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Peter King, SI, on Week 10 in the NFL

Nov 9, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Lou to break down the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Bills and what improvements we can expect from the Pats coming off the bye-week. He also goes around the league, addressing Andrew Luck’s impressive performance thus far with the Colts and what QBs like Luck and Griffin mean for the league’s growth and development.

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Lunchtime hour -- -- -- three point seven WEEI every. Single Friday on this time part of patriots Friday we talk to Peter King a conversation with Peter. Is sponsored by town fair tire by by a cup boat a tractor corporation. And by -- hill for I another great night last night for the Indianapolis Colts not a great night Peter four Andrew Luck statistically but. This kid is just stepped right in and that team has stepped right in and outperformed the you've seen this coming at all what they've done here this year in Indianapolis -- Well. -- let's let's look at what union apple called it started really there. I think. If you look at they're schedule. And you look at the results of their game and again I am not in any way. Throw cold water because they're the story of the year right now just to leave on story beauty Iranians felt inspirational story of the year. But career. You know in essence what they've done when they got hot it's said he stunning emotional. Are upset victory over the Green Bay Packers are coming Hillary Clinton hurting Andrew Luck they got massacred by the here. And in the last four weeks. They've beaten or beatable in Cleveland Tennessee Miami and Jacksonville. -- -- That's the what are -- Is are you know really going to be more -- -- up post season seen in year one and might be a post season challenge. Come in the next three weeks. Where they've got the patriots bills and and the line in the patriots and lions on the road and the bill certainly not. You know who Berry -- -- looking particularly -- one of those. Then I'll say you're gonna be your cup title in the army they'll probably be out because opium wrote in the wild card round but. I know they'll be they'll be they'll be an -- -- there is this is so much about a younger -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- ironic about this morning -- -- at site column at -- com columnist. -- -- -- -- Scouting combine he had to work out that with numbers almost precisely the same as him his. And a year earlier so that the guy who is a very very underrated actually use -- as a player. Peter look at that roster only has 21 players from the team last year they've completely turned that thing over this. The Indianapolis Colts now are they gonna be in the future in the near future contenders in the AFC just with a look. Well I think. The one thing that I really really like about fifteen right now is I've gotten -- know angry near collapse. Six -- on other general manager. And that's what the good higher -- ever say this is a great hire right -- person he reminds me very much. But god and I here in Seattle. A guy who. Doesn't. Dear what anybody else thinks Italy beat John Schneider here that people were lifted him. Particular group serve then 01 year starter from West Virginia I would beat rap sheet. In the middle of the first term value here be here when people were slapping you in particular a -- -- in the middle of the third round now. I even care at all and all of Russell Wilson done and it was a -- he went over characters. He's beaten characters -- Tom Brady in the first half of this first ever built these. And to me that's one of the things the. He wouldn't. We -- -- and they're terrific guys who've. I mean if I put a tight end. -- -- That minor league. Of arena football. And when he caught it was so impressive in training. It -- -- -- he got it got it up immediately if it if I would increase arena. In -- pencil thing. And you sign had a great training in at least picked up. Part of arena players. All he's got four different guys we brought import leader is or some other practice what director. So I mean clearly. -- angry and knows what he's doing great Smart. Football guy who believed. That there are not. Finite number of professional football players he believed that they are prepared and intranet number either. What he's done a really good job of building up this slot. So it's gonna be competitive in my opinion for years to -- you'll go the -- On the other hand the team the patriots play this week in the Buffalo Bills their GM buddy nix went on buffalo radio today and so we will address the quarterback position. This draft as a year after giving six and 59 to derive its Patrick. It is so evident to me at this point Peter received you agree. Quarterback is as important as head coach this these -- this day and -- to the NFL you don't have the quarterback I don't care with the coaches your team is not going to be. At the copier division your conference or league. -- you have to do is look at all the teams that -- floundering. Right now. You know it seems they're really struggling big time. And every one of them has an asterisk at quarterback now some -- at rookie quarterback we're still growing into the job. But you know the worst teams in football right now I mean here's to a book there's Jacksonville. And -- Kansas City. In bulk of those teens have got to go get a new quarterback I mean I'm probably being. A little bit presumptuous with Blaine Gabbert but there's no question I think that Blaine Gabbert is. You know not going to be answering Jacksonville. Cleveland two and seven. In Cleveland mayor may not have any answer every inning lead I think he is there are real legitimate chance. And has the chance to be that long term guy. We just don't know yet an eagle on very shaky with Carson Palmer. But -- -- in trouble obviously we in the draft because everything they gave way to get Carson Palmer and you know Carolina I think that's going to be one of the most interest in this situation or. I'm not saying that the shouldn't give up on him by any stretch of the imagination I thought the last two weeks. Cam Newton has played it very solid football. But I would say also the jury is still a little bit out there and I expect that he's going to be an above average NFL quarterback but what actually. And in other places I mean clearly. Philadelphia air offensive line is in shambles. But Michael Vick is not help in the situation with the decision he made like the zone interception throughout Monday night even though -- -- collection. It was the ball but he never completely leadership of -- It looked at what quarterback league and some of the better teams in -- felt this year include. Quarterbacks of you know Alex Smith and Jay Cutler and match job in Matt Ryan out of those four who's the next guy you think in your mind to -- -- suitable. I think Alex Smith. Is a -- under repeated quarterback right now. People are not giving -- to respect the visitor I guarantee you Lou if you go on and it Philippine -- -- Or you have the ability -- back and watch. The secret its order on Monday night game. And you watch Alex Smith that skiing or -- all I went back and I've read that they expected or. Fifteen of those nineteen -- that they eat through that night. We're in position for his receivers not only protects the ball but the run after the catch significantly. And they are the reason why Alex at this it in the league right now yards per attempt which is always one of the great hallmarks. We're down field but could downfield passer and efficient at turning that tell -- -- because. It shows picture put the ball on -- receiver in position for him to be able to keep running. That means -- Alex Smith right now with that the sense I can't protect the chance to what is suitable Jay Cutler goes to. The thing I worry about it Alex Smith offensive line the street. That covers it. Peter -- joining us joins us every Friday and we go around the NFL hobby and vision. -- Sean Payton -- -- and saints thing to end up in the next year Peter. If we had that put money on it right now I would bet that he ends up with the saint. But I think you'll read and edit it and slam dunk is that and valued the Bill Belichick New York Jets thing as an example. Sean Payton is in football history. And -- also AD. Did very very close including. That is very very close to build ourselves. And one of the things I am sure that he learned from Bill Parcells is never ever ever I -- dealt with keen. -- you don't think you -- pitching is the way. When Bill Belichick in 2000 with the considering that the New York Jets the reason. That he quit his -- -- say he didn't know the next daughter was going to be in BC. Did not wanna be stuck with Steve Gutman. As to cooperate in the park but it was an incompetent fool. So you know he managed to get -- out there and if you. And that they ended up or at trade between. The tip of the patriots and Belichick has now been there -- -- for twelve years. So you know to me that one of the things which -- -- is looking at right now -- simple. He wants to be absolutely sure that either they get stuck in the war. After -- -- and leave the scene itself the team or whatever app. You know it -- and 85 years old Vietnam -- -- going to be here or. You know kinda like Ralph Wilson situation just doesn't know what the future holds so he does not want to get stuck in a situation where. He is. The -- is somebody not. Mickey Loomis and Mickey Loomis and he -- that the guy we built this for change it into one of the better franchises in the league right now. -- -- discussion on the patriots drafted Ryan amount I'm just curious what people think of him when some a little bit and pre season if he's not a guy -- Bill Belichick wait you know a couple of years as you spend ethnic -- look for replacement. I'm. Well I mean obviously need to try and -- the third round will you -- -- for two things one that he's going to be the record number eighty someday or he would then you're able to flip him. And maybe get -- under a -- in return and that's why I think. One of the things I'm sure that that bill is thinking it's the evening goes on it. If he's got me you know 32 hurt the 33 seven game midway through the first quarter I think he knows that Indy. Get some -- here right now you know people the just in case. Number eighty and its -- healthy and somebody out here comes calling pro life -- -- which can never now. By and if they're not able to if he's not gonna play you want literature. Or something good in terms of the draft choice. And the and who knows you know the you never -- health wise what she gets to be 3536. Year old as a quarterback. How much long year and I think so I. I don't think that it's something that the patriots have to worry about it here in the strip especially. Because -- strip is going to be at least as of right now very interest for the patriots in the middle ground. Which which some -- it will lead to probably teams not pulling a colts and I I mean tanking the season in my opinion Peter. But the colts benefited big time to circle back to lock for a second do you believe that Roger Goodell the NFL. Are gonna have to take a look and make sure that more teams don't do what the colts did because they live with -- Their franchises change I got to believe that the next Andrew Luck or RG three is there some teams gonna say the -- -- -- why can't we do that would be bad for your let's think. And get that guy's league got to be wary of that. I'm sure it's something that illegal be concerned about by. I I certainly don't think that the colts sent out -- the first pick your program. Even when it was great season and they were terrible. You don't do that if you go out and lower. Kerry -- out of retirement. You know you get to you would have stuck with a what you and you -- -- -- -- Basically just tried to -- before you know with Curtis Painter and whoever -- -- -- lobster but by going out and getting. The bike going and it carried out I think that it is the COLT showed that they were at least try. To put a competitive team on the field it's pretty -- Land and you don't know. -- franchise quarterback. It's going to be is it going to play basically until about the week before the regular season remember. Eating human. Eighties -- even confirming that he was an -- that surgery until the opening day he's last year remember that thing. Packer team on Thursday that -- that news broke. A lot meaning -- surgeries so. I think -- I think that. It -- you might be tempting to say that they intentionally think this season. I don't buy that the. -- get shot on the issue of the game of the week aunts and -- football on NBC Peter Houston and Chicago when you hear people. Try to compare this bears defense to the great defense that destroyed the patriots. 8586. If your head start to -- is that a fair. Comparison where you go at that. Well what this team is doing unlike any team that we have ever seen. In years. Creating turnovers. And being opportunistic with those turnovers I mean if I mean we eat and in severe season. And they want sixteen. In turnover ratio at that so. The third. And you know like it after last week -- you know locker intricate -- -- adequate treatment for an. I mean an -- and I don't know how in the last eight games of the season you can say that they're gonna do anything like what they've done. In the first eight games I mean. I would -- That they are keen in the last ten years who did not return seven interceptions for that over in your period. The Chicago career to get done and over an eighteen imperial capital that the mean it it it's an incredible. Defensive run that they -- In my opinion I think her seem to be mentioned. Where is that the year in the -- you got to answer better that seemed. If you're good at -- it's not an all time historic church. Peter King read -- -- -- Siobhan NB CNBC sports Peter appreciate the insight is always enjoy your week Campbell talk in X Friday. Peter King joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible and not a second break talk about this week's late Mike Reese will join us at 1230 with your phone calls on pats bills.

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