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Sunday’s Big Matchup: The Pats Defense Vs. the Bills Offense

Nov 11, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew goes up and down the board with a look at the matchups that will occur when the Bills offense and Pats defense are on the field. The guys try to grasp the enigma that is Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and look into the dangerous backfield duo of Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller against the Pats’ solid front seven and iffy secondary.

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Back on NFL Sunday presented by KM natural casing ranks with for the -- blue box at your favorite -- KM natural casing -- celebrate something. Let's -- special teams for a few minutes. Chatham always likes to expect between Kevin does as well we should because as Chatham has pointed out on at least three occasions so far today. We're finally getting into the time of year where you get to return kicks once -- awhile now today's probably not a good example but it's going to be sunny and sixty out there and it's going to be. -- here today but is there a special teams advantage. Are either of these two teams going at today's. The paper advantage would be the bills because Leodis McKelvin had -- friends tees on some people's sort of mid season report whatever that's worth but -- pro. Level -- term we -- we -- most dangerous guys out there. They put down of the Williams -- quarter. Intense media believe this week as well so put down put -- like we just yes or or outback with the warriors yeah. Happy with what. What what this means more Mckelvin brought always interesting when you haven't gotten so productive in the kick game explosive guy. It has to have a greater role quarter how does that affect you know quarterbacks opposition if you're. You're chasing go routes play after play after play and then you have to return -- with two point. Or return apartment going to a series of something that's interesting to watch out without him or her for years it's not the easiest thing in the world at least he's doing wanted to -- not -- -- -- The -- see how that affects him but that's definitely something that actually always used to be traditionally history of the -- They were unit generated sort of alternative -- I was fifth about the -- and had. -- but it's it has a tremendous amount of respect for the Buffalo Bills that's something that. Their return game was won the best in the league if they have always been one -- best -- really. As the tires grip with the fewest listed their their coach and you know how this team up some steam -- steam -- -- try to catch a team of. Well it's big it's a big -- result I'm Masco Mena I think there's a way to sort of negate the ability to do -- -- return to hang it up there you -- for a lower cost maybe five going time. He kicked a quarter to -- down a little field. That it's interesting because you lost Trevor Scott and Tracy -- down for another week you probably got two more plug in bodies their Bob -- there's been released. The changing face of that under might have a couple new faces out there -- our commitment to. Book Jack by mouth you know it's a very good he's gonna you know in the -- in the Clinton exactly. What you need somebody to control discarded it in space you don't want that you don't want that the Shane Lechler. You know seven yard punt 3040 yards -- covered space between you Mckelvin. I certainly can appreciate that you like the dad hangs it up there nice and timely catches he's got fire -- space and we just make the point. So continue to make be big because I think we've seen from past weeks that Fitzpatrick group is not a team that's gonna go yards. And they're gonna try to generate some other art and I think if you're you're patriots special teams guy. You kind of take this is a challenge is one -- Ron what's the Milan and in team meetings all day here balloon you know the vocal -- but what you do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you get a little better. We need -- the Obama. Told police a bigger than fly around this wild boy it is spectacular technical always good but. But you get all this is a week where you know you don't wanna sit in there and listen to build just pump up their group you -- look around the -- cigars we can -- -- -- to we've got to -- -- -- we've got a group of guys can block and quite frankly hasn't been good enough for the last two months. It's time to wake up time for us to generate two yards for -- group those -- -- -- -- -- so this is I think though the one way that buffalo has a chance to win this game is if they get standout performance for pretty good special teams unit -- there will be given. Every single week that is bills week around here bill will come out and tell us how much respect he has. For the group of buffalo specialty Bobby April was the coach there for very very long time isn't now they predict exactly -- but they've been able to maintain that run of excellent when it comes to special -- Particularly -- Mckelvin in Mckelvin can break one or two big ones today. It will go a long way toward helping keep the bills competitive and -- guys -- do this this. Do try to you know so yeah. But you know I was like you surprised -- on fire Bobby April was an institution I mean they are also good for so long in the and we both back -- -- still that's -- productivity since -- left and I didn't notice popular left in the schemes haven't changed upon that's. That's a credit it's obviously organization with a lot of stock in that because they're not. They don't have one of the best quarterbacks -- don't have one of the best this or that so that they understand through the importance of that third group and they they emphasize what. Buddy -- approach the rust -- rest factor. Coming off the bye week got the extra time to rest comes at the perfect time midway through the schedule everything inside deal. But are you concerned about -- little rusty when you get out there -- -- playing a real NFL game against a real NFL team again. I think it helps a -- home this week I think it allows you focus a little bit more gold member last week the one that to the -- to always historically who would after the -- But last week was a pretty ugly game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week coming last year coming off the -- was one of the sort of down moments at that season. I think -- overall had a better year than the misty were were much better team and then come December and January. But it didn't look good after the -- -- rust rest I don't know I've seen it go all the way we have a really tough. By -- weak schedule and -- future couple days off and come back and you fly right in the things this week it sounds like the UC BA schedule. If you were we gonna get more restful mentally and physically so well still to come back I think it helps you get your come back -- its division -- somebody you know. Like Kevin -- mention it if it's easy to get up for this game it's really important game you can move. And Roy put distance between the two of -- maybe that helps you focus a little bit. What I -- and. With the territory. Two of being -- If your team that. Getting your your your team going -- I don't wanna with a -- team they need to -- -- did you want it but it's one of the east team as. You have to deal waited and move on. But that it created I think being home. Being able to have you you home means she won't give you back into the football flowed since you've been awful week. Can help a little bit but at the same time it's all about mentally now. How men come and destroy you about it OK we had we both know I have to be man in the back -- -- -- started. On Monday and Tuesday of the week. But for reasons I note that things are different now because the CPA in the practice rules have changed but what is -- like. Those first couple of practices -- is bill maybe going a little bit. Overboard and have to get you back in there in May contribute your own way because you can snap back to attention after that that we over the years you can feed it. And that -- politics before it goes -- that have been in a year the coast over the years you can see that he has learned as players we have. A big government for -- the case and that it. It's probably when you're. Not so men only show practices because guys coming back from home. Eventful personal for and more on those being things now for the past abuse who has been doing is he's been making those nine and practices. To where you can get baked into the Philippines. Don't waste that it -- -- under the new CD aren't you want what's going to be a bad practice and in that. Kind of figured yeah you just wanna -- defeat triggered the president needs to get back into full -- -- and he just keep it in the pro football so. I think there's one thing it used to learn and has grown. As a football I think this team as a as a different set of circumstances in front of the past years while you're coming off a Super Bowl loss. I think generally you'll see teams that lose misses this doesn't have a cause and effect relationship with twelve patriots. But the reality of visit there will be -- I mean you look at each week in week out and report. Fourteen to fifteen on the patriots that are questionable their sixth seventh on the other team so -- it's it's going to -- -- -- -- via their bookkeeping Monica. It's a two week here where I think this group really needed and he came at the right time I hope that they they sort of got. What they need to get out that we get this thing one of the second half we will see. Hopefully took advantage you bring me to an interesting point. We'll talk about it when we come -- patriots at the halfway point stand at five and rate. Good that are disappointing will talk but all that we back in just a couple of minutes for broadcasting live from Toby but barring that. But bombs around them to worry about it. I mean -- you. Bunch of rookies -- -- you two are just the but NFL players but rookies in the right. With thick quick break with the back unit that we keep that love this bar and grill it. Patriot place about Sunday presented by him natural -- -- the became the black recruit certain -- celebrate them.

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