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ESPN's Chris Mortensen takes us around the NFL

Nov 9, 2012|

We check in for our weekly Mort Report with ESPN's Chris Mortensen from NFL32. Mort talks with us about the Brandon Bolden suspension, how the Pats will fare vs the Bills, and more NFL around the league issues.

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Did she go way. Sports Radio don't mean yeah -- But back here in the bank job. Well and why Michael Holley is done for our guy -- Chris mortenson from the NFL's thirty -- and ESPN -- conversation with Chris mortenson. By the sheriff credit union and the dragon speech recognition but more now you don't destroy. Why overweight guys should number all right our perimeter -- Sean I we have the season and a half to go ask you this question we just got the word. Brandon Bolden be running back for the New England Patriots suspended four games -- Bomb is adjusting -- football it kind of happens and then. It kind of just goes away Shawne Merriman comes to ride my Rodney Harrison here it happens in baseball it becomes like a major story what do you think that is. I don't know I think maybe because there had been a culture of steroid use -- Leon. In the NFL. -- before his steroids or is technically. Outlawing him may even though you have to move looney -- by federal laws and don't they go back accused. Some of the great legendary teams of the NFL history. It's the same time you know what that is the PD policy in the NFL I mean we've seen a majority these guys get suspended for stuff like at a role. And I still haven't been anybody quite explain to me I -- -- -- and they had a role playing as they get fed mean whoever you wanna call it. You know if you alluded to they have the same stigma as. As being you know they -- put a -- Omar we're and then this is the real steroid -- taken you know so a lot of -- PDs dispenses lately have been more. At all. Related which is kind of you know there's something going on there right I'd like somebody explain to me a little bit help. Because there are brought you players who together honestly they go to the proper procedures. Haven't prescribed. By a doctor and and then with the medical staff. Certainly been involved and then delete doctors know approving it so. -- -- so I haven't covered baseball for ten years which they did. It's it is interest CNET in the NFL with a big all Shawne Merriman if you remember was a big deal they don't want that he was. If you minute and look good lead on fire. And in other. It would you know obviously the second before an enormous rate muscled up and then I got that one was a big deal -- that the deliver them kind of impact has for some reason you don't get. You know it's a big time players you know maybe that's that's the reason I. Determine make the Pro Bowl you -- -- sort -- after that is when the rule gay men. That -- -- if you test positive for TDs. You're not eligible to play in the -- what I -- We're talking about Merriman because he got caught in Bolden because he got called bra caught and Brandon Spikes a couple of years ago. I'm wondering at what you see a guy get caught Mort you you start to wonder okay how prevalent is this solemnly ask -- to it to venture -- guess. How prevalent do you think -- you Susan and I felt well. -- what I want is a different threat trait category classification because and still -- that they don't. But -- all I want to steroids to cover and then NATO while we usually human growth -- kind of -- under one category you know of course you know -- gonna be -- -- -- dire rhetoric are you -- -- and you know you have your suspicions. And stuff like that then. I just don't know how prevalent is east each use is. You know that's obviously. There's no testing Ford -- just they're now -- make some progress on the test. You know I think it's. I've heard many times as prevalent. At the college level this prevalent -- global movement probably in the world as well. You know I'm not a boy educated obviously Disco ball local case they're always trying to find heads are always trying to keep ahead of that. And so -- just have to assume that that I think maybe it is residing -- to put a percentage there's some guys do it. Am I mean you guys just to begin to make a roster you know. They do the networks -- with the -- with the NFL broadcast on Thursday night they require that every team. Needs to be honest there anyway we can limit Jacksonville may be for the next five years not to be a national there and a possible. We were you wanting more -- get all my. All. It's just. -- that was that was ugly you. Jones-Drew this play it'd be it'd be different it would be different you know it would be different and that's -- -- like to do good for the noted everybody primetime game but you know last year and money and have a bonus suck for the employees -- -- -- So done. -- -- doesn't want to talk government goes dominated with her name C title game meet for the patriots actually beaten and had a C title game but you have to the -- one -- wouldn't necessary from the watch it federalism for Andrew Luck. I'm not sure I don't know the Marines were uninsured anybody who watched. While at halftime I think most people shut it off so you would have missed the best moment true Jackson holds the night nets might -- so his clipboard out there. Yeah -- and I don't blame him now is there anything you've seen from Andrew Luck. That -- that a surprise you mean obviously the guys are number one overall pick in the draft he's got talent and everybody -- -- beer franchise player but is even. Better than what you expect him to be at this point in his career. No the only you know I think on Andrew Luck that I protest that was when every big city was the best since Elway and I are among those guys have a tendency to cringe when you start. You know put a guy like John Elway who I would subway in high school when they don't. They out -- any other more than anybody in the NFL today at that time could throw the ball like John Elway. But to the you know I think he saw Stanford didn't know the terms of they'll have a short memory the mental toughness. Total pick sixes and then. No not thrown a pick again bring this team back he just got noticed pocket awareness his athleticism. His strength. -- -- Again that back to their composure in the mental toughness and even -- feminists -- games -- to get out of control -- -- -- -- -- follows veteran players they knock it off get over here. You know also. He's. He's unflappable but he's very competitive. And skill wise that's pretty good and is proper awareness is probably as good as any and really is measurable desire they might may our maturity time last night is measurable words or comparable to cam -- in terms who the forty times in the and then all of those things so. They look at a special one for the next fifteen years -- -- -- -- into the Gaza -- I think there was always going to be the tiebreaker with Robert Griffin the third. Did this guy -- style in this guy's really Costello. Physically get you know -- injury factor will not be nearly that high risk that any RG three station. Unfortunately our game here in New England probably won't be the highlight game of the NFL this weekend but in Chicago -- will be. Houston -- Chicago are you buying the bears' defense. And the fact that there scoring an awful lot of points. Well essentially -- he got a buyer but I you know. And it's it's unique I mean it's it's it's crazy it's weird this schedule is about to get tougher and of course the Texans. No -- can -- opening up to me. It's. Texas have the patience and the versatility of both the run pass game. I think it just put some points up against the bears aren't -- -- and so my point you're 23 points. Because I think the bears' offensive line is still a mess and -- sure that the bears can put those type of points up against the Texans defense. And you look at the bears and and there are impressive on defense affected. Variable out of forces many fumbles they did last week against Tennessee drive them well poor but Adam's crazy. In and out of the game early and that's impressive but. You look at him in the beginning of the year they didn't beat Green Bay in Green Bay doubled them pretty I have felt like pretty easily do you think the bears are the best team. In their division. Our -- -- this are adopted -- -- color had not gotten hurt of course been really gave Matt Matt Forte. That I led the bears might have been the NFC represented than the Super Bowl last year. So you know obviously I mean -- either way I think. They're pretty darn good and you're gonna get our son Jeffrey they're. There are rookie wide receiver back who start to have a little bit of an impact here he has a broken hand as he's almost back from. I just don't know that office two -- going to be good enough car around that I think they're pretty good. The defense to line there woke -- are fundamentally sound. You know he -- it's it's tough to score twenty points on them and those guys. They're stronger special teams great special teams coach. And so in -- Cutler is kind of understanding in you can hear talk about it when you -- a defense spread that higher level than. -- in the obligation that to be poor play conservative don't worry about your numbers could he's a very. He would have very gifted quarterbacks. And obviously Brandon Marshall to gifted wide receiver. -- one final question we talk about it every week this is a must win for the Philadelphia Eagles. How important is it for the future sandy Reid and Michael -- Well. I mean I believe that the owner pretty much laid this out twice you know within the last season again and training camp. That you'd expect in playoffs and -- -- browser and I think that's suggested there's change and change -- -- -- and change certainly with the quarterback Michael making too much money next year. So that's good I'd say now there's always lose needed to but effective about reckon this one as. But who's been who -- gonna hire we're gonna replace him that's a lot of these don't come to these over the -- coach and you say -- who -- can be higher. A Philadelphia without much doubt that should be an attractive. He pretty any new coach but I I would believe that if they lose this game it's going to be tough formed the other role. And out of our end before the end of the season that. No I -- they've got to win this game they do have a tendency to finish strong but I like the cowboys personally in the game -- That is there and they hired Andy Reid. Talk about our free agent frenzy for him I would think the team to be lined up former. There's probably next. Chargers coach I would guess that it is the chargers don't make the playoffs. And real broke out quickly for you Mort are and I'm Jerry Jones -- interview this week in the good job just -- interviewed at yeah. I think. You know about the topic of Jerry Jones -- general manager came up again. Do you think do you think the guy should Amedisys team he can do it every once of course that's the that's a caveat. But do you think the cowboys would be better served if they had a traditional GM and not Jones is the owner. I do. But no -- still whether it's really not about the personnel on pick in the players because here I've talked to people there -- to have the US is personnel people. They do the draft board they bring the players and the and the and the board is there and there's really not a -- -- know get involved in the talks and go to consensus sees a good listener. But to me it's more about the dynamics the role model that he used was Joseph what was Al Davis these -- well that's a great role model except this. The dynamics of your organization is if players know that they can bypassing head coach and go straight to the former GM. Prefer to complain or heard or whatever it's totally screwed up your dynamics and I think that's the issue that's the problem. And jury is not ever going to change that dynamic unless he has health problems. And we hope he doesn't have felt from so we get to talk about a for a long time. That's the -- was pretty emphatic about this week he's not changing his role that we're on this stuff I want sort of calm I don't know and I know you remember right I got in Algeria really well when he came in Italy and Jimmie Johnson. So more time and documented personal one and but I did try to calm. After doing just what the jury needed -- general manager and and he didn't speak to me for like about six months truly. Now you're lucky was only 60 yeah another director to personally I'll be getting it gets thicker skin now. Well the -- about it. Is that the people down there are complaining because they put too many seats in the new stadium and it allows teams that travel well. To detect -- it take you know. Most of the stadium. And then go run everything about a dollar and I think it was eight when I don't know -- pointed out. It's never been a tremendous home field advantage from a crowd perspective. -- perspectives. They've always been innocent doubt status and -- big hair mean you know it's you know who's dressed up then and so there's never been one of those. Stadiums that you feared I think there's an opponent going -- unless you know. You're looking at Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin and the biggest offensive line of football I mean that that was the fear factor was never the ground. Good stuff is always more we'll talk to and actually I guess until it. Chris mortenson right here -- the big jump.

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