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NFL Sunday Breaks Down the New England Running Game and the Offensive Line

Nov 11, 2012|

Dale, Chris, Matt and Kevin take a look at how the Patriots will operate on the ground in terms of gameplanning and personnel against the Bills Sunday. The Patriots have survived multiple injuries along the offensive line and the prolonged absence of running back Brandon Bolden due to suspension. They also go into the Pats’ improvement health-wise along the offensive line and whether or not the team is trying to get healthy for a final push down the stretch.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this bar and -- -- patriot place right next. Gillette Stadium patriots for the Buffalo Bills 1 o'clock game today. And our buddy Kevin falcon. Colleagues here will be honored at halftime of today's game fans who were attending today's game will also receive a beautiful Kevin -- poster. Which I had chance to show Kevin earlier today and that now are you have you you have to make remarks on the field if to say anything. This the three means -- they can do you know -- was a friend that as a friend right I'm just a friend. Somewhere in their rights say the two words Tom Brady just so that people get off your my so that it will allow your take Tom Brady. You know on notice or anything that. They can go through I I don't I think his name -- you know it's just a particular company gave -- you know. You Wear these teachers union government. Just about where those -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we've got a -- -- The pilots that take a look at the Patriots offense against via. The Buffalo Bills defense in this afternoon's game and the first thing we've got to say is not edit it appears doesn't appear Aaron Hernandez will not play today. They have made a roster change in the taken advantage of a new designation in the NFL this year. Which is an injured reserve designation which doesn't end your season necessarily. It allows you to come back at a certain point in the season the -- -- -- within that. Situation. Was with the team training camp placed in this special designation. Comes off that that designation today and will be active apparently. For this afternoon's game tell me what that means from the patriots offensive perspective -- with Shiancoe in. My guess is it means less playing time -- like Daniel fell more than anything else. Yep and I think ultimately -- teams on the ball I think the focus that is going to be running the -- only you know this isn't -- this -- this -- rocket science in the -- worst team when it comes to run defense. The patriots and Stephen -- in particular have run the ball very consistently for the -- to go to court last month I don't know. If Shiancoe is going to be used all that much in the passing game but I can imagine a lot of to and read it and said it. Specifically. In regards the war will be interesting to see how they run applaud that they've seen competency doing it but a lot of different ways if you remember back the first Bill -- a bills game this was -- time -- -- used. Sort of a small linebackers are hybrid guy that we we communion of so called almost dime because he's really not a oh linebackers are strong safety. And we know they -- some of them but the idea and that he was the patriots basically ran against sub defense is and -- for huge numbers. Now we go back the rams game which is the most recent in the future to dialogue accessible more regular run sets of Iran. At times we -- expecting run which sort of is diversification has offered to sort of match ration where they can go -- the could be. So if you're buffalo you know you have this tape receivable we can't play small ball gets his group will be interesting to see how they match these groups. If you're right Chris and they come out and some sort of multiple items that. The media be sort of football or I guess we're gonna -- like an old fort itself like. You know or warm one for like one back no no receivers on the fuel for -- muted its conceive -- huge ankle swells. 00 and also wrong on the field the same time. -- spread them out and afterwards it's sort of a question mark is this -- -- -- is as a pastor and see how they match you from a personal standpoint. What we're gonna have to see in what they're gonna have to match in buffalo is. Can they stop run first and foremost -- things are the first time from -- -- maybe did they move it down announced a nickel. As opposed the -- not removing two linebackers just removing one. Or if they're gonna go with a bigger sets or you want more chest to tightened its roots its twelve personal won back to targets too wide receivers. Candy wind from regular personnel and stop the run if they can't this is going to be a barber the game because there's too many ways it hurt you but I think -- -- -- things early in the game he'll go. If this is one of those things where we're. This question that we X earnings seasons wire we you know at least. The well hip deep and that those sort of game that you know what they. -- Percy I've been waiting for -- go to a mall in reserve. Just ST I've liked him as a player when he's playing breaking news. See what you had. We've seen fails for a few weeks now. He's done some good things -- playing time is decreased over the last couple weeks to yet but he's done it dated they've acts in the do in order you know. To win football games you felt lesbian but it is a couple of years ago you know pulling Canada's name. -- He got a little bit of Crumpler and bush both physically what brings to the field in both -- be. A little bit of his work as a mentor to some of these need to some of these younger guys and in Portland or analogy person. He's great effort. Went back to -- about. You know that the Titus say you go to see it and you see which -- If you can fit those most -- is it that you used to -- if you have a bad guy that you could ignored. If something may happen to area and they. That's what hosting an important issue we have really going to use them aloud if it. You know formations. Differently to try to get -- the policies he's beg you to help this team went down. I just official wasn't for New Orleans. This mean buffalo is just far and away the worst run defense league it doesn't matter what could -- what situation. We're going up against teams average running backs averaged five point seven or to carry on going up against the buffalo run defense and they just haven't been able to find the solution. For for what -- within the -- where they go small what are right I just think the -- going to be -- from the -- going to be -- when the ball and punches it in. That's going to be the difference in this case there's just a lot of things. So be the -- the nail on that would be hammered too much. You know we know that dared the world and words before excellent defense but at saint. Two was working for you during the game if they can make adjustments. You know they're very familiar team it would doing windows as office so they can make some minded justice and hopefully -- -- -- does not -- that would be. Yeah -- is doing with you the most receive restricted try to mix it up and try to confuse Brady of the. That's what's that carry -- always kind of dangerous in the NFL because they've missed clearly established what kind of team or they -- to wrong time -- cancel -- else. What if you never showed up front again -- -- for curious changed pretty dramatically doesn't mean to be effective the distributed different ways I think the idea of over. A large sample they clearly have a problem was that for ways to stop and someone. But they come out in in and have your defense of set and take the wrong way in to simply force the -- to something else it's not so much a function of we can't stop the run -- just. It's a move to just move they have no choice but to make because social vulnerable they don't make that person. -- Kevin we saw this week Brandon Bolden gets suspended four games for a violation of UD's. You're down they're talking to guys icu in the locker rivers -- and you were pretty close at Wrigley. Do you see this as something where the patriots are going to have to go out and get someone else to -- -- to the motive but more depth at running back -- do you think this is a group. That over the course the first of these next four games they're gonna be okay with that I happen to think that that Bolden. Provides you with a little bit more insurance when it comes to Wrigley but you know if if you can -- Steven Ridley for the next four weeks as your primary back. I think they're going to be okay. I'm. Bolden has been out for a few weeks now I think that. You know whatever it is that that's wrong with him it's -- -- -- -- and we we think it is. Now being that he's got he's got suspended for next four weeks. I think they're very comfortable we would you have now. Now if something happens and we should go to make that move would I think they're very coupled with the have. Because if not there to make it make a move. A little mired in a move not nothing major try to bring a guy you don't practice squad. You know just to bring him up in development of more to the course of the season but I don't think I think they're very comfortable with the. Let me let me talk about Brandon -- for one quick moment because we haven't -- -- he's been suspended for four games by the -- For violation of the league's substance abuse policy we don't know what that he has the league won't announce that unless he comes -- says that why woody. We elected to the arise I will point out here. That he was suspended for game at Ole -- he was captain of the team that Ole miss and got suspended for violation of team rules. The patriots. Believe me they know this stuff they know everything about everybody. They still. Said you know what we're gonna bring him in -- making a part of this of this program. He has now been suspended four games by the league for violation of the league's substance abuse program. My guess is he's not gonna get a whole lot more opportunities here. And and that he may be at the end of of his chances rope with the patriots. How he responds to this now how he goes forward. Gets his act together doesn't make goal long ways toward deciding whether he gets to Wear this you. Foreman I think the details matter and I think that's what from outside it's going to be impossible for us to judge of the guide book. You know. Dietary supplement pill that is just a bone headed move that rookie would make that's one thing he got caught immediately it's a different excellent think there. There are different sort of levels of this conversation so. To say that he's now on the ropes of the team note on saying how he responds going forward I think will determine yet and I think he's a guy who's done so many good things for himself on the field and that's what sort of an upswing newspapers everything looked great. I'm here lauding them -- about how great they've done from -- perspective on. A level three I feel totally comfortable with green if it's Ridley youthful. You have three of those guys get lion share of the carries and they always having been with him there. To make the big plays in the game you got -- who grew about this proposed -- of those people that that that you know sort of Chinese culture author patriots nation thanks bill can't draft. But as deep as that group is this is sort of emblazoned as they are right now the situation this exact kind of situation that was one. And no one even -- so mean and I think we're ruling in that situation with a really have two guys. They're gonna carry the torch and we have a the last few weeks while I was injured in its branded. And you really don't notice much of -- change I mean literally -- -- go down of rain comes in and it really nothing we changed I mean it and that's that's an important thing. I -- transition you're slightly. We were back on the Shiancoe thing wanting to to pay attention to. We're now moving into the bigger special teams or your kickoffs are gonna come out. I like him as much as what personal packages command. They -- to -- they've been missing one final big good blocking body but that's athletic that can block in space. It -- it was a good and in Minnesota on on on kick returns and stuff like that he's a really good athletic in space walker. And not at all wasn't enough of some of the -- present habit. If he gets himself activated that's actually swap that he moves into pretty well and I'm thinking that that group could you offer by the ruling would be blocked in place guy. Because they haven't been very productive in the kick return game so is much as you know -- to a third fourth tight end fund ruled that package easily come up and fifteen times a game. So finding some sort of production from that area I think you might you're really big loss to disprove global pool of you can you can find a role that. And -- they don't go ahead or back to -- than you've stated perfect. On the patriots knew would do it would be were getting adjusted -- knew everything about him I promise you they do of course of course they did. You're absolutely right when you say it's up to him now. We don't know exactly what he would need to how we took it he made a mistake now would have to you to make. Right I mean wrong right now mature enough. You've done something as good as a young man grew up now from what did what this is example is now you have to show yourself that you can take before games especially come back. Next time you may not even have the opportunity to say I can come back to fifty. I'll give you an example of somebody who did figure it out and Newton the situation isn't completely analogous Aaron Hernandez. There were questions coming out of college about Hernandez and and UC -- and he gets a huge contract extension from misty goes out of its way to say. This organization gave me chains where I was able to pull my act together and figure things out. He's in tears thinking about what the organization has done for him Brandon Bolden has the chance to do exactly that figure it out pull it together. Move forward from here so to get a chance finding himself out of a leak these. Not care what I think I think her name is gonna get more chances to species a more highly rated prospect I think in. We joked about this before when we saw Bolden fumbled a couple times during training did you can't do that conundrum to treat. You know and I think he has displayed value to this team overall but I think your point they'll I don't know how. Many more chances he get -- legacies -- for relief right now but annual. You you can't afford you don't have that kind of wiggle room in his situation but. I agree. Logan Mankins will be back today we think -- mean as far as we know it it we're expecting that he'll play. I didn't play in London. Probably the perfect opportunity combined with the bye week guy who's had some. Nagging injury apparently -- issues going on all season long you've got to think that extra time off. Was just with the doctor ordered for guys like Logan -- back to your point about the run game today. Wouldn't it be improved yet again like Logan Mankins apt to be he's a -- -- -- you know I mean both you guys know. The experience -- Where. If you banged up a few days ago and missed the guys with. Definitely ridiculous. Awful cute about it to a and yet and I -- -- apparently they think he has yet and he put the numbers with no -- And guard -- -- -- as opposed to -- so if it's one of those situations where you want to have guys and we talked about the -- they have got completely healthy for. That post Thanksgiving -- -- to -- the when he was more important another. But these guys have talked about it all the time you know the most important football we've got two things one. As meaning go to guys for that point. Boy you know I just talking about this one being you're talking about stretch. You're talking about this runs from hero enough from November it's and ended December and that's when your team has to get better as we do a team. Has to grow mentally and you know physically just. But I think this team has the luxury of waiting but slightly because they shall make into his absence last what is push from out there have him to reintroduce I mean I think. That the the production you've gone from Donald Thomas McDonald coming in filling in I don't think anyone in this situation especially with Hernandez. I don't think you rush him back because you've got enough good -- on this team with the office doesn't fall shortly after a couple of weeks ago I ended -- exact I no way he did happen to practice and and which is important and notes we don't -- -- -- -- what Rebecca -- But this is important and this is why this team I think is built the right way because there not a situation where the -- depressed guy is now. The team won this thing is -- part of the team has the most guys available at in the season so we'll hope were. Least injured at the. We'll take quick break when we come back we'll look at the Buffalo Bills offense led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. And the Patriots defense this is NFL Sunday were broadcasting live from -- beats them of this bar and grill. And it -- Sunday brought to you by cam natural casing ranks look for the came bloom box at your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something.

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