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Rob Bradford talks hot stove from the GM meetings

Nov 9, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk with WEEI.com's Rob Bradford to discuss who the Red Sox could target during the offseason, including first basemen Mike Napoli and Adam LaRoche. He also addresses the Red Sox's interest in outfielders Torii Hunter and former Red Sox Jason Bay.

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Back Dennis and Callahan take a little diversion though though this is the official beat writer for that team. Rob Bradford hope that it hurt wrap for us that we should have more influence. WEEI dot com's rob Bradford joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- And I'm not sure whether holding the general managers' meetings in Buffalo but you got victimized replace rob. Yeah I know it's unacceptable IQ I can feel the more I -- I -- -- our. How is it out there Indian Wells California. The dump -- If at all course that is as good it's -- -- it's pretty could never promised and in a place where it's eighty degrees and sunny every day by. It makes you feel you got a guy to me that was a reality. -- only meeting general managers we wouldn't we go outside you stay in the hotel lobby for three days. Also like torture or will you wait a minute minute and retort. Hold on Mike -- told us yesterday -- -- -- saw you in the pool yesterday lounging in the pool. -- are you sure. Did you bring your swim trunks that's what only you know. I'll always wary all Beriault are going to be popular. It out or. We should put out the rob Bradford from the general meeting a general managers' meetings in Indian Wells California is brought you by the beaches of Fort Myers and -- -- Find your island today at Fort Myers out of -- dot com continue. All the all of it is not to continue our locker arguments from Troy told that I didn't. And in the beautiful and beautiful part strength or mean to tout job with a look at it. This huge -- famous people have you seen like -- Bob Hope Bing Crosby or Bob Hope or your program that. I don't know. I would if you go to that caught me you know what we're doing and what you all that. Try to Connie Stevens. Makati England still Bears -- my hotel and put -- this treatment to get. This isn't this just a Major League Baseball ruse to get everybody to someplace nice. Gets -- out there does that -- I like -- terrorism is by you know I didn't do -- bootleg -- where nothing ever happened in terms of transactions. But it is the valuable they would -- here waiter hardware failure of that deal was started there that field are there. Go I didn't think there is values certainly valid from a media perspective because. It's the only time we're in this -- GM c'mon public can actually start new winter meetings they'll pull up in the room here he did not available I. But you know no trade regular happening here. Now are they going to be disciplined a little a lot or not a ball. More important a lot of other -- try to find out what is disciplined in the Red Sox organization's mind. Aren't -- -- it to -- ought to be specific story after disciplined. -- -- -- -- -- disappointment as a two year contract a -- I think I think where it comes down to it you departed does what with a red side. Is if they don't get sucked into a free agent contract is gonna pay a guy for five here like Josh Hamilton. Yeah yeah totally it isn't so I think I told me you're he'd Perreault and dynamic who is a good example that is of people will walk out of here. When you take him -- he's potentially thirty million over two years. The only year you went into support and if you -- Baylor people are the other guy. Four years or five years six years because. At least -- guys that's where gotten in trouble and so what I hear it hit a little straighter has been in the primary target for them and -- next. We're only here Anibal Sanchez wants sixty acres. I'm ninety million -- Yeah you know. That's not going to be disappointment and I think that they know that so that's why I think they might overpay a little bit on the short term for proponent trying to charge. And to begin sucked into something longer term. Would it be disciplined and would Torii Hunter accept it if they went to him and said -- best pal David Ortiz just got to win ball contract. We will offer you the very same contract right down to the -- We take it at -- -- Ortiz and put it -- it's. Well I think there's no reward you'd be overpaying Torii Hunter would it be at all yeah it's it's. They put this way if if they came and said hey you know -- garnering -- pay you potentially thirty million over two years. I think I -- I think you'd be in Boston right now I'll be glad -- its. Dodgers figured it might be a two year deal and it's the same thing with a Cody Ross situation different team credit card in Europe for two years because they think that's -- valuable sports talk Torii Hunter. And and that's probably a good starting point. By different note he's come in and says forty years. That's more desperate for Torii Hunter or because you are a few more desperate for emblem then you have an anecdote that's a tricky thing appropriately. Give us a name -- give us a prediction -- on a limb here rob Bradford -- somebody somebody we know. Who's come and Boston's gonna sign here. The I'm fascinated by the throat -- And that's -- good. And you know it. If I might be here -- -- a couple of hours here retool your argument JP qualifying offer from the Yankees. But I -- I know how much the reds like like the -- like them. All of the last few years they've it would -- aside from last year and and to me is significant because if you can yeah -- There and he's he's shown great interest the American League you can -- the -- and -- Melrose took away certain the world. So -- -- -- what you would be looking for an idea on the road today I mean I do think. They have the upper hand for the first time in a war W yankees could. There is for a short term deal they can pay more where's the Yankees are -- a little bit by their payroll right now. -- you look at that you know potentially hunter Ortiz. Kuroda rob you know those are guys that are off 3730. Years olds is just because as one or two years that's why it's not a big deal. Well you look at it yeah I mean that's -- saying it's I think that -- or you're locked into long term deal. -- we certainly you know prepared a little bit that's what he did for GP over pay a little bit for the short term. And you look at some of the guys that they have in the minor leagues. Those guys aren't -- necessarily -- a lot of -- -- going to be ready for next year. So everywhere broken scream 37378. Years old there's nothing wrong with -- if you get to the other -- you know the rush. So so I think and that's what -- be looking -- I think I -- -- -- you know I'm -- hear more and more of the Anibal Sanchez and and and and -- even a -- -- they're open I can't cigarettes sides still there in the Princeton bats -- about Sharks started yesterday. And they say yeah you know that's probably knock -- out with a Red Sox. Well Pete is the reason is is because you would allocate wait too much. To get a guy who actually -- And if you can get a guy like Brodeur short short short term gotten into. It -- best guess how much about 2000. I guess it would be thirteen salaries are they going to -- -- about ninety committed now right. Yeah yeah -- -- 6070000. Meant -- million mean. Yeah I would say that I would say that I I think you know what we're gonna try to do it if if they had a successful -- season -- -- -- We talked about the current owners and in some of these short term or the four yarders so the world. But if they can hit auto trade where they get a guy who they really light and there -- able to locked up for you know for you know maybe expand its contract committee I don't doubt my -- up the payroll little bit. But that's that's fine and that's what I think in the perfect world. That's also got a big free agent it's definitely guy who's gonna give free -- a couple of years from now who they are really really like commitment period to send them. Mike Napoli or at a -- -- or neither. I think there's a red flag football well I think it would live -- roach. He's a good player he's probably the best first period -- First base option out there by he's also going to be in demand he's he's probably -- command a contract that you're not really comfortable whereas. And we've Napoli is pretty I think he is that it is an okay complementary player we all know how well he's got to give credit cards. But there's buyer -- guys because. Not only do we have kind of a down year last year but he little leg issue knew he had that he had a little bit and -- right injury problem here that. -- even without body -- you don't suspect that it's gonna get a lot better and act and I had someone told me. That you have to work how could I catch -- -- not have a catch more than 5060 games and not say they would out until. But to me because -- injury like that -- sort. Wait a ball -- talked Gary tuck works his magic. And now being threatened owner benched Hayes Cody Ross history. Well I would say less than 50% chance right now because. They are they going to -- three years on him and I think some team might -- three years on the that's what it comes down. Has swisher priced himself out of the deal. Yeah we get that many teams can trust him you know look -- -- where they came out of the gates saying we want a hundred million and Albert -- was realistic. I had it to -- again we're talking about free agency and politics of the team that will beat Duke Nick Swisher a four year deal. If you -- side as as wacky nick -- is. You really wanna do that. Yeah where were you what the pole or were you present and accounted for -- agent Scott Boras -- the most hysterical -- ever in the history of baseball yesterday. I I always I would I thought Scott Boras try to reload hysterical Laurence but I don't know which were you to talk. According to agent Scott Boras multiple teams have expressed interest in right hander iced it but that's not. Or a. -- -- -- -- -- -- contract on possible opportunity so they -- that Jason Bay my -- the -- a minor league contract to local what's the deal there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think they've they've really dug in on Jason Bay I think refute these could be interpreted immediacy -- -- team does come in and offer him some guaranteed money. I've said that -- the last couple days review the Red Sox and you do have a chance to get a a low low money. Then I take that chance I think you have like a guy who's who right now he's healthy. Who is going to be motivated who's comfortable in the situation. Who like play in the part all that said we we all understand he's been absolutely terrible. The last few years so UK government agency is a left fielder. But if Jason Bay says hey -- I'll play there one year one million. In that the guaranteed money on the road -- do that. Speaking ambush short money very little money what do we tried to hire men and as our flash boy would you stepped in and -- Zito that. A lot would you allow that. Well. -- I got a call every day afterward doesn't me think of about 1030 to throw. Well I'm 32 -- -- six. He says he he says the powers that -- will not allow him to take this job even if he wants correct -- you're in the room with Jason wolf and Jeff brown and they said too didn't you and I were there and they said Kirk and and is not a candidate this flash positions center right. Go back to the desk to your writing I don't want to be on the radio that was a -- or had you were there. You you don't cry after you might do this current report not the powers to be here right underneath my name's so it's not true not -- Kirk well. Those bogeys so that's what excuse she gave me -- you. Had a little light after spending six hours in the -- yeah Robert Ingram has just one word of advice rob for the rest your time out their sudden -- sudden screen. Well automotive become -- good Joshua Tree national park later today so yeah I schoolteacher right. All right though rob joins us from the general managers' meeting it's brought you by the beaches of Fort Myers and senate -- find your island today at Fort Myers Annabel dot com that he's the official. Beat writer of our team. -- we've put together we -- Mikey Adams -- -- many familiar with -- whole team. Of towns guys let's -- our players whose names in the same town to Massachusetts -- -- you know this -- is a Beckett Massachusetts. Our corporate your favorite place -- -- tell -- right next. Tribal warfare that's right next delete. Like Baltimore. And yeah RB and others Bolton. All in -- -- mature and there is the Montgomery has Emery told to Gardner had -- there -- may be and maybe if things work out the offseason that. Yeah well the last -- minutes spelled differently yeah. But this is why he brought me and him him. For art and story of the support neutral sport and -- slash. -- -- -- -- at about his Arsenal are rob take -- will talk to other road. Rob join us on the AT&T outline AT&T four GL the easy. Over to -- that.

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