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John Ryder talks Red Sox free agency and reacts to the Celtics struggles

Nov 10, 2012|

Ryder breaks down the acquisition of David Ross and what it does to the catching situation heading into the 2013 season. He also gives his reaction to the Celtics poor start and what needs to be done to get the team back on track.

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John -- with his solo on this Saturday. Red Sox nine catcher David Ross is that had a throwing move -- most out there and what they call Red Sox Nation probably not but. The beloved to talk about potential trade rumors and what this probably means is a deal of -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I mean -- far -- who didn't play well when it was called out from the delicate. Ends up getting the the starting -- -- what would they do with that position -- -- saying that roster will be or rather Saltalamacchia deal to operate. First baseman are potentially a pitcher what kind of first baseman he would get for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and -- teams are looking for catchers and he has some pop. At that long swing strikes out on it. Does that their plate discipline does give you assume power in some home runs and what process well essentially has been a back up most of his career. Is it's going to be 36 in March it's a two year six point two million dollar deal. But you know it's reasonable about reasonable about a -- for -- for back up catcher so it will be. Seeing some playing time there of veteran he's bounced around quite a bit. What does this mean for the red -- boy you know it's probably easier to list in terms of the free agents and people out there on the trade block with the Red Sox. Are not interested then we hear that they are interested in and of course you're gonna years they're coming off the miserable season they want fans to get excited about some players. And bill -- of the news a lot of names being floated out there right now. I mean they've heard presentations. From agents of the GM meetings over the past couple of days about. Josh Hamilton and Nick Swisher Torii Hunter on -- -- Sanchez Dan Haren rookie corrode -- go on and on and on just about the only players. That I haven't heard potentially even though Hamilton's agent stuck to. The -- sites but. Is Hamilton Zack Greinke. And I don't think that the red sex probably go out makes some sort of VO five year deal for for Zack Greinke for over a hundred million dollars her. A three year deal. Or a four year DL you know for for Josh Hamilton that eclipses. A hundred million dollars and I don't think they end up going that route Annabel Sanchez will probably even get. Overpaid since it's not a very good free agent market in terms of pitching. So probably over the next two weeks who really see a bunch of movement next next few weeks and leading into December. Plenty of movement around Major League Baseball right now it's candidate quiet and calm before the store. Oh we get into the Celtics as well and the Celtics Optimus two and three start. A terrible and transition defense they have no answer when Kevin Garnett leaves before. Nevermind a defense which is a big problem when he had when he leaves the -- you have to do. Have that five minutes in five minutes -- policy would Garnett and his age of 35 and saving them for the long season and in particular course. Towards the end of the season in the playoffs. I'm not hearing any fired Doc Rivers -- out there. Haven't heard that yet maybe if they lose at Milwaukee tonight and -- stumble here the next few games. That be ridiculous and I'm just -- joking here after the Mike Brown -- after. The wanted for a start. But the lakers we know Phil Jackson will probably be the head coach there with -- lakers did the Celtics with their own issues right now. In terms of all these newcomers deep down one I've wondered do they have. Too many -- have minded players on this team amongst the newcomers. And we know that the Celtics and their trademark their bread and butter is defense. And the defense leading in office well. Last -- the -- by young energetic Philadelphia team. As 76ers or an interest in team knowing Andrew Bynum last night and you wonder about in line term. With Philadelphia just his his focus in its ability to play has tons of talent but that's their issue. But they're -- they're a talented team drew holiday doesn't get a lot of play -- -- because there's so many unbelievable point chords in the NBA but. Really a talented young point current 22 and and he had his way to the ball over seven times but overall. At a very good game and Evan Turner was number two pick a couple years ago played well for Philly but the transition defense is terrible about points in the paid Philly 56. The celtics' 38 their lost and in pick and roll defense. Lost in a lot of areas right now and Chris Wilcox can continue to give a little bit of a boost we saw some of that the third quarter. Last night. But. Celtics want to work on and everything right now is running through Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce -- Rondo and we haven't even brought up here it continues monologue. Jeff Green. Know what what's going on with Jeff Green. Talk about lost seems realized on both ends of the court. And we saw that last night in a couple of different times and we've been seeing that so far the year through the first five games. Of the season just some slight glimpses from Jeff Green being exposed battle here the -- were the comparisons that much now through the first five games that we heard. In the pre season so we can get into the Celtics -- patriots buffalo game I have the pats win in this 138 to 21 does anyone out here. He would upset a possible upset and awarded the bills have. -- get a talented running back tandem in CJ Spiller and Freddy Jackson. I'm pretty good tight and it's -- Chandler. Ryan Fitzpatrick is really regressed at the quarterback position. -- pretty good special teams including in the return game. But still I don't see any way that the patriots end up losing this game is always away yeah I mean you know -- You know. Mckelvin returns. -- big return from hand or you know some -- Williams but I I'd I just don't really see it. And there's not a hell of a lot of excitement heading into this game most expected the patriots to roll much like they did against the rams. In their most recent game. John Ryder -- 6177797937. You can text us as well. At 37937. Let's get to the calls here's -- Woburn aide Doug. Age I don't demand what's -- them at eight. But Saltalamacchia. How well. Instead of -- and what betrayed Saltalamacchia. Publicly move him to prefer based government. I don't like that idea you know now how much time as he -- at first base I think he's spent a little bit of time when he was with the Atlanta. And maybe with Texas and after looking up I'd always play they're a little bit but. Not a very good defensive player overall a -- it is is probably better suited at the catcher position at first base and he's not a great. Defensive catcher that's why they brought -- Sandy's pitchers get Germany as old and a -- as bad but he's more of a you know meaning it is. -- defensive catcher calls good gave that type. Of of catcher but. And it's all these stories go under the age twenty seasons start young guy. The -- are still waiting in -- didn't end typically most. Mote mostly that that position in Major League Baseball with a few exceptions of the Buster Posey isn't news we know the names but. Usually is a late bloomer position. Guys as sometimes start to flourish in their -- later twenties sometimes. At that position. I made it even took Jason Varitek a little while but it. But I'm not even gonna put Varitek Saltalamacchia in the same class in terms of calling -- game in and it defensive catchers that. Saltalamacchia. So many different teams have. If -- have waited for this guy in any any got -- -- the EU was brought up early. With the Braves and then moved over as part of that to Sherry deal we remember hearing so much talk about Saltalamacchia. Red Sox illustrated Clay Buchholz for Saltalamacchia -- that no doubt about it movement. I think I did not so sure I want to turn the pitching -- over the final finally. Yeah I think at well the one thing. In the -- -- also a guy that has to work on his defense. -- At least you know from what I what I side it gives you better target out there it seems like -- I bet there's a lot to work on a bar -- a lot to work on and he's unproven. Offensively and held a lot of homers. In the minor league -- And we saw from it was one of the only players that play it performed well during the collapse. The season previous to this one at Baltimore but still. Lot of work there yeah I mean that a better question is a Red Sox fans comfortable with -- are look barred way. Being there starting catcher and Jose Iglesias being -- starting shortstop. -- a program I'm about is if you if you have put out finally he got ya got to bring the power but it you're gonna have a little batting average catch it and he. Black hole nothing at that shortstop batting one point then you have to have a this that you have to have an average it is -- line up. Well yeah that's that that brings up till I mean what are you get a ged in terms of the first baseman. Four. For Saltalamacchia. In a deal and it you know it's thanks for the call -- And averted had the text before Doug called then David Douglas text and what about salty at first base and -- type of people that much in love would Jarrod Saltalamacchia just looking at the home run totals have a couple of clutch home runs. Last year and had a bunch of home runs. Not seeing it and it is always takes that first pitch for strikes strikes out of time doesn't get on base too much. Visit the you know label. -- he's gonna bust Van Nuys is gonna be the total package that everyone expected. One of these days. -- -- I'm not I guess extremely high on him as city as a catcher and and knowledge of full time Major League. Catcher saw I don't have a problem really with a Red Sox exploring different trade options for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Interesting until a new what are they gonna do when you look at this -- -- the pitching uses the big question mark -- this team but. Lot of holes out there committed was going to be the first baseman do you go out there and spend a cutting money for Adam LaRoche who has that. As say inside out swing swing tailored for Fenway Park. Had a great season with a Washington last year but. You know considering this week free agent class he's probably gonna get a big contract you signed him to a three or four year deal for a decent amount of money. I really wouldn't be interest didn't go on that road route and I wouldn't sign off on that. I'd rather go even a Mike Napoli and we all know Ali as crush the Red Sox and he isn't a good defensive first baseman LaRoche much better at first base. The ago. Note Napoli. First -- been -- a catch once awhile and also be a DH. And I the end of dealing off Saltalamacchia. Probably. Now it if the money's right should be much less than a -- should probably go with. Napoli as a guide can you DH once in awhile although you know -- Ortiz back and afraid. And Ortiz hit lefties a little bit better but if there's a real tough left the at Fenway Park may -- give -- Ortiz some rest and who knows what that achilles' well. You give Ortiz a break and end up Evan Napoli be that DH and play. And catcher and first base out Torii Hunter there's a number of teams -- -- and there's holes in the outfield who's gonna play left here's who's gonna play right. Dodgers have already talked to Torii Hunter about a two year deal Dodgers seem to be in the mix when everything. There the thinking here for the Dodgers and insurance where rear this before an insurance policy. As Carl Crawford comes back from elbow surgery. We've heard that before -- -- And they're also we are considering. According to reports. That they were good trade -- entry -- with a Red Sox have some interest. And I -- each year does can be to -- best bud. To be out -- Torii Hunter one of David Ortiz is best friends and also punters close with the Dodgers. Center fielder Matt Kemp who and hunter. You know plan out there and Anaheim has lea has housed at the -- -- and have some interest. And playing with the Dodgers as a budget team's interest in hunter yankees of Bernie were reportedly offered -- -- A one year deal Red Sox we -- our interest in Seattle Philadelphia there's couple other team show an interest in Torii Hunter as well. 6177797937. You can text us as well 37937. Celtics' problems Red -- problems and hooted. Fill in here and who decided who to go get now you played GM. -- on the phone lines also. Up hatred bills if you wanna discuss that or maybe even. Just the patriots second half you're going forward. You feel confident about this the patriots make their push here in the second half of the season do you view them as one of the top three TE -- twelve and four. Try to -- Get -- get a get a first round by interest in game coming up on Sunday -- it in terms of the Sunday night in terms of the patriots. Where they will be come playoff time -- Houston a big game at Chicago. People. -- around here will be viewing Houston's record and of course some of the top teams and AFC's seeing what they do on a weekly basis going for. We'll take a had 92 break and -- -- more.

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