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What Needs to Be Done: NFL Sunday on What the Pats Need to Do to Win

Nov 11, 2012|

Dale, Chris, Matt and Kevin present their thoughts on what the Patriots need to do to win against the Bills. New England is favored, but they’ve been favored before, so the crew talks about how this team needs to put this Bills team away early and not let the game slip away like it did against Arizona. To do that, the Patriots need to run the ball and improve their communication in the secondary.

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Back here at Toby Keith's I love this bar and -- the patriot place right next sort of Gillette Stadium patriots of the Buffalo Bills. This afternoon before we get on the grill now we've got the bills' inactives so far. Probably that the name that jumps out at most -- series Chris Kelsay a guy no Brady speaks glowingly up every time the patriots play the bill. Both guilty Marti Anderson are out in I think that's going to be drifting off to -- -- -- -- -- -- started left corner and athletes apparently and so the bills testing it up today. Yeah I crystals -- for speed power collapsed due to wrong. You know going down the middle of the pack so that with -- -- were it's going to be -- bear it is going to be sort of depth issue there as well it was probably. With 67 weeks so now we're gonna find out where there are because it's just more aware of the move side. -- is get a little better receiving more productive elements they must beat the Houston to go applicants now the patriots inactives Aaron Hernandez had shown Malcolm Williams. Why it affected. And Ron -- Aaron Hernandez well Mankins will plea today. Don't think it is active mean this is it and but. The McDonnell is that the -- it and if they beat Gregory -- -- -- as well that's a huge vote. We're on through the court watch were received the form of swiping -- gonna happen how the animal was going to be. We Gregory and back there or densely packed them. We haven't yet even discuss the key to leave acquisition and he's not played this week anyway he's night in the lab facility -- midnight tonight technically tomorrow that's our thing. Can't be in the facility coming up his -- four game suspension. For violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Just from a talent point of view just. How we can play the game and he's got -- Hughes has had -- from throughout -- -- -- from a talent point of you it's an upgrade for the patriots once he steps into the facility. Right yeah these years they I think it did open up every day I don't think I think we have to be careful here we're not talking about Ty law and I think at the same time. I think he's the guy with the physical tools in the polls -- to be able to make an impact in the secondary it's going to be interesting to see that first week. How they're gonna use it did I don't know if he's going to be. You know on the fuel for the system plays but I think he's going to the other thing you can you make an impact relatively early on. I'd like to mix for the connection as much as -- sort with our upgrade you know on paper now. I think the idea that -- -- don't work went down pretty critical here what helped make that -- happen. While I was there will be sort of the long. When the woman that they have that kind of body type I think they thought that would give more of that yet some of -- -- -- -- world times had some issues -- -- stay healthy again for the second year. I think this may be addressing that as much as you go -- Concerns me what's going on back there one -- fancy you know of what this is -- -- is in my opinion. I think when you go back and look at them we've done you have to understand context here. Obviously feature Tibet's struggle with while we address and I think the biggest thing he answers his experience. Yes ball skills he plays well -- of them beating his but what you see some -- pitchers -- it now -- -- -- yet against else. He's in through offering comfort -- you can leave his responsibility want to -- the backside and he goes you'll routes that that's what he sort of booked some decent. But what he's not this is important that this YouTube which is not a role Revis the you know how the you -- -- -- it would -- we player action you'll see that guy exceptional balls and Hakeem Nicks game against the giants you raise him right. Against Dallas and up and down giving you a little but those hard times. We'll just read the for from that thing in the size speed and vegetables as reasons available in the reform that is what happened second news room. One final when Ali said was that a lot. Maybe that's what I say you know what if you want to game against the giants and you flight in the -- wearing them about the future oriented -- in the same way so I think. In part -- -- more of the same issues. What it's it's interesting to say they're gonna try to find consistency through an inconsistent so I just I would say take this agreement fault. We've worked mature and would you -- plus from December what. How will use your different that this is my final point. In Tampa they pressure they pressure -- want more than most recently. And he was often situations we've given up those those catches you don't -- some ways to -- -- that we don't -- because he was on the line. You won't have to play that way here I think you fit we're losing team or who it is you'll. These were little or the polls was supposed to be the lockdown guy. And the -- -- -- right away because every person you know no difference what think -- -- be if it's not use -- I think it's definitely wants to say. The colossal before. The -- if there's different different fifties I think because Belichick and his staff knew. Would be needed to address the display in season anyway after they may not have been the best guy that was available would do something that they feel like -- -- Himself in the guided me through -- could fit their system. I'll disagree slightly I think he is the best guy that was available. That's the key part of it's when you write you we had an older guys that they could yet and and I also don't want to lose sight of the fact the relationship. If he has with the head coaching 101000. It's about to -- trust me there was. Probably talked for me for a few hours about history and could benefit both. Just to talk about how he is that the as as a person -- -- football clear. And -- military justice and made a decision -- today and really. You don't go to these guys could have the football team and he's not going to be put on an island like he -- for example where the roots of the he's going to be that we -- be acts of -- -- -- we don't need you do anything else. Would you rule because this would -- -- about this with the team has been about who did you -- to -- your job done. It's really going to be interesting to see. The moving parts back there in the secondary today in going forward with the lead because now -- -- that you put quirky corner -- Becky that CT today. Compare him with Steve Gregory -- bubbles and work in there. -- keep debtor in Harrington or what do we do with this group. -- -- going forward because you had a lot of moving parts one of the keys to playing safety. They talked about this week if you have to be able to build up to a pool. -- the other state you have to learn how to play alongside each other much like playing the offensive line and getting those deep riffs together especially with a guy like Gregory could keep going for. I wrote about this as well earlier in the week and one of the the issue you saw in the first quarter its program they asked whether it's probably. We'll see people standing killed them. It just crossed midfield it's heaven knows what's it was a shot situation every guy in doing patriot uniform between Johnson John and once that he was gonna. The -- ten yards and after it was well. Normalcy definitely working so I think it's one of those. To make that point it's not about who would not work with words and happening now what we're back with with us which columns and experience to the safety position that the calls out there. What they can get back the situation of guys who situation we were -- great reviews please take this for years in the -- Even -- strong thoughts which can cover whether this and that but thought that they don't know in those situations to stand back at fourteen and sixteen north. The really subtle things we've got to cubicles well. Pilots the patriots on the grill brought you my opinion natural -- to bring it in blue box. At your favorite retailer what do we think the patriots have to do. To win today's game against the Buffalo Bills and on not going to be a Smart Aleck and saying they have to get along -- all that stuff. I've got my -- burned already in the Arizona game when I said something stupid like that. Now let's start with -- one of the patriots have to do win today start fast food connect with. With the uniform on the road I think it's -- the game we don't wanna let -- from -- would you don't want this week they're going to have time attended. And the six of seventeen to sixteen was something worth of game you don't we give this team white. I think this is a team that struggles to go a long hard way. I think we wanna see production from the patriots both defensively and offensively on these first 34 series and who we put away. Win the race I think this -- a big week to week you don't wanna give this team like especially if we're kick return -- punt return for a big broken play and we. Chris. If you need to run the ball we need to run the ball consistently you were the first time around against this team buffalo has not shown an ability to stop the run on any level. Over the course the first dated 1950s and I think they're going to be opportunities there for going -- in the run game and thinks the movie's going to be able to pick them up this afternoon. Kevin. They'd prefer to extort things. No -- fifty Millwood did gain and don't worried about component where you about the situation opportunity you have with the football team. C would you have been Shiancoe has yet to play football and we'll right give him into multiple tight insists. Try to confuse dude who do. Between running fans because they haven't seen him in -- don't really have a prepared for his youth it is they have received great velocity that's one thing they have to do. For me and and it's kind of a combination of all you guys because they were all in the same boat patriots beat on the football today something they've done pretty effectively so far this year they said before. They're averaging 34 point five -- per game. Bill Parcells wants that to me I hear more about how many attempts than I do but yards per attempt. Shall -- team that runs the ball X number of times. And that's the team that's gonna win and a lot of that has been with the fact if you're up in the fourth quarter you're running the football Warren and and and all of those connections. I also think it's -- it don't you. It's Patrick in the bills' offense any sense of life. Don't let them feel pretty good about themselves hey that's worked in -- look we get Stevie Johnson who's gonna start today despite the fact that he was listed as questionable all week. You know old Andy that's gonna work don't give him any sense of hope -- -- we're in this thing. Don't beat Alabama and Texas a and MOK don't don't -- -- we come back we need to. Your point now let's start with run the football but the foot on the -- all those cliches. You're better football team you're just a better team. Do the things that you do. And you we thought that. They're facing an entirely different group peace and they saw the first time you're -- -- a big role in a more peaceful I believe. Denver did not see this the first time -- -- Wilson doing different things in with Greg wrote we don't know what role the so I think that the wheels have sort of a different challenge your -- -- small. Last week's game plan what it's the last time game and we'll just try to replicate there's a difference and it challenges your arms and different fuels. It's interesting because that's the the flip side to really -- have wrote about that this week that. These defensive backs moving in kind of not really being able to get any consistency once sort of position. She immediately talked about that the -- it's actually tough to dean playing the way we could see a guy for five sixteenths did you pretty much beautiful -- what you can do what he can't do. Well he really hasn't had a chance to see a lot of these guys like you said -- you know. Gregory a lot he's got Wilson. Lot of these guys just don't have a lot of film walk the U in this system to work with who you really don't know how they can respond will be the thing is they. They don't haven't been yet so you can go watch film won on there -- -- three weeks ago. And middle school they may have not -- particularly -- fortunately watching film houses -- and this in this in this in a poverty they won't run today. So you could started probably going to be in the so please discovered it didn't work what format we. This week you can see -- got me doing their part of the role. We're gonna have to see this team in the in the course of the month of November store to settle -- with a chemical to run well with what culmination of what personal. And so. There you're giving it different reports that -- preparation you know there are some holes -- because -- -- you if you might have states. What it is tough to ghostly elements that is constantly plays in this situation because generally the same we can count. It's just not the case this young group. Will -- in the final segment today show will go through around the table and see that everybody thinks will happen in today's game and -- since the preview this whole thing was certain that the bills today are at the and then we'll talk to Baghdad we started it in our number one talking about -- why -- the bills as bad as they are for as long as they've been. And I think we've we've spotlight a lot of the stuff over the course of three hours that the -- within the system but coaching issues that the management issues. And and at some point in this offseason they're going to be a lot of teams looking to upgrade their coaching situation and I'm not gonna be shocked if the bill through one of them. And and chip Kelly's going to be you know the name on the tip of everybody's time and the guy who's gonna come for more gonna bring that. That high powered running gun offense to some NFL team. No matter who the coaching candidate is whether it's it's getting route now out of the broadcast -- and there are. -- all your guys were sitting in in studios right now we're NFL coaches buffalo is not going to be in the running ready. Because nobody's gonna want to take them on I think. You know they are in we talked about this before but due to baseball -- -- -- -- did the Toronto blue jeans you -- Goals interrupting. And a but it did their -- -- competitive division. You know when you when you talk about the patriots in the last -- -- the jets in the of the dolphins have been you built and rebuilt and during the tough to beat -- to typical spot for them it's a small market so you know I think in theory you have to over the guys to go there anyway. But it's just the head and decency at geography -- You run the risk -- the patriots. Hopeful we're looking at this morning. Looking at the Indianapolis. I don't think the patriots don't usually do that -- you know what division game if this was -- Cleveland or some manner different sort of non division boy you really rarely go look at it would that mean that you were -- doesn't it doesn't help India but it but it. Happens to let him get out. Patriots had to do it less than seventy. I think some teams do. You might you can make an organ reasonable. If this will be written Houston I don't think in view risen lonely yet worked fury yet it would IBM (WSJ) did on that -- -- -- reform. Think that's right. We'll take right when we come back a couple minutes go around the table at the we think it's gonna win and how it's gonna happen we're broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this boring really quickly -- right next to Gillette Stadium this is NFL Sunday. 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