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CSNNE's Tom E Curran: We're into the dregs of the Patriots schedule, starting with the Bills

Nov 9, 2012|

We wish Tom E Curran a happy birthday and talk some Patriots, specifically the remainder of the season.

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We show. You know that we all have the opportunity to celebrate with Tommy John on this just -- showed you earlier. His fiftieth birthday it's all brought to you my timing was Barber's chair doctor. Doctor Robin -- call 1800. Yeah. Air and for you tell me a couple more strains -- its -- yours. Congratulations guys thank you thank you have reread what you know what yeah what year is it really because I don't think it's fifty would you -- -- five Grand Slam the -- six until I want you club full frame. I'm so I don't know anything's going to woke up right about most of the column. How hot hot I -- -- Like going -- up I thought our drew about what congratulations and I had a lot of wisdom they give -- the 45 and that's pretty good because you live a very risky. Risky like -- agony -- so you want to -- sportsman guys that are like 24. And then beginning and you get the flights with -- so we wouldn't let it go out. So -- Tom tell us about some of the celebrities who have contacted you or your birthday and now some of the lavish gifts that you've had. Given to you. Bad -- future. From the EI I'll producer are our producers even -- the minute wait -- AMD. Pop already -- happy birthday friend we can extend. The mentioned some about the blue plate special on Twitter and I guess from scratch tickets from my sister club face Russia cannot and Scott and not Damian and Patrick. -- during an alleged congratulation -- -- not here in studio Michael and I have a pair of these stylish classes could have no glass in them. So -- you -- just like your hero Tom Brady can ask you about it there's an interview him wearing those glasses. Do you know what I actually think we compare sort of -- doesn't have a look at the have a record -- how many tricked out. Gonzalez behind that Drake he's just a bunch of he's doing weights ATP plainly Stanback out of. I shorted got -- came up with that idea to actually have glasses. When there's no trust this guy and some -- factory or somewhere else have always glass is that -- eyebrows and moustache is Ottoman just pulled and pulled -- often sold. Came. I -- let me I mean it pick counter intuitive excuse it's going to play point cancellation on your arm. He can blame wade came out to a press conference tonight wearing trousers slacks just aren't these courts so. In a week Russell Westbrook will be doing the same as -- But if they do in Russell Westbrook got me started -- already started the -- -- claims but I I've seen her for a -- is this this was this is a big deal in the eighties still. Yeah eighties early nineties the takeaway is we don't know the answer no for a new strength. I don't know if I don't get it. The idea Rihanna has returned missed the NBA at that time -- now now the NBA's all over why do you think that all of these -- places for ice. It's the care have popped up all over the country the reason that popped up is because people didn't want despite a corner and here's the next trend and -- it. You can have a laser hair and we will have to allow you to -- those -- post article critical I why is it. We can't get people excited about this football game on Sunday and I'm sure you're trying. Desperately is well. And it's just did the needles not moving on this one at all. I would knocking on doors in the neighborhood earlier today actually -- and asking are you excited they're not -- right now but this comment not. But -- built and I think. It's what you get into we are both after the goal from period or the patriots schedule there -- -- great they're going to win the division they're playing. Look bill who we know that they will annihilate on a regular basis at 1 o'clock. You're going to do and I always -- -- the -- next week despite the fact Andrew Luck is a very nice player Reggie -- as productive. They're gonna take care business there. And then you'll have -- -- a Thanksgiving Day game which will take how pollute vast southern. That dealership -- followed by who. Where -- at Miami in Miami. Miami in my and then the real season begins with two home games with two teams that you could -- right now as Super Bowl contenders. In the thing -- you can have a nine and seventeen that might be going to the playoffs for the second time in four years and everybody because about the game. I'm wondering if you could start Stevie Johnson Fred Jackson. And we wouldn't have add is many January and February's. We can have a team that just rolls through November and December schedule and people -- chicken on the score while they -- Christmas shopping. -- -- Halloween decoration that's the reality of why people aren't interested I think that the -- are still fascinating I think the development of this team he has interest in the same way last year it was because this team does have. A lot of improving still left to do it and a lot of a lot of different positions both offensively and defensively. Its -- you to -- Tom -- were just talking about this before he came on the patriots and how they're perceived. And over -- perception and reality let's just talk about reality first do you think this team. Has the potential. To be like the best. In the conference for war is is it just too late because we got the Texans and Baltimore in the patriots aren't on the level what do you think. No they can be the best in the conference no doubt say they can do -- -- What they don't have a kid you want on defense this year. -- what might not be cute here what next year. They don't have an area -- they do have a very good you have more explosive running game is a little more diverse receiving corps. They've -- a culture. And the quarterback is. You know a hall of Famer then the other team's quarterback is that is so. -- be happy to make a -- so that's that's the way that you killed teammates. I think it's the best team in the conference with the plea to a potential but by a fair amount. How about -- -- say -- the other team's quarterback will be lucky if he's a hall of famers silver lake. Your high school attacks or Texas as your high school is so when lists. In football some without. This well struggled -- Here's a myriad not a school who doubles Kingston -- and out that's Pembroke essentially ceded. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The athletes that have gone you know with them. Yeah you know I used to get the game after kick -- and I think that the important things are good gauge your good. -- -- -- -- a little -- your job you need to be reminded of that being introduced the idea. Your body had been turned around completely looked into the stands. Oh great at getting getting -- here original point how to -- I I. And I am not -- -- -- the -- Gods it's his birthday is doing drugs to there's something I don't know. But I but I but I think you're right you look at these other teams and we look from a far could you see -- we were just talking about before we get join you look at the patriots. We see the flaws not the beginning of the season we're all worried about the offensive line and even -- all their best lineman his missed a couple of games. I don't think anybody complaining or concerned about the offense and one right now so they've fixed a part of it. -- head injuries now certainly to Hernandez they get him back who knows what happens that that the only concern is the secondary end of next week. Believe goes out there and does a decent job for good job on Reggie Wayne you wanna see some people get excited they'll get excited. Does that still one area that people don't think the reason I don't think they can win. Because of the secondary they didn't think teams can pass on that well and right now they probably can't. Well last year as -- but by the end of the year they improved and that's saying about this an acquisition. This year I mean it's funny because sometimes -- the patriots QB so Carter into the group believe they do things. And we don't expect anything to happen that would make you make a move that we all thought should happen it's that you really that they were right. You know they needed to make a move they -- To make a personal moral what will be interesting next week club sir Michael is to see how to keep doing the report has spoken like somebody. A couple times. In the last week or so. And tallest in the -- -- and they -- -- that what might. Come up -- we're. Aqib Talib is he can be deployed on the number two receiver. -- you recurrence -- and he might flip flop on the number two. And that will allow the patriots could say for example in Turkey -- -- over the top covered for the safety all the time morning we saw him take him away. And number -- leadership on the number two. -- what Avery made a couple of big catches in the game last night -- pretty good yeah I'm not heard -- it Lombardi has has had to say about how leave. Not so much -- drop but I know Demitra nosed defensive backs and has has studied them for many years. What -- what he had to say about -- leave the player we've we've heard a lot about his personality about his skills seems in the same division with a. I don't do you -- guilt that. He graded out well. The only -- -- -- and you know he has he has got -- -- came on a quick clip but I disagree don't putt that got. Do you make like a predictable -- do that -- that only a few. I RA was actually he actually had a pinpointed the coach and he missed -- -- that the team -- that was ahead. Now. I mean who has since. We have not because he's one wolf we missed several mentioned that somebody else. Think that we did there's a -- the question -- negative. -- open and I mean I do and generous human dog before it is my last question for you. How to Tom Brady respond and Ohio responded on the wrecker when you said to him dressed weird sometimes. You think you took that personally -- to the take -- call and I. I code -- the familiar because you've taken a little bit -- And I think you're fit for him. We should -- -- -- -- -- that I could I'd much rather answer questions about that the majority of course the most about all of these folks. They can US is ever can you warm up to coach for us for Monday -- -- the same questions for the coach after the game on Sunday yeah overall great without. Who it's got about four -- side Bryant got I got happy. I did you know Tommy can -- -- -- religion.

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