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Boomer Esiason on D&C: Patriots defense has to be straightened out

Nov 12, 2012|

NFL Analyst Boomer Esiason calls into Dennis and Callahan to talk about the Patriots win over the Buffalo Bills. He believes the number one question concerning the Patriots is their defense and how inconsistent it is from week to week. Boomer also brings a national perspective of the Patriots and the entire AFC as it takes shape in the second half of the season.

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Welcome back it's a patriot Monday wake up to copy with Boomer Esiason has brought you by the surprisingly delicious. Farm house blend coffee it's just 99 cents at any size and only at Cumberland farms. Sighs and joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT 8 good morning mr. -- and -- use our. I'm Bloomberg good morning do you think that Tom Brady wishes he could play the Buffalo Bills every weekend. -- I have a a Buffalo Bills wish they can play against the patriot defense every weekend. Yeah you know I know and they're gonna be you know them the million dollar question movement forward regarding the pages you know what I know it. The entire fan based know that the coaches now and I think there's speaking person that I have at the players know it. That each and every week you know if we get deeper into the season. The number one questions surrounding this football team is going to be bears defense and what I can say about this that your defense now yesterday I played out Ryan Fitzpatrick who edit a decent game but. At the end of the game when the -- need to be made who made -- play well I don't know what was made because it was a great -- -- -- I'm a patriot -- according it was just a terrible world noble decision. By Ryan Fitzpatrick but you know that's somewhat patriot ask. Right I mean just stay in the game they have against them again in the Beckham played one game at the end of the game and that's exactly what they've done and then that's their history. And -- you've told us over the years that they win they win as they win and are hard to come by in the National Football League that said nine games in the season is not a small sample. I think we know what this team is all about is this team Canada's team consider itself. Championship driven at the level which the defense is playing now. Well -- -- -- we're carbon copy of last year guys you know I just won't. You know the -- good it's it's got a morbid dynamic to have because of Steven Ridley and what he brings. But I don't do it -- as being like. -- dominant offensive team that we've seen in the past years are maybe just because they're running the ball more and in Europe won't get nearly as much -- that he -- when when you watch him I know that. But. There's still the best team in their division there's no question about that -- -- -- have a home playoff game there's no question about that democracy right now -- palace feel. But I still believe that they're gonna have to go on the road in the gonna have to beat. -- very period used in game they might have to go to Denver and after the Pittsburgh so. While we sit here we watched his regular season unfolded -- probably going to be. You know pretty much everybody on their schedule now given where they play them and who they play and and and also in the collapse of the rest of the comp of the division. I wouldn't think that they have really have to get their defense straighten out in the gonna have to become more and assaulting the parent supposed to an umbrella defense that they think that they have a chance to win. Case -- -- would be about about watching Houston and Chicago those defense as a kitten after last -- and the pitcher -- haven't had you know one of those performances. I was gonna ask you that -- what do you do if you don't have. The ability that the line -- game in man coverage and shut guys down or don't have the ability to get to the passer. With four guys in the -- well what is the solution if you just lack the personnel. You're gonna hate definitely -- sent him as -- your notable rosters of the of the New York Jets in the New England Patriots -- wrote in my estimation there's no. You know there's no comparison simply to -- that the patriots are much better under much pressure the quarterback position. They have received -- bit younger better players especially on defense to be a long. Amid maybe call balls and and -- sooner or -- would would make patriots team I'm not sure anybody else on the on the on the team would but. You know met Rex Ryan is there's this as a lot -- he has he has Simmons locating his years. The fact is his defense comes every week -- May play their asses off. I mean they get after quarterbacks they confuse quarterbacks and you know that's what you do when you don't have a roster full of you know what I believe is great pars like Ray Lewis or Darrelle Revis -- -- -- Missing and yet they still really haven't missed that much of -- -- even know columns and got beat probably yesterday. He manufactures things he manufactures pressure on quarterbacks he confused young players and I you know the the pictures don't do that you know pictures just sit there on broad coverage and it might. Change up a little bit the secondary they always just rush four and -- Bill Bulger for whatever reason it's remarkably. Remarkably patient. When it comes to playing defense meaning that I believe he -- to the other quarterbacks are more along one's gonna make a mistake it. And it -- -- one. He's usually right but but. Is he really wanna play it out like they did yesterday you really wanna go down under the final pass. Against the Buffalo Bills and and allow ride just to give them -- boomer it's kind of cliche but do you think every quarterback in the NFL could be. Every quarterback. Is good to be given enough time. -- all 100% by. There's there's also. Even Blaine Gabbert well while there's also the upper Echelon quarterback there's just gonna say that. If you're playing against them -- let you do some different things offensively and let's face it. While they're applying Peyton Manning and their plan Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger. In my estimation I just I get the feeling that they'll build -- Belichick was in the camps and -- -- -- be more aggressive on offense meaning. If we have a -- into our own forty yard line. Or to a fourth and five and walked just forty yard line. You don't -- more likely to Gulfport and settle for fuel pump the ball because of who the quarterback is on the other team. Don't think that he doesn't go under these games politicking that way depending on who he's playing. And I and I do believe that yesterday it was one of those games where you know we have Ryan Fitzpatrick and he might. -- did a good quarterback but he knows he's not that quarterback it's gonna make that play in the fourth quarter that ultimately. He may be the quarterback that makes the mistake in the fourth quarter -- -- continued as he wins so. The committee's remarkably patient with his defense he can he can win games what is -- in certain situations depending on who they're playing against. And you know I think that's how he doesn't all of these games which is where credit to him because a lot of a lot of coaches probably. Local indie games what that preconceived notion of paperwork in this situation against that team and that's quarterback in this team and -- quarterback. Their offense is playing this well then we're gonna do on offense in certain ways to keep the ball -- for -- so. I think that's where he hasn't the coach right now which is tomorrow that the 90% of the time they're gonna win the football. Which leads me this question boomer how's the mindset of Tom Brady specifically and the offense in general. Change when they know they've got to score 35 or forty every game to win the football game does not allow them to play loose and free I mean they are under pressure to score almost every time they have the ball. Well I would shank it and Abu ought to go -- as well what I was able to do what I played some years I haven't quite happy offensively just try to hold on. And then other years the -- -- -- -- -- Cincinnati where we're going up and down the field. I'd much rather play going up and on the field from the quarterback's perspective and picking that I got to score 41 to 3437. Points in order to what because that's my job that was. You know what I'm supposed to do and and certainly there are those games like last like Houston and Chicago where I'd like to be able to winning game thirteen -- I don't know if that's gonna happen a lot but. In this in this day and age with the amount of weapons that he has what would be welcome would have more gronkowski branch for being written week. I mean you name it he's got a part guys at his fingertips and they're using each side. I think road to the best of their abilities in terms of putting them in the right spot it seems to -- also. It's finally. You know Brady and and water are finally started -- a couple little bit more looks a little more comfortable to make. So why not I would have those same expectations every tunnel and on the field power comparable. Explain how and why your strengths can go to -- weakness in just a seven day period for example -- -- -- we thought going to this game were very good at stopping the run and tackling they did -- yesterday going into this game we -- the bills were very good in terms of not committing stupid penalties I think third best in the league and they committed a bunch of stupid penalties how do you go from the outhouse to the -- -- -- the other way around I should -- in a week. Not its you know the NFL you know it's it's highly competitive league there are a lot of things that a lot of variables are going to each and every single payment. You know yesterday party Jackson doesn't all the ball down a one yard line we're talking about a pitcher lost and -- And ever got a got a picture of laws that guarantee be talked about how abysmal the defense was put again. You know these these things and that's why you don't sit there to try to pick these games each and every week. There are certain -- of life but I think one of those it's a New England Patriots with Tom Brady quarterback beating. The Buffalo Bills not only pretty much almost a retirement place but definitely never losing to them home. But I don't know why buffalo has such a problem with holding onto the football in key spots in games. When their party as the patriots seems like it's always the same. Road map to victory for -- audience. On you remind your memorable overseeing Aqib Talib play football and if we have can you assure us. But he's the greatest quarterback in NFL history because that's what the patriots are expecting that's what they need. I guess I can't even begin to tell you that Arkansas is that most of the -- we're talking about a -- to -- there's always gotten. Somebody you've gone wrong with Pam would send you reset with Randy Moss and Ochocinco and Corey Dylan and you know the cast of thousands -- put him right in that kind of you know neck -- -- kind of grouping because he's had issues are told to use of very. You know troubled player for whatever reason market. You know I think that we hear about from him coming out of -- was you know he was difficult to deal with then. But -- a bit sloppy about putting a guy like that into a situation like to know what pitchers Tom Brady Walken in the air and gronkowski and some other really well known players Wes Welker. That maybe you don't these sorts of total line a little but that's what I think dollar -- it's open for that he can put him in an environment. Where you know he's gonna understand that maybe this is his last shot at -- get a chance supplies and plan on a team that obviously has Super Bowl expirations. If Ryan Fitzpatrick can light up the patriots for 337 and I should also preface that by saying Mark Sanchez for 328. Andrew Luck coming off a mini bye. Is looking at this film and saying what to himself boomer. He's brought his character and with the -- yeah I'd also be careful for what I wish for because in the resort say that is because you know -- and he's still a rookie quarterback in but I'm sure Belichick this week we'll have something that's going to be different that they've never seen before. Really truly great coaches in this police have a way to disguise things to try to confuse rookie quarterbacks and oracle hasn't been great on the road. You know they've made they've been more more. I -- more but all sorts of nature team at homes -- -- this question at all. Where you know many years to come now we're going to be seeing the second coming of Peyton Manning maybe better than Peyton Manning right now simply because. Please go to Burkle Peyton Manning's you know to Indianapolis Colts -- first rookie season he's gonna get more wins than Peyton Manning hasn't used the recent. One other one involved thank and the other than that this kid is the real deal but I think it all in -- in trouble next weekend and not. Ordinance simply because I'm sure biological -- subcommittee and -- Or given Ballmer seems to me the days of us saying Bill Belichick always confusing young quarterbacks went the way of the you know the horse and buggy at about the same time everybody said Bill Belichick is a defensive genius how much of that genius IQ thing revolves around the personnel you have. He's also picking up personnel I'm not sure it's the way it used to be anymore around here. Well all I know is that you use all the Paul pick by players and -- Rex Ryan was the most over and break which in the second I just over to coach was built boat check now. I can argue that Rex Ryan it is is a great coach has yet situation championship games were played very suspect quarterbacks -- when you look at his performance over the last four weeks. He's finished -- he's got to be a pretty good coach I would think. A that you more he gets the vote probable because he talks so much. But then there's probably those people within the at a public think that Bill Belichick is where he is today because of what Tom Brady has turned into. And you can't you can't win in this league. And consistently without that main presence of the most important position and and and -- sport in my estimation. So there's there's. There's some of -- big apartment -- that loves coach telecheck and apparently does more games and and how he'd make different decisions. But there's also the realization that he's very fortunate to basically have one of the greatest quarterbacks who have ever play. Do you look at the colts as they as a legitimate playoff team. I don't like you know I think they are very legit and that they are you obviously -- quirky and not gonna -- she's been. They stop employees and twice in the you know just defense is that they show last night. Is the real deal and then they're they're right there -- -- this code and so -- -- Pittsburgh and it certainly was Chicago's defense and I think they've made a statement last night. Invective Rex Ryan for second -- a chapter tweeted out this little factoid which. Should make your day interest -- boomer Sunday it was the first day that the jets and giants both lost by at least eighteen points. In 29. Years. We know Tom Coughlin saved we know this with the giants do but. Is Rex Ryan -- in new York at the end of the season. I don't know why can't say that right now I you know they have they have a strange game in December where they'll be matched up against teams that. They can win every single one of their December games border or not they have to figure out on the way. The one of the next two I thought that they had to get one of the next three starting with yesterday and obviously -- -- -- -- -- that was about as predictable as the pitcher when he was. But now now they placed Saint Louis and they of course have the patriots. At home if they can get one up 201 or two of those games believe it or not this crazy themselves they have five games in December that they can win so. While we are probably at the bottom of the barrel wanna consider New York Jets and low point I would thank. In Rex Ryan's tenure as head coach of the New York Jets there's still a lot of football replay -- why can't our all these -- been out here. You be able to save his job all I can tell you is that some of the personnel decisions that they made here. I have been -- -- and utter disaster. And that they don't turn it around I'm sure that Woody Johnson could do something I just don't know what it's going to be very. Making a midseason coaching change I change obviously is a sign of desperation do you think either Andy -- or nerve Norv Turner may not make it to the end. And the well -- and that's a good question. I don't I don't think either one of those franchises. Or fired their head coach at midseason and the reason I say that is I believe it goes to head coaches. You have enough credibility and I've done enough to those franchises. That they. That it would not be embarrassed by either one of those owners unless. They wanted to be owner and had a discussions it was that we need to relieve me. And you wanna -- me you feel like there's too much tension in the building then I could hear it happened by but that would have to be because either one of those guys. -- to their owners and said you know maybe it's probably do get rid of me but I -- I just don't see it happening. I think from an ownership standpoint doing it to those two guys in the dorms so much of those franchises. -- sets of circumstances during a football game and I'm referring to Baltimore and Oakland. A rise to the point where you were so far in front and -- taken cheap shots and their yap at him all the sort of you know angst is going on out there. To justify Harbaugh going for a field goal when he's up by about a I mean a fake field collections say what is up by about a million points. It's a reporter he's a man out there I mean this is not you know high school football this is not. You know this is not pop Warner this it's real man. Played real football and it's extremely. The competitive and it gets nasty on the field and for anybody who's ever been on the field and know exactly what I'm talking about a I think. If anybody make a big deal out of that you know that that is I think it's just compartmentalize that that particular game -- those two teams and I would make -- -- revealed that. Us is Houston and Houston or Denver your choice right now may have -- we started. Denver right now I mean I think Denver. Managed -- -- his mind he has raised the level of everybody -- -- -- to the point where Eric Decker might be a Pro Bowl wide receiver took aren't allowed. So they have every aspect of it on offense going on right now they're defense. Believe it or not even know that they lost to the north Richards is better than pitchers Tea Party you know he would have tried that he could -- -- Ominous New England have to go to Denver in the playoffs that that will be one hell of football program. I'm looking at the -- to six in three teams I'm going to grant the Steelers the win tonight against the Kansas City Chiefs development at -- at at a a breaking news here -- patriots six and three Steelers after the like six and three Indianapolis Colts six and three Denver Broncos six and three I assume you rate Denver obviously first who after that of the six and I don't remember it. We're going on aren't real and and really it's all about who's got the better defense because quarterbacks and in my estimation. Right there in the same plan -- all all they're quarterback's first ballot hall of fame quarterbacks great players. They all have great players around them offensively. Whoever has -- win. I you know playoff game is gonna end and make it to the India make it to the suitable. I think we're gonna have to do Obama wrote somebody's gonna have. It's going to either Pittsburgh or point one -- amber and winning game there and then they're gonna have to Alter wrote an -- to play game. In Houston and who -- and he -- -- -- the best defense in the Indy and then an app will be on their game. Speaking of impressive wins on the road I believe the Houston Texans are now for an all on the road they played a game in conditions outdoors that is just the antithesis of what they're used to -- home that was a very impressive performance would you agree. If from a defense is now yes yes and from area foster's standpoint yes right you know I'm still worried about it I seriously and an appropriate way that. You know match up while I do like -- I think he's he's really good player. -- even been directing last night that made me say -- got article a -- -- job in the and the Houston Texans and and and then -- I said that he each and every week that you know he's like the Joseph Flacco O'Connell world right now he has not won a playoff game in the playoff game. And while they want yesterday you can play a typical well last time I -- that the environment was not such -- -- the probable flexibly and all that other stuff what I see in him. If you have a guy that has a great defense you have a great running game. And -- for him it's like just don't screwed up it's somewhere along the line he's gonna happen -- one of those record of actually keep talking about. And he might have to win the game late in the game in the fourth quarter mentally does -- -- -- question that hangs over his head. Are you tonight I am working good now let's Bergen also -- up close and personal the ugliness of the of the Pope believes he's fifth and it and all of its you know all of its warts and all the problems there aren't. The -- is is that you know he has basically turned off everybody in the bill without the area. The owners unhappy and the fans certainly are not happy and they don't wanna build the pitcher weigh more on cancer it'd it would appear out of nowhere. Thank you you might see history of the chiefs take a lead. You've implied in that first lead of the season and in the night. It's amazing and Bill Clinton Saturday -- made your decision to go to Matt and Matt -- he was -- -- been. In that New England until about Mac capsule he's been. You know he's been Mark Sanchez like although he's been better retention has but he -- Mark -- like this year and they can't find the -- -- quarterback they tried with Brady Quinn out tonight going into it into this game so bully -- -- also the first guy. They're committed turnovers going to be pension. Which is low but high school pushed remain but targets such desperation not desperation out right they're speaking at a. One final question from me does it appear that Rex is gonna go with Sanchez until the bitter end no matter what. You know these Islamist group themselves -- they don't have an alternative right yeah did you know. Well. It -- -- the good looking people you got to see a lot of them and ordered and if you don't see a lot of minutes a lot of bad football being played. I don't know you know to want blood that's in Seattle last I don't know what was discussed I don't know. We other assumption they looked at themselves and -- a -- and arms and shortly slaughter a very nervous quarterback in Mark Sanchez and -- and took to the point where I just got to stop them into the jets are just on the wanted to pull. I don't would you do boomer and I know you do you saw this that the pick. Richard Sherman in the right -- the end zone. Was just that that while there's a snapshot of the difference between the Brady or Manning -- Aaron Rodgers and the Mark Sanchez -- duped him into making that row and it was like in a child's play for Sherman pick -- that off. There was that he had Stevens elementary AP via crossbar. It is just waited there a bit longer and -- look like that's where he wanted to go over all of us to a double play the game now. When you're gonna throw the ball out of to the plot eager to go after the right. You gotta do it right on point you can't hold it you can't tell late digital laid down their -- -- Africa often. You know that was like I I -- -- -- reject that and put it that -- range is one that the ball was thrown and. Halfway to a Sherman right halfway go all my teachers through that. And they picked it up and I was always surprise that in score on the. I'm just I was just that's a quarterback who is shaky at best but the quarterback question no confidence. And the team -- is going nowhere because right now it as noble leak on the topic regardless of what they can negotiate their -- like. -- boomer safe travel to and from Pittsburgh will be listings might talk to next Monday. Our report to have a great week Boomer -- with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE our conversation -- -- been sponsored by Cumberland farms. DCU that's digital federal credit union and by little --

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