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Patriots barely hold on to beat Buffalo, breaking down the win on the Real Postgame Show

Nov 11, 2012|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns break down the Patriots win over the Bills that came down to the final play of the game, in which Devin McCourty intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick to stop a game-winning TD drive by the Bills and win the game.

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Our Little Havana Cuba come down so that -- the picture deprive -- of that last movie and up these last Google what. The driver down the field so we've we've -- mostly -- -- one -- -- starts were up you know you. We've seen this offensively we -- not be able to use the game -- -- there -- one yard away from finishing the game. And we do you have so for Google and nobody in the right mind. And okay despite six point Republicans against everybody against these what turned out -- probably gives us. If you look back the game. Got to the point well the drop out now. -- That it -- this little further you'll have to of what what line while the football for -- that flopped it way up the ball back to make plays its wolf points. What they -- up and work through all the it though it it -- but at that that -- topic today. They did the last offered to. If it was built a two minute warning and replace -- -- Comfortable. Going to run it topped off. If -- ten feet behind. It product. Those are pissed -- look feel that there was again here throughout have its. Keep the clock running for the ball away. Even before that you have that. Quickly called after the got down to the one yard line or so you know camera barely caught if you had a real quick play instead of settling down let the clock run out maybe forced time out whatever it is if you would quickly you moves put 230. So the agreement comes out of it. If the patriots it's not helping anybody. They have -- at night and coming out of poverty -- Opening six foot seven tied -- one week. That the -- coverage. Patriots have to allow that god what we've. -- to -- about his -- right now we have I want -- -- -- that they had to -- -- that what it. One of time to look like you know what they called recovered to where that middle linebacker has to take. And the number three receiver through the middle of the safeties were covered one half the field to give them time but the quarterback for all review. What happened is that the growth was spikes or. I think it was quite cut to wide. On on the road in the try to -- -- bedroom back in confused Bentley and away from either safety. So you. That's that's experience that you've got to. You've got to know who that tell you have to -- attributes that again it's nice to have this. To retirement to retire within the you know great get away with a win that's fine fantastic but again. Somebody had to step up and and find a way to look to help this team win fortunately in accordance the end. What is up. The defense to fall there was three man four man prevent prevent rust no question at all. -- Fitzpatrick did not covered anybody they had seven guys that covered -- guys in coverage they don't want to get coverage. You -- sometimes told most of you don't usually get back to -- the -- The thing defensively to me is Bill Belichick has always been so good we give them a lot of credit for a lot of things one rightfully so is the adjustments that you make that happen. What defensively at least I'm asking you guys this it seems to me and I think the most fans. That often times this defense start so well like today they had a lot of pressure on him in fact it's that it what you know. But oftentimes they start out well for them. They don't just have to keep up for the point again. With a bit of -- when I think they have after the what it's this the right when you attempt Miller running and outs out of the tank Tivoli. Breaking plays right place tackling were terrible tackling receivers don't want their receivers silent it was Jackson and maybe -- we -- to put. But just head down he's -- on our board go it's gonna pick me going outside -- it only took -- inside -- will receive rolled up another ten. Today the build. Outplayed the but with the patriots but they've shot themselves before the hundreds of awards for 150 yards in penalties if you would would would differ on the importance over -- -- -- yards. In the first after an amateur -- great. At least two. We rhetorical with -- -- a hundred -- you got to penalties on him by way. Patriots come off a bye week generally they're jacked up -- ago. That was not a good example of what they locked out you know but these -- of these games. And then they Gerlach he threw 37. 31 the final I'm what Stearns for its roads and he he -- alongside the patriots go to six and three they win at home office supply we. The Buffalo Bills go to three and six where you're taking your phone calls. At 61777979837. It's the real post game show comic view live. From Toby -- I love that bar and -- let's go to the phones to kick things off and let's start with AJ in Vermont hello wages. They get VoIP operators there. Like again usually when I thought I would want bipartisan and in years like that is that it will bring that the packages defense improved. As the year progressed last year. What why a candidate just off a -- that in the last year because obviously did he doesn't care what they can't stop anyone. If we keep -- going to be the answer because I don't think he's going to be because no our defense played well today. But why package didn't play well the front seven didn't play well and obviously is secondary. Or is that best. I mean what they had a bye week to prepare for buffalo and it looked terrible what you don't what I want them finances like what is going to make them actually. Democrats simply better I don't see any any evidence and say I don't see any added I -- it's continuing for the remainder of the. Public easiest to answer that secondary is not that good before 7 NEWS. Good better than good. And operate -- -- better than good the second -- terrible that's a book pretty straightforward answer because you can't sit there say okay. Sporting instincts -- instincts disguised Gregory just get cancer that the -- to a company to help. Okay so all but one guy one guy that was another team could really get rid of anyways is not -- make the difference in the secondary so. If there's no real straightforward answer other than to say this. That's secretaries not that good. Did it gushed oil that you talked about -- because stuff that could last they're still terribly went to the Super Bowl. Because they have high powered office that's what this team is they haven't offered to put up 34 points to a lot and yeah. If they get the you know the public -- themselves before time and time again. Victor Ortiz who lost that you're absolutely right back to the well one thing is Steve says we keep talking about corrections that. They no way to -- they know that comes with the not with -- not my -- hit a habitat field hockey these five guys behind every guy that's run downfield. It was so susceptible to the pick plays with a walk about a couple receivers. To get in his way a little bit. You've got to build that's gonna come you've got to be aware of the situation -- -- -- you're young guy like Derek you've been brought up to -- you can see that if you anticipated. Perhaps in buffalo but perhaps you get there and to speed the game. Others and number of things to do put it's a until it's just not a good secondary told this to a. It's -- we talked about the support. This -- matches are in that secondary. You -- linebackers that can understand with a coverages out with a drops out we the people with the players on the -- they're all lost a great way to put for -- it's not it's not just the second it's terrible pass defense is terrible. There and then go to prevent -- which he. All -- -- all of it Fitzpatrick to sit back at this week -- that ball if it hit come from you gonna put some pressure on. They've most of had 200 plus yards you yards after the catch them it was. The guys who run it free all the terrible things tackles you can win there with the system to make the play. This tackles two guys as intact as much as one guy in the open field. Guys missed tackles we got a Little League let's go back to the phones after the speak patriots when we go to -- sockets like giving. Boy the patriots almost shots. Choked big time on buffalo meat today. You know what do we begin to cut but yet the popular struggle the very end. Well that said don't let's not comment on an excuse me but let's not that I talked publicly -- -- -- women come -- here for you guys about this we always hear about division games are different. The second game of the year against the division team -- embarrass the first company to put up that you'd want to get them you know this wasn't going to be. Easy blanket defense ranks thirty Brooklyn you've got to look at what both of them since yes you do think this should be easy to promote the patriots -- -- good game. It would do against the -- rate hit a five week yeah of course you you're you're absolutely sure about this game was movies simply because. That the giving the group than first thought was it against buffalo -- public school was that since we missed weeks ago so -- whatever was. Buffalo has gotten better off with a heated and denying that the Beijing Games mean as much everybody always follow me a lot and -- category a -- It's fine if they think is effective -- -- you think it'll be emotional book of the public division games could carry a fourteen. Past great team it's not happen. They're very rarely will ever happen Buffalo's gone hootie and the patriots defense and the fact that wolf will have woken. With turnovers and was ridiculous among penalties that's what -- the awful lot of. When Olympic what did they could put up 34 points. Right -- who was just might buy supplemental spending when it was also -- 37 points so that the Buffalo Bills let up a ton of points with a lot to deepen but the patriots look. Not yet cohesive on -- but people it's like goodness that was that he would -- order -- ritual of after they stop -- they're down never -- that they have the stuff who has run around the corner -- -- these portable if somebody has contain this that this. -- would as the designated guy to contain commit the mistake of mechanics though if you live outside if you smoke on the field you're gonna know who. What is 2007 and -- seven of eleven on third down -- they were they see habitat it's not coming and how about the third downs they converted on third and fifteen. Gone 39. Late in the game I mean. Those times you gotta have come up with a a lot of that one of the first half the food seventy what was that was a missed tackles right from the get go -- It was the war war effort. By the let's go back to the phones on the real post game show live from Toby -- -- -- your next. In doing article I have felt they had. Personal excuse this. You won't need them at all. You know ridiculous. You know I agree but I think they probably got. At least 3040% of their offense not missed tackles. If we wanted to -- to Netflix and secondary stuff so the public print. This so that what if it's likely to lose more quarter hurt covered. -- We've asked Bill Belichick that question directly. That are affected. Whose responses that you would think. We're we're trying to do a lot of things were trying to make the entire defense better we're trying to find the common ground would Wear this thing we're works better so. In terms of wireless it would -- more out of normal the minute -- -- out it was without swinging but. And you know they can predict who's been watching and -- at all -- thrown. But it does it -- even when the drop of seven or eight guys nobody's gotten. The -- covered that. So if that's the President Obama pass rush you know putting pressure at least whacked -- the -- that. Black quarterback to potentially if that's giving -- -- -- after a while -- a -- comfortable in the pocket and stick this is what about fear of it the only thing that stopped. Withdraw the swamp every time as he's probably chocolates nobody yet for all the well you've got to be kidding -- how -- -- -- who put that much. Before we take a break while it's -- little more on the Defense Secretary. Guys have been odd position so to speak that that it could tell -- sort of street as well mom I'm saying to start game so for example today show up regularly used that. John was out and starting safeties who Gregory reporting -- starting corners were -- -- And and Anderson. And then of course -- on Wilson they were nickel packages a lot early on but they were pressuring. Fitzpatrick a sack them it's wolf what forced the fumble and calling him a -- -- early on but then it -- The game but yet we still we have one point that the movie from nine to start games like that so he even though there was more -- -- that. He still was completed passes its sector even people with the precedent. But it did what what the pooped out rolled downhill quickly if you make a stupid play. Like spikes can't Jim guy and hit the false blonde the cute little Bob. They arrive on the satellite pics to tackle brings a lot about these five got out of bounds and Jim just hit the ground another fifty -- That gave that you moment profit to stop the new movie rocky picture it give them. 1515. But we'll colleague wolf we'll do that we -- it which is ahead the first drive was a little but it's one that night and I you have to. -- my portable game. Are correct. Hi this is the real post game show we're a lot of the Toby Keith I loved that bar and grill. Real post game shows brought you back in natural casing francs. The official Franken sausage dip into England patriots look at camp blue box at your favorite grocer. 3731. The patriots when your phone calls at 6177797. 937. Steve DeOssie -- growth of butch earned. Live from Toby Keith bar and grill can celebrate something. -- down 3730. Woman. They cannot. Well it turned out -- this day. Buffalo Bills radio on the caller they intercepted by -- according. To put the icing on the cake at the end of 3731. Patriots Wayne you're listening to the real pro game show. Brought to you -- him natural -- breaks the official bracket sausage. But you're going with patriots -- that you know blue box but your fevered grocer can't celebrate something we have a lot of it Toby Keith's. I love that Marco -- -- -- out here. Right analysts BP ought to get used to -- backgrounds these well -- through -- -- -- -- Question whether have privileges OK right now I was -- would let's go right back to the phones that people on the lines of -- -- you guys 617779. 7937. As a number to get a hold of us army itself can't figure out real post game show. What are the driving is this if you might not in the first half with a lot more pressure on the line where -- -- patient enough. And then we'll really -- Great penetration from the -- aren't. It's nothing that's -- I'm a true that they don't watch it. Listen I'm ready but naturally happens second half of the -- is possible -- a week ago. Even in the secondary they're better play. Me and demand -- end zone and much input on that Fred please. Played some some -- that puts a bit of enemies that if you think did not discover and one man to man. It was technique behind the other and -- I hope -- think they're -- -- may have been held -- goods over either as far as pressure on the quarterback people always -- the single blitz blitz blitz more you talk about this offered -- many different ways. Put pressure on quarterback it seems to me yet. A lot of the great defense is get pressure from the pits will work in the interior guys when you can win a one on one battle you don't want to battle. Put pressure on the quarterback push that pocket. That really causes Havoc with -- relying on that off at all times but if you're not get your outside -- Chandler Jones that. You know where was where was -- -- off the end going to be sold off. Megabytes was there because I had a pressure but not like you we've seen in the past but we are of course ideally you would love. To be able to get that type of consistent pressure with four guys with you for interior or or -- four down linemen Russian war. -- you'll read one would linebacker. That would be ideal that you can drop seven minutes of coverage and to do much applause from -- old man double up. Do this -- that what the the the problems that not very many teams in the NFL right now have that package would they could put pressure all with just. Ford got his -- with if you're up in the next -- awful place but not rough run through it very well not change on the bit. Thank you enough time to see that the couple. They just not understanding that the officer who look at that you've got guys have been playing this game is. They'll have and they'll have an idea what he does how he rates when he's gonna break with a look at before the break selected -- the -- they're not they're out there blind. Just like they've never played him what you played guys that at times that -- reluctant who have suffered on -- Richard dole little political opinion do you look like those people to match anything about these receive a little bit -- in the volatile and the Buffalo Bills at a much Merck dropped -- -- with Steve. Pointed to the defense is the lead on getting that pressure from the one guy up the middle on one of those guys. They need that defense is like the patriot how do you get the judgment of the president of the guys that good. Good teams have covered. Okay did before it's it's certainly hope -- that situation who would you. Probably gets -- today by the bank of the giants of that team that usually can put pressure on with four guys. Put their secondary is not that good either the secretary gets told to left to right so. It's really not one thing -- -- -- -- can't just say. Give us a pass rush will be great defense you can't see Cuba as a great secondary will be great defense. There's what -- too much skill in the offensively to maybe. Opportunities for the offense to succeed the way the rules are right now they want the office to succeed they want points to -- with a board. And the situation you've got to have a good mix of everything so. I appreciate the idea of saying let's just let's let's let's let's let's. You try that try that against Peyton Manning tried that against -- Tom Brady tell them into -- Rogers. You can you can try that all you want -- mentioned that can kill you with a so that the act is that is has beaten -- We will -- war prevent pressure on what you gotta have a good all around solid package -- go to is the one thing or the other two to have a great defense which. Who's just got -- us. So far this year others Chandler don't give it to me that we do it's it's a question. He's nowhere today we got Cunningham it inside its pacifist what did -- had three -- and hit a four other times. They -- a couple of times but he was he was in the pocket we have proof of -- passing that they probably 481. Total yards the Buffalo Bills did. They had 319. Yards passing robbery attempt to level forty times to their forty Simpson gets the more likely to argue Portland's. Probably but that's probably. Sex wise that's probably -- you felt pressure wise it did volume -- that pollute less than -- so what do we. The team that can't double. Belichick wants to limit beyond so if you blitzer tick more guys out of coverage for the secondary guys coming in on the tackle. Now there's nobody coming -- for the second -- he gets the ball up. It's going to be -- -- -- to -- -- limit that -- very critical -- team's -- -- but what they get to death in the red -- maybe gets -- gets it's a fumble but they get to one you know what Jack's. That we we can do that is -- good tackling by the secondary including the linebackers today we saw a beautiful display of of tackling what. Fortunately it was the Buffalo Bills in the -- to imploding like they did -- Phillies have a totally good cop bad accomplishment it's -- thing to me well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's some things they did well they scored four touchdowns today. They were important for the red zone before the end of the game they were very efficient on offense as usual even though. That first drive they settle for a field goal when it could have its applicants and the other way so they're up -- what was -- -- scored 37 which that's a good thing okay that's a good thing but. This often also will points on the board you get the ball would do so the reports early on this game would shoot book that's seven also. Had the ball towards the end of the game with less than three minutes left. On the one yard line in the Booth yards with a penalty of her real well run play put yourself in position to lose the game -- it absolutely right so while they do put up some nice numbers. There was some obvious instances where the groups view the game away. Dunston David -- that when the forty forced the fumble on the one yard line -- what Buffalo's going in. I get it do you know sometimes you want to roll of the and so that's fine no problem. Which you basically used up ten seconds and three down a bit upon what your mind anyways so you don't that there were. While they played they scored more points and they they played fairly well we have -- -- -- level we have tremendously hard students for the office. We've seen them be unbelievably efficient there were times like we've -- of the games there were times when the offense the best. Often the one of the best offense league wasn't able to finish -- at crucial times that almost happened today. The go back those two instances these said. Coming out of the end zone right who's been sent equipment was that it moved the ball well the drop of course now that you back it down on the one and again. You wanna eat the clock got -- two minutes left to institute sentenced. They're they're they throw the ball on the run with two minutes 12. Can't do that good of all reputable. On the first. First Buffalo's defense gave them those big plays and then passed the first one of most questionable hit -- -- of that old time. Third on the defense. Don't contain those hit ability AM when the guys in the middle -- guy -- -- -- on the -- continue to come you're not -- it's right shoulder. Right usually took to have you -- -- -- -- recruiting skilled players got some wheels -- we'll put some doubt as to. Allergic Yankee criminal but OK go more than -- more than than the other two motive filled with plenty of stupid players off their -- you're up or tackling. You have bad angles. You. Don't anticipate what's happening you're gonna miss tackles with digital go to the -- to go on the real post game show we go to market Connecticut remark. Hey guys it's sort of took my remark yeah of course you won't probably be yelling it out between settlement. Ronald and he really came after and I -- I thought an amount of their captors I know you eat eat -- -- keep it up but I would probably look really really going after. -- -- -- -- Without going off usually that situation who's. For it to promote usually there's got to be hard -- that because Tom Brady saw pressure coming. Although there has to be a hot -- settlement. Also argue -- the -- -- to get these just when you think that's. -- so let's say quarterback to throw was ruled out come back to the quarterback but get a break up right to pump looks he's gonna roll out. Now to certain call they know the static needs to Kuwait come back to me it's like get the fallout he brought receptive and stayed as regular -- screaming out what I don't have time. You gotta come back -- get rid of it this is that the improved upon the market where. That's happening at that point in the game what are you thinking. -- -- I want you I guess he added eighty net net impact of well war. You know I feel quite a lot yeah I got like you -- you must -- them up well probably problem at all. See you pick it up or what have you but I but I gotta hate our deepest. He -- the pros and we need. Or people -- over any gain from guns and with the -- being used for anything other than what they. You know people and conclude that -- -- -- cry about it. I called it didn't help you to -- poppy pick who will we will see more on it and what have you would get it secondary -- -- it's my -- Yeah you have seen it worse treatment if not brain that there weren't up by ten points with -- if that quote right thing that we -- to lose those. This looks like the most. And organized. Treatments at least. And yet if you wanna do that that will -- be forced rhetorical goals were and turnovers they forced those rhetorical it is so. Actually forced a couple of publicly in the -- right right so. But what what line -- the advocate general of the diplomacy to Latvia. It is be it good enough force turnovers but not -- -- they're more costly turnovers but yet when you've given up 100 in every thirty yards. You look at the truth or use. That was -- pits Patrick journal quietly arrived at this game has waited all -- like. You know top rate notes that that you know. That's what makes this guy average quarterback he -- -- like he played records that it -- up -- in the sense that why we -- that you at least it wearable way. Just dom dom -- they took it to the right I come join us -- -- be key club team in the real post game show brought -- you -- in natural anything. They are the national ranked and sausage of York New England Patriots 3731. Win over the Buffalo Bills the -- -- -- most of the year. Why Toby -- look at camp but you shop with your favorite grocer can't celebrate them. -- -- -- -- a team we used to new rule that we didn't meet it penalties. Truffles. -- Missed tackles. And missed tackles and topple -- pretty from a this and I just didn't do a good job and numbers and -- any one thing but just. Overall we we made some plays we did some things well but there's those things that we're just not. I'm sure that's what they they need to be what they should be so. Alia that -- do better problem you know so far from perfect. We are live at Toby Keith I love that bar and grill on the real post game -- The real post game show is brought to you by KM natural pizza pranks. They are the official -- it sausage of the New England Patriots look for that -- -- blue box at your favorite grocer -- Celebrate something gentlemen we are celebrating. The patriots 3731. Win. We are here live it to -- can join us by calling 6177797937. Here Bill Belichick in their talk about. Dropped balls and missed tackles what part of the drop all this -- to talk about criticize them eat it but on this topic. Tom Brady that you've seen incompletion today was 2.3 thirty. I counted idiot or dropped balls and I'm on a talk about the -- walls let's look ahead to big ones when it would have been touched on -- -- -- ready. Same driver and Deion branch at one with the -- down that was handed it would still dropped ball. And then Brandon Lloyd and another one -- when it was up over its it can't count them legal argument over over the the question -- -- is -- -- surprising to me. I heard on the NFL network this morning that was my cooler consensus that it's -- sixth. In the league in dropped passes going all those things happen but I don't know them in the radio field leading the league are being in the top of the drop outs what do you what does that -- I really got you but you've got to the stat at all because if all the ball awful lot -- you know -- debate debate replaced but. Usually genes that make. The play with a half of it and don't make that mistake offers what's that there -- some points you know they forced buffalo that make you know until we got to put pressure on -- We did you go to Ottawa bulletins are going no huddle it's quick made made made things -- -- problem is that it won't drop for that. Welcome it's -- usual ever since the -- blow that dropped math it was too easy -- passes. That would have changed the dynamic of the game get a -- -- brother twelve guidelines that back up but the one at the monitor before -- whatever that was. But the what we're -- -- fits that is at the end zone and that's what to stop that but there with the patriots repeal mostly that's virtually went for most people. Of -- right now and that's something we're unfamiliar with -- -- dropped passes and was just today. He's had a few drops -- you're ready right Lloyd is known for dropping passes through my code unbelievable we. Acrobatic. Catches and then we'll drop on the right -- -- -- because he's got a couple drops that you uncharacteristic. About my lot -- few you know that though these things are gonna happen I think it's the good thing thing that's. Going on me you know in terms of how they prepare or whatever. And I have a feeling that little it repair itself but but when you start dropping passes through -- and we especially when they're. Which pretty much in the crucial first hours open. Now also in the Timor where. Do you think you dropped passes might be related to. Josh McDaniels it justice bill. Coming back in here they're running different offense guys are finding their role still even halfway through the season on the oil or drop passes things that just even out. As the time -- go. I -- we could even -- I don't number. So -- dropping many passes and 07 room with we would. Mcdaniels is the coordinator than so you know it's one of those things where sometimes the -- they come in bunches and maybe the first nine games here in the book what to drop that's who were not especially -- that the individuals that we don't. Hardly ever -- dropped passes well I mean if you count before this year few of those remote dropped passes walker had not Rometty. You don't know what happens what what office he's going to be into the Baltic justices to. What what -- -- -- OWs this -- -- -- -- do we have what. They're running routes they're adjusting routes to the whole thing the ball comes to catch it. That is it sometimes there anybody that you got catches up -- you. Who knows -- too but not a lot of different paces at the office expert Tom Brady fires the ball pretty odd. But the Walton you're just you don't hit two balls at the extension -- to -- -- catch it they did in the past and assumed about a lot of offense to put out data. And a that's clean pasture because it sits on. 77797937. To join the real post game show again that number is 617. 779793. Separate your car company in the game we'd love to hear from you. We have to go to a break real quick before we do quick comment on -- would that. I thought it was very appropriate today. That would Kevin -- being honored at halftime that would head has been. As consistent a third down back. It's Kevin -- -- weapons team this year he has really more willing to that role. For example he was targeted six times that he caught four balls most games he's had six targeted sixty matches when he got to look at it. -- when he get when he gets the ball he may. Total how many of those who was six catches that. Six tosses to got a little on the -- Nor do with those important that we as a possible cuts really. That caught the balls were -- really morphed into that third downs that people are gonna have to one of the reasons he's out there you go all the guys that -- a baby. It's running skills you can catch the ball he blocks pretty well and he goes through -- -- go through the first -- was very efficient. Was it relationship took Kevin -- to figure -- the -- -- the greatest third down back in the history of the game boom the patriots. But because of Woodward's new contributions. They were able to. Let Kevin Faulk go if any would it wasn't here you probably see -- fault the way. 6177797937. It's the real post game show your phone calls we've seen here we come back. Real post game show rock -- thank you natural if -- weren't. The official rate it's -- it -- in England patriots. Look but actually emblem boxer your favorite -- come over and see if that Toby -- I love that bar and grill -- celebrate something. -- -- -- Sports Radio network. So we'll post game show. -- -- FL all pro nose tackle Chris Brooks and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie quick yeah. Whether it goes fifty. The we'll post news. The WUPI sports. Radio network. Welcome back into the real -- and show everybody on -- during the red bullet and beyond. Along side do you think. Gentleman who played the game high level. Dissecting the patriots six went in the -- 3731. Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills. We are alive with Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. Because it's six point 77797937. -- and as Michael and Florida has done Michael welcome to the real post game show. I have it gone off yet as -- accommodate it seem like -- so many times its embassy -- Philip you have soft. Look for some Fitzpatrick in the second half secondary -- -- seemingly out of you people want. Wonder district conditioning if you. No -- look at Miami Dolphins do what they lose duties. Through 73 when the dollar was at the titans in mind that night in Miami you what happened. You know what the doctor did not keeping up with them. It's going to be you know the thing I did not the right position. Cannot -- -- in the first half buffalo throughout the -- before that so. We talked about the sometimes heated dispute that not capable. -- mentally absorb what they have to look at all of whom could run it all the good job but Steve those. That mobile coverage and I do what you have to tell you told Politico what happens what what certain formations up there when a receiver that's -- it. They have -- to spot a thousand times over what to do and all the. It was -- we've -- what would almost seems like. Extremes when you talk about the second half of them that second half was worked 45 point you know amazing second half. The game -- The game they play against the the rams to you know just tremendous. What we've seen one or second halves where they coughed up leads with the made it to president stupid. Fortunately they have. Enough talent to win these games would you start getting into games with teams like. -- Houston Marines sent to school or somebody. You can't play like that and expect. To finish the game the same way you can get away with this against buffalo or Miami or different depths or. I'm about neutral review that review privately to you right now would the -- is that we're back successfully Leo Purdue quarterback to console. Yeah it would start playing the better teams. You're not that you could get away with. That type of second. Michael your point is well taken that they seem to follow the same script. They -- jump out to a lead. They lead at halftime the defense that's given up on the market adopt a couple years of oil equivalent we're nitpicking everything in the office does down the stretch even scored 37 points -- really need to be perfect. No -- what that's the same script every single time with your point Steve against the good teams. Those mistakes by the happens to be in no matter what they score even more Larry because they need them to win against the yes. Why we bought the shoes we see that this early in the this season but usually bite that he can -- correct -- and I -- obsolete and that all the. I'll last year well let's review correctly -- there was still battled back we came to give up points. -- last year that really is what it's all -- from careful. What the substance about the style funeral in your mid level. Look at the points given up that maybe -- turnovers of their. That tells you cut defense who have I really don't care vote the -- because last year. You like Green Bay and the giants of the patriots. Were all teams that gave up a lot of yards -- to winning ball games. In this game spears even more so because they gave up 31 points and a game would be forced three turnovers -- in got a 148 yards on fourteen penalties is to get. From the Buffalo Bills with a 31 -- would you have a -- with the office live because it is. When your the one foot line you need a couple Briscoe. You have a drop that we go to one foot line if you get a stop play and try to kill the clock but it ago loss play at a neutral -- the round. Right. Can't have them -- the conference has to fall in key situations that can't fail on the one Portland can't fail but what what like going in or out. Would you it's safe thing to say that. We've we've had I not very big. Expectations -- that's going to this year. I had very big expectations soften and I think the softens but -- that is one of the best offenses in the NFL. If push comes to show you expect this office to carry the team. The defense or to try to make up with a it was it was. Turnovers. And maybe some third -- got solved but. You can almost point two. Through any number of at least part -- -- -- this year with the patriots beat the office through. Who today. They needed to take that ball when they had over one yard line up with three minutes and put the immaculate right big lead at that get that there were no -- examples of the season where. You know the the the offense. Had a three you know in the Denver Seattle all those games they had that he did a punch down the stretch and when -- -- have to right the you. If you expect one part of the team to do would you expect the office. -- go to the phones on the real post game show. Go to Greg in a car or are you Greg. And it looked up guys the group. I utility but -- I I would that big gains in you know I love the map. And I loved welfare it -- it came -- well has had the upfront just snapped ball up high or you know a -- head. Well you know that's more recently. You know -- -- in the simple bolt that cat with a yeah it was high and you know it today again and with that would have been at. Well it's not the first one the cut -- sexual try to stop. When it dropped about one for the for a stop coming out of one line. Which don't look back at that things that happen he went Indianapolis couple years we ought to talk about the plot play they had to go for that because the defense couldn't stop anybody. If you had a situation you know for a long time through this team was the offensive team. Defense gives you a little bit the office overwhelms you -- all that -- -- to what we won't we will run the ones who wolf. The defense did a little bit and profits that that it did everything -- -- everything off experts have a little bit. I'm absolutely a concern with Walker's drops that's your view it is I have to believe it's an aberration. I also believe it's going to. Not be an issue within the rest of the year for the rest of the year. But only because he's been so good as caught everything you -- ticket master of its or an unbelievable scenarios were -- Use this is not the norm for war. Wes Welker it will take. And I think we notably that would -- Tuesday because he's earned the benefit of the doubt. Yet more than or reality especially -- -- to just have resisted -- of -- image of Wes Welker and catch the ball over the middle. Get off -- get up and running but to great point when you're at the game and he's dropping -- you can't help but only fuels. He can help predict what's gonna make progress also that's the one Netflix and even the first one that he dropped the -- been touched on the sun might have been in his eyes I don't know. We haven't heard from them yet but the point is after the Super Bowl you sort of question if he's thinking about that ugly -- I have no question you don't go -- so we've got some who can't. You can -- I don't don't the people who to tell you what I think I can I -- alive or real -- what I'm saying is that. You have to look -- -- the quality of work that he has you have to look at how we've been for so long. And the fact is he still. One of the premiere slot receivers in the NFL but we're -- he's had. -- -- -- You -- you know what happened in the -- -- and drops a -- now if you will that was overweight as it was equipment but what. Well let's walk up that point we can provide your body that you -- -- -- -- with people saw that right he became human all right because he was almost any group. What would block everything all at Brigham QB it's nothing label because that was the a perfect that's you know what else is an excellent I don't know what it says subways right with a new group -- -- agree -- -- -- dropped the pass. -- -- While the drop the the complexity like he never drops it that's what's an open -- -- -- -- so that kind of builds off what happens from global. Back to the phones on the real post game show -- some early Steve -- which -- -- Toby Keith bar grill brought you all by KM. Natural -- -- to go to. And -- east Providence Aaron welcome to the real -- show. What was -- it was you got welfare out of that game you know and you know and so Beckett goes down. You know -- I won the battle line guys there I'm -- they'll. What could happen this book but why not -- I don't know if they -- there's that well today they had little. No problem again in the passing game we talked about well that a couple -- misses here and there what was what you thought. So what. Offensive -- Well. What's interesting is make it did go down but he came Beckett did Carly went out with a back and I don't believe he came back and Daniel Thomas. You know Thomas. Yeah replaced him Donald Thomas replaced him and -- personally it'd run the ball as well as they did get off. -- -- -- -- the orphans all I was pretty good today first of all that be fit you know Kyle Williams -- -- Valerie Williams is. The -- to trample on you didn't get a few bucks us then to areas that guy he's so there is doctors they have some guys that line it's good every three. Through to all rolled to one got it will be at all -- but they'll -- it today out of gulf account was if they're getting good job but the ball last on the play those guys were penetrating like that. And if they want to bring it and occasionally will the gonna have a pretty good game I thought that it okay a couple of times a bit the Buffalo Bills guessed right they go go outside buffalo had. -- guys the outside they writ they've they've read it real well linebackers -- to cut off didn't make it to that he had with him Buffett's idea -- it up. That he countered that that look like it was going outside so to instigate them that's how well the running game. They -- nice job. On burial Williams. Wasn't much of a factor today. I Williams threw tear your efforts is different tackle. Played well -- into quarterback. Consistently. Part of that was taken advantage of moments of the times that you to of a less than healthy even before that that it was recovered today I don't think that make you have been a 100%. All year so. If they brought it -- -- in the I go go back to how we got to play golf with -- from home review the past eleven years. Many many faces many guys and they've all done reasonably utilities -- but to god it's definitely attribute it daunting to college courses and it's a tribute to Tom Brady who get through the walls -- -- well let's look. Digital also attribute to the game play. You do a lot of things to make it look before they thought that would -- point about the offensive line -- just what it is threw the ball thirty times. Brady was sacked once I don't ever been under a lot of pressure -- They had guys hurt me it was coming out they re in the ball 48 times no wind between nine times nowhere near as effective. Four yards a carry -- 170 this time as it was against buffalo. Marcel Darius had to pass deflection that -- -- who wanted to head of one of the first series Britain's first past back. Which could went for a pick six easy -- I want him in the head with a so I know what else happens when I put my point ready when you add it all up the offensive line is not one of the big problems in this game that help -- -- what played a pretty good game what. You have to do gets the -- the patriots is yes right you have a couple times a walk and eight of nine guys all within four got the -- privilege. It shelves of all you know the basketball which all dropped back to pass through you know recognized throughout they scored 37 points. What a couple times if they're gonna come out there trying to between a -- a pass along bullets with you gotta guess right that if you guys wrong they're gonna stop they could be true. 6177797937. Is the number to join us here on the real post game show again that is 617. 77979837. I'm what Stearns -- its moral alongside as well as Steve DeOssie. It is the real post game show brought to you -- can't natural casing franks the official Franken sausage of your New England Patriots look for the camp blue box it.

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