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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Nov 9, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media tonight after the Celtics lose to the 76ers 106-100 tonight at the Garden

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Flooded -- in transition you know I think it's pretty simple. I'm on the or exactly what the points were -- You know whatever it says here is that there was more. In transition they got a lot of secondary early breaks and is -- to telephone their attacked. That's the first part of our defense let us down and you know we scored a hundred points and we shot the same as they did. About the threes that they -- were were big difference you know. And you know an autonomous free throws we're used to in this. I didn't like a lot of things honestly. Don't we we have hung in the game. Kind of fought back but every time we needed -- stop tonight guys we didn't get it. Every big time down the floor were cut to 46. They score they scored on a lot of rolls a lot of secondary stuff where. We were supposed to be there and and we were not so tomorrow we're we're working just gonna continue to. -- There. They play great but I thought Evan Turner played terrific and I thought that is young. In a lot of ways the difference you know in the game at strategist at a lot of things. On the first half Nick Young down going. You know gave -- confidence and then. You know they're young group in that you're confident they're hard to turn off and I thought we never did. Hold it. Well I think I don't know -- to some rumor right now at this day so. Overall when we have not been a great interest to me so far this year we've had a couple games we we were. You know and I thought like Milwaukee game you know the score points of our all and let us down that day. But overall I think it's it's our defense. Yeah I saw that I thought they were great. I thought they competed quote. You could see you don't we missed layups we missed a lot of good things on you can see the frustration so that that's human -- -- that kind of stuff doesn't bug me at all. You know I know percentages. German. -- -- -- in the these guys -- point point blowouts they're gonna go. I'm more concerned with. It's you know just our foundation. Defensively and office. Yeah I just thought you made big baskets doctor and onerous than it felt like a hundred times. And we kept a lot of the do it. And you know even the big basket out of time out of the huge basket -- You know so a lot of the other guys there -- -- was -- and turner controlled the game. But I thought they had to have someone else and I thought he had a. It's a dilemma but he's going to be deployed. -- this year sooner than later I hope we just got to -- unlock. You know right now is absolutely. Frustrated you can see it in this place. But doubts on all of us messages on Jeff you know just target. Right now just part of the -- just like everyone else and we have to do a better job of getting him going he's probably gotta do a better job did themselves. Though we'll see out I don't know. You know we just finished this day so I think about tomorrow. We'll sit discuss this line -- that talk about. -- last before this. Did we switched the whole idea is that the whole game that matters is that. That you'd think who start I could start everybody garbage tomorrow. That is gonna matter at unity and really that's where I think I don't know clearly you guys opened February. But that's how I think I don't think who starts matters. It's who plays well who plays the most minutes. And that's what we were focused. Out of the gun locker room. Use of flying carpet Bart -- -- Yeah. Know you gotta find the right group and I think we have we just aren't quite what that did the thing that certainly has right now as we Germans or not. It happened again tonight and I told a second have a better. Our Chris what -- it was they -- left. But and right now that's what if you don't wanna focus on some message focused on. It is what are we gonna do when Kevin goes off the floor in the person that. Every time we do with that you have to do. We're struggling and I that's on the nuggets -- go to because he's not going to be on the floor it's coming out it's coming out of the exact time. And we have to figure out something. To make us click and I think some Bogans I don't think it's just our defense -- them. I think our offense -- struggles when he goes so we appease them. It took me you know it's gonna learn you know just like everybody else but I think Chris Wilcox -- our. Ability. Propaganda second. So we just -- to search. -- --

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