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NFL Sunday Shows Their Appreciation for Those Who Overlooked on the Field and in Life

Nov 11, 2012|

Dale opens the show on a Veteran’s Day weekend by showing their appreciation for those who serve our country as he, Chris Price, Kevin Faulk, and Matt Chatham preview Sunday’s Pats-Bills matchup. They then move on to the appreciation of the perpetually underlooked Kevin Faulk, who will be honored at halftime of Sunday’s game, and how he was much more than a third-down back.

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Before we get into the normal football stuff and do what we do want an NFL Sunday let's not forget the at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. With when the first world war and that is why we celebrate veterans day in this country remembrance day in Canada. We pay tribute to the men and women who half and are wearing. Our uniform and who serve this country and protect and I know in this country every holiday in the planet has to fall on Monday. But it is today today is veterans day today is remembrance day in Canada and in now in England as well so our thanks and appreciation to all of our service men and women. Here and a broad serving this country and I just wanted to get that out of the way so that we can. Clear the decks and pay are appropriate respects him and talk a little bit of football because later on today. They're gonna be celebrating a person here at Gillette Stadium. Who played thirteen. NFL seasons. Participated. As a member of nine AFC east championship teams five AFC conference championship teams and three Super Bowl championship teams. I'm looking at the commemorative poster that they're going to be handing out to the fans at Gillette Stadium today. To honor our buddy Kevin -- This is very impressive thing here ready for this that I. You'll hear on trust -- on -- -- -- trust me I can't hear you sort of know if I was -- and that. And you are you're there and and I am looking that your pastor flesh and blood craziness thing no I haven't but that's what they're given away. At the very interesting both the pattern looks like me and let that thing that that before -- congratulations first of all. Thank you very much you little nervous. Not yet. It's one of those things that you very thankful for. You understand which -- and as a player. Hey it's actually. People have taken notice too which should and you accomplishments. You know because you have been quite got four of their loved her their hesitancy to most just went out there of the football because he loves the game of football. Pain to get the recognition ever since I've announced my retirement has made me if you. So much gratitude. For what I've done. That is a former patriots running back Kevin ball will be honored at halftime of today's game between patriots and the Buffalo Bills -- to -- stadium. Former patriots linebacker Matt -- -- in the table Chris writes from W dot com accurate while normal. NFL Sunday crew to make an admission to Europe. And is dumped it series in mission. You're right you have then the quiet. And for a long time I don't think I gave you the proper respect and appreciation that it -- because you with a quiet. And I have a feeling many patriots fans didn't know what happened to go on and I probably in that category I. -- develop an appreciation. The last few years that you played that I should have -- the first few years. And I think that your personality. And the way you approach things and humble and and quiet and reserve probably. Due to the respect -- -- some quarters and I'm raising my hand that was wrong -- I should appreciate -- from day one the way it is now. Appreciated. Which you said earlier about not knowing which you have until it was -- and that's kind of thing where field. You never know how quick these game goes you never know because you have so much fun. You'd do different things in you being especially when you've been successful as we were as a program. But you never know how quickly that's going how much you couldn't miss it when -- -- and now look I'm only would. Three weeks away from me you know remove from me and it's just that feeling of not knowing that you're not going to be able to. To which you've done for so many years anymore. I'm guess in -- guys in the locker room didn't under appreciate what he brought to the table now but I think that is the perception in the locker room move. All things football is for dramatically skewed much via fears the hopefully pick up announced on my comments from people we had to head back at. But now I mean we -- we I mean and that's that's why. You know you you understand a few football works it's a lot different than just the highlight reels off enough that Kevin and -- that -- I get fired up by as a walk in here today in the you know you it's a little bit chilly outside there's sort of a little overcast skies and I know that you know even them is the land before time old deal were you know there was there was a kick off. Play but now we're in the cold part of season where they actually forced to do with this is a -- we get excited. Kevin sketch and all those those cool little third down wanted to catches for start to kick -- returns back to midfield. There was short field for -- a -- offices of time a year were that's the -- really kicks him in early season ever but it looks like a rock star but. This is the time you restart the -- movement I love it so yeah it's kind of it's kind of apropos the Kevin and this is dated dated -- you were exposed to insert some more. You can make it you can make case for the guy sitting here as may be one of the best third down backs of all time Ross Tucker guys who write for his conduct who covered the -- it was in the league for a long long time bonus -- epithet that I alternate at wrote a -- a couple years ago thing you're one of if not the best third down back all time which -- there with guys like -- gated -- and Terry Metcalf and and -- centers and just when I think -- you as as both of being in its as a reporter. I think if -- consistency your -- ability in your absolute dependability did did you were the guy. More often in in a big situation that Tom was looking for. You know you're you're that guy in the locker room who we all as media members flocked -- because. You you -- you understood the situation that we were in because we could go do you into look at what are my -- in the situation you know you that you need to do to waist deep secrets but kind of you'll break this down for me and you were able to do it in a way where it wasn't. You know what like we're speaking French to us -- we knew it was it was concise with simple it was appropriate so as as a media member is a football fan I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you very much as workers that's one of thing that I'm gonna mess because that's. I grew and grew as a player I grew as a person to photos used I was there. At the began I was in Baghdad it really spoke to -- of that. 'cause I was quiet and reserving -- you know go to guys do that who wants my time came to where I was able to speak. I learn from the -- the guys. I watched him and observe but in what's my time came it was at a different. So you had to put to a new twist on an acting. You know just learn from those guys in observing the scene and put -- under the twist on it people got to see who I was as a person a little bit as wellness. The football. Although. Interject just slightly I'd keep cool rod Parker that -- it. I act I can have a crawl on -- them but that's the kind of a problem with that had -- them back a little like that word. I like. Elect all purpose back finally get a but the idea that Kevin with the third down back to -- councils that short reload with reality what he did although it was really good at the go to third comeback but I think you put you in the box that really the kind of player he was it was much more than a third down back says the gaga just catches passes on third -- -- was. That's all the short and I think you've been. You going to this sort of payment for a final the other guys at the district did just that I mean this is the same -- work your way understated which apple -- I would save for backs that. This report abuse prevention. And what I mean for older albums are so much to a community you know the pass protection Kevin not a big new book just the spectacle there in. In his guys bigger than him and think -- pockets keeping clear the big catches on third down but you know move the pocket a lot of for some sectors screened I was good to a map and all that. And especially desperate but with two was whistled shortened you were 1234. All the years I was here in in the summer of -- rankings and that's that's -- -- so. I hate the third down back thing as much as -- like the pass rushing linebackers if the other forty plays here on the fuel or don't have jobs. So I think wise the believe that there back put -- -- because of the stats. If that can only compared to with a third down back. Spare bed in an -- got into the when that rule was brought to the it was like no I want to be here we go back just like anybody else because it LSU. You did everything. Yes but as a competitor. You want to help your team in every ethnic and wing you feel like here. Could you ruled that movie you kind of feel like you're not doing your job. So at that point. It's going back to meet growing and understanding now that I mean the business aspect and not Beckett in relation to where I was the guy. Now on Baghdad have to take that back undistinguished -- is figuring out. Now it failing them and -- my rules that they'll compromise you bring up but it. Standpoint it's it's a dynamic I've always been curious about every single guy who's playing in the NFL. Was the guy in high school and probably the guy in -- I mean wherever they went they were the stock at left. The the the exception might actually be Brady which which kind of ironic -- -- think about it but but but but if you think about it everybody was the -- they were the star. And then you get here you have to at a -- to -- that many cases you're not the guy. And I always wonder about the psychology involved in to -- it what you have to what you have to do inside your head to say okay. You know you word you were right star in college you get here and and they save Matt we want to be a star special teams -- and a situational guy and police. The linebacker. You know what you do those jobs even in college I mean it's not what you hear him make you run water on -- I think what it's guys if a wide receiver wide -- -- -- you know sixties every ball to college and also that he's here he's the fourth option which means to block him. You know you're you're maybe run to run off routes -- only the first read one out of every point pleasure on the field. And your point special teams all of a wide receivers not as much a rigid body front and I'm doing an entirely different I think it is a little easier Forrester transfer. What you know take a look at view that the climate like a guy like Mike -- when he first got here the way yet to make the roster was he was that. Rotating six or seven the -- you're going to kick offs at 285 pounds -- stuff is is is is his impressive music with. Situation. Situation it's yours that you're either going in burn out situation that you may have been in before. As minimally as house don't you can take -- -- -- don't you can take not be in Baghdad for me yet I always thought it. Mean not being able to be gay guy when effort -- here. In just taken -- step -- was created to. Mean having -- well you know I am the daughter when I was seen the last two months the first cut. So my mindset was totally whatever I have to do I have to take care of these cute so glad to take this -- that I'm going to this that that because. I had a paycheck coming particularly curious that so that you know is is -- situation goes did you say you have a receiver. All currently receiver in his cards is whatever you're drafted to a team that only runs the ball right. It's you know how he how is -- -- and he asked to figure out mentally out of feet. Actually an interest in store for today image from in the -- Malcolm Williams direct just got brought up to the active roster there's a guy who was one of the top. Topics coming out of high school in Texas he's like the -- guy quarterback. Commits to Oklahoma has some great issues. Get booted there it goes did you -- for awhile listings fees it comes in and basically makes his mark in their -- example bill got -- -- -- wasn't there -- was supposed to be the guy about a high school parolee was an ecology edit. New guy at TCU they've got amendment. He UUBE basically made his mark as a specialty for you -- -- navy admiral is another example of what you're playing college. But that -- -- as the interest or to be and we you know a cue to leave all that stuff we're talking about that now to Beatrice and to see some of those bottom roster guys and restore and a make this second half moved I don't know anything off the guy that watched me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a real -- of best thing was OK he's one of those that's not afraid. You go to -- got Christie's an adversary groups they can exact ones -- put yourself in there in the race -- always fascinated by the guys who not too much get drafted and they're kind of have to come here and subjected to -- but guys were free agents. Who've been in the league for awhile and in kind of have established themselves at a certain level in in the need to come here and perform sometimes it radically different look like you said. -- but the more special teams were given to -- but of course this mean you maybe -- or scout team -- that they're supposed to in just awaited day. Acclimate to the new England's system I think is more factly it. It's interstate through because if you look at it the way special teams units are made up I mean your your wedge on teams which they -- -- -- now but still commitment which way it used to seeing out there. But there were two years here where. You know Steve -- start re -- he's back in my letter anyway around one dollar believed still doesn't -- -- now he starts -- he's back what. And trust me I don't I'm I'm guessing but -- What would imagine if he's has -- several -- statement by its specialties but. This place just sort of -- -- -- the game Dan Connolly yeah well he's out there playing full Armey's plan a special teams. Blocking a guy news like horse BKO. Your speed or faster than any of us the first agreement on the field. And your offensive linemen 310 pound the space that's not what she went to become mine -- -- you were practicing to do so. Yeah there's definitely a lot of another -- titans a couple of tight instantly that it got there sort of bones conduct themselves in the draft by the united catch passes. And in this league. You know one or two guys in this unusual situation -- a pass catching tight in Somalia and roll roll back in that second -- and general we gotta be -- blocker great. And in this day and age having pride in the -- the columns in my around him is to be to pass catching big guy. And how many of -- ruling could it actually that still I think you see a little bit of a drop off about three and a roster of. You know get a -- two in which -- a lot of Kevin's fault highlights this week and appropriately so and I swear to god every and I and I saw. It was born in Lafayette Louisiana. The latest college football LSU is running in the snow. Every highlight I -- -- while running in the snow and Mike s.'s concedes note to you got up here. I think matters -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was actually -- for meeting. It all. Well I was eight I was about to be laid I was like fifteen minutes away from the stadium and I will go up twenty minutes. From you know the cameras started meeting that was driving in snow so that was kind of it just you know made it right would deal -- -- that duo with. He goes into drive and an interesting story that I have -- up. I think that would be a good sort of opt for real business you could do do the players in NFL freeagent driving school here on campus. Just quite frankly when you guys sign your -- about you always. Grow up in Texas growth in Florida -- Alabama or Mississippi guys and the senior to -- the Buffalo Bills relaxing you know you play for Cleveland. It is like nothing you've ever seen her life and bill would go to court -- or what have this conversation started to guys. You're never been on the stop before we get our enemy like this is not like nothing you've ever experienced a sort -- if you poll. Capacitor a couple of terrible public well enough -- to this. Snowstorm we had a week reminded me a little bit affected it's been three years in it was Thomas. -- -- -- you know not the Jetsons yet why there can't quite get the car up and despite what you want me to Houston though guys I think guys ever since then especially have been mindful of the fact that look. We got if they don't we something I you know especially in the. It happens. Have their their story as written it was it if they wanted to if they beat widow of late for that means mania legitimate excuse the a bus had. Terrence over and administer that turn though what is solely -- them off to pictures sorted. But debut as -- way that unite here and go you're late to go if it it if if that accident a bus accident -- -- your arrival of stadium. You should've left early enough so that it wouldn't of mattered to. I've I've worked with coach is likely or you don't run. There are littered with that this rebound. -- -- after -- Now now -- -- A little bit of -- We'll take quick break welcome back broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this bar in -- were it to patriot place your toilet stadium patriots in the Buffalo Bills this afternoon. NFL Sunday brought you by -- is ranked for the camp blue box -- grocer. -- celebrates them.

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