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Patrick Chung, Patriots Safety, on the Patriots upcoming game against the Bills

Nov 9, 2012|

Patrick Chung joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Bills and what’s in store for their rejuvenated secondary. Chung explains what improvements he hopes the secondary achieves coming off the bye-week. He also gets into what worked in containing Johnson and the Buffalo offense in the first Bills matchup this season.

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We talked to Patrick -- I just spending by a week Patrick. I actually. They're a little bit there -- bought for the children court for or a foundation military man. Of who will tell what this a little bit on where was it was so that the market talk to me. It -- -- and all the Balkans -- course that wouldn't in the in this thing advocated where it was a good it very subtle but it. -- -- -- well you know solo. We have a record coming uttering that Patrick is a six of the you'll look into the future what. Dodd -- there and did you did you tweet this titles it's available for us to see somewhere on the web well. They could be a big deal would allow beer I've -- Don't they -- let art by -- they would prefer not. Are you guys -- be jumper at the bit here now I don't bills bills that it's as it feels like him played like a year so we get a week off come out the bye week getting ready to go here and Sunday. It may have been guy overall record as sort. It is game over to go. -- terms of the buyout weakened and the way bill use -- Patrick how much wasn't looking back at the first half of the year correcting mistakes that may be made as a team as opposed to a group and and how much was looking ahead how does how does bill balance that. A little bit of -- on the debt -- -- they not warm air -- and other. You know if they'll get healthy and you know our all new season all the perpich -- I was glad you're right in the middle are all he'd get back bit. How enjoyable is -- as far as not just for health but as far as self evaluating two and having that week at L week nine base is -- -- week for when he still figuring things out. I mean the littler says it -- beautiful. These are relieved he would work all of which get better which news here today. Like the -- ever get but even if it worked or. -- had a first have to look back. What what what are you wanna work on personally what can you do better as a player in the second after the season. Are on the way out. There today you know I. Attribute to today it up and be great something. -- a little bit. There Erica let there struck a January and outlook are. Now -- latest buffalo team weak foreign. -- -- question marks to help the running backs but there's no question mark Stevie Johnson still with you know a good receiver in this league you guys held him in check. What was the game plan back then as far as -- a guy like Stevie Johnson. And order advocate and a play the best. -- played very athletic. Checked the volume up on what exactly -- they let it. All. About -- got a little bit -- How does that help the effort Jackson's CJ -- change things -- Watched him come -- backfield as well. Portray. It that sport -- to -- what they are all put it back. Open the game. They're all very good at that all it it expects the book they are. Not what's it about this tight knit group especially Chandler seems like those guys are giving you trouble in the middle of the field is or something this buffalo bills' team does. Patrick with their tight ends that makes them tough to cover. Now we lost Patrick team. -- Patrick Chung joining us on the -- -- AT&T forgy LT was -- that that times faster than three GA TT rethink possible. Photographed it and we will lose and at the end. Could appear at the questioned in a year and in your recent back. But the only good bodily when he talked the channel lasted a touchdown against a credit to end game game one doing that as a lot to do with. You know keeping a closer eye on and Stevie Johnson Indies running back. -- Chandler and the reds on the safety said trouble and keep Patrick would admit they had trouble with. How to cover those guys at the size issue minute he can you should give it take they take -- -- there -- options of some of the beach it's got Chandler. It's not Stevie Johnson CJ Spiller projection. I think that has more to do your safety your quarterback are the antennas up to BBC Ryan Fitzpatrick four -- gets the last time. Nine for the year I so I thought 246 point five X in the you know. Sixteen games and he signed his contract last year. Isn't as well as games it's like sit down for a steak dinner at the salvage a little bit I know this guy's gonna turn the ball over idol pits Patrick wants to throw up and traffic. I'm have a chance to make a play that's I'd feel. Rather than a guy that like Brady who just doesn't make a lot of mistakes Alex Smith has got five -- all year. You know it's pat what's turned the ball he wants to. Help themselves totally it's like -- in Happy Gilmore when he was when happy with getting the speech about the the ball wants to go home happy. You send them home bags packed. That's plane tickets animal. The ball wants to be in the hole. Right it's after want to turn the ball over as as a matter fact and so Patrick Chung and his teammates in an opportunity create turnovers we appreciate Patrick joining us on a patriots Friday. 617779793. Sevens are on a comeback all Rob Kurz. For the week we got a lot to do with the over -- watch your phone calls still to keep it here.

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