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Jared Sullinger Postgame Press Conference

Nov 9, 2012|

Jared Sullinger spoke to the media tonight after the Celtics lose to the 76ers 106-100 tonight at the Garden

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There's. Slope that's. Something that's their current one of the things coaches kept talking about it keep grinding keep -- -- partisan. Good you know when you guys are playing your best ball. Suggested -- fifties anyway. These. You know -- track history. It's just guys. Offensively. And sometimes guys it was a ritual or wherever you wouldn't think this team said in terms. Notices him when I was so -- -- -- and those. We're -- and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't. And so encouraged by the -- what you need you -- -- -- -- fault -- him edition of just. Did -- What was your files in the accident negligence which is he's trying to you know you wanna get statute gives us. But let's just step slow. -- the development.

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