trying to to run my around -- You know what whenever there's a guy had -- close mean navies in man whether he's on -- I'm trying to get open so. There's there's more than just myself. You know run their Allen I think. If if there was some pressure trying to scramble earliest who's looking for an open guy. And and I happen to be open on that play so. I just try to do they could lose it could with it. You know we talked to deal analyze talks will be some touchdown celebrations obviously -- -- that -- -- gronkowski out in -- I got to ask -- a little bit -- a little Shimmy shake. After one of many thought -- -- let's be honest about this did do in the in my touchdown an audience is there anything you say that they they look plain as. They're not. -- the thought that one it's always do is I'm expecting Melanie anywhere ministers elect you it's just a second -- it is because it's about the people who asked to write poignantly. Right right. You know these. These were definitely not plan is just. I don't know it -- -- trust outline the -- you'd never know what's gonna happen in. Just like yesterday -- -- gonna happen but I did they get so little Shimmy shake so I'm not real sure what and I. I know when I stopped dancing at the Pittsburgh apartment and I asked him out. And that's not healthy and doing it has me doing the few things that when I. That I haven't danced -- since then in my -- this -- analyze them and they were like you know. I see by you know dance. -- this is a good thing -- -- them you got over worked with directly to a what was that. You know what I. I have an answer might I don't know what I was trying to figure out of kind of company can what is that we don't know I was audited and of that momentum and. A question about would hit that earlier man. I told you -- -- five. -- -- I've asked asked Carol math this offseason went -- you have you can -- -- totally happen. What happened out there that you don't look like this -- failure of badly because he's fast that I guess euros based on ninety you know it's a bit I mean is is. But anyway we do you think that gives you. Quite an advantage I know like focus on defense and they can't really find demand optimism is that a problem for you that the that you can't see them either publicly visit. -- a special summary on -- has apparently -- and Morales in the government Acosta met him. I don't think it's a disadvantage by any means. I don't know if it's I don't know if it's an advantage -- -- and I know. You know and that however many years -- played football -- -- I don't think it's ever been a disadvantage. Have there been times are people who lost me. I think I it's I could say that's happened quite a few times. But I I don't when -- -- and I do I don't always think about it and I've I naturally obviously run lower than most people though it -- Israel Vazquez to do. Pretty well. When you get the bug me you've probably did more positive yards and anybody can win that when they went in the book and I'm more -- abilities. -- I am I'm just. Is trying to do an ideal and and that's -- if I get the ball in my hands and then try to make something positive happen. That's when I was expecting you to have more fifteen yard penalties blows that it yeah. Guys can really get the -- the as I don't think that there is -- Maybe maybe that that's way can happen when -- 5858. -- five. At its rights by -- I'll I'll I'll have to. It's the logical and they do that that's a big boys out there any he remembers it wanna maybe forget it because of its -- one hit. We've got to swap this guy just took you know. You know I -- Mean if if -- -- -- think it's -- special teams last year in Tampa. It pretty. In the three seasons ago but you know. Football game where you're getting his own ability. Really think about the time you -- -- is actually in. You -- by his secret thing but to team that you think is -- thinking of Coke. My spikes. And I'm not out there -- he's out there play in the game is closing here a little spikes man. -- -- I think your boys and restaurants suffered NFL corner drug rounds I ever with them over to over the offseason that would this be though we got to get in the current event benefit if it and I can commend him for claiming he is the best linebacker in the game. It today or -- Patrick Willis. We'll watch a lot of college football highlights today here and steered the TVs on and you see so much of the spread offense Danny the college level of Philip the last couple years and Chip Kelly makes the jump Morgan of the NFL even more so the NFL start to spur a little bits of benefit a guy like you such a good pass catcher. Out of the backfield to spread out and get those one on one matchups with. A -- linebacker -- a safety slash linebacker -- the field. I don't know. That's that's -- question more for coaches you know I mean -- guys can go out there and play and in try to. And try to do everything I can't to do well on any given play itself. That's Friday questioned her for coaches. Got a question for you though at the answers Wednesday August. 010. Was there a big difference -- -- -- -- is playing with Tom Brady nodded and that's why I. Ask how big of a -- but it wasn't. You know I I I was only there for a a couple years and that's all you need. You know. Being being here -- -- in. -- -- on you -- you know commons and he's he's obviously yeah. He's fairly decent quarterback is out of prison -- you run out dismissed and yes this is -- -- -- can you win with Tom Brady bill -- -- I actually think it you know all we knew we trust the players on the -- -- but the coaches and management congressman Dwayne -- We -- we definitely. We definitely have faith in Obama. Anyway joining us here in studio our conversation with -- proxy by Verizon official wireless. And telecommunication provider of the -- the patriots congratulations on a good game yesterday any win for your team. That's what gets Indianapolis thank you average anywhere near you appreciate it's officially five foot eight Danny what had joining us. Ninety seconds back to your phones.

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