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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on week 10 in Fantasy Football

Nov 9, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Lou to break down week 10 in fantasy football. He answers callers’ questions concerning players such as Marques Colston, Big Ben, the Law Firm, and Doug Martin.

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Mike Brown out keep guys even name pop up between now and to clot in his system. Michael Fabiano are you going to be eight candidates take over the LA lakers are easier name in the -- I -- tell him than I could probably do a better job coaching that they how do you how do you not. -- gains within that team I mean it's ridiculous. Next guy will tell you that much. Where the next guy will. I -- brutal veto you try to bring India Tony because of his relationship Steve Nash generally now. And Tony's team never wanted to be Tuesday that we that we got more we get bigger problems in my -- I have bigger part of the carelessness the deal right and he got a -- McFadden got a handcuff the bet with him with Goodson. Next thing you know you get a pick up Marcel -- and a passed on Taiwan Jones the question is what held the level he's running backs on this horrible running team. Tell me that why don't I do this to myself. Well honestly number one because the running back position is just so difficult right now because you've got. Backfield committee you've got injuries it's sort of -- so anytime there's a chance for you to pick up a running back who's going to actually be two theories. You'll have to get an especially during the bye week now we'll have more really tough it's -- really. I like Jones understandably you know agreed to PP our -- -- -- and it's only based on what I seen. Last week when McFadden in Mike good and ball went down. Well it was -- he had eight carries eight catches 95 yards. I think I want to put two touches this week. They're now and is really not giving them any any. Sort of information on the situation he's just saying. Both guys have split first team reps so oddly it could be the hot hand situation. I think I want to start. But he will give way to Greece and counting down and on the helping you there. Well that's a good -- it -- in a situation that honestly no one except for the raiders staff that coaches really knows he has to do and I think they might not even know the answer. Until the game gets underway and one guy is hot and one guy is not and then the hot guy stayed in the game again and read that a -- -- -- -- children as standard will be. And -- your fingers to -- that's a good match -- the ravens are not good against the run this season. One more one more running back question for a bank these phone calls Steelers are gonna play played Monday night this week. Kansas city Kansas City it would Mendenhall does come about what what's the scenario there Isaac Redman a pretty good game how to see that -- -- out the less the rest of the way. All the medical gonna play this week I think -- -- another week at any recommend it to start John dryers and also he can carry. Back to running back to start this week in Pittsburgh is definitely I think Greg. Under the same questions and in in New Orleans I mean again wrong to think I think I've got a ball running back by committee this like teams have a two with three guys you can't. Put a point on. It's unreal and again that's why it's so important it'd have featured back and I can promise you that feature during the actual reduction in the first round sector on next year because people are gonna remember. The -- they have dealing with these -- situation again I think Pierre Thomas -- the best option in New Orleans but Chris Ivory is also going to be out there get a big run last week for a touchdown. I get to Philadelphia Eagles. Again it's a hot his situation there's a few names and a few words and phrases -- conceivable that people hate what -- was back -- committee now another one is talking. You guys. Even if guys start if you didn't have equal hot hand. We can be pulled in -- is back up. No it's it's -- guessing -- so. In Oakland again Jones and standard reason to keep DR Redmond for Pittsburgh and new orleans' Pierre Thomas and I would say number two is I agree as a as a -- deeply. But it can roll the -- Anyway you look at. You guys are waiting pagelets slip through your phone call Scott is in Hampstead. He joins the show here what Michael -- be out of had Scott. Hey guys I don't. I stuck GPL league. York apple -- pajamas beat Ellis and global. Who are well I'm gonna -- Stevie Johnson just keep tabs on his availability. I believe he's questionable this week reports that I've seen. Are that he is gonna play PP our league good matchup against the patriot -- Stevie Johnson I do like not completed because well though against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rubble vs -- I mean it was it's sort of six to one half dozen of the other neither guy is playing extremely well at this point but to be honest with you. I'd rather play -- I know it's it's a road game but the cowboys defense against the -- has been stellar I mean even last week. Matt Ryan may get a pretty big gain yardage wise didn't kill the cowboys sturdier in terms of scoring touchdowns. And -- and that offensive line that scares me to death that offensive line was absolutely. Horrible last week and if you don't think rob Ryan's gonna dialogue a lot of blitzes against the Eagles this weekend you're crazy. -- Jim easing Greenfield with a question -- -- Jimmy. Like I agree as the but. -- plus. I got bird Atlanta or. Pittsburgh it's it's it's going to get him right now that she's. Are possible I mean remember what we'd done chargers did that came last week chargers had at least 45 reported accurately point they were just unbelievable. I would definitely go with the Steelers. I picked them up last week just look at an edit that the public does -- the patriots back field right now I mean we saw what. Old and in Ridley did against buffalo and Shane -- give anything in this game. I would really -- deeply flex option and again -- -- -- all -- -- letting released the best player last time against. Stability at a what was underneath and two touchdowns and -- had a good game cue -- banged up right now so. Ridley I think is a must start. If you have three spot where you have to running back and reflect he's got to -- or something to build her awful against the run. And then going back to Shane Vereen a risk reward flex option and it typically can. -- -- has reflects questioned today go it's got. A year ago and good artists that are course and -- -- they brilliant lawyer Mike Wallace slow. I declared and your blog that I really inequality -- He's got a great matchup which -- defense is not very good. I think Redmond is he could play a key deflection starter but he where Jonathan -- coming back and it's on a Monday night you can barely make it serves substitutions. It's Mike -- Richard a car with a quarterback issue this week go ahead Richard. I get through. -- and -- body. My option that and that -- -- -- Patrick and then running back situation. I would have exempted them booklet back up and running back and you know bush. Christian content or. -- -- -- -- good job as he played well finally getting garbage like an eighty yard touchdown last week but you know right. Every time doesn't -- football. I don't think that he -- at the quarterback position I go to Patrick. Now I'm not expecting to have 3154 touchdowns like he did against the patriots earlier this -- back and we export. But I elected not to -- -- -- -- sleeper I distrust it's happened a little bit more will guide them. Good match like -- was surprised -- started the week it tight end to give Aaron Hernandez. I do I do and he's been practicing and it was a really good match up and I'll -- a bit about the tie into the guys. It's bad this year it's really got out -- county and other Jimmy Graham. You're you're dealing with the Antonio Gates has not been. As did nearly as good. -- -- out a -- off on fire and lately he's been sort of a dud from a fan's perspective. -- hasn't been hurt. -- noticed it appeared. Pettigrew has not been haggard he's been looking at EU and -- Miller -- -- Miller has been one of one of those real big surprises it's kind of position but. Overall as a major Michael Finley went ahead and he -- -- -- -- cannot tell you -- anymore. And he was one of the top five hadn't taken those straps so. I didn't think you're really tough. And that's why I have learned is up there reminding people -- -- expected to come back this week -- check the practice support but if he's if he's active he's got a start against the bills. I show ons in Portland John York Michael Fabiano nfl.com. They don't got a got a question -- Are -- can't do that -- -- also like Dwayne -- or less. Well number one I like Roethlisberger matchup better I really do and if -- which would have -- on Monday night. Because here even if you're down -- vote -- him to come back again puts him I'll I there's not a player in Pittsburgh in paddling in the I don't like this because Emanuel Sanders. Can actually beat. -- pretty good option if you're really desperate if you need that third wide receiver. Or a or flex option but second question. -- -- I don't like window I'd rather go towards men and he has a better matchup. At home. And it was better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you buy it exports to weaken and it's not that's not his fault that Mac Apple's back there that's about quarterback they have been good and bad matchup for the her for all the -- basically. -- Doug Martin for real -- given what he did last week was just steps are ridiculous in the week before and good week -- would. Where where's -- right now. 88 right now there that are running back and had a -- has more points can you believe that -- -- an -- its roster at this point until. He's become a rough start he's not gonna do to get around particularly that's for -- mean that was the third highest scoring that you performance based on points to 2000. I mean it was monstrosity it was just monsters he was phenomenal -- stardom. This week not a bad matchup not a great matchup in the charters but he's been so good -- have to start -- -- week in and week out until further notice. This is a tough one good luck with this games -- a card game which -- running back situation. Our wall what -- -- he knows you know on the bottom line such as it should I start and my -- still ought EJ and. Yet had a tough one and honestly I prefer Spiller with the ability to get on the football this guy is extremely explosive. I know that project has back there it's committee but -- -- -- -- country lately I think Brad Childress to reflect -- -- a week to deflect and stores sort of the same thing. I'd rather go for the -- -- potential which Spiller. Again it's a tough call to close call. I guess I haven't we would have likened graduation that's healthy right now this thing goes indicating that kind of Caleb can't enjoy it right now because he's not healthy. Good fantasy advice and you heard it here first he is a confirm candidate take over Mike Brown the LA lakers -- Michael -- beyond I'll. I catch -- want NFL fantasy live weekdays at two and replayed at midnight he visit an nfl.com. Slash fantasy live follow him on Twitter do it now. At Michael underscore -- on Michael great stuff was always good luck in LA. And we'll talk to next week. I am a particular Michael's abbey on joining us as he always does try to get to as many questions possible. If you don't get to your question tweet him at Michael underscore -- beyond -- -- is a patriots try to beat the patriots player will join as Patrick Chung on the show ninety seconds.

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