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Doc Rivers Pregame in Milwaukee

Nov 10, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande prior to tonight's Celtics/Bucks game in Milwaukee

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So it's that I presented by Lexus continues from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin -- to -- which of the box in the second night of back to back on its business. Amid the very loud music is our conversation with the head coaching they get no literature is complaining about the yet it's -- you bust a move right there. Our conversation that goes brought you by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- harbored no from count us in. You've completed five games as coach are you still coach over the are gonna check out the last you know. That a group let -- go out there. Mike Brown by the way -- with chick -- yesterday when he got to meet you but what you did today. They you've got a little while I got to ask you again so that it -- into words on the large room right after them so nothing was open did you tell us. So of course I couldn't mystery that is. All right we're really tried to be prosperous of a conversation about transition defense interest. -- And I know what would you know what we have to try we have to sit bold initiatives and try to follow. First of all star witness when you say we used the term secondary early break in English people would. Well you know when you look at that. It yards that she's that they give everybody a fast break point you know they released me. Like it towards one but we have to win -- -- you're aware is a judge's -- to bring to taleo. We come fast break points is his early transition points where they don't have to set up a play. That rate continues to be formed by the B five -- five as a matter of fact last night a lot of -- 515 layups. Or wide open threes which -- just thirty points. What our numbers in transition points and you never win network. The profit -- the offensive rebounding numbers are right where they've always -- actually leaving leading defense rebounding glass is always an offensive rebounding so where is it if it's not. Making an extra effort to get the offensive rebounds where is the breakdown on our communication. It's a simple no we we show to them that there are two guard -- that same guy I mean it really looked. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people now have caught on to the numbers that we've talked about for all of most of last year about when Kevin Garnett it's in the game vs when he is out of the game. And the numbers are are pretty dramatic to look at. But it's attracted over what is happening with the primary thing missing it's okay he's a really good player he's not on the court but there has to be. Or two which was actually I think it's much offense defense when he goes off before that people assume. Kevin -- vote for our defense -- that it. But I think are often really short so I think we've become jump shooting team. We've become an impatient team and -- we'd like execution. I think the one thing that -- goes to every part of our our team beat -- demands. Execution that he holds everybody accountable and -- a bachelor of office is the first pass to a press break on the we have already does the offense that you're talking about is that the primary reason for the change in line tonight. I'm looking at the I'm looking more for just the entire game we're trying to figure out a way of playing forty straight minutes. Instead they have to blows in you know because -- the biggest problem we have obviously with Kevin is the substitution thing. You know there's time for you need to use their diploma just care. And we wanna make sure when guys are. We we have with the right reform or all the time so. Or governments in the storyline that is not a concern to me is that line up after the game starts that I -- far more focused though. An interesting image your -- team tonight that we talked last week about Jennings and Alison how they represented kind of backcourt that can exploit the kind of thing you're talking about. But the hosting these seem to have now. Is -- rotation and bench that is really playing well together. That'd do -- -- -- change -- a couple times have been around -- is now playing. More than mark she's mean everybody changes their rotation for the most part. At the end -- -- -- that you know the stuff -- guys that you do the same top seven -- recognize same thing with us for the most part. Your dad served we were in Milwaukee today and there was there was a worry that kind of -- -- out on the street and I think there was a long generation because there weren't major military conflicts where I think veterans day sort of fell into the background became sort of -- general racially it became sort of an -- an older things and obviously over the last ten years has changed. How important is it to you. Well very -- You know I think Vietnam is returned to honestly I thought you know. We had break people over for a -- Vietnam history back and they weren't hero and I think that started the us to forget and veterans day. And you know. Fortunate or unfortunate the way you look at it is now we've had these last two wars and still learn more and I think that's. Made all the young people understand how important veterans they have. We'll have our thoughts more thoughts as we move along here tonight to -- -- from a military family as well as Celtics and the bucks. It is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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