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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Nov 9, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media tonight after the Celtics lose to the 76ers 106-100 tonight at the Garden

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He put in perspective so. Or we'll look at this -- involved. If all of the -- one thing. Let's just of course has been -- prior -- -- -- -- -- -- right now the and in a reporter world that half or wise. When you hear things that mean layups in transition its roots for myself. Just one thing they'll look at him address that if we can. Do a better job of getting back on defense limited those easy opportunities we give us have been sent to him. -- One that's -- basically. You know -- thing. Getting back talking. Match you know what there -- guard -- not suitable. Help one another. Just this is basically on the ball goes up either. Do I get the rebound or give back in those ornaments and things most bars got a call from -- -- a perimeter. We do a better job of combatants in the war that's who is of course our super myself. Does this time of that big men are -- office and -- it's that they're not they're gonna hit Apple's. I think that's concerning is how effective -- -- on the -- Effective safe to -- solutions that. Blows us we good but the time in a prior history and -- You know the second -- Those goals from an overdose muscle Allard RR data until the defense team first. And we got the time offensively -- -- we think you're currently do a better job indiscernible. Make -- next passes. But the my concerns transition defense and also read them. -- It. Well you know it gives us a chance to get out and run ourselves you know were sitting there. They're giving we're giving up layups in transition to -- high percentage -- -- -- come down assess some of their time their defense -- -- -- little bit more difficult scored litigating these are opportunities we -- the bond says there's so wherever you get stops. You don't transition to where -- goes on to great point guards in the league and -- and give ourselves a better chance on that in the corals. On their -- in arms then that is a process you know we're all five -- Was availability and you know even though we lost that they were down some positive things I -- come from that. So you know still a long season was to argue some things together maybe -- wrote sure. Like this August 2 pretty good things can solve it. The so we'll see them. Excuse. You know -- a bit of a patient or person. For the most part. You know the thing is you know just gonna talk about loans young Toews they get frustrated one another list are torn finger. You can't do that you know that's that's. A solution. Seeing especially losing genetics and we don't have that here you know we were telling us -- -- -- all about talking one emotional after we've got to do to get better. And build from there.

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