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Jeff Green Postgame Press Conference

Nov 9, 2012|

Jeff Green spoke to the media tonight after the Celtics lose to the 76ers 106-100 tonight at the Garden

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Can you do things. -- Here in -- what are you going. Are you frustrated. I don't know poster who's on -- -- is. Unfortunately. That in the past. And -- it. Would run the floor please see -- in transition. It's. Not just -- It's sort of we're in the -- on. Important night. It's very important so long seasons Maria was the -- of what station where a lot -- last year's. What -- you mean. This. Because their focus. Consider that to work. We think the little things coming together. You -- it. Very loan amount -- and wrestling. You know we're gonna continue to working continue to go to mr. -- -- off the golf course it -- and that was what he has been very. Drew picture. Gets it that simple process. And.

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