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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, joins Ryder to explain how the Celtics can be fixed

Nov 10, 2012|

Paul talks about the team’s expectations for Jeff Green and what is missing from his game right now. He also sheds light on the reasons for the Celtics defensive struggles, especially when Garnett is not on the floor.

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John -- banquet -- happy to be joined by the great Paul Flannery check them out on SB nation -- -- -- tremendous job covering the NBA. And covering the Celtics as well how's -- golf ball. Go out Ontario I'm good man first stop and as I guess is kind of a loaded question. Where the celtics' problems right now and are they fixable. Well. Yet where to start right I -- right reality is -- I think they're fixable I've actually -- about the -- the nation tomorrow. Their problem essentially are the same problem they had last year which is when Garnett -- that a game their their toast. The -- -- and they're getting killed and died especially the given up I think it's -- -- twelve point per hundred possessions and at that game as compared to ninety. When he is in the game that's it that's just a tremendous huge sway even when he is in the game and -- and all that well there's very little margin for error. But when he's out of the game they don't have a back up big right now the bid that -- comfortably using -- he was trying to get away with use in the you know these hybrid lineup would undersized power forward they have that -- -- soldiers get killed inside. It's not a complaint really you know strong in interior keen either. So that the big big big party Rondo last night I think I think he was that clear right economic chaos. It is -- -- deeper of that quote what he was really saying was when Garnett had a game nobody's pocket. And that they have to talk that's one of the -- -- the most important principles of their defense systems the bigs have to talk and communicate. Those guys are doing it and they're just getting shredded right now defensively that is their biggest. Biggest problem is it's fixable. Well I mean you know Darko hasn't shown anything -- -- having gotten off the bench you're -- a lot of hopes and Chris Wilcox. And that that is that was always going to be the biggest problem and right now it'd be huge problem and in that that is one of several but that is by far -- -- Yeah you said it before and I completely agree with you in terms of interior defense I guess that's one thing long term I think some of these other things -- Terms of authority league center of figuring things out. Yes in the communication and we've seen it before I mean a couple different is this is just simple back picks then not even tiger now back pics of Rondo. He setter. Well I guess the other. Big question mark with his team and moving forward in plenty of people and I'm sure he should get some rope but. And in some patients is is Jeff Green seems to be lost on both ends of the floor right now. Yeah it's unfortunate that they have been playing well because this this obviously it's a lot focused on. But Jeff -- and I thought he was gonna struggle right up to bat and eroded earlier this week did you know really guys given 1520 games to figure itself out here he missed the entire year. -- back he's been asked to do you know I distill what is a different thing however. If you look at his track record and you look at his career nobody should be particularly shocked that he's not some game changing force off the bench. He he had never been back he wasn't back -- -- one really outstanding year in Oklahoma City that's looking more more like the -- liar here. So you know supportive for -- His struggles are coinciding with their team's struggles because. You know that just you know increases the spotlight on him right now and you know it I found it interesting that both doc and Gainey had turned up the heat on right elected at a given him any -- There they're expecting more out of him I'm not sure there's that much more it is time I've I've I've been you know not a huge on the Jeff Green bandwagon ever since they made trade. I think his numbers were artificially high because he played a lot of minutes never been -- great rebounder and I did not buy this notion that he can guard four different guys you know one through four on the court. And that kind of shown itself right now though I think you can be better and I think you can he's -- He's gonna play better in and give them give them mark Purcell and and you know who hoped. So it'll be a better player but. They're kind of a lot of hopes on him right now because he has the he has -- whole key to that mentioned that it does not play well at all. Yet what is he I mean I know that they want him to improve and he said it before the season I've got to improve on my defense in my rebounding but -- Defining him as a player we hear. You know he does so he doesn't do one thing great he does a lot of good things so far I haven't seen a move with -- basketball much you stay in a behind the three point line just wait -- ball watching. The offense had at different times we see some -- glimpses whereas the -- and he drives to the basket but but overall. Is he a guy that. You know maybe is feeling the pressure the big contract feeling the pressure that you know I've I've got to be a force here would this team a lot is expected of me. What what is. Well I mean you know all of the can be a lot of things I'm not pretend to be inside his head of the guy eat eat you know he keeps this. He keep his emotions pretty well -- which is you know that that this president two years and I don't think. Unfortunately you know -- kept playing another team where you know the guys you know piercing -- you know you you you you can feel them. You can feel their emotions and just never going to be that which doesn't mean -- You know they ought to be you know he's he's not trying to if that's the way is. But what -- -- that's always been the question he he he really have a hard time defending bigger players -- is not relief for and you know the question is can he defend -- on the perimeter so he may not be a three defensively. I think he's had matchup. I think he's and that's what they want they want him to get matchup on offense and go an exploit and you saw him do that appreciate he's played free and easy going after guys hold -- for world of course in the regular season. And that's where I think the frustration comes on you know on the on the on the coach and that part is. Look man you you you got to cut the advantage go. Go do it and you know if you watch in the on Wednesday when they put the wizard I mean -- totally blew a defensive assignment and doc really reacted angrily at Yankee red events. The rest of the game mean that that backed us up to -- those things fixable. You know whether it's physical talent or whatever you know that that is what it is facilities things are fixable. So yeah he's got to get right he's -- a he'd get a giggle and he's got to do it now because this team needs a boost somewhere. Retired with Paul Flannery of SB nation read him there about the NBA the Celtics he's also on Twitter as well at. Paula I've been out since four and has been plays Celtics NBA -- have gotten multiple text here in a big topic I just. What you -- address or your thoughts Roger on Rondo defensively what do you think of him defense with. Barbara you know I think I think I think his reputation carried him a little bit over the last few years. Not gambling do much good. But he he would not. He would. Played particularly well on the ball defensively and that is we're not having Avery Bradley really really hurt. Because last year they they completely changed edited things in the and you could see the result Avery is tremendous on the ball defender. And now allow Rondo sort of playoff now. Barack in the played 42 minutes and yes -- the office right now and that's a hard hard thing to do to try to be you know an impact player at both ends of the court when you played that. Position. In the in the NBA at this stage because everything is right around that high pick overall. So can he be better yes but you know I mean that. That that kind of put him in the top spot I will always defend Rondo did you know that would at the point the most people will but noted defense is not patent. Has as well as it has been a problem yeah. And that's tough do you you've we've seen it in I think part of it too all right in -- -- Jennings crushed that first time. Against Milwaukee and then you know you've got the interior defense problems if you're not getting that you know on the ball defense of the top of the -- that that's going to be some problems I. -- drew holiday -- guy that doesn't get the play in conversations but extremely talented. Young point guard people just don't talk about him because there's so many great point guards but he's. Really solid young point guard. So I guess you know the it. Hey if you if you not get that pressure on some of these point guards in the get these interior defense problems it's gonna exposed more problems right yeah. Yet and yet the Celtic defense is really the you know it is hoping -- Garnett talk about all the time whether they're tied together and everybody in the right place right time if there's a breakdown anywhere they're very easy to export. And right now they've got break out going all over the court. So you know -- -- you can see -- look he's he's currently got the ball that's a problem you can see the interior problems that's a problem a lot further. One of those things where you stuff is going on yeah I can defend for 1819 point second -- to -- -- wide open three and elect had that happen. And it is because it was one or two step you know behind that where the breakdown came. So if -- if they are not all tied together defensively -- they can look really bad because they don't really have -- outside of Garnett. And -- Avery when he's healthy it'll really have that like. Dominant defensive player elected you know but Dwight Howard type read to -- to build -- pain nobody goes near. So it it's. It's it's a team wide epidemic right now. Where it where things are breaking down and the collective whole looks really really really bad right now. Do they have I mentioned this after games that they have. Too many offensive minded players on this TM and he mentioned defense of breakdowns as well on in teams are burying three is the transition defense has been their for the Celtics but. Too many offensive minded players that they added to his team. Well I've they had him they had you because they're office was Hercules feel it here and so they had to get a guy like it here. And you know it's it's unfortunate -- I I have not really seen these issues with Courtney -- I think he's been fine I think he'll find his shot he's got a track record travel consulate in five games for him. But people shouldn't expect accordingly to be an all star -- you know he's a decent player. Who does a lot of things well for you and he can provide ballots when you talk about this committee off as a player that's why you'd like to have cornea. You know because he's not. He's he's not a guy who can it can afford to build -- that. But they had to they had they had to increase their -- -- and you can see actually if you really dig deep into the numbers you can see that it has come a little bit they've gone from being really pat ostensibly to being. Not so bad offensively and again to the free throw line really well. And this and it there's a few good indicators that there -- goes on and I think they needed that. I mean if you look at the Celtics and you're worried about the defense you can only say they've been doing for five years and they it is always come together eventually. So I think I think that is as one of the things you can you can kind of point you would they are you know it's not a bad look for. This is a tough defense for players to figure out newcomers when they've when they -- the Celtics. It's a little bit updated its -- and it's so difficult you know dramatically hear anything like that -- it's pretty basic but. What -- it it is is that everyone has to be in the right place to right and they're not that it that it breaks down really really quickly and a lot of players. It's up they don't play defense is that it's not been emphasized another spot. In their career and this is the place where defense's first second and third and you know that takes a bit of an adjustment for the league east. Techsters I've had multiple text if you -- -- -- a question you can do so -- 37937. -- with Paul Flannery of SB nation. Darko Milicic Chevron host wonders about Darko Milicic last night Paul. At a few callers saying why wasn't -- go in there well if there -- promise of pick and roll defense met with Darko in there. But. In two and a guy that I know it is number two pick who will always haunt him but. Is the guy that in a focus is a problem he can block some shots. And I'd always dealing with a wrist injury but he's saying he's healthy right now. What Wendy can you see Darko. In there at any point two in terms of the matchup what what was the best role for Darko guess. So obvious I don't know it is split five minute and he was popular player in the league. In this -- -- awful any part. So I think -- muscle that it lost -- of confidence and you can see that. You know means somebody's got to play these back commitment haven't off the court and I would actually -- -- sculpted concerns here he hasn't played hardly at all. And he's a veteran and as we've -- though you know it it can't get any work. If you look at that -- will -- get the chance right now he's played pretty well. You know I mean if you pin your hopes on -- It's it's it's not -- His and he can do some things but. It you know he's at best ten minutes in the. You know I think he you know he got off to a rough start sometimes it takes konduz to work your way back with doctor agreed to I think the injuries definitely affected them. But you know defensively. It. I don't think you see that so what they need it. Were only five games indicating believe them asking you this but let's just use a hypothetical Jeff Greene continues to struggle I know we as that. Now for years that nine million a year is the pot is there a possibility. They could. And a moving him more or could date you know we we mention these interior defense of problems do you see potentially no Danny Ainge has that. At all of being trader Danny may be long term -- February of things aren't figured out. Offshore that's -- -- -- place that anybody should have been these willingness to make make trade you know I'm in Ellicott that the scenario last year -- contract. I look ticket you know I've been there's been no talk there's been no rumor there's been no talks there has been no chatter about this is five games and concede. Even though they would have had to deal to make of the contract to make it work and even know if anybody would typically be accident taking on Jeff green's four year deal -- deals with. But yeah I think it would explore any and all options -- we've always done and I think that's what we'll do again. Last couple questions look around the NBA -- let's start with the lakers they get rid of Mike Brown it looks like Phil Jackson will end up coaching there and LA. Steve Nash extremely bright intelligent player we know that but will that fit with the him in the triangle offense. I think -- I think you probably well I mean it's it's it's hard to tell because you know it's never had -- before. But yeah I mean look bill is not the rigid. EU has always made very good use of players that he and in the past he has not had. A point guard who is you know creative with the ball but they do you run pick and -- And I think if you had Steve Nash your your -- almost negligent if you don't pick and -- So I think they will absolutely find -- way to make use of his talent and he is such a good Q that's the one thing -- people never really talk I would Nash. It was a great shooters -- years that and he will get. Shot after shot after shot if -- they'll Jack come back and they and they didn't try and I really wouldn't be -- concerned. About Nash immediate. -- on the pro basketball purist standpoint I would like to see him and in that -- -- -- -- -- because I think he's tremendous to watch but. I think I think they would figure out a way to make did use it there. Tuesday they pulled the -- to earlier Mike Brown. No I don't -- and I think it was unfortunate. And I think that it was possibly unfair because what -- that they were cited office office of the properties as the dreadful. But again that was put you might broke calling card with music a decent coaching is that they. So. You know unfair sure fine whatever but if you think there's a problem. And needed it if it does you no good to wait to see if it'll work itself out that he disposed to win now now now now now is next here. And you know look everybody look bad here. Does to Jim but looks terrible here that is apparently looks like Jerry -- has stepped back in it that are right you messed up on them and take care of things now. Nobody looks good but at the same time if you have a problem and you feel like he needs to get -- the conflict itself the needle and you don't -- -- the early season here and were only five games in the besides the lakers and the Celtics. Maybe some other the teams just early on out of that have opened your rise in terms of nobody out to a surprising start to disappointing start. -- -- you know OJ Mayo played monitor now and as. And I think that sort of is an indication of what gains on him. He's tried to make deals for him in the past. This donor right now without Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio is for the blind and they've got ten guys that they had been hurt patients having -- went over twenty minutes nobody stick and went and -- game. That -- really think you really like miss those alive and it is really nice things and if you look at the -- I mean I had I don't know if they can hold up I really don't know what they can hold up over the course of the season. But without a Mari in there and playing Carmelo Okafor and I think that just makes an awful lot that's that. They're a lot -- the -- going to be you know who is 9 and I am a little concerned about their long term viability is Brooklyn is that. As never accused believer in them to be you know it and their long term. Her future is not good at all -- a lot of money tied up with a couple players. But they are. Very may vary vary it and it but I've not seen it would that I'm really not. So you know make it you know Nixon Nixon expert and not gonna go quietly that's so excellent for the rest of the league but yet -- noted that the -- and keep -- at this point. Yeah -- in real quick back to the lakers some in this is so important because I think a lot of people forget that there's a one year deal for Dwight Howard. Yes and you know certainly. Although to be honest I don't -- -- what. What people get to LA and you can get the big expansion right -- -- go right where. But yet that the visit as a two year window for I mean you know Kobe got two years left on his contract their luxury tax going to be through the roof. Feldman the other team got to win right now. -- a couple of teams to me legislatures sides. Clippers I said before the season no other than the Celtics have a really deep bench Jamal Crawford playing great there they're playing well. In Indiana though right now struggling I know Danny Granger is out there looking at Mickael Pietrus but struggling out of the game what do you think of those two teams. I like the -- a lot actually have a couple of their game. You know I think I think their prejudices. Pretty get Erica I think small Crawford air let -- -- -- match. DeAndre Jordan playing great right now little would be a little hesitant on the clippers just because I'm not sure Blake Griffin is actually in the league player he's got room grown. Game does. And then the other team that you mentioned which gave me here right now Indiana Indiana right they can. Is that. -- I don't like would have been an India right now at all. I didn't like him get rated their pal then they needed they needed a backup big advocate somebody but they don't have enough guys to create. Paul George is under a lot of pressure right now -- -- -- he's ready for not like it when it -- Indian descent and you addicted to -- the aspect of the Celtics. They've got the whole season here now because the Eastern Conference is why it. Ohio it really doesn't matter where they finish in -- regular -- -- editor but you know why don't with the exception of Miami series would be exceptionally. With absolutely of course exceptions and -- -- much or anybody can beat it. Why did you get in the playoffs. You know it would be helpful to sort of avoid them as long as you possibly can't. But I've not seen any. That's gonna -- cheer and step up its if I thought anyone was opposed to the media but really now like -- -- -- I think they're probably will be president note from. Always great stuff Paul and really appreciate it. They turned -- they -- all right Paul -- check amount on SB nation dot com and also on Twitter at.

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