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Jason Terry postgame with Grande and Max

Nov 11, 2012|

Jason Terry joined Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell from the locker room right after the Celtics beat the Bucks in Milwaukee tonight.

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Celtics went had all the way never in doubt 9692. They went in Milwaukee Jason Terry joins us outside the celtics' locker room and Max now we're talking about. Two of the things before it gets you starting -- you're. Part of this team tonight. Two things it's a different kind of shake their heads that we couldn't quite put our heads around what they hadn't seen Paul Pierce yet. And they really hadn't seen with Jeff -- can do and -- I hope they were watching or listening in the fourth quarter. Yes no question. You know right now we're just -- I mean we've got a runaway who is obviously we have high expectations coming into the season. But I everything doesn't work out as planned some time to got -- Walton group. There are alternate route for us -- the key to success is crime -- Your rival right now everybody's door whatever it takes to get the job done Jeff -- -- the game night. And we finally see the truth comes through when he comes -- best in the fourth quarter we saw tonight was you know -- this thing over again it's not sexy eager to work transition defense over and over again because fans -- can't really put their head around it. But tonight the communication clearly was there and say this was the best defensive effort. Of the young XE that's huge state. Although question have you seen the first game -- Milwaukee came about their guards -- very confident now Monta Ellis stepped we have decent game tonight we'll branded in his. Most want for to embrace -- -- -- with the battle on himself. And animated personable and tonight he really really dominate the game on both ends of the floor. You're you're down there on the flow what is the difference doctor talk about communication it's communications transition defense. When you're on the floor what was the difference in that tonight -- were -- -- Well earlier. I would say you lose communication on the transition and it was more of the way we played offense as we want to take this more than an actual round. We -- offensively we just we're. You know not make Smart decisions whether it was a turnover whether we forgot the play but it was put us at a disadvantage in our numbers hitting back. Tonight Paul made a statement before -- get one into you're definitely that. Three if you all have a clear path to the basket you give that we've balanced the floor we make them set up their half court as you know our half court defense is pretty this. What's the difference between starting coming off the bench you're at this point you're in your life your critics of the matter. -- that it matters you know whatever his team needs me to do for us to be have success and and who wins in the column that's what I'm here to do tonight if -- it is dark and provide a spark in the lineup. Do that it's good for a group that these youths gathered to be on the road. Is that you tell Doc Rivers that I'll finish when we -- sound we decide to run the show you are not yet not -- where she doesn't decide that when it when they show. Obviously coach inspire that without -- an outstanding job with game planning to release. -- -- to pay attention to -- no -- and we're. -- I will not because doc told us to -- because you and I decide it's time and we will and conversation don't let him bosses around -- -- -- have a great time. All right Joseph we'll see on our our phone bus ride down the Chicago found that.

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