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Mikey (shockingly) gives a wild prediction for the Patriots game

Nov 9, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking all things sports, Celtics bench depth, Paul Pierce and since it's Friday, they look ahead to this weekends Patriots-Bills game. Mikey really goes out on a limb with his prediction for this game.

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Ago. I'm right now I'm showing Ryder. A picture of flow one of the girls who cuts ferret at knock outs it's a knockout you know -- silica -- cheerleader for Samantha felt she wasn't she was a former yet exactly. Nazi Alfred she's where she was cheerleader. Good enough for patriots. Yeah exactly. It out tomorrow and Ed tell 1 o'clock so if you're Columbia anywhere near Mansfield mark -- shop being you know driving around being cool and and that's reward -- UConn wearing their army fatigues tonight. In these years armed forces classic Kevin Ollie coaching the UConn Huskies against number fourteen Michigan State. I just admit that yet -- Michigan State's really decked out head to go the other they're aware of fatigue type camouflage. Uniforms it's kind of its sting arrangement might be of the you know team does that a lot of countries. You have did you and that's a military they do have many many many military folks there and dead Jim Calhoun era over. In Connecticut it's kind of hard to believe which Kevin always been paying heroic for that he for a while good guy. And we wish him the best meanwhile tonight the home town Boston Celtics. Writer with the -- rematch of some playoff activity from last year correct the sixers in town and maybe. The first big test a little bit of it. They've lost two games -- -- -- -- That's Greg says or Philadelphia but they've had the two games in a row against the wizards that that's their two wins. Yet it's not a playoff -- lottery team so what do what do you anticipate for tonight's activity between these two teams -- no -- Bynum tonight from Philadelphia -- would. As usual -- that that guy that much. Not a matter -- he's. He's pretty good player -- -- -- on top guys resolve -- not -- but there's a lot of bigs in the NBA but his nominee. Very many good bigs and he's one of and a -- I think he's a good day yes I don't I don't think -- -- easily -- -- atom bomb Ellis is assistant well -- get on the for you wonder. If -- will rule that trade all day I mean -- -- you know drew holiday is a very talented young point guard but I still think Celtics. -- aged -- 76ers grind it out -- You know you can't really predict many blowout for the Celtics and to please start to see and outings together don't have it looked at all like a team is gonna blow on anybody at this point that's based on the cup level of competition they've had a difficult time with. Thus far however I will say this about Sunday with -- -- this prediction on the table. And let the listeners commented on it because I've got some weird looks holly gave me where I gave your -- -- acquired as he's walking out the door. Usually a weird looks idealist I get him anyway but this really make a prediction like this number really go live. Seventy history. My not AD want to make it into writing about it that this team would score seventy points in the game and I think this is the time they're gonna do. I think it's this Sunday. Ando I'll be watching -- it to a rumble seat -- can be deceived -- it comes to fruition this prediction because users -- wildwood. And anybody can say are you know 38 to seventeen. Anybody can say that it's in putting up. Close to fifty against buffalo but they did it before -- I'm the only guy who'll make his prediction writer what mark my words no one. Els will be out because it makes no sense that's -- it as -- racist because I can't see it happening somebody point Jesus as a team it's a good score seventy against more easily than buffalo. Maybe Jacksonville. Look at when they play them later on in the season came and that's that Jacksonville. Yes embedded array of state credit Jacksonville as a decent and -- now -- below average defense denied. Does as thereof will you give me a passive it's like sixty not paid enough and now. The last -- -- -- well that's what you're saying right now I'll give -- credit -- -- -- your -- -- -- Nostradamus. I'm gonna go patriots 38. I just said that. 383870s. Urges. Now -- 121 okay. Why would I thought I read sending their three I -- anybody can say 3817. Maybe that's why I was in my head that -- about a 3821 just available different that the -- yet it is guys text theory 73. Cocaine is that relevant drug. Rumble seat does Sunday 1 o'clock -- there if you're -- -- Even if you if you get there early drinking a beer UB Chicopee when you're there. We have about an hour less -- know what I say an hour and mean and hour because that's still seven but it's really already 621 so let's get on or right now. 61777979. 370 -- of the throw into the mix. From a tax perspective it's simple 37937. Is the number for that Mike Brown fired we talked about it last night you know none none. Very early they just got it done right away there's a lot of good idea is that Colby deaths there. Kobe of course walking away from that afterwards say that's ridiculous it's childish to think about it we saw what we saw the video. He was staring right -- Mike brown and and and basically. Assassinating him with his eyes. Geysers -- the first time is done. Well he's probably right disease of miserable piece of crap now on Mike Brown has gone thanks to him in Colby competitiveness -- to their -- post -- a better while good but you know maybe they should look at some of the players. You know I mean -- is the coach can only because the coach asked if he has got millions and millions of dollars worth of high priced star guys of that team but odds of up I think that -- tonight. I think that would tonight at home in fact I would bet anybody money. That the annual outing against Golden State upstart Golden State Abington Winnick it could be you know just having to change alone. Colby once again getting spoiled brat way birdied -- staff has been around forever he's about 200. This guy was it was Seattle -- Seattle Seattle SuperSonics coach for like ten years believe -- -- the Charlotte as well me. Nice guy but very old he's gonna be could be sent off to. And that old I don't know six Essex and let's let's -- well. No surprise might the end Tony is a candidate. Especially since he's familiar with Steve Nash. Yeah yeah now -- yes it's musical chair crap going imagine last night Jerry Sloan as possible can personally I hope the lakers stay in disarray right -- the end of the season that degree most of aura that would be good. Let's get to our phone calls because we got limited time tonight so let's start with the Mike in Austin Mike hello welcome -- the planet Mikey show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I thought that right ahead said that felt they had a deep bench is the reality -- that -- at that. Probably not the only one that says that many of the -- games and a pretty frightening that Celtics have a deep bench. Deeper than before while -- got. Under performing players right now but -- -- to work it out eventually came into my problem -- -- ticket it -- bench if you have poor shooting guys. You can't put four shooting. On the corner want and what she changed her role. Well you could do it would probably like yeah you do have to put four senators up -- -- to the report that -- -- and -- it deep bench if you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Drive itself girl like a real big -- oh -- they don't at all they -- have -- better this bit. Although they have guys with size is -- the question is whether they complain Darko Milicic and Jason Collins guys right out right you let the question is outdated is their bench deeper and better than it was last year. It is because they're hearing about gaps in the play out. And Miami -- fight with fortune well they. What Avery Bradley my gravy every -- is back having going to be deeper than seeing another shooting guard. That's it did you think that's a different story area either Bradley is on the planet at all. So yeah -- he that you are as well a lot. Critics and I'll walk the talk a voted forty to deal with Paul period. What about the issue might 35%. Yeah and it would like almost like defecting here -- because last year he shot pretty poorly. In he's still one no limit at all. Yeah there's some fraud -- and he looks like he's a lot better shape he's actually shooting better from three that he is from -- Right now and oil outlet. Is what some other it and sure. -- again let's not analyze you know Paul Pierce -- or over four games based on affecting been -- -- for how many years now. Well -- a longtime. So every you know you got. When you make a divided -- Paul -- you can watch 34 games and say well this is that a trend right now -- is fifteenth year slumping fifteen right exactly he's -- -- you've you've had all your lifetime to watch this guy. And you kind of know what he's going to be -- enemies he's everybody's doing some other things but yes I mean they get a -- like to see if you get groceries traditionally higher percentage of -- Honeywell. Right at ninety. Last year and it shouldn't that well regular season. And I and the -- Hewlett Matt good credit you were being guided by sound the best of the best players. You think it's almost let patient move. Hit -- and -- scoring option in China maybe do a scoring by committee. Well again. Is the situation -- number one option depends on what we're up against on any given night let's face Rondo can be. Number one scoring option so can Garnett. Rondo probably score a little bit more this year I think. I guess who've been issued about you know 40%. Around there is totally you know he's gonna rely eighteen point where it's 45 percents that terrible. Her at her considering how many shots Celtics all it. Lot slower this year nine it looks quicker to me this year the -- is a little -- from buy these laws wait this season and he's in better shape this season and it wasn't he was say -- it back from -- lock up. I agree with that that doesn't seem to Aruba. As I its -- games. Exactly so don't panic now Mike. I right have a tuna salad sandwich and a cream soda and relax. -- audit like OK thank you that's always the best bet. Jason and a car you're next on the planet -- I. -- Ron -- I don't. I think won't they let -- I can't ocular do you imagine about in Dubai and -- indeed the good big man he Sox. I'm didn't I think -- -- Michigan based on -- not athletic as. I'm with you if I go to the opinion a lot of people -- on the senate that. I do not think like I was a -- and -- -- -- family I think -- speak only on his athleticism. As steroid use -- defense coming you can say slightly over -- about is the best center in league. When it comes into I don't know what that we've not and you know my doctors should be able. The -- -- as low post move he didn't think like you who senate could eat a lot of skill. You do a lot of different things he can play defensively it's not based on adapt to the beat and -- I. Big book that side but they die they just at two left feet Nadal these reports. Over the years the -- play by play I would too bad. All of these senate sitting on the bench. Coaching -- -- you think -- take advantage that Larry like you know even LeBron need to act like they went to learn from attacking Olajuwon. This guy actually a lot of -- you just can't -- in the -- -- but as far as the number -- -- generally good -- -- I could stay -- I think you'd much much more so than metallic like I wouldn't. You know it is it's -- wonder. How much he cares about basketball let's I guess what people of asked about Andrew Bynum -- still a young kid he's only 25 yet been writing for awhile well yeah and yet he's got a very good low post game you're right about that he has a better -- to post game -- let's talk about his career stats under eight rebounds a game in his life under twelve points a game out -- guys that we we -- really rave about this -- way to last year you don't -- -- had a best season ever had. But get worse attitude and right it's certainly a parent -- had a question does doesn't always play hard that says that's -- -- injury prone sites -- what we call a guy doesn't play hard -- -- -- -- -- It god how -- underachieving but still very talented. Everybody's become -- -- -- that duke is they update due to eat that like a kid that I understand. They didn't eat they're not gonna put everybody in on the whole second on the -- that ain't time to walk in him is that a lot of -- is going to be fifteen. It's cute cute cute I'm nick could -- would -- that thank -- -- on talent. In a -- -- -- -- they have a good team. In my particular little that was you don't current economic team that they've got to talking about the blue yet how -- that -- at a trot. And get somebody -- and -- to have a good or not you've got to get them on the floor -- Well aren't -- -- -- this conversation is -- more time plane together on the court an actual games in different situations and melting you know becoming a well oiled machine their their machine but they're not Aurilia. Exactly and people need to come down that he did maybe. Still beat any of the right in the play actively get into this fight and a lot of counted but the more people would think that the young counties. I wanted to get more trust that junk shot went in the -- and it actually worked on it a little bit. Yeah now -- though there's another way to get trusted Josh does have a go win. You know even he would be build up trust from within. When you shot and and you know ability to guys got involved time he's got that open relatively short jumper got to -- is it then that's a huge factor. As far as what is so close now.

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