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Mustard and Johnson: It Was a Rough Week if Your Name Is Brown, or if You're the Green

Nov 10, 2012|

Craig and Larry open up the program with a quick rundown of some voting event that took place on Tuesday and the end of the tenure of one Scott Brown. Speaking of Browns, the Lakers showed how much support they truly had for head coach Mike Brown by giving him the axe on Friday. They then wrap up the segment with a quick overview of the Celtics' early season struggles.

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And it is B. Mustard and Johnson version of sports that they are rolling to dole 1 o'clock. As we try to get our heads back into. The New England Patriots. Who seemingly have not played for iams and iams. Much of the nation's attention focused elsewhere but now. These things that I had a little. Bounce in your step these days I give. I did one thing Lloyd Lloyd has not to worry about Europe North Korea had a bet on certain candidates and who was gonna win and who wasn't and or -- release sounded like he was like a political pundit on that you guys are gonna place a bet but I told -- don't worry about it because. Even if he lost that you don't pay up events anyway. What you you you're a good week oil than you might say this in the fine tradition out Dennis and Callahan instead of talking about that particular -- it shall go one named instead. Let's talk metaphorically. Like the greatest sports through you've ever had about a jobs -- back -- -- That that would what exactly has the best number was enterprise famous -- -- a -- for these days learning the 44 most -- now are seriously justice to make his point I mean you can't ignore a major event that affects the whole country for the next four years and congratulations to you. You of people want my people like you might as well York's college. I had a very bad week. -- Here's that 2.0 -- -- -- part of that 7% I am -- ninety -- is -- that I've talked about this. -- and now here -- seriously by coincidence the breakdown of African American voters that unnamed event on Tuesday night. Was 93. To seven as far as percentage -- Had. Now here here's a couple of core crops of rate in the minimum want to what we are we -- about. Memo Weiner has listened to Hannity Leo and I think I -- -- whining whining whining listen if you lost. You lost OK if your guy didn't win. But now they know Montrae is while in two years we'll get those some of these are grass grows out of -- stuff. Instead what you should be doing is if your side lost. Lick your wounds. And then root for the country root for the economy. Root for our President Obama or -- his policies or some of them had to work out right for the good of the country is like there -- some people were so forward hate rage. That they actually would rather rude. -- -- country to do poorly so went to a -- -- -- get the you know get some of the other. -- political people out of more opposite in in in in in turned a finger oh wait that's insane. If if you lost you lost the other quick observation Greg is. You have to pull up more -- to the table. The most interesting thing about democracy is that no matter how big how rich how important somebody is and how war. In nine educated toward degree of having all these degrees and everything just some average Joe Schmo on the street just right. When they go into the voting Booth they are all have the same power. And that's one of the things I learned out of all of this is that I think that that they under estimated. The little guys who actually that women Hispanics and like Kuwait he's got out in decided. No we're voting so what that means is. You have to pull up experts is to the table now because you're going to have to figure rot away. How to appeal. To these groups of people. Without giving up your wrong position on values and philosophy but still you've got you've got to pull up marches to the table. Well it's a question about the Republican Party are right now is an older white man's party and Asians Hispanics blacks. The very rich diversity it is United States. Unfortunately for the Republican Party went to the Democrats on Thursday night but you know what unifying spirit. I'm not know us as a mentioning it because it is like America putting him in on the mole right you can't match he -- got at least goal that programme just saying that. Again and most of the people that I wanted didn't get it apart that's fine but that still doesn't mean yes I'm an American are rooting for the country. -- hope both sides can come together that's the most important thing that. Your guys -- -- cutting Karl Rove wasn't too but I do you mean then that the fox anchor go down to the bottom of the studio where the -- guys work crunching all the number look at the number five so by the way short way is just called and -- -- despite all the numbers in all the statistics and everything else he thinks buffalo was gonna win by a factor right. Tomorrow well -- at least there weren't any pregnant chads and that's Richard saying that no more so you're pregnant just think it is what it is. We still have the greatest system in the in the world. And die in you don't always win and you're you know I don't we don't like to hear it both of us to a moderate on the right by. It is it that's the system that's been set up for years and it runs very well frank you. And now we have to stop paying attention to the fact that there were other people who when it comes to voting have as much power. If you do absolutely I don't quite get. But that's the way it is but it more reflects who you are as an individual those people that voted off for the blue guy. Is really much more reflective. People of color. I'm minorities. Emerging immigrant groups I mean that's where the -- I just hope I hope people vote December -- government architect calls on this doesn't -- -- -- to us but. I hope people vote for people not because of a color but because of a philosophy and what they stand for. I really do in the end cut I don't write it in that works on both sides by the way -- -- there -- a lot of white people that had to vote for Obama he can't just do it on. That side. But be that as it is. Who another one who had -- -- -- -- All are or brown but the lakers. You know tournaments got a problem Mike Brown now might -- William -- Brown's daughter not my idea and I like Scott Brown why but. You know the -- at the owner of the owners signed just comes out two days ago gives the guy an endorsement. No problems area not to worry about it he's fine and at stake it's why did well it is Colby steer right out to Iowa. It it it takes a special kind of coach. To be able to go into Los Angeles where their tradition and all the championships. And that towering personality. And and in -- winner Kobe Bryant you're adding a Dwight Howard coming -- back surgery bringing in a thirty year old. Player who as Steve Nash -- current who's hurt. You had a difficult enough time dealing with the ego that was. LeBron in Cleveland talking about Mike Brown. And you have to put all these. Very disparate parts together and make them into a functional team. Did they give them enough time to do well they went to the second round of the playoffs last year and Mike Brown probably a disappointing season. You expect the lakers to go further in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs it seems to me and I don't know enough of Mike Mike Brown -- -- now with Mike Brown. I've only heard him in short sound bites and interviews it seems to me that Mike Brown. Is not one of those. Coaches are a lot we are so fortunate to have Glenn Doc Rivers here. That can have both the stern taskmaster. Approached in the game and the player friendly approach might -- don't do that. Members magic or that you and I use all the time as leverage. In even as an NBA coach like you you know you -- to a three year deal and you're talking about a player who's got a four year -- Laura. Well look at what power did an in Orlando -- many left there and he's also lakers. You really it's it's very hard for you to get people motivated to do you want them to do when -- TO system. Brown was trying to implement the the Princeton. System into the Laker offense and obviously the if they don't wanna do what they don't wanna do it in -- not take this much Whitman's interest -- about the lakers and the Celtics. I went to one of those a huge tournaments and as it was dom province got a great set up dot -- to get parks -- Providence line. So you go -- -- west the teams warming up in one teams from the you know if this team with these. A lot of like huge kid sharp blocking athletic kids doing slam dunks and 360s in the warm -- line and everything in -- saint -- -- -- -- radio the other team was made up -- like these you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basketball is the consummate team. Game and you have to play it on a string particularly on defense and everybody has the move to -- Everybody has to know what switch to make to pick up the guy committed -- You have to. In if you don't have that in sync I don't care how good the word on the Celtics is they got a very deep threats but it deepest -- they've ever had. But if they're not in sink in and their bodies are Rondo got that the only went out to a parking. They really should Comcast should really -- down wire a couple of guys. I'm so you can really -- you really wanna wire Kevin Garnett you maybe not him that's the basic cable channel that it's Mother's Day that the economy I don't bite you you you you'd be surprised how much conversation is taking place out there. And right now -- this hour to it I mean again I -- tornado which market before the show about Washington and Washington didn't even have their best players in one of the -- employee and they were taking -- -- -- that limit. And then of course that game last night Bynum didn't even play and you just say India's growth Celtics put this one away. It just out of sync right now in his dissent they are saying what the lakers -- out you you -- have great players but if you are not on the same page right. You don't know -- although and I I think you whereas. I've deep green Celtics fan I am knowledge and that you can relax here because only if there was look at the calendar and say it's what November. And a while Montana can't -- a -- him at all all the way to but I just give -- an analysis that did you -- this team is losing their way to alluded. Actually you can go to the patriots secondary -- Almost -- all the sports except. Baseball's more of an individual sport when -- but even and you still have certain things that you have to be in sync quit the catcher has to be in sync with the infielders and everybody has to know. What to do under certain circumstances so. It was disappointing. I like to see Jeff Green show whose whole. Flash is by heat solo pass he looks I would love to get to late Dick Steinberg climate Mike ruled he said he looks like he plays and he plays like he looks. Jeff Green. Looks like he should play. But you know I mean wiry six point 89 runs like a -- Everything out and understanding you can help me out with this I think icon of right to fast breaks last night if that. When you have a deep bench like that of great quality. Why can't you just tell a guy go out there and run into he would -- dragon and I'll take Q out and put somebody also like. Why can't you run teams off the floor. Part of it is because a defense because if you can't if Roy you're doing is pulling the ball for the -- and then you have to take a ball and you can't -- and others are not playing great defense that's been a problem from the beginning of the season. That is an issue -- -- trying to get all of these. Different players to work together as one unit obviously. Problematic they certainly have. The names on this roster they certainly have the depth one of the deepest teams in the NBA in is a long way to go before even think about the post season it's a weak conference. They will pull together why is Kevin Garnett. Is still the focal point this team -- you know is that but to credit dark is tempting as it is he is -- is not got to run and -- -- into the ground how many time Larry I don't care what year it has been Kevin Garnett first put on that Celtic uniform five years ago it was the fall of 2007. On the way to that championship. In June of 2008 every year since that what we said at the start of every NBA season you have to go live -- KG's minutes he can't go out there play more than thirty minutes and I do you really believe that's going to be the case you played thirty minutes exactly thirty minutes -- -- and you're halfway through a lot more you have to because one thing we learned about last season. It's nice to have a home court advantage to the playoffs it's nice to have all about but in the end. It's more important to have a healthy team out there. And again and -- and you have a conference as they said that. Certainly not as strong as the west they're gonna position themselves although -- DNC. And my my -- was very upset. Might have been the ES vote in election. Now know he was very happy about that and bring marking the Muster after all February march in particular are ready rally is a Red Sox fans I wasn't completely successful. But. As looking at the the pre season. Eastern Conference ball is SI as a matter of fact it was the by the way it was the SI cover we have. We have. -- Steve Nash and wait how we cover -- proud of that the old SI jinx is alive and well but anyway their pre season Eastern Conference which came out couple weeks ago. The best team in the east obviously Miami and then they had believe -- -- not -- And nets. In Indiana all ahead of the Celtics as far as the best teams in the east comfortably with pacers to. -- three nets war in RN. The Celtics five while. To think about that. Well I again I ice. It's very different count with the Celtics even though -- a lot of teams don't have a great have a great big men on the inside anymore. But -- in again I think it's getting to a point people say well as the true or three I think there is to taint changeable now. Of that degree I think that topics or refine. I think you'll finish right up there next to Miami and a lot more I think dark to greater coach. You know get them and sank it just takes it takes a look at the whole point I was making as it takes a minute that's are used as a safety with the lakers. It's just they have to be in sync it make sure appreciate -- Panic and going back to appreciate Doc Rivers we say this time and time again. A guy that bridges he has authority -- his players is the up most respected the same time he can explain. And do it very well too. Any kind of media -- including this one -- would I say it next to the Belichick. Interview on the big show boat -- that is my most an appointment listening on and on Dennis intelligence acumen you can't really -- to Belichick it's unfair for anybody. As far as the gregarious the congeniality. The compound are. He's just a chit chatter that -- -- -- bad last week -- again -- -- it all depends you have to -- all right well you know he's always better and it's an off week and we're gonna talk about the patriots that I got a game coming up against the bills than we are going to. Again and touch of scholar Robert who's out on the left coast are covering the exciting winter meetings. The left -- you have more ways -- -- -- -- all you can say that again 617 civil -- -- -- -- -- just -- today like a little child you know candy store and again and then my tradition of dancing counting of -- they were thinking of their worst sports moment on Wednesday morning I'm thinking about my best sports moment it's are all your people wind picked up again I take complete. Talking about my people and things about the white guys that are owning a basketball court -- -- you got in the car and you got Obama all of your people logged you know I'm not a Buddhist but I have found her bottom yeah Saturday -- excellence. 79. Seven. 19837. We are gonna -- I'm desperately begging -- -- -- -- Segway out of pop I have read the you'll find. You. -- -- -- -- you I am I am better. But I am rooting for the President Obama people -- empowered to make the bat well cross he really appreciates now I'm just telling you know there are plenty of people out of doing that.

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