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Dale and Kirk on Red Sox Hot Stove and the Non-Factor That Is the GM Meetings

Nov 10, 2012|

Despite some buzz from the teams' respective fanbases, Dale expresses little interest in Saturday's BC-Notre Dame game and moves on to the classic Boston sports storyline in late fall: Red Sox hot stove. He and Kirk look into the signing of David Ross and where Ben Cherington goes from here.

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This probably doesn't say good things about me as a human being not that that's a -- anybody out there about. When I went through my list of things that I wanted to talk with you about today BC Notre Dame didn't make the list. Not all I'm barely. Behalf -- segment to forty I mean truthfully is there anybody out there. Outside of the you know the most staunch double legal and Boston. -- gives the Eagles a hole held a lot of chance tonight now it's too bad too because of the east -- teams having Notre Dame as the team to be semi vulnerable. You know BC were even decent. That's the price and you get I think it's it just hit the key area as you'll want to do you manage to keep may have half interesting game tonight you know. Touchdown game at ten minutes ago and blow it's probably not going to be much fun for BC fans I'm sorry I mean. I desperately wish. That BC Notre Dame was competitive and viable and on it -- for a while it has been that way in the past been it's been a blast when it's. When it's been that way it's not going to be that way this year I fear -- I had the opportunity to call one BC Notre Dame game the first one. When they when they reinstitute the rivalry. Out in Notre Dame and it was it was an amazing experience in first ball. You know it's that dump the old stadium yet just something about it you know it's just it's the the same with a Boston Garton had that feel for people in Fenway Park as -- a deal for people troop Wrigley Field. I I just heard Craig Larry talking about you know when they filmed the movie Rudy it was that day are really below where they were at halftime you know. Two teams go off the field for the first capital with at least two teams run back out onto the field only was all the extras dressed up as football players like quickly shot the scene and moved on. -- that was the game. In which Lou Holtz ran area of fake punt. On the first series of the second half. And I thought Coughlin was gonna go across the field and punch him in the face. I'm not a not a lot life -- that was nine yeah three. The very next year -- was the Gordon and and two with 92. And an -- I was there and saw right now enters court yeah yeah. But I just unfortunately if if this if the game is not likely to be competitive and it's not. It just kinda loses some of its -- I I did notice there were a lot of Notre Dame fans calling regular. And not a lot of BC fans mullet because in central cranked up but the football team in BC fans are there and right now they suck the kind of relevant me almost you know again if they're OK okay this kind of bad. It's not great. I lost again last night. They went in there and really should be -- him. And so it's a vulnerable vulnerable team that's humid probably should lose on the road -- on Saturday and that's why you think notre Dame's gonna be even. -- tonight the normal yep probably. That rebound factor in via shall we got we got by one last came out of the way may be. Yeah and yet again BC's terrible -- don't lose tonight maybe you know I'm I MB watch a watch course opens close. Why not and I we will because you know it's on prime time ABC and you know Boston College doesn't it a lot of opportunities plan on national television anymore they do not so -- I'll watch like everybody else well and unfortunately it probably won't be very. We are all bunched up a touch on a course of the date today some of which I understand some of which I don't. I. Initially didn't understand the David Ross signing by the Red Sox and you -- we're just talking about the briefly off the air. My assumption is there's another move forthcoming I don't think they're gonna. Convert Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a to a first baseman you know they kind of party signed their DH which could have theoretically on the spot barn when -- went into. It's just they -- they're not gonna keep the read catchers on the roster. They're just not gonna do that. -- it it's seems fairly clear to me that that date if they don't have a deal in place they are planning on trading either Saltalamacchia or -- Imagine -- reports are saying and rock mean to me guy in his mid thirties a couple of years it was at 6000006 point three. Is interesting is a good back up you know I'd bet them Obama in itself is fine no surprises seep its final and perhaps lead to something else. It does that mean they're not gonna keep three catchers you wouldn't think so did you -- were big room and again I don't think and they didn't sign David roster of have been in attack it is back out there now now now -- -- six million bucks for two years. And you know I agree about the remove his Saltalamacchia for space -- the go through this solution I doubt they -- so much less than 300. As -- brigade third -- space and I'll think works yeah I mean you have to imagine they're doing this with an eye on the next move. So you'd think that -- and and -- realistically if I'm sitting here right now I'd say Saltalamacchia would be the damage probably. You would think that -- -- has greater upside and I I don't think there's as big an age discrepancy as you might initially think I think you're probably -- closer in age without looking it up off -- my head record control wise though it's -- control wise is totally different. And it got one way under control for greater period of time. You talk about the discipline that bench Harrington has talked about in the a lot of that has to do with. Roster make up then how much money you have tied up in this player and that player they don't have a ball lot of money tied up and Ross but. You know three something million a year planned. It in cyanide -- we hit that he supposedly is a guy pitchers like to throw to. Was here once I hit eight at bats no memory of -- well how would you I think -- literally I think it was -- -- When he was here once before but supposedly he's a guy pitchers like to -- to they trust them. Maybe that's part of you know John Ferrell made -- looking at this thing and I got to think this move. At least had barrels stamp on it if not if not at his urging he at least had to -- yeah you know what. No I think gives a voice and obviously this player personal stuff he did for a living in Cleveland I think that's been charged in the service marks a big reason why they want to bring him in his to voice their respect for that stuff. And for catcher like a gallon on -- -- -- on board with that but I I do you know personally know people speculate forever right but every game especially during these GM meetings. I hear this name wants. Is an even under the radar kind signing them boom Saturday morning. News comes out neighboring -- They've made a move here there and they will make others I mean I've I've listened I happen to be driving north to Maine on Thursday so I heard. The entire -- though baseball academic stars and it reads hi I heard the entire I I wish longer. I wish they kept in here for greater period. Now they couldn't because they had little game you're in the trunk of car. Well it while I heard Ian Brown taking -- place nearly a much better job and rob according to EU corrected everybody Alex Alex wouldn't. Say I mean even if Alex oddity wouldn't say it says the size but he he meant it immediately quiet right. And I know that that they're all these rumors that touching base on the stand that guy. You -- it is because the Red Sox season ended so soon and because we're so anxious to you know get on with the rebuild and you've got the new manager in place. I think we confused did GM meetings with the winter meetings. It happened at the TMD now. And yet the color and rob about the Palm Springs and get up she should breathlessly in a report everything but the deal he was on every show on the radio station he was at one point or another -- talked about. It -- now Cleveland. I thought that was a pretty much like the -- Sox have expressed interest expressed interest in UN meet for God's etc. and what right they said Scott lob was a candidate to be the first base. See -- I could see that and get the bill Ford -- you know you go up to these guys it sounds like you talk to these writers you got to charity and go to. Kashmir Allan Baird whoever Al -- say. Potentially numerous injuries and they may be. Yeah -- source call -- -- to the LA I mean. Unless unless somebody walked up and set. Which interest in resigning Manny Ramirez -- even giving -- the -- yes you know the quick -- any chance Bobby Valentine's dating coach you know I -- that I get a quick now right I mean any. Bible player in Major League Baseball -- With the with the Sox -- interest in talking to the Mets about -- -- dollar short courts why not talked -- will be kicked. That's kind of witnesses I think when you talk to people -- sort of you know conversations starting. Also guys -- a reason why these things don't take place and you know Omagh Worcester. -- ago put some golf and sent out and there's a lot of that Joshua Tree right I mean is that really that substantial part time and you do that stuff I think what army international. Next month I think I don't know I know that they know they happen you know the first week or so December and hours and days and -- you said that's when -- stretch and act sweat I mean it and it Jimmy he's gotten extra boost here maybe you're right maybe it's because the season. And in August I mean nothing nothing happens. Nobody -- -- during the GM meetings I mean what you get is a signing like like David Ross you know in the aftermath of the GM -- That's the kind of thing it's not like. You know all of a sudden -- Josh Hamilton is gonna announce he signed with the team more or you know Zack Greinke has signed with the with the Texas Rangers I mean that. None of that's that's gonna happen well so I don't happen at the winter meetings by the way up north and tell us that you know sixteen -- and Dice-K with him and yeah I heard yeah. That well best of -- at a lot. As I can tell you one that won't be in the running for them but I would imagine I would imagine I'm just thinking gone out on a -- here I think there's one team that probably has an interest. -- Baseball did make the cut here I mean football -- make the cut although. A lot of patriots talk I knew we could talk about you know. Performance enhancing drug suspension. Which. Again because of the way it is in the NFL they'll tell you that the guy gets suspended. They'll tell -- it's for four games they'll tell you if it's for a violation of this of the league's substance abuse policy. But they will not tell you what it's for so you are left to make up your own stuff cold medicine at a -- -- -- -- you know I mean you could say -- It would be it would be just as valid because anonymous and I don't know what it is what we do know is that he suspended for four games. And down. Not sure that that we keep though Belichick up late. The -- with a way to rosters right now with much as much is put the last few weeks seems like he's banged up. The next month and the world I I think that they'll probably get -- -- get five buffalo without I think so. Now you know. If you need him for buffalo I think -- bigger problems you probably. And and as I watched last night 'cause I didn't watch last night I ball between watching the Celtics and watching and canceled college games on aircraft carriers and stuff. -- right strange and and by the way I was watching live I was watching the NBC sports network -- my buddy Dave straighter and was doing the -- carrier classic on the USS your tennis which is not an aircraft carrier by the way but it's. All the carrier class anyway. Hi -- it was in South Carolina. And you could see. From the very minute they went it to brought the opening tip. This probably isn't gonna talk to happen. Yeah and -- I don't blame the coaches the athletic directors I don't blame anybody now it is you know this is a force of nature and then later on the evening he had another game. That was supposed to be played outdoors this went on an aircraft carrier they had to call off. Figure that would always be a factor kicked around the idea of doing that's right it's a pretty good chance the stuff -- weather can happen. I could thunderstorm -- that that you know you figure if you're in San Diego chances are good that only an issue right. In South Carolina you've had to think like if everything had gone perfectly it was 53 degrees. When they were supposed to tip off it would have been a trifle Chile now if you run down a basketball court probably going to be -- too -- for -- dale I know people kind of like it too goofy for. I appreciate all -- the efforts on behalf of veteran of course and I love the of the game in Germany last night and and a big win for UConn by the way they acted just like -- only thirteen Michigan State. I love that the camouflage uniforms and I love all of the efforts on behalf of of the military men that they're trying to do unfortunately. -- predicted that some of these work and work yeah I think it's sort of and that the inevitability with this with this stuff but I agree and I like them a level crafted. -- with with his seat I love that great idea great idea -- -- ILS soccer for all of that sort of thing yeah I mean now don't get me every time. You know when when -- the players in Germany in a converted aircraft in a converted airplane hangar. Were all lined up at their respective foul lines and and via the Michigan State kids were all standing their hands over their hearts in the UConn kids were all standing there with their arms -- other shoulder that's all that stuff. I I loved the of the Ohio State -- kids with their camouflage touches on their uniforms and and the coaches in all of their their decked out stuff wearing the Yorktown baseball caps and all I love all last. Unfortunately probably could predict a couple of these excel -- But go back and forth between that and the Celtics game I would I came away at the end of the evening thankful that Doc Rivers doesn't coached the Los Angeles Lakers. Or did Jerry Buss does -- -- boss insult one of those two thing would be a bad thing not good. Not good. Our our good friend Paul -- one of the great basketball writers in America used to be here now at SP nation via between one point last night the Celtics have now played five games they haven't looked good in any of -- He's right that's true that's trooping they have played all five games they have not yet look good and a single game. Yes. That's exactly right I saw -- -- right this morning really right now you've had Garnett play well. At times he got Rondo play at all times sometimes spears has been OK nothing else has been a mess. I ended at times the defense sucks at times the offensive -- stinks. There's a you know it seems it is speaking different languages right now that's gonna happen I mean you can't -- a lot of turnover a lot of turnover early NBA season -- it's it's just goofy. This is going -- a month from now or six weeks from now too concerned. I can't get too worked up right now. Before Thanksgiving. The Celtics are playing well -- -- ads in the -- I just can't get addicted to work -- -- loose but I -- record is one win better than Mike Brown's -- -- -- By the way maybe the single dumbest firing in the history of sports as as some Smart ass tweeted -- sometime yesterday afternoon. A -- cent of the Los Angeles Lakers. Have proactively fired their next head coach so beautiful well I think the I think the conversation have to be pits and -- If yes to get some doubts about the sky in the offseason will bring him back. I guess that's the question -- get up 214 start chance we're gonna fire this guy this guy I answers yes and don't bring back. Yet now look I thought it was a dumb -- to begin with I thought -- -- -- was not didn't make a whole lot of sense. Phil Jackson is practically begging for the opportunity to go back on the Laker bench and will become much doubt that that that's what's gonna happen here towns like I mean it's it's what Kobe wants him. Went -- once he's probably. And get right -- best after the jobs. I -- a great coach Dan Tony would have been OK except he had knee surgery he can't even. He can't even consider doing it for another month or two in the unfortunate timing department. It just doesn't work out for Phil Jackson's going to be the guy he'll be the coach of the lakers going to be. -- quickly.

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