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Nov 9, 2012|

Mikey talks with Adam about the Notre Dame-BC game this weekend, Bengals-Giants and Patriots-Bills on Sunday.

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Back on the planet Mikey show Friday night we get ready for us Celtics basketball tonight begins at 730 the pregame shows -- seven. And of course are weak and full. Of NFL and college football fun. For that reason we bring in the one the only at a my year than -- I -- Via the magic of the telephone actually we got its highest the end -- hardline -- there Adam how are you. Got a -- It's got to be a hardline. And nothing serious -- and like I'm good man how's everything a real money sports dot com. It's fantastic except I've been put on -- a lot of air miles over the last few days -- meaning college basketball starts today which is always my favorite time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody can go yeah exactly if you go into the sports books and you -- have been NFL or NBA. College basketball baseball the lowest they'll take from -- on any of the sports it's college basketball and the reason being is. It is the easiest to make money and because the odds makers really. They're just focusing on what public perception is from last year's senior team and and this year the whole team to be different the guys could have graduated in gap and you could just remember Connecticut or Michigan State and you have no idea what it is this year your. So we it is phenomenal in and that's why. People who read about me is the expert the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) college basketball last year. I am -- football there still a few sports books that now will take my wager we know on banned from seven -- sports books in Las Vegas. But nowhere in Las Vegas can I get a college basketball -- down nothing over 2000 dollars and nowhere will they take college basketball from me so -- now he. You know because the sport you know people come out early they change it -- -- that the UK go for years at a college program -- any of the same players. So that makes a big difference got to stay up on all information on two years to join in or out right now an enemy in many cases one year. Absolutely and you know we hear me 032 games winning it's six unit you know six units the highest we played occasionally talk. But at Texas Tech in a few weeks has been ten unit so going back even with college basketball over three years in the culture are smiling knowing. For the clients here in Boston all over the world we've won seventeen games -- owner continued games ever we have lost one. That's pretty good no we have a spineless flip over a college football a second because of BC fans around here. And of course Notre Dame game that it unit in another year where. Boston College was it was better the game intermittent in May very meaningful boarded what is your take on this and what does this spread on this game -- -- Yeah it's up to nineteen in and you know people forget their ankles and yeah he's he's a freshman in. Yeah although is completing only 57% of his passes so you know he he he has some receivers you know this is an offense based on the run. But he's being able to despite his struggles he certainly the player to lead this offense and -- the Eagles they've been so one dimensional if you watched him I mean. I watch a lot of film on them over the last seven days getting you know. Prepped for this game and you know they just have no ground game I mean it's been problematic -- there. You know if I look nationally their ranking. A 118. National really I don't mean it's it's that -- -- so. Despite their inability dummy on the ground under William G Easter tailback. He's a competent rusher you know but he's banged up he's listed as questionable I'm sure logo but he's been banged up so. You know I look at Notre Dame and you think. Last week with -- trap game and they got by -- hear a little bit of you know they're much more focused this game and the lines that at nineteen I have the winning by 21 to a small lean on Notre Dame but. Any hopes of Boston can't play this outright victory I'd love to see it happen I just don't think it will. Are right now to the pros and ego -- in a lot of people but -- economy and this giants at the Bengals game now obviously clearly giants went six and three there. They've shown some real real ability to run to score but -- what's with the Bengals they're kind of a hard team to read and what -- what is your read on his game. You know this and the Bengals could hang it home last Sunday it's Manny in Saudi -- brother. They've probably been having nightmares about the Manning's. You know but you know what's the odds of Eli Manning which are about having section off the pace in defense of the angles are allowing almost thirty points per game. -- -- have dropped four straight I don't know how Marvin Lewis is still the coach. You know it right. It's it's amazing to me that that he survive somehow they have a decent year the following year so he doesn't it fired -- the next year he's back in the toilet again and so. You know the bank of have even had a hundred yard rusher this year so I think the giants just put a report in the angles and not put them out of their misery and and they get it done but you were talking about these ten units and and I again. You know it's easier 1214 month right now there's so much parity in the NFL. And college football things that are as happened this year that besides Alabama you really can say these teams have been. You know mix and match anything can happen on -- on a Saturday. And again when we have these -- Munich games it's not that big focus game like you know at LSU Alabama it's a small. Other schools that are people you know -- don't have people's attention they get the best information. And we talked a few weeks ago and all the station that the Florida Gators when he played Georgia. They were in. They were all effective with the flu they had almost thirteen guys that I had the flu it came out on Monday after the Georgia game. And and so now we have a game where there's seven players on a small college. They've missed curfew they were out they've missed curfew in back in his seat anywhere the coach is not gonna suspend him from what I understand. They're gonna dress him and they knocked it apply to make him sit there you get that advantage and they're all on the offense it's almost like given so aria has agreed to a replaces score -- -- there is nothing I can give you bigger this doesn't mean it's it's guaranteed absolutely not. I'll tell you you know there's there's not too many games I -- this is kind of money and this would be the game -- have the clients go a ton of money and it will be a winner for tomorrow. Okay at a -- from we're real money sportier one more quick when -- -- to sort Bob bills at patriots. I I -- it's going to be seven needed three but then again I have been known to you know we drink a little. -- -- Right now and not not that up but you don't wanna make that photos I was at one time this year the patriots score seventy points but I always talk reporting after the. No no wonder why we treat called me like Meyer fiddle and founded a lot of not let me -- you know this is doing is defeated buffalo in the seventeen the past eighteen games. And don't think they can win by just a few points or thirteen of five against the spread in. In -- I remember we a lot of people who called. When they were down 217 called me tell you finally missed one Meyer and doing and one of scored a 150 points the second half of that game. You know a few weeks ago they you know they killed buffalo and and you know -- the patriots try to last week they haven't been special home. This is the week I think they do get it done. I don't like double digit favorites normally in the NFL. The last time they were big -- like this at home they were thirteen point favorite Arizona. And they lost out right right in the jets we saw eleven point favored the dig up by an overtime. This time it's not can be close New England beats him by 21 points. The numbers 803555883. For real money sports real money sports are coming -- -- -- Adam thank you have a great weekend. Thank you take Germany would talk to you feel.

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