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Mustard and Johnson Wake Up the Echoes of BC-Notre Dame

Nov 10, 2012|

With a No. 4 Notre Dame team taking on an underachieving BC team on Saturday night, Craig and Larry take a look at the big game down at Chestnut Hill and whether or not the Eagles stand a chance.

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Just get back to playing good baseball you know on pitching and defense obviously saw that picture in the world certain the giants and they and the timely hit or not that's what they didn't. You know that's that's what went and played -- in the right way you know and and making double -- may not letting. Our team beat beat ourselves and you know he's seen it in 07 I mean we had obviously we had we had a really good offense and and we -- the -- well -- our pitching Tiger Woods. With unbelievable. As Dustin Pedroia on the big show earlier this week one of the other things -- thought was interesting about. He was the fact that he apologized. For the remarks he made about Bobby Valentine early in the year essentially saying we don't do things like that. Around here he realized perhaps the error of his ways now that -- erase the very few bad managing. Of Bobby Valentine for a 162. Games meanwhile. Out hit the alumni field over at the heights tonight. Big showdown BC Notre Dame in spite of the 217 record by BC always an interesting game meter peak current -- dorm across -- meter you do your -- fix that we miss him on the morning show but he'll be -- -- or how much -- -- -- How how much do you really miss me I just run I think he's very important part of that show. No question about it very important -- 6177797. Nine 37 I would say one more time just like -- it's still trying to guide only an hour or somebody that says you he'll be giving a -- number yard sale. So we normally -- yard sales that I was giving out the wrong number well if you're ready yard sale today. And you're confused by the number I apologize you want Soros and also arsenal when you're covering the party -- -- putts at but what party 779. Seven. 937. Attacks lineup the running to. 37. Nine the 37. -- of text in the 413 at western mass as USC -- lost that liner game. It's illegal pusher roaming in the end -- remember that rest. Have no got site clean that up. 610 very questionable call as well against. Jerry. That's. Never forget that 6177797937. Didn't have fourth down to -- game -- the -- had faced a fourth down. And when he -- of the report okay sounds like -- and the piano player and I think we've uncovered an -- fan over the other side of the glass are you -- noted and there but I -- I will be covering the game for to be yet on the quality and -- so we have an expert here -- -- I'm I'm pulling my back in the early ninety's there was as a basketball team coached by. John cal Perry the UMass minutemen and if you rose to Lewis but one of the things this was we did that we we we shouldn't say we as certain talk show host who worked afternoons here. -- something about a basketball. Said they had a nice little team remember that. -- words that -- says that it has gotten a government that's gonna go to the going to visit John cal Perry when he left the -- -- ended up in Memphis for awhile but. That you everybody says people aren't interested in Karbala -- but -- -- -- there and I disagree review right -- to remember that -- mass at Boston College game at forgotten and I played real Brian -- hanging from the ceiling rocket railing but and he had this little light -- a UMass team and nice little team out there in western mass. And the U mass alarms came out in full force so I'm pulling Canadian woman and and -- and these are right. There -- I do believe this I'm not I'm not doing this just to get calls. But I didn't have to out of and your other idea what was half you know. Up at. Familiar with -- that is -- But he'll block Henry live Saturday -- no we're gonna go -- -- and -- -- gold area -- ago we're gonna go to the home of little Maloney that would be Framingham Massachusetts. Where right in the is next on. -- and -- that in DBC matchup tonight. Craig I was an absolute addict to a larger -- -- -- -- -- prediction. And -- much about. Why you you wanted to see you wanna see Notre Dame went well in the Saturday and you're one of those guys yeah. Olympic -- -- trying to out. -- then when you as a coach or manager you'll probably -- job tally rice running as yeah. You know I understand you hung on his every word in the Charlie Weis was the coach of course that reward that. Now. Due to Republican voted for this team looks to be good for a little nick shouldn't. The running back your world in the overwhelming dark -- jackets in the deal with a computer to your work. Virtual report. Relic entertainment Charlie of course was on the losing end of that great USC game with liner in particular as a coach. Where he was -- -- -- question I know it's funny I was having a wonderful conversation with with yourself with a Notre Dame alarm we're watching my son's soccer game couple weeks ago and he's 1960. 65. -- believe name -- had just gotten John you're number John you're. Just past the way. I'd like just passed away maybe you think that they somebody's not turning now for breakfast of tonight's sure I think I am pretty sure we passed the -- -- looked -- up but anyway he's ready rumors about me equally we were we won the first college game. What you've got a law go you know what I mean not as loud as that -- radio -- I already Kenya they went to resurrect yourself up -- -- -- And the first college game -- the -- you remember well. Give you -- give you a number ten for both sides. Michigan State Notre Dame 1966. Member and Andy. You know and -- was -- stoppers riveting Rihanna saga. Director and a -- gloves -- -- -- and notes would you like to do some Red Sox thought so. Our corporate records Clark well. Not. The pollution is part the good. Also think it is about football coach in. Particularly -- the community in an effort. To. It's true that you -- Jack Kaczynski who wasn't bad. Aegs -- -- public -- as the guy that. Left the -- arch. We're gonna spiritual -- didn't. Transfer to write the -- cornerback wouldn't. Really I -- that you present high. Pitched well. I like distance right. The ability of these people. It's not what you can when -- -- Clinton. But in the -- -- you can sort of the. Okay what you but he is the challenge for athletic director Bates. Why is that. -- Obama and record. Because in the -- there is where they're big -- maybe they gave cal Perry to come up -- on -- planet. That didn't do. It and that's probably a little authority to restore history by any meet to discuss what coach it's. Let the public opinion went to it was a very kind of people he can put it up and recruiting classes were religiously. Twenty at the top 24 top thirty it's on the table with people who -- And now they're around sixty. -- -- Oh man that there are a threat out -- our viewers -- -- must repay radicals on his back the entire game and he isn't -- I believe he has. He's got a job at the -- -- workshops. Thought we can -- -- -- there was little LSU is -- is. Yeah I know you're really up on the stuff I beg you to get married that. Yes sir. And it. But apparently Mike Brown was fired yesterday -- up and put it into action -- -- -- keep it under the Britain should not shooting well we don't know how we got injured as soon as the season's done it. And -- fast break and -- -- I played Portland or. Keep it there. He's up. Yeah right candy you're battle a gesture aura. -- you know philosophy to the roster of talented to have you just could do naming what they need while they don't have that. And you hybrid portrait of Phil if Phil Jackson ConAgra triangle right because let's face it that the biggest. A problem that Phil Jackson had when he started his head coaching career after really being designated as a career assistant in 91 of Doug Collins was. How is gonna sell the triangle offense the Michael Jordan and the bulls. And it's worked for the bulls that worked for the late ninety's lakers and it's worked for the the mid early whatever the thoughts lakers. And if he comes back he's gonna have to probably. Reinstitute that triangle offense because it has worked but you're right the Princeton offense I'm not sure Steve Nash. As great -- player as he has been -- great point guard as he has been. -- transition like player of the temple game. Princeton as in these plays -- a different Asian and young team -- -- and you want to implement a new system I think it's one thing when -- -- people been around the block a few times. Then a month ago and I I would beast on the Phil Jackson is back coaching lakers very soon by the end of the weekend 617. You don't like -- and I -- -- Pakistan app but you know. He's been around forever remembered that that famous I hate I'm going back in the past too much for that famous sidelines shot the 75 envy -- Casey as the coach of Washington about that. It's swept by Golden State and what does it Bernie Pakistan is doing all the -- and knows you as Casey was decision is rolling out the ball as he likes the freeway again as I -- ripping on -- -- like hey you got our vote. So and I can turn around and rip everybody problem is that eating your vote that was it usually does get my vote pretty Dallas is 7%. We found this number Saturday L -- is ripping out all you seven or senators I don't that in private fundraising dinner anyway captured on videotape we're gonna find it.

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