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Mustard and Johnson discuss the Winter GM Meetings with the Herald's Scott Lauber

Nov 10, 2012|

Boston Herald Red Sox writer Scott Lauber talks with Craig and Larry about how Ben Cherington and the Red Sox front office has operated so far this offseason.

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It is mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI don't forget Kirk and dale coming your way at 1 o'clock. Tonight while we have all kinds of sports action. The AM aside we have. BC football pretty good game. Eagles have not had a great year but boy what an upset it would be tonight at the heights -- -- of the -- -- David Gordon won the great games of all time -- take Tom Coughlin has found himself in some of the greatest upsets ever. Who could forget 1993. BC going in blowing a lead in the fourth quarter against the fighting Irish. At Notre Dame stadium again -- 41 yard left footed kick from David Gordon. Two win at the buzzer of course the two super balls BC has a shot. Has a shot at home too upset who knows Notre Dame but meanwhile we're to talk a little football. Football -- -- -- -- little -- ball. I wanna start -- the pro football -- I -- -- about David Gordon but doesn't trust him when you're hanging around at -- -- -- rob -- all day he might -- -- anything's anything has nothing to do with Bradford at Scott Glover from the Boston -- as he tends to do on this radio program joins -- good morning -- -- -- California you home now. I am Bono. And it -- -- California resident ninety's so I've brought against the probably will repeat Whitney as I understand it was pretty miserable week. Yeah you up picked a good week to be in the Golden State it's note I guess is to be back up the 68 so I guess we can thank you for that meanwhile old. I wasn't exactly hot as far as the GM meetings were concerned not a lot of transaction things happening what's the big take away from those meetings in your mind. My take away it was really that the Red Sox. Are really you know everybody I mean if you thought that they were linked with -- everybody. Over the last few days that because they pretty much where. They met with agent for. You know countless number free agents. We talked about guys the true that we didn't. -- operate with a number of teams. You know. It struck into a year ago. -- interest rates and took over he was really really handicapped in terms of what they're allowed to do in terms of what they could because they -- really popping up against their -- I'm in order to get code blocks for three billion dollars yet to offload Marco scooter I mean that was group that. The predicament that -- -- and how that worked out all right well you know what I mean honestly like you know Cody Ross had a great year for themselves. And I'm -- -- school girl makes the difference between what they work what could have been -- but anyway. You're a 180 degrees opposite because he has. All the money. He has. Everywhere and available to him and went without error and in play is somewhere in the Red Sox could theoretically go after so you know the fact that they were were linked to a lot. Players this week mean you know it was accurate I think we're doing a lot of listening they were doing a lot of talking and -- -- trying to tear down those options and figure out what's best for them. All right so let's take a look at that list according you think is at the top of bench sharing toothless that this sport we know they've just acquired David Ross from Atlanta. I'm assuming for defensive purposes only. Right that probably even -- a little bit more steps to capture in aren't. Saltalamacchia boulevard weights and Netscape site to go that route and so yeah I mean I think that's an area where they -- -- it it felt like because I got a little eat. He's out -- he's long in the -- he's what 35 at this point you'll be 36 on the season began so he's there for some -- depth and security. What about that wish list the bench Arrington has -- problem who's at the top. Well I think first you got to start with where their needs are and they have three meter meter needs they need another starting pitcher being mean the first -- been and they need to. Two outfielders and so does look pretty prediction that they're looking at. Shortstop with an area that they wouldn't mind improving in a suspect murder area for -- -- and I think that the if they kept open the season but they creates its air. -- -- feel like they either -- and he took her a couple of and so it's really hurt first they started working in and the outfield and among that group -- you know he's got certain create an option. And you've got certain trade options. You know we wanted to go position by -- -- -- obviously picture they're not in the beyond Zack Greinke but it will be you don't have all pictures. -- -- -- go beyond into the tree that's six years in ninety million dollars by. Now I understand this guy threw a no hitter once I understand that he pitched for -- A very good baseball team and he's had a little experience in the post season but. Was like thirty and 34 over the last three or four years. Yeah exactly yeah. -- -- -- And if they -- valued at his numbers. -- not win loss record but it is ERA and other peripheral. Numbers. Show that he's really not that. Art stepped down that -- insult me it's 150 million. Like if it says -- 9200. If you look purely at the numbers. That makes some sense and I look. We can't -- -- guys I -- once simple principle. The -- stupid rule. There will be stupid you know you're the guy what you want and it's the guy says I want a hundred million dollars and he's not a hundred million dollar player. Once stupid you won't get -- And if you really want that guy you'll either have to match work. -- so you know and I think in most of these cases that rule applies here once Cupertino or they could move. That will Jack up the price for everybody else. And like it would create and is actually that the decides how much we're really what this guy. How much are willing to overpay because the one year triggering dollar partners like the Red Sox at according -- by a -- aren't very up. Now no question about it if you're in your mind Scott. -- what will be or who will be that stupid team this year. Start spreading in an immense. You know I mean look who look what -- national if you can work contract years ago that was ridiculous and Nick Swisher wants. A contract similar to that so you put it for the once stupid in that -- that or you know. If you look like six -- report that there. The net well early. CNET spent a lot of money it seems like in the offseason -- they -- -- A big -- for a guy like Michael board or maybe it looked to keep out on the road they haven't they haven't ruled that out yet. You know in the -- you'd be you'd act and they know it straight Mike Morse and -- have some options. There so I'm not saying that the net economy. Stupid move on to say that I think that they're gonna be very aggressive but he remembered in doubt that the doctors. Know everywhere in. Talks about the doctors they were seeing that we've heard a lot of doubt these meetings not because they were -- -- specific guys but because. It's great big with the Red Sox Augustin and the way he operated over the past few months. It seems like you're willing to extend it to about -- -- so the doctor that you've seen that if there's a player out there be light will make an overpayment for that. Where we have seen that in the past -- way. Scott I've found it very interesting when your columns. Recently that you noted that the or even -- rats are probably don't wanna admit they -- a rebuilding. Period in because of that will be how to tour attracts certain freeagent sort of -- -- there was going into his seventeenth season. Yeah you know he's been very careful about how -- -- Their goals. Are working in the days after the season ended Larry Lucchino and insurance and -- both very candid about the fact that it may take more than one year. That when you -- 93 in this -- you have all the -- as he can't wave a magic wand. And you contender the very next year that said it's been -- I mean look you'll related the Baltimore Orioles also putting teams in 2011 every hour -- playoff teams last year. So they're realistic about the fact that it may take a little longer any year that says. They also ordered Kendall is ready into your next year they intend to be a lot better in and compete for a playoff spot. Whether or not they'll get it. That's another story but they don't think they're going to be -- there are being added and so what he told me considers this is not a Rico. This is not a situation where side without your gonna lose. The could be a record contract we're gonna turn the stick around quickly could Wear the Red Sox at our market and -- air base and our media they'll tolerate. A team that's rebuilding there is no such thing is that offensively that are really classified as a rebuilt. But they are the honest about the fact that we get to snap our fingers and suddenly reverse our record. And -- 9368. We were 6093. And that is what it is and so. You know it -- -- made you a little bit farther away he certainly your farther away than we're used to them being at the state from being the winner by a poll late in law. Look at our track record look at the track where our ownership with how much money we have spent. This is not going to be a permanent state for a. And you had a good points got in yesterday's piece that most of the agents. Do not believe that the Red Sox have plummeted into non contender status despite what happened. I'll last year in the fact they've have been in the playoffs in three or four years. Eight and buying your way out of it is not the way to do it and -- tried to recruit to either way. -- in the playoffs and it hasn't worked and so you know what they're trying to do I think is really tricky and I think it's gonna really be a testament to outsmart. The front opposite they're trying the great debt balance between. Adding that he that they feel like any adding in order content and also not giving away the prospects because it's so much for. -- -- -- Bradley and parts. It's incumbent on those guys they're gonna be -- no way. By the Red Sox are also not gonna sit around and wait for Europe to -- those guys are ready to be here you wanna win before. So it too early really tricky balance and that's what really what contrary to it and then expect -- -- -- And what about a Kuroda how do you fit into the Red Sox plans if indeed he would be willing to come here. Well -- really super interesting because you know obviously with the guys being loved. In 2011 try to get them to treat their -- you wouldn't waive his no trade clause decided to stay in LA he wanted to get in the -- -- -- season -- Like we set up -- didn't have the financial flexibility to do it. He literally could not -- got a what you're ten million -- guilt that they didn't have enough room. Under -- you know 17570. Million dollar ceiling in their budget. This year they obviously do. But Kuroda said he he's kind of sort of -- -- guys because he sort of open to what your contract he almost. Refer to what your contracts. He declined to yank it off by -- we get there it's thirteen point three -- -- he says. He you'll know what you're you know if the money would more than -- qualifying offer. What impact it direct talks would certainly be willing to all the -- -- your guy because it doesn't -- my outlook. They don't worry about that on the other hand he's now qualified free to so you collect inside of you to give up the track. So -- -- you want to look the traffic for a guy you know you're only an app for one year so broad really really interesting tactic if -- guys out here. Who picking sides between your Eagles. And maybe not lose the draft pick oh with a one year deal without losing a drastic it. If you prioritize that but I do know that like wrote a quite a bit we know that it like a lot more than some of the guys that are out there. And so they might be drawn to let me another part arc for in the -- Got I think one of the most important hires a today aside from are obviously getting Ferrell is one in the end as the the pitching coach. What do you know about him that you can tell us. Yeah I agree with you I think that the entire I think her for many reasons and number what we know that. You know getting that starting rotation back on track is going to be. Really key to any sort of revival it happen next here they can at whatever it is they want -- -- Lester Buchholz or not they're in the work that -- he doesn't come back. It's well there are those got so yeah that's an important you know I talked to the White Sox GM Rick on the ballot in the other day and you know he sings the praises he says that there -- -- one you know it's a lot of credit for. Some of the young will be Erstad but Allison reed and and -- Jones and and even -- -- those who betrayed the way. With a guy who certainly had to figure to him reporting eleven. And meet their bullpen really good -- -- yet it's a lot of credit for that but what I mean you're a lot linked with one yet this is -- Burton for the White Sox pitching coach has been for quite a while very well respect in the game and yet -- have a very very close. -- -- the refs -- believe that you haven't learned a lot from our Cooper will be able to bring about that your work well with John Farrell who he has a relationship that they expect 25 years -- -- air Puerto Rico. -- connection bear and they feel like -- the guy will fit really well so. How will -- it wanted to and they need gasoline we talked about this on this show its stability -- that prediction may act or pitching coaches in the last three years. Indeed the others to come in and beat pitching coach bell for you know the foreseeable future. They don't need another one -- got a -- -- -- -- come -- -- and to bring kind of program and and bring some stability here and people want always have Lester a alt slack you know guys here for years to come. When you're able to pin down. The weather how valid -- rumors that Baltimore. And Texas where after Ortiz. I I I I wasn't. Per day by. You know I think where there's smoke there's fire I think they -- and you look at David and he would benefit both of those lineups we would've been -- sort of gearing up. From losing Josh Hamilton would help them make up for that. All the war was -- team that you know just you know they -- Part ways here with Mark Reynolds they certainly -- -- kind of filled that role it would do and then some so. I didn't meet -- sense and I certainly think that David had even reached the free agent market would have more leverage any at a a year ago. Where in the offered well not really will union which is what you -- but arbitration so I've heard repeated -- -- news that they had some some ministers the party's. And I'm sure looked routine where where are the ones that where interest. One of the things got every year we usually go hopefully will be invited again this year after the media cover all I can't -- that maybe we won't -- over all of our -- out of memory apart Christmas at February and couple years ago the place was a Bosnia Gonzales and then they -- profit. And then last year but to a lesser degree but still a lot of excitement in the air when they -- Valentine on on board and let's face it you know he -- and he can light up a room and values and personality that white party you know as they did. It. Lightly and you lit up they are Costas interview. So. I don't sense that this year in I'm not blaming them far I just think the covets. I'm not as well start with free agent signings. Like do you use sense that they're going to be able to make any kind of a splash to get people excited. Both short they had -- and they have to be really aware what I'll do it looked at Sheraton is very very upfront -- saying. We can't just expect that our our guys were -- -- last year are going to be healthier and will be better yet activists. It's there and sit on this pile of money that they there's no question they're inspected. It's to the question of what these. And the -- how Smart they are you would excite you -- we -- indications to the rock that's for -- and I don't know what they're gonna be you know. Latino names or names that people are are excited about right off the -- But I do think that they're gonna beat guys should be read in its proper meeting before Christmas. -- -- -- you go in in any era in I'm not talking about just. Don't want money I mean Josh Hamilton obviously is one of those now I'm not talking about that because -- Harrington are probably more disciplined but. Who would you like to see them go out and get that that important that we get the attention of Red Sox Nation again. Yeah I mean those are two conflicting kind of ideas -- -- me -- I would like -- the road trip thinking very good -- lineup there's a glaring need at first -- you look at the landscape the first baseman in just about all the good ones are locked up now for years to -- he's 33 which is a little -- -- red flag but you know what. 33 coming off one of the factors in his career. Coaching has something left. You -- what it would fit very well here he's certainly in that region first baseman out there. That's the guy I would like either but I don't think he's gonna light up your your telephone lines when he -- with people saying but are not my money they'll buy imports you can pick. So you know I wonder you know I don't know the free market as that -- the name out there I think the trademark that the Atlantic guy like Justin Upton. That would be one who I think we'll get people's we would we get people excited. You know that accepts the giants you know pregnancy in basically ordered me this great city's not treat them -- so. I don't expect that the change. But you know if they find pitcher like that. That that would certainly that would certainly get people excited by here that it looks up and get a. Jim what went to went to they have betrayed don't act and so I just got more to they have the trade though because you already mentioned the Big Three. That they that they wouldn't trade -- -- -- course Webster in the other kid that got from the Dodgers and I hopefully they got a hold on to these younger kids you agree. I agree I think -- I think that they -- -- their farm system now at a point where those guys won't help them on April 1 but maybe by July 1 permitted by you know September 1 or at the very outside the start of point fourteen and I think that that's. They're looking. You know you look at trade -- and in the name we've thrown around a lot difficult yelled Berry is that the contract -- -- if you treat -- you have it up another problem in net. I don't have one outfielder your outfielder Mitch cope yelled they are treating your outlook that he. Does he have that much value right now to coming back off from the you know not this past year. No there's value was not what do what a year ago here's the question about it but it does still has value. And that routine that's close you know it would seem that looked like he needs that one piece to put it over the top. Yet it would -- we are -- you know what what amounts to a one year deal for free agents because they feel like that you think needs. They need to wait you know what -- perhaps say it was look if you if you hadn't won the World Series in the UMBL Fiat which they almost -- -- -- Woods which are still at some with the can be different. And claimed it would -- any claim that look we need as much pitching as we said -- -- -- the -- but you gotta think if they come up short. And they use their window as -- a very short window to win. And here they're need would have -- not that. Maybe you know very excellent entry Whitney said that doesn't make sense for them to. It's hard to believe though where we're talking about those San Francisco Giants have won two out of the last three World Series -- You know and here we are trying to make big splashes and everything else -- Boston. Brian Sabine in New Hampshire native by the way has done a very quietly. And very efficiently and maybe that's something the bench Arrington has -- good hard working out. No question about it and then located within with the same team picture that they wanted to within 2010 earned that team over quite a lot so -- -- and a lot of work. Between the two World Series. Built that team back into -- World Series contender and and against it without making those expire is that we're talking about -- recently done and and that's what they're looking that you would find -- Those create your portrait pieces that will help that while still protecting their highest. Partly under our system that's going to be a very delicate balance. Criteria or any part in all out there amongst the writers are some of the teams. -- -- leery of all still about you know these guys put a big members wind year. And then the next year they don't they leery at all about the effect of people still getting some additional help with sales and the like. Well you know. Sure I mean. That's never gonna go way. You know it has its. It's something that the game has got to deal with and you know using the drug testing policy is -- more much more -- and that it was before they're acting guys they'll. I like milk he Cabrera and look he got on the free market has certainly wouldn't start a you know Cabrera that pocket and come up. You know it's probably gonna have settled for what you're feel he is very very. Be impolite sick I know what you're guilt and he's got a he's got a lot of talent. How much of what he did last year or the year before was. Artificially eighties and and that's something that -- -- -- interest that it is gonna have to aspect what about. We're going to be at tapping your immense knowledge again sometime before they have break for spring training Scott lob over the -- good stuff is always. Etc. aren't thanks guys got -- the Boston Herald on Sports Radio WT.

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