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Friday, November 9th Whiner Line

Nov 9, 2012|

Who stole Michael Holley's bike!?!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My -- these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This -- discretionary box. -- -- And now you know you want your time. And we are in a protracted labor struggles. What is your opinion something. Really ever got him remove. Serious and now on this so does he goes well one. There's there's no other reason this is going -- WEEI. Wine airline takes away from line. Itself and there are people who is really struggle. The real thing is the only real struggles that dial 6177793535. With one -- right now. -- Cleveland's. House of some people live to us whiner line people who work and stadiums. Fans yes -- -- gladly stand now on his recent. If we don't have -- watch how much do you recall that crap excuse me so. If you take away. WEEI. What do you think of how this that it helps the things he wind airline. I'm like yeah -- Ego very very excited why we have Mikey well got a big weekend -- tomorrow injury at this is huge it is going to be doing. 1 o'clock tomorrow Mansfield. And it's a haircut place called knockout so you get in her. Erica yep but it's special because why is -- -- knocked -- you don't walk in the smack him ahead. Now I don't think. But it's all beautiful women and -- yeah like that's what they -- the knocked out of the ones the cut there -- the cut men's here what's got us please soccer's not -- not -- not good outside knocked out and I would be there from one to three tomorrow -- -- -- and take the full -- to -- -- -- but I -- -- will -- the people that -- giving -- Celtics tickets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's disgusting -- gamma lets you are eighteen team line of the week whenever he has right now gonna play depressed to want to use tactical. By texting in your vote rule. 793. Cents to its seven these threesome his nominee. AA. They know. That I've read that benefit -- become tired now. -- sit back and -- Nice inning well. Armed and that's nominee today and here's. -- I can't come up what. Greg are quite popular but Fredricka. Part of sky kind of go ahead. I don't -- they don't -- dot. Get out there like that and fact that they've got -- poetic. -- -- pep talk thought back about com. And it's. But per contest has written nice election Mitt text the letter and 23793. Settlement to vote for the return fire. Vote and let text a lot of 237937. Until the end of today's one analog stick your vote at seven. 93 seminar when it received 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible wonder of the year grand prize. And a wide net with a one year of ET and T service include. One of the week is now marred by AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up till. Not just faster that EG AT&T. Michael majority influence on this week's contest now I'm not a knock -- -- a zone in on this allows us listen I believe in democracy my cabinet. I don't wanna throw the election no one way or the other but it's like you know as a place for influence peddlers at the right they're both worthy candidates and and made the best nominee -- for the other other. He's fearful of getting these new bikes don't. They one of the Texas knockouts is the quarters. Erica play poorly the mayor at least caught -- you know an awful lot of bottom -- answers. You know a lot of about a mile. Tragedies is no -- at all really I'm really looking forward to this tomorrow last year and it's just. Our air base the yesterday bow out all of a -- quiet but I would have been. It I was active -- got a plan out your baby. Now what. They -- I couldn't break out I don't mind. -- -- And that I had I didn't have that problem. I didn't have that problem imagining an unthinkable because exactly what did you think about him well you know what you talk -- to think about. Some people. -- I don't yes. Quit the visual pictures now not not I not want -- I'm not going old uncle -- Think -- knock out on knock jokes. And then mystical almost at the blue book. It's been very -- work ethic thing basically here at they pop up a bit. And message were more than sixty okay Florio -- report. That Leo read and I don't know that why he only got great. Haven't -- but as of yet and he's gonna help -- Mac and well. I'll probably figured why -- -- big it don't. What you want to happen. At all video and let you watch the video at all get credit app. -- -- but don't work out. And -- okay Antonio last year for Marty what did Joseph got two million terrible dad. Or not a dad and all we're divorced. We'll prominent black -- black boys on that had been telling anyone about Beckett did it Saturday. Patriots. It'll. -- you believe that. Who -- And it was time to I don't know -- I don't know but I know for a fact that -- met him once -- the purists who -- -- and -- could -- to wonder what. Part of it segment hand sounds totally -- doing -- you have this one is like totally. -- -- -- -- it's just like -- throw in the towel you know he doesn't -- do but he doesn't want that he's purposely going out of his way. To screw it up I thought the serious broadcaster. -- -- series alms series broadcasters -- -- gonna broadcasters writer and broadcaster voice on. A couple times they parted that's -- -- it was a I don't flashed -- it. I'm Kirk the man. -- he -- -- via ground and he has. Because hot stove show. Us that again at a -- every minute of -- show you every minute again -- that -- falls during a shift Canadian brown on the last like they're invading. Sugar bear couldn't pull himself away from the pool was but he is he's gotten California there it's irritating now from ESP. They figure out whether I cannot tell me tell I -- her debut for a couple ways. Web -- here at let's put a little while. He's there. Have a -- when it. Comes out next highest it's got -- stressed. -- -- -- the fashion. I get I'll repeat it sure has become like fifteen yeah. We're not in the fashion it's a show about. What butcher on TV and it's not it's a visual medium. One and -- -- The same network with everything I of the products. Tune in for -- axes and how it -- -- catch these guys are tuning a look at the making a list. Where there is no apparently not. They put a little Comcast's local on that -- Here where the boomers I don't think they do and he does that all -- that stuff is a. MF help -- that -- -- -- -- quit the -- that -- what a crappy quality stadium. Don't low light water did not have not been that. And there's a crappy stadium which I did it do you have a Super Bowl there it was disgrace it's a crap these data are loving memory of that Super Bowl is coming into the bathroom in there and just watching excrement flow toilets -- Q3 inches of next escorts to the event thanks for sharing your anyone up and away. I had dinner right in our our point was that stadium didn't have the plumbing to handle it was all -- it's that it's a big stuff. Three inches of -- part. Marc Spitzer grossed out. Think it. Happy it was an episode -- and what are always saying -- I don't know probably. Robert Byrd. Are all of. And Stafford in there to 700. Points there's 11 -- mentioned there's some remain so it's. Old school. Everybody's picking up right now and -- that. You got got that about talking about what the public that the collective corn holes I don't know about you know -- that's how it felt kind of like it. Double -- debate I would wanna win that. -- to put this gently. Core holes at some bar game. Certain kind of you to toss beanie that's. Okay. -- -- So what -- -- the radicalized he's Oreo. Gloria our soccer ball here when it was Oreo Cookies and you -- what reward and so that and said that that. I won't mis or -- I don't want those on Ohio State -- you don't -- enough -- awkward all. Big courtroom. Here. I I have to say I agree but I am quiet -- out of -- -- -- -- back into their back they have Tibetan. How -- accurate I'm not. And well debt -- -- east regional humorous now I thought she was here a year ago. It's been in Covert -- -- just -- -- right there gas should be deleting all of that ready for that doesn't mean it doesn't have more impact when a woman's. Everything -- it. Hey -- -- -- you thought about. Mike Adams this back. Don't know all reality show you know I got -- real -- -- -- -- this major born out of it but America. And then -- Of course I would I would joy and a -- of people trying to -- the -- -- do something I'm good but you're already know that you would watch it except -- I -- this earlier Mikey the perfect reality show would be you. After work just sitting in a bar for hours to -- that would be. Must watch T do that I know you can argue I know I'm ready and the great thing about it -- making it Sam Adams is the sponsor them all -- Product placement whatever chair and is the show gives deeper into the shell gets more -- think as you get more -- or cock. Nobody wants to what you would shouldn't judge -- -- here now the rest your date the rest the rest of your day no offense taken place. Is born that's overplayed its board there's the they would be born ultimately exciting and I trust. The type bounded can probably -- Dad gonna graduate school and a car could probably get up got that ball down and distance. And this corn -- game is also called. Back ago that bill is the name of the manufacturer that actually manufactures -- games I -- knows something you know. -- all of this article -- ago I -- as a company that actually made is derived from the but I don't settle back and -- what is I don't -- -- of college tailgating thing it's it's been yeah. You know another massacre of the war in favor of what brought up. -- question. The hype behind the government. Because of that -- And that she she saw that -- choose either nervous. She went on she wasn't sure. -- an -- you're referring to the governor for national issues and -- you know it is something about just accepting the loss. I'm just giving it a fact today I'm just opened today we always sort of fun we're having some not from here represents a -- war why did she drop her husband's -- it -- that hyphenated I don't Warren I don't know from a that you can do whatever she wants with a name but I. I just answer the question guys right she was giving two word answers. Why don't like Scott and then mandate is up. Body on what people like you may -- in its game the last great support he had -- got done and make. And maybe she's like Bill Belichick press conferences and the movement -- -- -- -- -- this when I went out I get it done that bat is a Democrat does what it really aren't sure exactly how this epidemic. That's rich. But you know what I'm gonna -- it. You want to know something there are a lot of other people are definitely want to present the other yeah. Senator what about this. -- it's. Yeah is that candidate that the four letter network is that it would be Smart to put Roman now appear on the talk about a one win. Bought that college game against the undefeated Notre Dame. -- This game is about mind over matter we don't mind in Notre Dame doesn't matter they're coming in our house plan. This game is about the fans thought going into a fight. You hear me every our team is like -- best. Every finger clenched so tight -- a little. Punch we do damage so remember when you take gas field and you run down on kick off when you run -- football when you block. Our running back for our quarterback OK I don't know what drove him on the bad it's about the best. It's about fifteen years. Yeah one columns in the car. That is when I see you haven't because our fifth is gonna do damage if you ain't gonna have games they'll be in about a sixty minute -- your judgment jail today are going to go out fighting. Tigers are going out deal there may. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't Roman out addresses the -- but relative Carlos is our locker that -- the chaos the Doug Flutie and I -- come -- -- think Britney has his own drug -- the reason is I went -- with him with drama -- did you use snowball from home at home town is usually home to dance well and don't worry you'll just work you'll you government now how did you go bowling with a was this a planned date or -- -- -- -- -- his girlfriend at the time it's like in the eighties -- worked from me at the dairy queen -- -- Fueled every -- about I don't know -- he's got a look at Mike Lee's eyes rolled back what. I don't know what you -- dairy queen Hillary Clinton. There's any -- -- do you know we had fallen in at all but the -- they are very real -- And just did charge just a girl Lisa -- all apparently the granddaughter of textile granddaughter. That's right yeah granddaughter and then now Ron touched all you may remember the goaltender cousins yeah the go to -- I'd -- sticker. Can't wait -- but they happen so. Of the pot and it hasn't been great -- included are all about what -- really happened with General Petraeus. -- -- It. And casino General Petraeus to rate their commission over charges that he resigned today because he had a little -- -- on the side apparently. In it was kind of an embarrassment. MS -- the notion that. It might sound like street wives. Remembered. Good -- without lapses in -- -- the eighty. And definitely that's right that's of the guys that. Good line there was stunned about the well I don't have a motives -- -- but that's when he -- yes okay. And that it is important. And I -- -- -- all these big adventure and -- -- -- -- thought it would have been I don't have a lot of -- And -- god is it okay. As walked away. Big dude -- -- -- 56 by 56 about maybe -- 256. AD pure muscle -- at a record seventy record. Dale what does it. They know you -- Like. Bill Belichick -- go to Campbell. If you don't stop basketball stupid questions every Monday it'll ever. And metropolitan golf for 1415 years now -- you miss anymore you'll carry your -- estimates that indeed. Debated at length but I think you always want to laugh out loud every morning wondering -- now and -- I. -- -- And -- message with. -- every morning and. And Bradford California for that attribute. And. And an. 82. He said on the air today on nothing really happens it's going to be trade made here but it's good of the can you got your bosses are listening. And clean it up it's good for context though because all the GMs are here. At the same time he goes out there he admits did nothing -- nitrate. They spent the -- spends all the money dissent about their and we still a broken equipment and the other -- but the foundations upon the foundation for trainees. Are they they they are -- there but they're not actually not gonna happen until later. -- said on the radio you know what that's clever move by Bradford because that gives him an opportunity now to go back to the companies say. Two weeks and I got to send me here because this is win the nomination. -- and a bit of and of course it's in the back capacity it's. That great -- -- rob Bradford it is I don't always wanted to be -- -- And one of his fish Eagles who said he want to live there with a hooker lived their target gastric and every other way. And for its. Repeal effort I don't want -- -- -- -- -- when there was one of this week. Column off going. That would be the mayor -- 61%. 39 hours ago congratulations and welcome back mr. mayor. I want it receives a 100 dollar American Express gift card from eighteen -- -- eligible for the -- of the year grant -- to claim your prize and he built one of the week at WE DI a dot com why don't -- brought to you by AT&T -- LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. -- --

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